Special Thanks to our Photographers:
Alessander, Amaa Ta Ra, Angie, Ankasha, Arbaline, Cris, Daniela, Dzimitry, Edit, Gerlinde, Indigo, Kalasara,
KaRa, Ken, Kyahna Sun, Lorett, Monique, Natalya, Omashar, Ralph, Renate, Sasha, Solara

Our Map of the World with all 11:11 Anchor Groups

We take great joy in putting stickers on our World Map for each Anchor Group in the world.
And are filled with much gratitude for each one of them for aligning with us as One.

Solara reads out all the Anchor Groups as we put stickers on the map.

Putting stickers on our Anchor Map in Brazil, Slovenia and Austria.

Yana and Zina put stickers on all the Russian Anchor Groups.

Proudly putting on the stickers for all the Anchor Groups in Spain.

Ankasha, Aida y Raul put stickers on Mexico for its 42 Anchor Groups.

Closeups of our Anchor Map

Annu, our Worldwide Anchor Coordinator, is very proud of all our Anchors.

Taisiya puts more stickers on Russia & Kazakhstan.

Sebastian salutes the Anchor Groups.

Even more stickers are put on the map!