Seventh Gate Master Cylinder Photos: 5
Our glorious One Being!

This was the strongest and most commited Master Cylinder Group ever.
We share these photos so you can feel our Love....

Deep gratitude to the following photographers:
Alix, Aljai, Arbaline, Bekoim, E*An*Na, Kalasara, Karon, Kathleen, Omashar, Orianranah,
Sebastian, Sinan, Solara, Walt, Yolanda.

Solara holding the beam for all of us everywhere....

Indigo has been to every Gate Activation since Egypt in 1992.

Arbaline and Elenra....

Here clockwise from left: Enraya from Ireland, E*An*Na from US, Mark - Solenra - Mark from Australia, Mary and Ti-Mon-Ra from US, Sebastian from Germany, Anastra from Australia and Sue from England.

Thammy from Venezuela beams her Love!

Ti-Mon-Ra and Z*ra (Hoku) in a joyous moment....

Kathleen and Sue smiling at you.

Our beloved Omashar surveys the energy...

Elenra and Jaivatur in the Love.

Z*ra Hoku and Iree in a tender moment.

Elara and Nova demonstrate sister Love.

Karon from Slovenija and the Czech Republic with Solenra from Australia.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Photos: Part 6
Our glorious One Being plus some little Lions!

The 7th Gate Ndex: