Updated January 1, 2003

The year 2003 will be a critical year of transition for us as individuals and as a collective humanity. The future survival of our planet could well be on the line and the outcome of this may well depend on us and the choices we make.

2003 is a decisive year and the decisions we make will have far reaching consequences. If we make the wrong ones, we could get stuck in old patterns which will be hard to get free from. It will definitely take some time to get out of them. We also need to watch out for the decisions we make by default--- which means those times when we don't make a needed decision and passively fall back into established routines and old positions.

This is a year for making bold changes and quantum leaps. We simply can't afford to stay stuck in the narrowness of old ways of being. We are not in "normal" times and there is no way to go back to The Way That Things Used to Be". We need to make a huge leap onto an entirely new level. Into the Greater Reality itself.

We enter 2003 with change swirling all around us. There is so much change permeating the air around us that sometimes it's difficult to see which way to go. This is exactly when we must turn to our handy, built-in Joy-O-Meter and see how we feel about the available options. If you aren't sure which option to pursue, then pretend that you have already done it and see how you feel. Does it make you feel joyful or heavy? Weighing each option and measuring the sense of Joy and excitement involved will help lead us into the right directions.

Many of us are in an immense state of flux as we undergo the process of being realigned with new people, places, jobs and situations. During the first six months of 2003, especially from January through March, it's time for us to get to our right place and become settled and as self-sufficient as possible. It's time for us to create new energetic fields around us which resonate with the Greater Reality.

Even if you don't move to a new location, it's essential to recalibrate your fields. You can do this by repainting your residence, getting rid of the unnecessary clutter, surrounding yourself with colors and objects of inspiration and beauty which actually add to your chi (vital energy) rather than dull it down. We need to consciously create a sacred temple, an oasis of Oneness within our living spaces. And if we are living in a house, rather than an apartment, we need to set up a resonant field anchored in Oneness outside on the land as well as inside our dwelling. As the famous quote from the film "The Wizard of Oz" says, "We're not in Kansas anymore!" So, even if you are living in Kansas, recalibrate your surroundings so they feel more like Oz. These are not just decorating tips; they are survival tips.

The timetable for these dramatic shifts in our lives is fluid rather than linear. This means that we can't make plans like we used to and we also can't force our way through using affirmations or will power. We are still traveling through a phase of Extreme Rerouting where much is leaving our lives to create space for the new. This includes the usual suspects: relationships, friends, jobs, residences, habits, beliefs etc. Here, it's helpful to be like water and flow in the directions which give us the most joy and sense of true support. Move into the directions which appear most open and welcoming.

The Year 2003 is a pivotal year in which events on the world stage could play themselves out in a variety of ways. It's similar to a teeter-totter. This seesaw of duality is resting on a pivot point. If you sit on one end of it, perhaps you are filled with nationalism and anger and want to make war upon your perceived "enemies". If you sit on the other end, then perhaps, you are praying for peace or just trying to pretend that everything is "normal". Both sides are being deeply affected by fear. Such is the back and forth sway of duality from one extreme to the other. Sometimes, you are up in the air; sometimes you are down on the ground.... One side cannot exist without the other.

The big choice open to us this year is not which end of the teeter-totter to sit upon. Rather, it is a choice, a golden opportunity, to totally remove ourselves from the seesaw of duality. Some of you might wonder if we do this, just where shall we be? What we need to do is to become the Pivot Point itself; the place of balance and stability which never wavers no matter which side of duality is up or down.

The Pivot Point is Oneness and this is definitely where we need to position ourselves for the times to come. Pivot Points are places of holding the Beam---- stabilization pinions that keep everything balanced. When they are further activated, they become Beacons sending forth a harmonic resonance of Oneness, Love and Integrity.

Many of us have served as Pivot Points for our family or at work or amongst our friends. I myself, have served as a Pivot Point for the integrity of the 11:11 and for quickening our One Being. But now is the time when we all need to become Pivot Points anchoring Oneness, to become conscious participants in our One Being.

