January 29, 2005:

2004 was an absolutely brilliant year. It was a year full of lasting breakthroughs and deep transformation. The Green Lights to Greatness enabled us to leap onto a totally new level of awareness. The sleeping giant of our One Being quickened and came alive....

Here's a quick look at my experiences in 2004 ....

For me 2004 was full of travel--- the most travel that I've done in years. By November, I had been to India (twice), Singapore (three times), Ireland, Hungary and Turkey (twice)! I'd even been to the Tokyo Airport three times and although I've never officially been to Japan, on the third arrival, the clouds finally parted and I was able to see a stunning view of Mt Fuji as we flew in. The connection was made....

I was not only physically traveling; it was happening on all levels. When I was in Rajasthan, India last March making the arrangements for October's 7th Gate Activation, something intangible happened to me. It happened subtly without any obvious outward event. But something very deep reconnected within me and I really became myself. I've embodied this enhanced reconnection ever since then. It was my first Turning Point of the year.

Late one night in April when I was way too over tired to go to bed, I mindlessly did an internet search for an old great love whom I had not seen or heard of since the end of 1968 in London. This was the brilliant and mysterious man whom I credited with my spiritual reawakening and considered to be my twin flame. Surprisingly, I found mention of him on an Italian website, although he is Turkish. After three weeks of searching, we finally made contact. We had several amazing telephone conversations and made plans for me to visit him in Turkey in June. We even talked about marriage....

In May I traveled to Ireland for the 6th Gate Activation. This was the all important Midway Point of the 11:11 Doorway. The 11:11 turned inside out and the new vision started to be revealed. It was one of those Turning Points or Points of No Return.

There was a fairly strong Master Cylinder Group with some brilliant new people ready to embrace the New and step into One Being. It was interesting because as soon as I arrived in Ireland, I became sick with a tooth infection and finally had the tooth taken out during our week of preparations. This was the first time that I wasn't able to be present at all the sessions, a real letting go for me.

It was also interesting to see how our egos can hinder us from fully stepping into Oneness. Some really good people struggled with this during 6th Gate. As I said, it was a definite Turning Point...

After 6th Gate, I spent a few days in Dublin with my daughters, then flew off to southern Turkey to meet my old love. I arrived in Dalaman at 2:00 am on my birthday, nervous and not knowing what to expect, but with a wide open heart. Somehow we recognized each other and although 36 years had passed, there was still a strong connection on a deep essence level.

We drove in a taxi for several hours through the darkened night to a small village where his family had a little vacation house. The house hadn't been cleaned or lived in since his mother had died a year before. We had no car and little food. Here I was with an almost total stranger who still carried the vestige of someone I had once so deeply loved and respected. Unfortunately, after years of drug and alcohol abuse, he had lost much of his true self.

For years, I had hoped to meet him again, to show him who I had become, how much I had reawakened and remembered. I knew that he would be proud of me. I wanted to thank him for helping me so many years ago. Which gratefully I finally was given the opportunity to do. Sadly, as the days went by, he became increasingly angry and abusive. After five days, I fled.

It was a long journey back home from Bodrum to Dublin to Los Angeles to Hawaii. Lots of time to sit with my feelings of sadness, shock and disappointment. Lots of time to let go of the past. Letting go of the past isn't just letting go of the things we didn't like, it's also letting go of some of our most treasured memories. And all of it makes us more free. Another big Turning Point....

When I returned home, I accepted an invitation to speak at an Expo in Budapest, Hungary in September and began to organize talks and workshops in Turkey at the same time. I felt an almost unrequited love with Turkey at this point. I've always felt so connected with it and although I had just been there for five days, I hadn't seen anything or met any of the people from their strong 11:11 Anchor Groups. I needed to return....

Also in July, Walt and Alix moved into my house to help with everything. This marked another Turning Point since it was the first time that I had shared my living space in five years.

In early September, I flew to the beautiful city of Istanbul and immediately loved it. I was welcomed with incredible love and hospitality. I felt as if I had returned home. I was treated to delicious meals, (Turkish food is fantastic!) spoke about Oneness on a radio show which went out to over 100,000 people, made several shopping trips to the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar full of amazing treasures and made many dear new friends.

