Part Three:
O - SP

A brotherhood / sisterhood of Light Beings who live in cave heavens that exist beyond the realms
of time and space. They have four fingered hands and bodies of Light. The Og-Min have three levels of initiation. In the first level, we are taken to visit the Halls of Og-Min and receive direct transmissions. In the intermediate level, we receive direct experiences. In the third level, we consciously embody the Annutara or elders of AN. Tibetan: Cloud of Truth, the pure and holy realm of Truth. The highest realm from which one can still incarnate on Earth. The refrain of the Og-Min is: No-Down, No-Return.

The One

Within the Template of Oneness, the One is All-Encompassing. Everything is part of the One. Nothing is separate from the One. Knowing this, we all have direct access to everything. There is never more than One. Also: The vaster level of what was perceived as the Supreme Being, personified as God, in the Template of Duality.

One Being
The living, organic being which is everything and everyone together as One. This is our true state of being. We are all part of the One Being. The homeward journey represents the awakening of our conscious awareness of being part of One Vast Being. When we truly embody our One Being, we are home. The body of our One Being is the tapestry of Oneness.

One Eye
A new way of seeing-feeling into the Invisible utilizing our full being and stepping into the Spaces-In-Between.

One Heart
The One Heart is the heart of all. This means that we all share the same heart. The One Heart is our new emotional body and unifies our previous chakra system into a unified whole. The One Heart is the foundation of the Template of Oneness. In the One Heart, there is no more giving and receiving, Love simply is.

One Love
The Love of our One Being in our One Heart.

The all-pervading reality of being One with everything.

Past Lives
Previous incarnations by a fragment of our True Being on Earth or other planets, parallel worlds and star systems. Although these lifetimes appear to have occurred within the framework of time / space, in actuality, they are all part of the vast NOW which contains both the Past That Never Was and the Future Which Never Will Be.

Probable Realities
That which exists within the cones of past and future in the Template of Duality as explained in quantum physics. Our probable realities must be turned inside out in order for the Invisible to be revealed.

Quantum Leap
A massive breakthrough into a new level of awareness, usually achieved quickly and often unexpectedly.

To finely retune and refine one's being to the frequencies of the Greater Reality.

Remnant Seed
The physical vestige, trace or signs of something which no longer exists. Some of us are the Remnant Seed, the ancient ones who carry within them the seeds of the New. So are the forest giants, the ancient trees in old growth forests and the whales; this is why it is so important to protect them. The Remnant Seed are the Keepers of the Matrix.

A process of massively transforming ourselves from the cellular level outwards.

Sacred Dances
Deeply transformational dances of the 11:11 brought to the Earth at this time from the Invisible. They are sacred movements which anchor the new energies of the Greater Reality into our physical bodies and into the Earth. At this point, ten dances have been introduced. Each one has a special purpose and is multi-leveled. They are: The Starry Processional, The Greater Central Sun Dance, The Lotus Dance, The Sacred Spiral Dance, The Earth-Star Dance, The One Eye Dance, The TAAnua Dance of the Greater Love, The Pulsating Star Dance, The Insertion Point Dance and The Lion Dance.

Sacred Pause
A special time which occurs when we are about to make a quantum breakthrough. The door stands open before us. All hindrances have passed. Our passage through this doorway is assured. We know that once we pass through it, nothing will ever be the same. So we silently sit in the Sacred Pause. This is the precious moment when we can look backwards at the vast distance we have traveled, seeing everything with enhanced clarity. We can forgive anyone we have harmed, as well as those who have hurt us. We can forgive ourselves. We can embrace all our previous experiences in the vastness of our Love. As we do, everything we have ever known slips away into the realms of the Past That Never Was. We are finally free! Now, it's time to step through the doorway into the Unknown.

Sacred Union
The merger of Core Beings into Oneness.

Second Gate
The Second Gate of the 11:11 was activated on June 5, 1993. The Master Cylinder for this activation was located inside the volcanic crater of Pululahua on the equator in Ecuador. The keynote for Second Gate was the merger of all polarities into Oneness. And the two shall become One.

As we leave behind the old spiral of duality, we step into the spiral of Oneness. The Spaces-In-Between are located between the lines of the spiral of duality and are our first entrance into the Invisible.

Spirals of Evolution
Evolutionary pathways which take the form of spirals. Each time we complete a cycle, we return to the point of origin; yet we are on a higher level of the spiral. It's important to remember that we are all traveling on the spiral together. This means that if the spiral turns for one of us, it turns for all. This is because of our inherent Oneness. At this time, because of the 11:11 Activation, we have an overlapping of two very different spirals of evolution. . . one based in duality, the other anchored in Oneness. This gives us the rare opportunity to graduate from duality and shift spirals of evolution. Each of us who steps off the spiral of duality causes all others remaining in duality to move upwards on that spiral.

Spirituality of Duality
The religious and spiritual paths we took to reach the end of the old road of duality. These must now be set aside to travel further into the Unknown. The Spirituality of Duality can enable us to make quantum leaps and ascensions, but only within the evolutionary spiral of duality. All old religions and much of what is labeled as "New Age" would be considered the Spirituality of Duality.