Part of the way we do this is by taking responsibility. Not just responsibility for ourselves and our own lives, although that is definitely the starting point. After that is established, we need to step into the responsibility that comes with consciously knowing that we are all part of one living, organic being.

And please don't misinterpret responsibility to mean confinement or limitation. Responsibility is not a burden, it's actually a deeper expansion into ourselves so we can fulfill our true potential. Embracing responsibility will only bring us freedom.

The Activation of the 6th Gate of the 11:11 will take place on July 26th. The keynote of this Activation is One Earth - One Being. 6th Gate will take us to another new level as we individually and collectively, consciously choose to stand in our One Being and willingly serve as Pivot Points of Oneness.

As the seesaw of duality gyrates wildly this year, these Pivot Points of stability will be greatly needed. If there are enough of us consciously aligned together in our One Being, we can turn the tide and actually dissolve duality. As I've said many times, "The One Being is the key to our future."

Because of this, we must take things seriously and be continually conscious of our position within our One Being. Yes, this is a year to follow our joy and express our creativity, but not to just "do our own thing". We must be aware of our One Being at all times and constantly nourish it. The dynamic of Mutual Support is one of the cornerstones of the coming time. It's absolutely essential.

This year will give us numerous opportunities to bring forth our greatness. To do this, we must first have our priorities in order. Right now, we need to take a good, clear look at the places where we put our time and attention. Are we mainly concerned with having a good time? With trying to fill the places which feel empty with meaningless diversions? Or are we just caught in the struggle to survive? Are we trying to nourish ourselves with things which aren't nourishing? These are all treadmills which will suck up our energy and take us nowhere.... What is truly important to us? And are we putting these values at the top of our priorities?

If we don't start living our beliefs, then even if they are worthy beliefs, they will become a sham. We will be living a lie and will have lost our Personal Integrity. It is time to mean what we say and say what we mean. It is time to align our thoughts, feelings and actions with what we know to be true. Our feelings have to be woven into our doing so that whatever we do feels right.

Throughout 2003, Personal Integrity will continue to be a major lesson until we learn to totally embody it every moment of our existence. This is Being Real and we really don't have the luxury anymore of not being real. Too much is on the line....

Sinkholes will litter the landscape of 2003. We will fall into them without any warning. Whenever we are in one, it's best to look for what is really called for in this situation. Are we needing to be still so that we can work on other levels unhindered by too much physical movement? Are we sifting through and transforming old emotional blockages?

Whenever we are in a sinkhole, it is easy to feel a strong pull to leave the planet. Again, it's essential that we examine our feelings to see where they are coming from. Is this really the time to leave the planet? Or are we experiencing a state of resignation and moving into a pattern of default? I really feel that it's best to leave the planet in a state of joyous victory, rather than just being overwhelmed and giving up.

As we move deeper into the Greater Reality, we will discover a very different energy dynamic than the one we have been used to. As we encounter this new energy dynamic, we will need to readjust ourselves to it. It has to do with the movement and flow of waves of pure energy. It might sound somewhat abstract, but it is very real.

After awhile, we will be able to surf the waves of pure energy and this will become our new way of being. These waves of pure energy will be our new focus. To do this, we will need to let go of our focus upon the details of life. The details will still get done, but we will accomplish them in a very new way. If we focus merely on the details of what "appears" to be going on, it will be easy to become overwhelmed and feel crushed.

Remember, that we are still in a time of parallel realities. And it's essential that we don't get drawn into the rampant illusion which is flying about. The best way to keep clear is to step into our One Being and embody Oneness.

2003 is a year of deepening. Deepening illusion. Deepening conflict. Deepening duality. Deepening Love. Deepening Mutual Support. Deepening Oneness. It's a year to be very honest and real with ourselves and others. A year to follow our joy and inspiration. A year to let go of any old patterns which keep us from openly being who we are. A year to live our Love and nourish both ourselves and our One Being.



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