It was intense and exhilarating. I loved Turkey so much, I even thought of moving there.... I gave a talk to over 300 people in Istanbul, followed by a weekend workshop with around 120 people. (This was the first talk and workshop which I've given since 1998!) The response was strong and many people understood my message of Oneness and that we are all part of One Being and it's time to love and respect one another.

I was challenged by a few religious fundamentalists at the Istanbul workshop and at my talk to 400 people in Izmir the following week, but almost all the people understood and embraced Oneness. The Turkish people have strong spirits and much courage. They are deep and honest with strong hearts. I love and respect them very much.

It was a practically non-stop schedule. Every minute was pretty intense. I gave of myself wholeheartedly, tirelessly and without limits, feeling that this was a precious time and there was no holding back. I know that Turkey holds a critical balance in these troubled times and I wanted to give my all.

I also went to Ankara for a talk and workshop which was much smaller, but very good. On my final day in Ankara, we were able to visit the mausoleum of the great Turkish leader, Kemal Atatürk and walk on the Promenade of the Lions, anchoring Oneness with each Aslan. My love for Turkey expanded....

Finally, I flew to Bodrum and revisited my old love. We spent three more days together, doing much completing and healing. I tried so hard to pull him back into his magnificent self. This was a huge thing because back in 1968 on the banks of the river Thames in London on the dawn of the first night we met, we had pledged to live lives of such purity, integrity, truth and love that we would be complete on Earth and wouldn't have to return and could always be together. I had done this; it had become a Turning Point for me. For many years it served as my method of propulsion and source of inspiration. Unfortunately, he didn't even remember the vows we had made.... Of course, this made it easier for me to let it all go, everything except for the love.....

My three weeks in Turkey was an intense personal initiation. Surfing through the intensity, I moved into deeper levels of love, service and mastery. It was a major Turning Point. Then I flew to Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest was really fun, although I was pretty exhausted by this point. I gave presentations for two days at a Body, Mind & Spirit Expo and spent time with old and new friends from Hungary, Austria and Slovenia. We even took a boat ride on the Danube!

I arrived back in Hawaii on the last day of September and had two weeks at home before leaving for India for the 7th Gate Activation. Barely enough time to wash clothes, take a quick look at a month's worth of email, shift gears and prepare to be gone for another month.

In the middle of October, I flew to Los Angeles, then Tokyo, Singapore, Delhi and finally to Udaipur. It was great returning to the lovely Udaipur and our many friends there. Again, it felt like coming home....

Arriving a week early, there was much to do. The biggest shock was that the beautiful Lake Pichola was dry! This meant that we would definitely not be taking boats to our Activation site on Jagmandir Island. This is when we had the brilliant idea for the procession with elephants, camels and horses. This procession was such a wondrous part of our 7th Gate Activation that it's hard to imagine missing it. Another example of how when things don't appear to work out (the lake being dry for the first time in 20 years), that something better is waiting to manifest. We just need to allow ourselves to see it. It's part of SEEING THE UNSEEN, the keynote of 7th Gate.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Group was the best ever. Around 80% of the people from 6th Gate had returned and it was good to see how much deeper we had all become since then. There were 64 people from around 25 countries. Perhaps small in numbers, but huge in dedication and beingness!

Since 7th Gate is the first Gate of the second half of the 11:11 Doorway, it was not surprising that there were many similarities with the 1st Gate in Egypt back in 1992. These two Master Cylinders were the most fun and exotic of them all. Interestingly, they are also the only two Gates in which we rode camels..... And of course, camels represent the departure point of the ancient energies.

Both of the Activations took place at night and were incredibly mystical and deep. And at both Activations in Egypt and India, we formed a deep bond with the local residents. In India, the love and Oneness that we felt with the hotel staff and the townspeople, became an integral part of our experience. Our One Being expanded way beyond the limits of the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups. The Matrix of Love became so real and tangible as we were deeply immersed into the Greater Reality.

The 7th Gate was the first 11:11 Activation that I haven't written a report on. Instead, there are 38 pages of stunning photographs on this website. They show what we experienced far better than any words. And they are here so you can also experience the energies of our glorious One Being....

Since our Master Cylinder Group was so strong and capable, everything flowed easily and felt very grounded. It was much less intense than my experience in Turkey the month before. There was a great clarity and joyfulness. The entire trip was a lot of fun. Immeasurably deep, but very fun. The food was fantastic, the music from Omashar and my iPod was brilliant, and our hotel was exquisitely beautiful.

The Activation itself was very different than any we have experienced. The moment we entered Jagmandir Island, we stepped right into the Greater Reality. It was infinitely subtle and mystical, filling me with a sense of total awe. We began our Sacred Dances with the Starry Processional. Overhead a large flock of birds swooped and dipped and turned and spiraled, appearing and disappearing into the Invisible. It was beyond perfect!

At a certain point, during the Lotus Dance, the 7th Gate energies came streaming in. Recognizing that this was the big moment and that we were stepping off the map of the known, I did something completely unexpected and left the circle. I don't know why I chose to do this, but I just felt that I wasn't needed there anymore. It felt right to leave. Another Turning Point.....

After that, there were no more organized activities or specific dances until morning. It didn't feel necessary. Yet, Guardians stood in position all night and spontaneous movements and dances were performed all night long by varying groups of people. And wherever we were at Jagmandir that night, whether we were dancing, sleeping or drinking chai, we were all woven together in such a strong One Being.

7th Gate was a significant Turning Point for the 11:11 Doorway when the sceptre of responsibility was placed in the hands of our One Being, rather than being carried predominately by me. And it also marks the moment that our One Being is finally ready and strong enough to do this.

Leaving Udaipur a few days later was really difficult. Many of us were ready to move into the hotel on a permanent basis. And leaving our beloved Indian friends was even more difficult. We next spent a few days in Mt Abu where we had a series of meetings of the Council of One Being. These were a bit disorganized as much was in the process of being born.

An interesting thing happened to me on our first night in Mt Abu. Totally exhausted, I had finally gone to bed and just turned off the light, but had not yet fallen asleep when I felt a snake move halfway across my back. I froze. The snake froze. We both went into a state of high alert. After a few moments, I felt it slither across me and off the bed. Turning on the light, I leapt out of bed and looked for the snake. Couldn't find it and was so tired and it was so late at night that it didn't occur to me to go to another room or call the reception. Just told the snake that it could have half the bed and that I was taking the other half. Since I have a big fear of snakes, the next morning I was amazed that I had stayed in my room all night and had actually gone right to sleep. That day was so busy that I forgot to mention the snake to anyone until late at night when I remembered it was probably still in my room and moved in with friends.

After Mt Abu, we flew to Delhi and got on our compact bus which took 33 of us onwards to Dharamsala. After 16 extremely surreal hours, stopping throughout the night at an ever more rustic series of toilet stops, we arrived at McLeod Ganj, a small town a few kilometers from Dharamsala. This is the home of the Tibetan Government in Exile and is full of Tibetans. What a change! It was like entering a new planet.

I totally fell in love with it all... Again, I felt so at home, as if I could stay here forever. We shopped, visited Tibetan Temples, turned the series of prayer wheels in the center of town, ate the super delicious Tibetan food and had occasional meetings.

The absolute highlight was our private audience with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinle Dorje. My wildest dream had been to perform the Lion Dance for the Karmapa and this actually happened! We spent an hour standing in a circle of the One Heart in the monastary courtyard doing the mudras of all Seven Gates while we were waiting for our private audience.

His Holiness is a truly remarkable being. Although he is only 19 in earthly years, he emanates an energy and wisdom that is far beyond what I've ever experienced in a human before. And I've met some amazing people. Once he looks at you, you never forget it. It becomes seared into your being. The exchange of love between us all was very beautiful.

After lunch at the beautiful Norbulingka Institute, we returned to the monastery and performed the Lion and Lotus Dances for His Holiness. And one of my wildest dreams came true.... Many of us stayed for the public audience afterwards. It was a very special day. Just way, way off the map. And again, it was yet another Turning Point.

On the way back to Hawaii, I decided to stop off in Singapore by myself for a few days to rest and regroup. I love Singapore and had a much needed integration time in a neutral place. I finally returned to Hawaii in the middle of November.

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