Insertion Points
for the Greater Reality
to enter the present moment

Since the original Activation of the 11:11 on January 11, 1992, there have been dramatic alterations in the frequencies of energy on this planet. The heightened frequencies of the Greater Reality are finally being anchored into the physical.

Since July 1996, we have experienced a steady proliferation of insertion points when the Greater Reality inserts itself into the present moment. These insertion points can sometimes be triggered by unexpected factors.

Some examples:

Encountering a sequence of Master Numbers,
(for example: 11:11, 11:22 or 444):

By certain flowering plants including Bear Grass & its vibrational elixir, some orchids, lilies & lotuses.

By the play of shifting light and color upon a blank surface such as a wall.

By following the golden path of dappled sunlight upon flowing water.

By encountering those rare individuals who embody a heightened calibration emanating from the Invisible.

By stepping into the crack between the worlds as the sun sets behind a mountain and creates for a moment only a line of brilliant light.

In that cosmic moment of sacred union when you make Love with your whole hearts & whole beings.

Most often, these insertion points just happen.... Suddenly, it's as if a window opens into the Greater Reality. Except, instead of looking THROUGH the window INTO the Greater Reality, the Greater Reality COMES TO US through the open window inside the mesh of time and space and inserts itself into our present moment! RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

Whenever this happens, everything is immediately different. Time stops or simply ceases to exist. The openness around us expands immeasurably. A silent hush descends. We feel embraced by a sense of serene well-being. EVERYTHING REALLY IS ALL RIGHT AND HAPPENING PERFECTLY IN OUR LIVES. Yes, we now know this unquestionably. A deeper understanding, which cannot be put into mere words, surges through our being, washing away any lingering doubts or fears. Everything is touched and transformed by this infusion of the Greater Reality into the here and now.

Whenever an insertion point is activated, you immediately feel it. It's as if a space opens up in the middle of our present reality revealing an entirely new frequency of supranormal energy-- the Invisible floods into where we are and the Greater Reality is revealed.

There are also insertion points for the Greater Love. Since October 1995 we have done all that we could to birth the Greater Love on Earth. Since then, the Greater Love is all around us, available to anyone who is open to feel it.

If you are clear and real, insertion points will come to you and immediately infuse your present moment with the Greater Reality. If you are still caught in the drama, carrying old baggage and behaviors, you will not notice them. When they come to you, savor them and stretch out these precious moments as long as you can. You will be swimming in a refreshing pool of revelation.

Insertion points are here to take us to a new level of awareness. They are here to merge the Greater Reality with the familiar world we know so that through an amazing alchemical process a New World can be born. They bring our future to us and are creating the foundations for our New Lives.

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