Alternative Communities
Alaya Community: Spiritual community in Santa Fe, New Mexico based on the teachings of Ishvara.
Arcosanti: An experimental town in the Arizona desert. Currently more than 60 people live there, entertaining more than 50,000 visitors. Eventually 7,000 residents will live in the 25-acre urban area in the middle of 4,000 natural acres.
La Caravana: Alternative Community in Brazil.
Centre for Alternative Technology: Eco- centre in Wales.
The Celestopia Project: Dedicated to building ecologically balanced, floating ocean communities, permacultured islands in the tropical oceans.
Celestial Falls Cosmic Light Centre: L. Dean Patterson's gorgeous centre near Yosemite. Some of the land is for sale!
Damanhur: A Federation of Communities in northern Italy.
Earthships: Plans for self-sufficient homes made from recycled tires.
Elf Lore: Lothlorian Nature Sanctuary
Fellowship for Intentional Community:
Fountain: Features Community Healing.
Nimbin, Australia: Nimbin is the alternative capitol of Australia.
A Place of the Heart: A small community dedicated to the spiritual awakening of humankind.
Home Schooling
Moore Foundation & Schooling: Provides individualized curriculum, educational materials, and unit studies for homeschooling.
Waldorf Homeschoolers: Waldorf inspired curriculum for homeschooling.