Updated January 3, 2005


2004 was a brilliant year which brought immense changes and breakthroughs on level after level. The Green Lights to Greatness shone brightly and many made the shift into new levels of consciousness.

It was also the year in which our One Being came alive as never before. More and more of us all over the planet realized that we are all part of ONE LIVING BEING. This dramatically shifted our perspective, expanded our compassion, reordered our priorities and moved us deeper into the Greater Reality.

Another important indicator of the profound shifts in 2004 were the two 11:11 Gate Activations. Never before have two different 11:11 Gates been activated in the same year. This was also significant because May's 6th Gate Activation was the midway point in the 11:11 Doorway, the place where the 11:11 Doorway itself was turned inside out.

October's 7th Gate Activation marked a point of "No-Down No-Return". We were thrust ever deeper into the Greater Reality. Since October, this immersion has not dissipated or diluted; if anything, it has become stronger.

All year long, the Tsunamis of Change were taking place deep within us to the extent that we are vastly altered from how we were at the beginning of the year.

Then on December 26th, came the mega 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra which opened a 600 mile rift on the ocean floor, shifted the rotation of the planet, increased the planetary wobble, split islands in two, physically moved other islands, and shortened time.

Immediately afterwards, there were the physical Tsunamis, devastating a vast region, physically affecting 12 countries, killing between 150,000 - 200,000 people, with millions more now homeless. The scope of this event is simply unfathomable. And the aftershocks continue.....

What this has brought forth is a tremendous activation of Oneness. People all over the world have been deeply touched. Countries are pledging ever rising millions and individuals all over the world are contributing to aid organizations. There's no longer the sense of "Too bad for 'them' (separate from us); glad it didn't happen here."

Humanity's compassion has been activated and people everywhere genuinely care and want to help. Taxi drivers in Singapore have tin cans in their taxis to collect donations; the Lion Brewery in Sri Lanka is now bottling water instead of beer; students in Thailand have voluntarily returned to school to make coffins and prepare food for the homeless, many websites, including Amazon.com, have created areas where we can donate to relief funds. There is a huge outpouring of love, compassion and Oneness taking place. Our One Being is finally learning to serve itself.

And this is how we have entered the Year 2005.....

2005 is a year of Global Warming. I'm not so much referring to climatic changes, although that could happen. There is a noticeable warming on the heart level, an awakening of Oneness which will become stronger all year. So many of us no longer want to fight each other. We don't want anyone to suffer or do without the basic necessities of life. We want to live in peace. We want everyone to live in peace.

It's not going to be a quiet year; much is undergoing deep shifts just like the movement of the tectonic plates on the Earth's crust. 2005 is going to be a momentous, action packed year full of dramatic changes which will affect us on a core level. By the end of the year, we will be amazed at how much our lives have transformed.

One of the images I see for the year is a polar landscape. Huge ice shelves will be breaking up and splitting apart. Many of the icebergs will be drifting away from each other. At the same time, icebergs will be joining together, combining and recombining into new configurations.

I don't see this so much on a literal, physical level, although that may happen as well. It will take place within us, as our inner landscape will be greatly changed. As our inner landscapes are reordered, our outer landscapes will also reflect these changes.

We will leave much of the old behind: old friends, relationships, jobs, ways of doing things, perceptions, behaviors, etc. At the same time, we will be connecting with new people, places and situations which are more in alignment with our newly reconfigured inner landscape.

This will be more than a connection; it will be a merging into One Being. Like putting together pieces of a greater whole. Every time this happens, in large or small ways, more of the picture is revealed. A new world anchored in Oneness and the Greater Reality is being born.

For the first three months of 2005, much of our focus will be on our shifting inner landscape and the recalibration of our outer landscape to reflect who we are now becoming. It is a time of much deep reflection, inner healing and a time of letting go. There will also be a lot of completions taking place. However, the New will be seeded within these completions so as we complete the old, we will be simultaneously birthing the New.

As the year progresses, we will be able to see and feel a noticeable sense of separation between those people, situations, behaviors and ways of doing things which resonate in Oneness and those which still resonate in duality. It will be like those icebergs which are splitting apart. They can't be put back together again.

Once we have fully embraced Oneness, it will become increasingly impossible to step back into any duality-based situation, relationship or behavior. The icebergs of duality-based reality are melting due to the Global Warming and anything we try to build there will not endure.

2005 is similar to riding a bucking bronco. There will be unexpected movements from any direction at any moment. These movements cannot be predicted in advance. If we become one with our horse, then we can ride the changes gracefully, accepting whatever comes with a vaster perspective. Staying in our One Being, no matter what! There's really nowhere else to go....

