Special Thanks to our Photographers:
Alessander, Amaa Ta Ra, Angie, Ankasha, Arbaline, Cris, Daniela, Dzimitry, Edit, Gerlinde, Indigo, Kalasara,
KaRa, Ken, Kyahna Sun, Lorett, Monique, Natalya, Omashar, Ralph, Renate, Sasha, Solara
Awakening the Lotus Heart in all the Countries of the World

As Solara read the names of all the Countries of the World,
we all called forth a great Awakening of the Lotus Heart of every being in each country
and a beautiful mandala was created with the country diamonds.

We sent all the beings in each country of the world so much LOVE.

We encircled them with WAVES of LOTUS LOVE.

Each diamond had the name of a country written on it, including some countries like Tibet, which are no longer officially countries.

Even after our session was over, people stayed to hold a vigil to send even more LOTUS LOVE to all the Countries of the World.

Late at night, people were still there....