Seventh Gate Master Cylinder Photos: 23
The Activation of 7th Gate 11:11

Night at Jagmandir continues with dinner and more

Deep gratitude to the following photographers:
Alix, Aljai, Arbaline, Bekoim, E*An*Na, Kalasara, Karon, Kathleen, Omashar, Orianranah,
Sebastian, Sinan, Solara, Walt, Yolanda.

For the first time ever at an 11:11 Master Cylinder, we had a sit down dinner!

Nina, Elara and Karon helped put together the Earth puzzle.

Ti-Mon-Ra, Mark, Jana, Szlvia and Aljai building a new world.

The Earth puzzle is finally complete!

Ama resting with Lions.

Petra keeps cozy during a rest break.

Mark and Nova cuddle to keep warm in the middle of the night.

The first glimmer of dawn....

The sun finally rises on a new day.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Photos: Part 24
7th Gate Activation: Morning Lotus Dance and Starry Processional.

The 7th Gate Ndex: