Part Four:
ST - Z

Those who originate from the stars. Earth was originally colonized by volunteers from numerous star systems. Each system sent representatives of their finest to this planet. This is who we are. We are all Star-Borne. There are simply those who remember, those who are in the process of remembering, and those who choose not to remember at this time.

Star Language
Languages which come from the stars. There are myriad dialects as there are myriad star systems. Star Language is understood with the heart, rather than the mind. It is the language of the Invisible as well as the root source of the ancient Earth languages. In religions it has been referred to as "glossolalia" or "speaking in tongues".

Star Lineage
Our genealogical linkage to the stars which reflect our inborn, natural affinities and key harmonics. Star lineages are denoted in our Starry Names.

The new generation of children being born with their memories and awareness intact, also known as Indigo Children. Some Starchildren are now in their early thirties; others are still being born. They come to aid us in our transition from duality to Oneness and will be the leaders of the future.

Starry Family
Those of us who have awakened and are now reuniting as One Being throughout the world. The Maori of New Zealand speak of the return of the Star Tribe. This Star Tribe comes from all races of mankind, all countries of the world. They are returning to conscious Oneness. The Star Tribe is our Starry Family.

Starry Names
Our Star Language names which are in deeper alignment with our Core Selves than our earthly names. They also denote our star lineages. A new level of Starry Name is now being discovered. These new names are very short, pure sounds which emanate from the Greater Reality.

The ability to flow upon the subtle currents of the Invisible.

A master patterning which governs everything within its sphere causing it to resonate at a similar rate and vibrational frequency.

Template of Duality
The master patterning or template governing the reality system based on duality. The precepts of duality include: time, space, polarities, separation, limitation & karma.

Template of Oneness
The master patterning or template governing the Greater Reality system anchored in Oneness.

Third Gate

There were three Third Gate Activations of the 11:11 in 1997. The first Activation was held in Bled, Slovenija on May 17. Its keynote was the Expansion into One Being. The second Third Gate Activation was held in Eureka, Montana on August 17. Its keynote was the Insertion Point of the Greater Reality into the present moment. The third and final Activation was held in the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia on October 12. Its keynote was the anchoring and embodiment of the Greater Love.

Unconditional Love
The highest form of Love found within the Template of Duality. I love you which is still a statement of our separation. "I" and "you". In the Template of Oneness Love is All-Encompassing. There is never more than One.

That which is unknowable. Once we journey into the Invisible through the Doorway of the 11:11, we enter the vast realm of the Unknown. This means that we have left behind the familiar comforts and signposts of the old map. Everything is different here. It is new and unformed. Our old tools, skills and concepts often have no effect. The Unknown and the Invisible are two aspects of the same place. They represent the parts of the Greater Reality which we are just becoming aware of.

What could not be seen or perceived within the Template of Duality. That which exists beyond our previous probably realities.

Vertical Energy
Energy which descends to Earth from On High in a direct, vertical alignment. Vertical Energy is used to free us from duality by connecting us to the One. In the Template of Oneness, energy could be described as spiraling or circular or all-encompassing. Also: First-hand direct experiences, visions or revelations. Vertical Energy is always clean and pure.

Vibrantly Alive
An ecstatic state of full integration within our physical bodies of Earth & Star, physical & Invisible, which makes us more alive than ever before.

Waves of the Invisible
The subtle energy currents of the Invisible.

Zone of Overlap
The doorway created when two dissimilar energy systems are superimposed upon each other. This is often of a limited duration and gives us unprecedented opportunities to make mega quantum leaps in consciousness and evolution. The Doorway of the 11:11 is an excellent example of a Zone of Overlap.