Introvert / Extrovert Years

Here's an interesting way to find out what kind of experiences you can expect this year.

Take your present age and add it to the age you will be on your next birthday. The total will tell you what type of year you are in within this nine year cycle. (This is a different numerological system from Personal Years which are calculated by adding your birth month and day to the current year.)

For example:
If you are 33 going to 34, you would add your current age 3 + 3 = 6
Then add your next age 34, 3
+ 4 = 7.
Then add the two totals together: 6 + 7 = 13.
Then break it down to: 1 + 3 = 4
You are currently in a four year.

Introvert Years

ONE: Concerned with finding the inner oneness of Self.
THREE: An inner search for self expression and deeper joy of being.
FIVE: Though this is a restless vibration, the individual response is one of an inner probing into the freedom of thought and being.
SEVEN: Can be more introvert than any other vibration for the person is seeking his own inner wisdom.
NINE: An inner feeling of completion and also fulfilling the deeper message of one's own place under the sun.

Extrovert Years

TWO: Moved to outer attempts in sharing and companionship
FOUR: An outgoing motivation to bring organization and order into one's life.
SIX: An extrovert expression of love and caring for others.
EIGHT: Motivated to bring balance into your life through outer attempts.