Throughout the year, many sceptres are being passed. These are the sceptres of responsibility, wisdom, knowledge and of holding the purity of resonance for all beings. These sceptres are being freely passed from the dedicated individuals who have long held them. They are happy to release them.....

The sceptres aren't so much being passed to separate individuals, but to those who are consciously aligned with our One Being. Instead of being held by one person, they will now be held by several as One.

If you are one who has sceptres to pass, you need to find those who are ready to accept them..... You need to come out and share what you know.

And if you are one of those ready to accept a sceptre, you also need to step forth in your full integrity and ask for one.

A TRANSFER is in position.....

This is a monumental shift because it is creating the infinitely vaster foundation of the Greater Reality on Earth, RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW. This new vaster foundation must be in position before anything can be built upon it. And of course, it is up to us whether it happens or not.

2005 will be a year of decision. It's a critical time when we're making our final choices as to where we stand and our future positions. We can no longer straddle the fence or dip back into duality. We must be either Here or There. The icebergs are moving too far apart to allow us to stand in both worlds.

If you found last year difficult and felt slammed, then it's time to make some immediate changes. If you become honest and real and step into the vaster perspective of Oneness, it will be much easier and more fun to Surf through 2005. If you're not totally honest with yourself and others, you will be slammed again and might shatter. At this point, integrity is not an option; it is a necessity....

Also, we need to watch out for our egos which give us a false sense of empowerment. Real empowerment is at hand, the empowerment that comes from truly being ourselves, so it's a shame to miss it by sitting in the little self of our human egos.

The other thing which might trip us up this year and make it more difficult is our minds. Mind is a very useful tool, but it is not our core being. Mind, body, emotions can work together to pull the wagon of our being, but they should not be put into the driver's seat.

Throughout the year, we will need to be flexible and spontaneous. It's really helpful if we let go of our old preferences and fixed goals and learn to accept and embrace wherever we are. This doesn't mean that we need to compromise what we know is right or step out of Oneness. What we can do is recalibrate our surroundings and immediate situations WHEREVER WE ARE, into a deeper resonance of Oneness. We can live in the Greater Reality no matter what we are doing and where we find ourselves.

And of course, be constantly vigilant for the entrance of the Unexpected. Wild cards and the Unknown will come in when we least expect it. Much of this year cannot be revealed before it happens. This is because the Unknown is such a vital component of 2005. The best way to meet this is to refine our intuitive navigational skills and surf whatever waves come our way as gracefully as possible.

Much of this year is going to feel like navigating an obstacle course. It's not that there will be obstacles in our path, but we won't be traveling in a straight line. Whenever there feels like a block in our path, then we need to go in the direction where the energy is moving. And whenever we try to do a task that don't feel like doing, it's infinitely better to find something else to do until the energies shift. This is all part of correcting our course and finding our new direction. We will be learning to flow around things and to find the clearest way through to our destination.

Numerous opportunities will come into all lives all year long. It is up to us to discern which of these opportunities should be taken. There will be so many possibilities that we should hold back on making final decisions until something feels unquestionably right. It's essential that we don't make unconscious changes simply for the purpose of making a change or because we're bored with the way things are. They need to feel totally perfect.

Since 2004, we have been surfing the big waves.... We're no longer in training. These aren't practice waves anymore. They're the real thing. In 2005 the waves are going to be even larger, some of them will be record breaking. We don't need to go into fear and trembling about this.... We just need to shift our beings to a larger scale. The principles of surfing are the same whether the waves are large or small. If we surf with open hearted courage, total honesty and integrity, we'll do just fine. And it could even be fun!

There will be Green Lights to Greatness in 2005, but they will appear differently than those of last year. Many of us will step forward openly and serve with our full beings. And this will be a beautiful thing. There will be a surge of creativity which will wash upon our shores. This is something that we've been wanting for a long time.

As long as we live our love, anchor our beings in Oneness, knowing that we are all part of our glorious One Being, everything will be fine. If not, this year could well be challenging and difficult. Everyone will experience intensity and huge waves of the Unknown. It's how we perceive this and how we deal with it which will be the determining factor.

2005 will be a wild ride for sure..... But it's also an exciting one which will bring us closer to embodying who we really are and doing what we came here to do. It has the potential to bring us lasting breakthroughs and major progress on every level.



Here's a loose timetable for 2005:

JANUARY - MARCH : Reconfiguring our Inner and Outer Landscapes

APRIL - JUNE: Going out to get new information and missing pieces. Connecting with new people, places and opportunities.

JULY - SEPTEMBER: Making the needed shifts to move into our new positions / opportunities.

OCTOBER - DECEMBER: The One Being in Action!


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