Holding onto my hat in the billowing Winds of Change on the Mallorcan Coast in October.

November 2006

(Journey into the Lotus World)

So much has dramatically changed in the past two months that I really needed to write a new Personal Update.

First of all, Monique arrived here from Holland at the end of September. Immediately, there was a noticeable shift. Just to have someone here who was clear, capable and dedicated to living in the Greater Reality, made a vast difference. She leapt into the mountain of tasks and my load instantly lightened. This breakthrough was felt on so many levels. It enabled me to put more focus on completing the new "11:11" book, which is getting excitingly good. It strengthened and expanded the core of our One Being, sending ripples outwards to great distances.

Monique's arrival removed so much pressure from me that I was finally able to start moving onto my next level which is the path that my being was created for, my Final Path, the PATH OF LOVE. It felt as if a massive dam of blocked energy dissolved and ever since then, revelations have been pouring in, and still are, all day and night, especially those about 8th Gate, the Lotus World and One True Love.

In early September, I began to call to my One True Love that now was the time for him to come into my life. After Monique arrived, I moved deeper into the Lotus World and felt the exquisite, all pervading Lotus Love streaming through me. Then, I received a series of deeply triggering emails from a stranger who was not a stranger which blasted open my heart far beyond its previous expansion. Suddenly, I was catapulted into the powerful, surging currents of the River of Love.

Monique stepped into the organization of 8th Gate with her considerable mastery and by the middle of October I was in Mallorca with my daughter Nova for another series of adventures. We drove all over the island, staying in a different town each night, finding some amazing places. We fell in love with Mallorca and the Mallorcan people and both of us are seriously considering moving there. We easily found the perfect hotel for February's 8th Gate Activation. It just clicked into place because the conditions are finally right for it.

By the time I returned home, Annu had already arrived here with her eight year old daughter Afrika. They both brought tremendous gifts with their presence. Afrika with her super sweetness and wisdom far beyond her years, Annu with her vast understanding, clarity, depth of love and calm centeredness. She is an amazing being and I have always felt a deep kinship with her. I love being with her, for she is a constant source of inspiration.

Right away, our New Foundation grew immeasurably stronger. New levels and infinitely greater depths are constantly being revealed. Effortlessly, we were all plunged into the River of Love and pulled along by its ever increasing currents until nothing else feels real. The River of Love keeps deepening and widening and its banks become evermore distant. Whatever used to be of interest on the banks of the river have now become a blur. All our attention is focused on the River of Love. It's a journey with much intensity, but the only place I want to be.

The three of us are getting much done, but in totally new ways. Everything is imbued with the most powerful Lotus Love. Annu and Monique did not come here "to help me with my work", but rather to join with me as One to create the Foundation of the New. This New Foundation is being built upon steadfast integrity and the deepest levels of commitment and love; it's getting stronger and more amazing every day. And it will only keep on growing and flourishing as more people come forth to join us on the deepest of core levels as we forge the path into the New.

We are working daily with my new set of oracle cards which are also experiencing a huge quantum leap with the addition of many new cards, becoming beyond brilliant and infinitely helpful. These cards are creating a whole new cosmology by mapping the uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible including the Lotus World. They are the most effective tool that I know of at this time and I can't wait to make them available to everyone.

At the same time, we are preparing my house for sale as I know that I will be moving to another country sometime in the first half of next year. We held our first yard sale yesterday and all day long people commented on the powerful love energy that was present.

It's mammoth what's going on here and it's totally off the map....

A few days ago I realized that I've already entered the realm of BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. It's funny that I feel this way because if I look at my outer circumstances many things appear to be the same as before: I am still living in the same house, have even larger debts than before, (the Mallorcan trip); my books and cards aren't finished or published; I'm still waiting for my physical One True Love to arrive on my physical doorstep.

And yet.... there is so much more than that going on. There are the great beings who have joined me here and the constant energetic connection with my One True Love who is ever beside me. I can feel so many elements being moved into their rightful positions. And of course, there is the all pervasive River of Love that imbues everything.

Everything has truly changed on its core level. The River of Love makes everything feel totally different. My heart is vastly expanded and I am finally doing what I am really meant to do on this planet which is clearing the pathways and opening new doors on the Path of Love. And this is just the beginning.

I am so extremely grateful.....






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