11:11 Videos


ACTIVATION OF FIRST GATE: January 11-12, 1992

~ Healing Our Hearts ~

Master Cylinder at the Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

(This Playlist plays all the seven parts in a row - approx. 60 minutes)

Over 144,000 people participated worldwide in Opening the 11:11 Doorway.

The 11:11 Doorway is the bridge between duality and Oneness.
It opened on January 11, 1992 and will close between November 11  December 31, 2011.

The Activation Ceremony for the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway
took place over 38 continuous hours at the Master Cylinders in Egypt and New Zealand.
In Egypt, we began at eleven minutes after midnight on January 11th and continued until 2:11 pm on January 12.

During our six days of preparations for the ceremony,
our main focus was on the Remembrance of Who We Are and Why We Are Here.

Although the quality of this video isn't great, (I have lost the master),
and the level of work we do has changed greatly,
the energy of this First Gate Activation is still strong and true.
It is timeless....

Deep Love and Gratitude to:

• Kumari and Ramariel whose support was invaluable.

• Our brilliant Musicians: Etherium (John Mazzei) & Elariul (Erik Berglund).

• With eternal gratitude to all the shining ones who joined with us
at the Master Cylinders in Egypt and New Zealand.

• Filming, Editing and Post Production: Akiel, E-Ma-Náku, Solara & Zaragusta.

• The Staff of Star-Borne for organizational help.

• And to all of our magnificent One Being who participated in
Anchor Groups worldwide  to Open the 11:11 Doorway.

No video exists of the New Zealand Master Cylinder.

Copyright © 1992 by Solara and the Individual Artists. All Rights Reserved.