Updated January 31, 2000

About the Surf Reports:
Each month I receive anxious emails wondering where the Surf Report is or why it is late. The Surf Reports are based on my intuitive feelings of the energies of the month, not on astrology or numerology. Sometimes, it takes me a few days to tune into the energies of the month especially if I am busy, undergoing a personal crisis, or in a deep quiet place where words don't come easily.

The Year 2000: A Year of Opening Doorways

The Year 2000 is a truly great year. Just the fact that our calendar has changed over from 1999 to 2000 is significant. What an exquisite symmetry with our transformational journey into the Greater Reality.

In the Year 2000 we will be entering our New Lives as New Beings. We can start climbing a new mountain, one that we haven't climbed before. We are nearly finished with our arduous journey up the old mountain of duality. This alone, is a great cause for joyous celebration!

And how perfect that the arrival of this new time, of this new level of existence, of this new frequency of being, was heralded by huge celebrations all over the world. Just seeing the photographs and video of the various celebrations which took place on New Year's Eve, brings me to tears. Hindu Priests praying on the shores of the Indian Ocean, massive fireworks in the largest cities of the world, traditional dances in the Kiribati and Chatham Islands, the dramatic light show in Egypt, etc.

I haven't been as moved on a planetary scale since the Activation of the Doorway of the 11:11 on January 11, 1992. And these two momentous events are interconnected. Both of them brought massive groups of people together in Oneness. Both of them herald huge changes. The time of transformation into new, truer ways of being is here.


This year we will be creating the foundations of our New Lives. We will make the final adjustments to our individual Selves so we can become New True Beings. We shall free ourselves from karmic patterns and our old duality-based actions and reactions. We are going to finally live our lives by being real and honest, by following the deepest, purest promptings of our hearts.

Our inner Core Being is emerging and all those dusty, superficial layers we have gathered upon us are dissolving. To get the year off to the proper start, we are recalibrating our beings, realigning ourselves to more perfectly reflect our inner beings. We're going to find it quite difficult (and sometimes painful) to do things the way we used to. Nothing is the same as it was before.

The year begins with a time for clearing and purification. For realigning ourselves on a clearer, deeper path. For weeding out the old habits and behaviours that we can't take with us into our New Lives. It's time to develop serenity, calmness and compassion. We can now forgive all of the people, situations and hurts of the past and lovingly let them go. We can be honestly grateful to the lessons and opportunities they gave us to develop our beings and become more real. All the emotional charge and residue from our past is gone. We are free!

It's also time to find the places inside ourselves where we have created an ARTIFICIAL SPLIT. Most of us have long carried a belief that we have to choose between two aspects of our Selves. That we couldn't possibly Have It All. "If I do this, then I can't do that." "If I follow this dream, then I have to let go of that dream." "If I love this person, then I can't love that person." "If I use my mind to be logical and practical, then I can't follow my heart." "If I choose to be responsible, I can't have fun."

Well, this is simply no longer true. Actually, it was NEVER true.

Another veil drops. Another great illusion falls away....

We are infinitely larger beings than we ever imagined. And now it's time to expand our perspective and embrace our wholeness. To live and love with our whole beings. To dare to be vast and vulnerable. To dare to live the deepest truth of our beings.


This year it's vitally important that we become aware of how our surroundings affect our energy. If the effect isn't positive, then we need to make the necessary changes so our surroundings are more in alignment with who we have now become. We have to honor who we are.

We need to watch how our energy is affected by the people around us, by the tasks we do and by the situations we get involved in.

The year 2000 is the time to make NEW CHOICES. We need to honor and nourish our true being above all else. This entails becoming aware of the people in our lives who misuse or feed on our energy. It's time to draw the line and weed them out. We no longer need to carry people along with our energy. We can choose to be around people of integrity and open hearts. If we continue to compromise in these areas, we won't fully experience our New Lives.

It's also a time of letting go of the unnecessary clutter and diversions in our lives. Let's focus on what is really important to us, what brings us joy, what truly fills our hearts, and get rid of the rest.


Another key is Personal Integrity. Without respecting and embodying our natural Integrity, we cannot go forward into our New Lives. These glorious New Lives require our utmost integrity in all that we do.

If you have any areas where you tend to compromise your integrity, (and be assured that all of us do), then this would be a most beneficial time to locate these areas and make the needed adjustments to bring them into alignment with your Core Being. We simply can't slide through into our New Lives using our old skills and charm. We must develop and honor the integrity of our true beings. Integrity must be imbued in all aspects of our lives.


Another funny thing that's going to happen this year is that those who have already developed the spiritual aspects of their beings are going to be called out into the world. And I don't mean as spiritual teachers, although you will, of course, be doing that wherever you go. I mean out into the straight normal, business world. It's time for you to make some money and get out of debt. It's time for you to take your consciousness into the marketplace and thereby transform the marketplace. It's time for you to clean yourselves up, get some new clothes, and go out there and put your energy into transforming the everyday doings of the world of matter!

And when you do, you'll find that the straight, normal world isn't as closed and narrow as you had supposed. It's ripe for transformation. And it's ripe for creative input. And it's ready for you! Who knows, you just might be very successful out there.

The other funny thing is that many of the people who have been concentrating on the material world are suddenly going to experience profound spiritual awakenings. They are finally discovering that they are Spiritual Beings!!! That's why there's such a resurgence of interest in yoga and other spiritual practices at this time. Our old spiritual practices are getting totally incorporated into the mainstream. Quite a cosmic joke, isn't it?


The year 2000 is going to be full of a tremendous amount of activity. Everything is in the process of being rearranged into a totally new configuration. It's a time for CLEAN ACTION. This is doing things cleanly and clearly with the minimum amount of fuss, stress or resistance. Putting our whole hearts and whole beings into whatever we are doing. The time for holding ourselves back is over! Clean Action is a very pure use of energy. Much can be achieved in an almost effortless manner.

The paradox is that we must put our full effort into our actions in order for them to seem effortless. Once we do this, there will be an easy flow to our immense efforts this year of building the foundations for our New Lives. The support will be there; the energy will be there. And best of all, we will actually ENJOY what we are doing!

We have spent the past several years doing intense internal work on our Selves. Hopefully, by now we have made the acquaintance of our Core Beings and are living from that depth of truth. Being more Real than ever before.

Well, in this great year 2000, the emphasis has shifted from the solitary focus on getting our Selves recalibrated and real to working and sharing with others. This is one of the reasons that many of us are being called back into the world. We need to share what we've learned with the world at large. It's time to demonstrate new ways of doing things and new ways of being. It's like completing a course of independent study and graduating. Now, it's time to live what we know and to live our Love.

This means that we're going to meet new people. We're going to be doing new things with these new people and it will feel great. There's going to be a real alignment of energy with the new people entering our lives this year.


Throughout the year, new doorways of opportunity are going to open. Not just once with some sort of dramatic flash, but constantly. It's the New Normal. There are going to be some exciting breakthroughs which come to us totally out of the blue, from directions that we never expected.

If we're ready, and if we have sufficiently cleared ourselves out of our old patterns, then we can and SHOULD leap through these exciting doorways into our New Lives. Great adventures await.

There are going to be some major openings starting on February 5th on the Solar Eclipse / Chinese New Year, throughout the month of March, and in July and December. The biggest doorway will be during the month of May starting with the powerful planetary conjunction on May 5th and continuing throughout the month.

At first I thought that May 5th would be the date of the Activation of the 5th Gate of the 11:11, but I no longer feel that it is. It's a great date, 5 / 5 / 2000, but it feels too soon to be 5th Gate. The best I can say is that the May 5th Doorway with the openings throughout the month of May are an important preparation for 5th Gate, but they are not the Gate itself. The 5th Gate Activation will most likely take place in 2001.

The year 2000 is a year of constant breakthroughs and revelations. There is much to be learned. It is an exciting year full of the potential for immense fulfillment. We have the amazing opportunity to finally create the kind of lives that we have always wanted.

By September, much will have changed. We will be more comfortable with who we have now become. Many of us will be living in new places with new people doing new things. From then on, our New Lives will steadily unfold. This is just the beginning!!


We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.