Welcome to the QUANTUM SURF of 2006!

2006 is a truly extraordinary year in which the impossible can be achieved. This year has real, viable potential for fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams. The MEGA WAVES of Quantum Surf are coming in!

This is a year full of the promise of enormous success, of ease in manifesting what we really need and truly desire. A year when the creative surge carries us along into totally new places.

However, in order to fulfill the awesome potential of 2006, there are some conditions which must be met....

Success will only be achieved if we demonstrate rock solid integrity in everything we do.

The old road of duality is coming to its appointed end. If we remain on it and if we remain small, if we are still motivated by fear, lack and separation, we will miss the outstanding opportunities presented to us in 2006.

In order to access the Quantum Surf we must live in the Greater Reality on a daily basis, putting our full consciousness, full effort and wholehearted love into everything we do.

In numerology 2006 is an Eight year. The old duality-based interpretation of an Eight would be "As Above - So Below". But since Above and Below have been merged together in the HERE and NOW, this is no longer true. An Eight year is about manifesting our inner truth on all levels. It's time to walk our talk and to live our true beliefs. No more excuses.

To ride the Quantum Surf we need to be in the big boats.
If we stay in small boats, we may easily capsize and sink.

To travel in the big boats we need to set aside our perceived differences and come together as One. Rowing with focused intent, stepping into our greatness and just going for it, no matter what.

2005 was an important bridge year of deep inner and outer realignment. It was a somewhat solitary year of profound initiation and inner recalibration which contained some shattering outer events. Since the Asian Tsunamis of December 26th, 2004, we have received Three Warnings through a series of devastating earth changes. Hopefully, this has been effective in permanently shaking us out of our complacency, reordering our priorities and deepening our compassion.

There was a huge stirring of the Sleeping Giant of our One Being, creating an increased awareness of the intolerability of the imbalances on this planet. People started feeling the suffering of others far across the world, and began to take responsibility to help solve their problems. What's somewhat ironic is that enduring solutions to humanity's problems and to the imbalances created by duality are remarkably easy to achieve; what has always been lacking are committed and aware people to implement them. In 2005, there was finally a sense of global consciousness---that we are all in this together. Oneness became stronger and more vibrantly alive.

Much of our focus has been on repatterning the past and learning to do things in totally new ways. Situations continually came up which required new responses, deeper understanding and greater love. Utilizing a vaster perspective, we were often able to see the real forces at play and not fall into our old duality-based responses. We made some decisive steps out of the box....

From the very beginning of 2005, we were called upon to set up heightened energetic fields in our immediate environment which would enable us to more fully live in the Greater Reality. This process of creating, maintaining and constantly recalibrating our energetic fields will continue throughout 2006. This is of vital importance because if we don't do this, we won't be able to ride the Quantum Surf.

Now that we have entered the Great Year 2006, we can finally see how very much we have changed and deepened. How truer and clearer we have become. If we did the work of recalibrating our energetic fields both inside and outside, we are finding it much easier to live in the Greater Reality. If we haven't yet done this, it's essential that we start now; otherwise we will miss the tremendous breakthroughs of 2006.

Throughout 2006, we will notice the increasing separation between the worlds of duality and Oneness. There will be the continual unmasking and downfall of those who misuse their power, position and wealth, of those who do not live with integrity and compassion. The more we live in the Greater Reality, the more unreal and lifeless the world of duality will become.

A sorting out will also take place in which some of the people who are taking up space in the big boats without rowing steadfastly with their full beings will find themselves back in smaller boats. This will serve as a huge wake-up call, much like it was during the evacuation of Atlantis. Our integrity and commitment must be unwavering in order to ride the waves of the Quantum Surf.


During the past year, there was an emphasis on getting all the elements of our lives into their rightful positions. Most of the focus was on the removal of elements which no longer fit into who we are in the process of becoming. This repositioning also took place within our inner beings as we cleared away old patterns of relating, outdated concepts, expired vows and ingrained habits of making ourselves small. The deeper we immersed ourselves into the Greater Reality, the more there was to let go. Many of us have been stripped to the core. So much has died away that we sometimes felt as if we were dying.

The difference between something that totally clicks into place and feels unquestionably right, and something which is "sort of" all right is becoming continually clearer. We are now in the time where it's essential that all elements of our lives click into position and feel totally right. Until they do, it's important that we don't allow ourselves to make hasty decisions just for the sake of trying to get something done. Forced actions won't lead to success, but rather to dead ends.

