Seventh Gate Master Cylinder Photos: 21
The Activation of 7th Gate 11:11
Night at Jagmandir
The energies deepen and flow.

Deep gratitude to the following photographers:
Alix, Aljai, Arbaline, Bekoim, E*An*Na, Kalasara, Karon, Kathleen, Omashar, Orianranah,
Sebastian, Sinan, Solara, Walt, Yolanda.

Jagmandir by night

Our Guardians stayed in position throughout the 7th Gate Activation.

Omashar in his music pavillion played throughout the night.

Our Sacred Dances took us into the deeper Invisible....

The heart shaped Moon watched over us.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Photos: Part 22
7th Gate Activation: Night with the Sacred Spiral Dance.

The 7th Gate Ndex: