April 22, 2004:

This isn't the Update that I've been wanting to write for months. The one about the deepening of my being and my ongoing emergence... About how when I entered the Year 2004, my past dissolved away. I'd love to tell you about my experiences in India last month organizing the 7th Gate Activation. To share many of the insights I've been receiving. Instead, I'm writing about something that I haven't wanted to write about at all.

Let's begin with the worsening world situation. Whether we're actively paying attention to it or not, we can all feel it. The tension, the violence, the fear, the sadness, the suffering, the overwhelming sense of insecurity and uncertainty. We are all being affected by this. How could we not? It's in the air we breathe.

The entire planet is experiencing increasing polarization as more and more elements are splitting apart rather than uniting into Oneness.

There is economic polarization between the "Haves" and the "Have Nots". People who already have way too much and people who are barely surviving.

There is political polarization especially evident in countries like the United States where most of the populace either LOVES or INTENSELY DISLIKES the current government, with not much in between.

There is religious polarization particularly evident between the fundamentalist factions where each religion is sure that they are the chosen one and the others are heathens. Did God by any name ever really want to cause death, destruction, suffering and pain? If so, it is only in the illusory realms of duality that this is so.

There is the split between those who have integrity and those who don't. Or those with open hearts and those with closed hearts.

Then, there are the splits within our own beings. One of the most obvious ones being the gap between who we really are and who we choose to be in our everyday lives.

There's also our inner split between looking out for ourselves and having compassion for others.

Then, there's the old split between our physical and spiritual selves. Of course, this one is a huge illusion because there is really no division between spirit and matter. True spirit is wholeness. Wholeness includes the physical. (Everything is part of the One.)

Duality is running rampant on this planet; terror is escalating daily; and injustices are increasing. People are being subtly enslaved in ways they're not even aware of. And illusions disguised as reality are being superimposed over the true reality until many people can't tell the difference.

We are constantly barraged with discordant energies. And what are we doing about it? Much of the time, when we're not limping around in survival mode trying to scrape out a living, we're standing frozen like a deer in the headlights. Unable to run out of the traffic and unable to leap over it. Immobilized..... Shell shocked..... and virtually neutralized.

Is this really how we want to react? Do we want to be immobilized and neutralized? Do we want to be frightened and stunned and overwhelmed into numbness? Do we want to let the flood of duality wash over us and pull us along with it?

I don't.... I absolutely know that I don't.... Although there are some days for sure when I can barely move or think clearly and all I want to do is go to bed or slip away into some other realm. And even then, I'm usually being called to be quiet so I can work on transmuting energies or strengthening the weaving of our One Being in the Invisible.

I've given much thought to what we could do to help the world situation. Most of the usual recourses are simply further exercises in duality. And duality is the problem. It's not a road that will take us where we want to go. We absolutely can't live there anymore.

So the answer is to be found in strengthening Oneness, for Oneness dissolves the bonds of duality. It's a stronger resonance emanating from a greater reality. Bringing about deeper Oneness is not done with slogans, songs or hugs, but with focus and commitment. With the quickening or enlivening of our One Being. Unleashing the Power of the One.

It's like releasing a great white bird from its cage. As its wings expand, it grows to unimaginably mighty proportions. It flies freely with magnificence and majesty above the storm clouds of duality and seeds those clouds with Oneness, the One Heart, the One Love..... the realization that we are all part of ONE LIVING BEING and we're all in this together as One.

But alas, if the great white bird of our One Being is to fly and manifest the Power of the One, we need to take our places within it. We need to consciously choose to bring it alive. We need to really, really want to do this. It must be vitally important to us. And is it to you? And to you?

Now let's just suppose that we decide that it's important enough to anchor some Oneness on this planet in these times of turmoil.... How can we go about it? Unquestionably, the most effective way that I know of is to have an 11:11 Gate Activation. These Activations are created for the sole purpose of anchoring Oneness and bringing in the Greater Reality, which could be described as the air we breathe that's full of Oneness.

What makes these 11:11 Activations so powerful and effective and REAL is our concentrated focus AS ONE BEING. And what is so timely about the upcoming 6th Gate Activation on May 29th is that its keynote is ONE EARTH / ONE BEING. It's all about choosing to consciously step into our One Being and then having our One Being consciously step into the Earth, taking responsibility for the planet. We couldn't invent something more timely and perfect for our present situation.

Great! That 11:11 sure knows what it's doing... Perfect timing! Very appropriate! Just what's needed. Definitely will do the job and turn the tide. So glad that it will do the job for us. "Yeah, Solara, keep up the good work."

There's only one problem and it's a big one. It's one that makes me sad and sometimes weary. And it's one which sometimes makes me question my entire life's focus and present direction. Or even why I am still here....

So here's the situation:

We have a very messy world in turmoil. We have duality running wild with increasing polarization. And we have an extremely effective action, (not reaction), that we can take which will greatly improve everything. All good so far..... But where is everyone?

It's like opening the cage and a tiny white bird flies out because so few have chosen to step into our One Being. And we are given this opportunity to really make a difference during a time when it's critically needed!

May 1st is the registration deadline for the 6th Gate Master Cylinder in Ireland. That's when I have to release any unused hotel rooms and pay the hotel. And we still don't have enough people signed up for a viable Master Cylinder. This Activation urgently needs more people in the Master Cylinder to be powerful enough to do what's needed. And although we have around 75 Anchor Groups around the world, there should be many more.

Where is everyone?

The 11:11 is real, folks....

I've been working hard on these 11:11 Activations since 1991. I've put my heart, soul, massive amounts of time and effort and a good deal of my personal money into them. (I even used the money I was saving to reprint my three out-of-print books, to organize the 6th and 7th Gates.) My commitment has been rock solid.

Right now, I'm in the midst of organizing October's 7th Gate Activation in India. And I'm questioning if I should bother? I'm wondering if anyone really cares? I'm questioning if I should just let the 11:11 go? But I'm also realizing that it would feel really strange being alive and not doing my utmost to do what I can while I am here. I wouldn't be living my truth.

Back in January 1997, I had a very clear revelation about how unleashing the Power of the One by really activating our One Being could lead to financial abundance for us. It's a simple and effective way to raise great amounts of money so that we could fund all sorts of worthwhile projects. Our One Being could donate the money to enable people to create schools, healing centers and businesses. We could help people buy houses or land, publish their books, pay for medical expenses, tools, computers; we could do whatever was needed and worthy. Just by letting our great white bird fly freely.

I've never put forward this plan publicly simply because so few people were ready to step into our One Being. I even mentioned once that as soon as there were 2000 subscribers to my Surf Reports, I'd know that it was time to bring forth the Power of One. And of course, we still have a long way to go.

During the past several months, I've spent much time in introspection. Looking at everything. Questioning everything. I wonder why I'm here with these wondrous gifts to share, and so few are interested or ready? Why so many people respond when something is hyped or channeled, but not so much when it's real?

I also realize that it's not always as simplistic as a lack of interest & readiness. Many people are there in their hearts. Some feel that it's a great work, but that they don't need to get personally involved; everything will be taken care of without them. But will it?

Others feel so preoccupied by struggling with survival issues, that the thought of taking 7-10 days out of their lives and spending money that could be used for something else, to come to an 11:11 Gate Activation feels impractical.

But is it really? Can we really afford to ignore what is going on here at this time? Perhaps, if we made a monumental effort and came together in droves. Perhaps if a few hundred or a thousand of us came together at the Master Cylinder and if there were thousands of Anchor Groups, we could make more than a noticeable change, moving not only ourselves, but everything to a new level.

And perhaps this is the most practical thing we can possibly do....

I'm now ready to emerge from my self imposed five year retreat as more myself than ever before. And I really hope that some of you are ready to emerge too.

Everything is on the line.

For me.

For you.

For humanity.

For the planet.

It's "make" or "break" time.


I'm choosing to step forward. I'll be in Ireland at the 6th Gate Master Cylinder giving it all I've got. I hope that some of you will find it important enough to be there too. You are definitely needed.

And I would love to wake up some day to a world without devisive religions or the politics of greed. A world without the misuse of power. A world where everyone naturally treats all life forms with reverance and respect. A world with the realization that everything is sacred. A world of Oneness. A world of Love.


In the One Love,