Part Two:
G - N

Great Central Sun
The Central Sun of the Template of Duality.

Greater Central Sun
The vastly larger Central Sun of the Template of Oneness.

Greater Love
The Love of the One Heart.

Greater Reality
The heightened, supra-normal reality system of the Template of Oneness. Also known as the Invisible and the Unknown.

Horizontal Energy

The frequency band containing secondhand knowledge which travels on a horizontal trajectory. This was our main source of learning within the Template of Duality. Reading books, learning from guru teachers and other peoples' experiences rather than having our own direct revelations and experiences. Religions are a good example of horizontal energy. Also: A form of energy manipulation used in the Template of Duality that is full of sly innuendo and insinuation. Rumors and malicious gossip would fall into this category as would heartless seductions.

A state of heightened receptivity and active passivity which occurs when you have made the needed inner shifts and await the birth of the New to enter your life.

The subtle realms of the Greater Reality which cannot yet be seen. The Invisible and the Unknown are two aspects of the same place. The Invisible is also the Unseen. Part of our task here on Earth is to make visible the Invisible and to anchor the Invisible into the physical. We do this by embodying Oneness and stepping deeper into the Greater Reality.

Islands of Light
Spiritual communities which are created in the physical while anchored in the Greater Reality. They have the potential to be key points for our future endeavors, but cannot be established until we have stepped free of duality and birthed our New Selves. An Island of Light is a place to live totally in the New.

The law of cause and effect found within the Template of Duality. Simply put, karma means that you will get back what you give out; for every action, there's a reaction. That sooner or later, all actions will be repaid with their just rewards or punishments; and in the end, everything will balance out. Karma does not exist within the Template of Oneness.

Living Large
Physically embodying our vastness on a daily basis until it becomes the New Normal and we live in the Greater Reality in the HERE AND NOW.

The Lovers from Beyond the Stars
They are perceived as the holders for the focus of the Greater Love within the Template of Oneness. In fact, they are the Template of True Love. The Lovers from Beyond the Stars are two, very expanded halves of the same being who are so vast they extend far beyond the most distant stars.

Master Numbers
The numerical units which are our entry point into the Greater Reality. Master Numbers are: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, & 99. Double Master Numbers such as 11:11 are insertion points for the Greater Reality to enter into the present moment.

Neutral Zone
A place with empty, clean, open energy where the Greater Reality can be anchored.

New Matrix
This is the patterning or weaving of the Greater Reality. Here we are all interwoven together into the tapestry of Oneness as One Being.

New Normal
Our heightened everyday reality once we birth our New Selves and Live Large.

No Mind

The state of being unpinned from the confines of space which is found in the Greater Reality. There is no more separation between "Here" or "There". Due to our increased vastness, the illusions of distance and separation are dissolved .

The measurement of time within the Greater Reality. The eternal moment when past, present and future merge together in the glorious NOW.

Null Zone
A Null Zone is created when energy expands and flowers outwards, then is shattered from without, causing the previous world or reality system to collapse inwards upon itself. It breaks all the old entrenched patterns. The old shattered worlds cannot be restored to their original position. Null Zones can occur on a large scale, affecting many, or within your own being. They create the womb from which the New is born.