'A Mu'a: To Go Forward
A Special 11:11 Event
April 20-21, 2012 on Rapa Nui
(Easter Island)

'A Mu'a
To Go Forward


You can participate with us in the 11:11 'A MU'A Ceremony as an Anchor Group or at home. Anchor Groups all around the world are essential to our 11:11 ‘A Mu’a Ceremony. During our 11:11 ‘A Mu’a Ceremony, all the Anchor Groups worldwide and the group of more than fifty of us at the Centerpoint on the island of Rapa Nui will form a strong and greatly expanded One Being.

The purpose of our 'A Mu'a Ceremony is To Move Things Forward. It is the launching pad that will propel us into our True Lives. 'A Mu'a is a word in the Rapa Nui language which means To Go Forward. And this is exactly what this ceremony will do.

Anything that is stuck, jammed or snagged will be set free. It will grease the gears, wheels and cogs so they can move easily. It will push forward the physical manifestation of our Mua (New Beginning of a major cycle) that began with the 11/11/11 RESET. It will unhook us from all the places within our beings that have gotten stuck and it will set us free from many of the duality-based behaviors, doubts and fears that have held us back from fully being a True One living a True Life. It will help us come together with our right people, right places and True Homes.

It is important that everyone in your Anchor Group is completely aware of the purpose of this event. Our 11:11 ‘A Mu’a Ceremony is not an 11:11 Gate Activation. It is a clicking into position that is much needed before the Activation of the Eleventh and final Gate of the 11:11 Doorway takes place later this year. It is strongly connected to AN and the manifestation of the Heart of AN in the physical.



The 11:11 Mudras Including the new Crystal Arrow Mudra.

The Starry Processional

The Silent Watchers

PA’A (To be done at the end of the Ceremony.)


This special event will be a totally spontaneous ceremony with no set plan. This is because when we go forth into a New Landscape, we don't know what will happen. This is mirrored in our 'A Mu'a Ceremony. Our 'A Mu'a Ceremony will be held during the Dark of the Moon so we can plant the New Moon of April 21st with the seeds of Trueness. (These are neutral seeds of the pure essence of Trueness. They are not the seeds of what we "think" we want.)

We are now ready to move to our next level by stepping fully into our True Lives as True Ones. We will set the Cornerstones of our New Foundations into their correct positions, triggering the Ultra Fast Track for the physical manifestation of our New True Lives.

There will be two 'A Mu'a ceremonies. The first ceremony will be in the afternoon on April 20 from 3:30pm to 8:30pm. The second ceremony will be early in the morning on April 21 from 7:30am to 8:30am. (Rapa Nui local time is currently the same as CDT or 5 hours before GMT.) For Anchor Groups, note that more important than aligning with these specific times is to have your first ceremony before the New Moon, and the second ceremony after the New Moon. (The New Moon is very early in the morning on April 21 at 2:18am in Rapa Nui.)


It's very important that we begin our ceremony with clean, clear energy. We can do this with Xuás, the 11:11 Mudras, the Aslan Walk and the Starry Processional.

Next we can do the Silent Watchers of Doing. This is where we totally concentrate on the pure actions of the Silent Watchers, rather than having our own personal visions and experiences.

Step 1: Rising into Silent Watchers and holding the Worlds within Worlds in balance.

Step 2: Embracing all the Worlds within Worlds with the Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Step 3: Embodying PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.

Step 4: Strengthening the resonance of Trueness and calling forth the True Ones to emerge.


At the end of the Silent Watchers, we will sit in the silence and listen with our full beings to our Heart's Knowingness so we can hear the call of our True Direction. Then we will open our eyes and continue quietly sitting. This will enable us to see our True Purpose and know what we must do.

Then stand up and do the Crystal Arrow Mudra eleven times. After that we will begin to softly chant 'A Mu'a. The chant will slowly become stronger and more confidant until it rings forth across the universe.

At the end of our ceremony, we will make the PA'A. SO BE IT. IT IS DONE.


Once you decide to become an 11:11 ‘A Mu’a Anchor, please register your Anchor Group. Here is the link to our Anchor Group Registration Form. This helps us consciously align as ONE BEING IN ACTION.

Being on the Anchor List also makes it possible for others in your area to contact you and join your group if it is public. Opening your Anchor Group to the public can be a great service to the community, it can bring in much needed fresh energy from new people who join in and might connect you to some of your Right People. You can also choose to have a Private Group. An Anchor Group can have as few as one or two people.

You can contact us with any questions at anchors@nvisible.com

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