If we let go of compromise and the watering down of our beings in order to fit into a regimented duality-based world, we will be able to align with the resonance of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This is the realm of the Quantum Surf. It is where we need to anchor our beings in 2006. This is where the greatness and ease of manifestation exist.


In 2006 we will experience many long lost puzzle pieces coming into our lives. This will not only enable us to see the vaster picture, but it will enable us to be infinitely more real and true. These missing pieces will include new Greater Love relationships, new careers aligned with our true purpose, new places of residence more in harmony with who we are and our true needs, new avenues of creativity, new work partnerships and totally new ways of doing things.

For the past few years, we have been retrieving lost fragments of our beings. These are pieces of our selves that we left in past lives, with old relationships, in parallel realities or in various physical locations around the world.

Because of this, some of our old loves have been re-entering our lives, not for the purpose of rekindling the flame, but for the purpose of retrieving our fragments. Encountering these old loves allows us to clear up any unresolved emotional residue and express our forgiveness and gratitude to them. We are able to retrieve the piece of our heart that we gave them and merge it back into our own heart. This enables us to love wholeheartedly and freely since our heart has become more whole. It prepares the way for our entrance into the Lotus World and is immensely liberating.

We've also been led to some unexpected locations in order to retrieve fragments that we left there, usually in past lives. Each time we regain a lost fragment of our being, we have less dangling threads scattered throughout time and space. We become more whole and free. We will continue finding lost fragments and merging with them throughout 2006.

The Year 2006
requires the participation of our full beings.

We can't surf the BIG WAVES with small beings.

We can no longer divide up our lives into separate compartments of duality and of Oneness---having a duality-based job, some Oneness friends, some duality friends, a "normal" home with a duality resonance and a vibrant inner spiritual life.

We can't surf the BIG WAVES as split beings with split lives. Everything has to be brought into the resonance of the Greater Reality.


The Greater Reality is the frequency band of Oneness. Living in the Greater Reality is our new foundation. It's a way of life; not just something we do in special moments when we are being "spiritual". The Greater Reality is all around us, growing stronger every day. It affects absolutely everything. It's a new way of being. And it's the realm where we will find the Quantum Surf.

In duality, we used to set up altars for our spiritual focus and meditate for our spiritual practice. In the Greater Reality, we realize that EVERYTHING is sacred, thus everything becomes an altar. And that while meditation will surely take us into the Greater Reality, our task is to imbue every mundane and minute aspect of our daily lives with the Greater Reality. To live there with eyes wide open, fully present in the physical.

In 2006 we can manifest true magnificence and we do this by bringing the Greater Reality and the Greater Love into absolutely everything.

This year we are going to be given the opportunity to totally reinvent ourselves. We can become anything we want to be. We can do what we really came here to do. We can pursue our wildest dreams and be successful! As long as we're living in the Greater Reality, traveling in a big boat and rowing with everything we've got, there will be an infinite series of Green Lights beckoning us forward. We can achieve anything that's truly in our heart of hearts.


As we immerse ourselves deeper into the Greater Reality, we will enter the Lotus World. This is the most sublime realm of Truest Love. Here everything is ultra sacred and pure. Everything is imbued with the GREATER LOVE. We become embodiments of LOVE and discover that this heightened LOVE is all around us. We are surfing the Waves of Love.

We will experience immersions into the Lotus World for a few days or a few weeks and then suddenly the Waves of Love will disappear, making us feel stranded like a beached whale. It will feel as if our love has suddenly dried up. Whenever this happens, it's important to remember that this is for the purpose of clearing out and refining energies within us and within our environment which can't go deeper into the Lotus World. Once we make these adjustments, the Lotus World will return, stronger than before.

The Lotus World will become deeper and more visible as the year progresses. Powerful Waves of Lotus Love will become a major component of the Quantum Surf. During this time, many of us will finally be reunited with our One True Love, that elusive partner with whom we share not only an alignment of essence, but also an alignment of purpose.

2006 is an absolutely brilliant year of quantum breakthroughs, major manifestation, unbridled creativity, and Waves upon Waves of Love beyond anything we can imagine. It's the year we have long awaited. Let's not miss this golden opportunity to shine, to soar, to live our love.


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