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QUESTION: How do you know when 11:11 Gate Activations will take place and where the Master Cylinders will be? Also, how do you know the Keynotes for each Gate?

SOLARA: A lot of it is determined by intuition.... just the sense of it feeling right and clicking into position. However, 11:11 Gate Activations always take place on the weekend, (at least so far), and their dates always add up to a Master Number.

The general locations are usually felt before the date is found. Sometimes it's a collaborate effort, such as 6th Gate when several people sensed that it was to be on the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland. This included people who I knew and some whom I have never met who emailed me; there was just a consensus of feeling it was to be there. Once, with 5th Gate, we felt it was going to be in Northern Thailand, but when we went there, couldn't find the right location for the Activation so the Master Cylinder was changed to Hawaii a few months before the Activation.

Once we know the general location, I go there to find the site for the Activation and make the arrangements. Finding the right date and location has nothing to do with my own personal preferences, but is when and where the 11:11 Gate wants to be activated.

With 4th Gate, I traveled to Tahiti, feeling that the Activation was to take place on an atoll. The first place I visited was the Tuamotos, being sure that one of the atolls there would be the right place. When it wasn't, I was quite perplexed and didn't know where else to look. On my last day in Tahiti, I went to the private atoll of Tetiaroa and immediately knew unquestionably that it was right. It just clicked into place. With 7th Gate, we knew the Master Cylinder was to be in India. I had never been there before, but my intuition led me straight to Udaipur which was the right location. It's an interesting process requiring openness and trust until the right place is found.

The most challenging Master Cylinder location was for First Gate at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I went there two months before the Activation and found the right place at the base of the third pyramid of Mycerinus. It was absolutely unquestionable and where the 11:11 ceremony wanted to be. The only problem was that everyone told me that it was impossible to get permission to use it. I told them to keep trying because I knew that it was the place. They told me to find an alternate location which I couldn't do because Mycerinus was it. It wasn't until the day before the 11:11 Activation that we finally got permission to use the site and it entailed my personally paying out $7,000, which I did without hesitation, because it was where the ceremony wanted to be.

The Keywords for each Gate come when they are ready to come. Sometimes, it's well in advance of the Activation; other times it's just a few months before. The Keyword for 7th Gate came to one of our group during our 6th Gate Master Cylinder preparations. When they announced it, we all knew it was right. The Keyword for 8th Gate came a few months ago. Although the Keywords are very simple; their actual meanings are quite deep.


QUESTION: What do you mean by "Many are still passing through First Gate, while others have yet to enter the 11:11"?

SOLARA: 11:11 is the bridge between duality and Oneness. We don't all pass through the 11:11 Doorway on the exact same timetable. Some have been making this journey for a long time; others are just now stepping out of duality. The 11:11 Gates are not passed through in a total linear fashion. Once we enter the 11:11 Doorway and start unhooking ourselves from duality, we begin to experience the lessons and initiations of each 11:11 Gate which has been already activated. And some of us are already experiencing the incoming energies of the 8th Gate.

As we progress through the 11:11 Doorway, we experience the energies of all the activated Gates simulaneously. For example: I may be experiencing some of the 8th Gate energies already, but I may also be still experiencing the 4th Gate energies of Reconfiguring my Evolutionary Labyrinth and the 7th Gate energies of Seeing the Unseen.


QUESTION: What is the 12:12 and what is its connection with the 11:11?

SOLARA: I've answered this question many times, including in my book "How to Live Large on a Small Planet". The 12:12 has NO connection with the 11:11. It was created to distort and funnel off the 11:11 energy. And it made some people a lot of money! The 11:11 is a Master Number. Master Numbers have double digits such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. This is the sequence of the accelerated path into Oneness and wholeness. To go from the 11:11 into the 12:12 would be to step backwards into a patterning that is duality-based.


QUESTION: How did people first become aware of 11:11 Gates & their existence & necessity?

SOLARA: The awareness of the Eleven Gates within the 11:11 Doorway came shortly after the first 11:11 Activation on January 11, 1992. That was when we got our first glimmer of the vast scope of the 11:11. We also saw that our passage through the Doorway was going to necessitate transforming on levels that we could barely imagine.

The Eleven Gates are frequency bands of energy, quite similar to locks in a canal. Right before we enter a Gate we reach the end of the road we've been traveling. What we need to do is shift our energy and awareness to a totally new level. This is when we've entered the lock in the canal. Then we must wait until the water rises to the new level (or the new Gate is activated). Once it does, then the door opens and we proceed on the new level.


QUESTION: Someone close to me died on November 11th, or at 11:11 am or pm. What does this mean?

SOLARA: It means that they picked a really good time to leave the planet. That they sight their sights on going the greatest distance, all the way into the Heart of the One. This is a strong confirmation from their spirit that they knew what they were doing and that now they will be serving the One from a vaster level.

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