Welcome to the Great Transitional Year of 2007

2006 was an interesting year in which for the first nine months, everything appeared to happen deceptively slowly. It felt as if we were putting out major effort and achieving minimal results. We spent most of the year under construction, covered by scaffolding while a core level renovation was taking place. Yet by the end of the year, we were amazed by how great a distance we had actually traveled. We suddenly realized that 2006 had been brilliantly efficient after all and gave us exactly the perfect experiences we most needed in order to make a major internal transformation.

During the Quantum Surf that occurred in the final three months of 2006, some of us experienced a core level shift that has catapulted us onto a totally new matrix.... into the previously uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World.

If you have not yet made this shift, don't worry; it is coming in 2007 and will be hard to miss as long as you make it your top priority. The Quantum Surf that arrived at the end of September will only continue to get stronger throughout 2007 and 2008.


The changes that took place during the final months of 2006 were so profound and far reaching that many of us exited the year as new, infinitely truer beings. Once we began to enter the Lotus World, huge Waves of Love washed through us, erasing the long line of footprints we had left in the sand behind us. This will happen more and more throughout 2007.

These footprints represent our entire journey thus far-- our struggles to awaken and emerge from the illusion of duality, the moments of glory, the people we loved and those who loved us, the ones who tried to hinder us, the moments of deep despair when we almost gave up, the immense courage that it took to make it this far. Our entire histories of all our lifetimes on this planet and beyond are embedded in the seemingly endless line of footprints in the sand. And then suddenly, a series of huge Waves of Love washes them away and we are free....

The Waves of Love are also washing away many of our old disguises and outdated roles. The multiple layers with which we had covered up our true beings are being stripped off, revealing our naked core selves. And that is all we can be anymore. RAW.... REAL.... TRUE.... PURE TRUE LOVE.

Throughout 2007, the Waves of Love will wash away our hiding places, both within our selves and without. These are the tiny, cramped places where we have crammed ourselves to stunt our growth and avoid embodying our true vastness and magnificence. The places where we stuff our most precious dreams and most intimate desires so we won't have to face the potential heartbreak of their possible failure. The places where we hide under a blanket of empty excuses to avoid stepping into the responsibility of fulfilling our true purpose and doing what we really came here to do. In 2007 we will discover that we can no longer hide from ourselves or others. We are suddenly out in the open, naked and exposed, in plain sight of all those who can see. And we might as well get comfortable with this, for this is how it will be from now on.

Without our histories of past and future, we are thrust into the HERE and NOW. We will realize that HERE and NOW is all there is. Everything is found within it. And this is exactly where we need to fully anchor our beings. The HERE and NOW is where we will be able to align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. And this is where we will be able to fulfill our Wildest Dreams.


As the Waves of Love become increasing larger and stronger in 2007, they will wash away every single element of our lives which is untrue, which doesn't resonate in perfect accord with our emerging new, true beings. This Quantum Surf full of Waves of Love will continue to magnify and intensify throughout this monumental Year of Transition, as the Waves of Love wash away unfulfilling jobs, wrong places of residence, expired relationships, outdated beliefs, habits and patterns, engrained spiritual practices that can't take us further.... Until all that is untrue or expired has left us.

Many elements that we have grown familiar with have now passed their expiration dates. These include old vows and contracts with soul groups or with individuals, old responsibilities, limited concepts, outdated spiritual practices, old roles we have played out for lifetimes. Some of the elements now leaving our lives have been in effect for such a long time that we always assumed that they would be with us forever. But now they have reached their appointed end. And just like expired milk that has spoiled, we can try to drink it, but it will not quench our thirst; it will only make us sick.

If we are really stubbornly resistant to change or are afraid of what we cannot see or control-- that which is presently unmapped and unknown-- we can try to hold on to the old and outdated; but sooner or later, everything that has expired will all be ripped away from our shaky grasp.

This is not the year for automatic, unconscious responses or for sitting passively on the sidelines; rather we need to be fully conscious of everything we think, feel, say or do. We must make honest, conscious choices based on our integrity and take decisive action as we continually weed out everything that has expired within us. If not, these elements will become increasingly distorted and magnified until we can no longer ignore them.

Let's continually comb through the cupboards of our beings and release whatever no longer belongs with who we are in the process of becoming. At the same time, we can keep whatever has the appropriate resonance to travel further with us.


2007 is a critical "Make or Break" year beginning with the "Make or Break" month of January. This period actually begins in the final week of December 2006. The more lasting breakthroughs we can make in January, the better, for January sets the templates for the entire year.

Quantum Surf always requires huge surfboards, for all the small ones will be smashed by the Big Waves. It requires the participation of our full beings, for this is the only way to deal with such intense energies. We will be able to surf the HUGE WAVES of 2007 with much more ease and mastery if we aren't hindered by being on small surfboards that are getting tossed about and bashed on the rocks.

The Express Train into the New is getting ready to leave the station and it's going to depart whether or not we are on it. And we really don't want to miss it. This is the time that we have waited for. It's finally here and the Express Train will take us directly to our true destinies. It will take us to the place where we can experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. So please, don't let ANYTHING hold you back.

Although the Express Train to the New is leaving the station during the first two weeks of February, you must have your ticket in hand by the end of January. If you miss it, you can still try to catch up and reconnect with your true purpose throughout the year by making it your top priority and giving it your total focused intent. This will take immense effort in comparison to the ease of breakthroughs experienced by those on the Express Train, but it is possible. After 2007, it will be much more difficult to bridge the gap between those who are living in the new matrix and those who are still covered with the dusty residue of duality.

A great sifting out is taking place in which those of us who continue to allow themselves to be mired in the illusions of duality will no longer be traveling with the rest of us on an accelerated path. If you aren't putting your full being into creating your breakthroughs and making them your top priority, you may well find yourself out of the main flow of the prevailing current. This is "Make or Break Time" and it's no longer possible to indulge ourselves in doing things halfheartedly.

As I mentioned in one of last year's monthly Surf Reports, this present time is very similar to the evacuation of Atlantis in which many boats were cast out to sea, but only a few made it to their appointed destinations. During 2007, all those who have been riding in the large boats with us, but who have only been sporadically rowing, will either have to start rowing with their full beings or find themselves treading water while the boats move forward without them.

Please don't let this happen to you. That would be really sad, because this is the time that collectively, we have worked so hard to bring forth. This is the time that we were created for and we really don't want to miss it!

As we unhook ourselves from all the elements that have expired and jump onto the Express Train, this will give us the necessary mobility to move with ease into our rightful new positions with the right people, situations and physical locations.


An unprecedented, extremely rare reconfiguring of our ancient soul groups is taking place this year. The ones of us who have gotten stuck in the quicksand of duality, those who have tangled themselves up in distractions and compromise, the ones of us who aren't living their integrity, or those who have given up and are no longer evolving on an accelerated path are now being removed from the main mandala of the weaving of their ancient soul groups. Their threads are being diverted to the background. Sadly, they are going to miss the express train into the New for now, but eventually, in this time or another, they will rejoin us in the One.

As the dormant threads of these people are removed from the mandala in the weaving of their ancient soul groups, it will create new space within the weaving. Pulling out the dormant threads is similar to weeding a garden; it allows the plants which have committed their full beings to be vibrantly alive, to expand and grow. This weeding out is essential at this time, for the people who are not giving their 100% commitment can no longer be carried along. This may sound harsh; it does to me, but it is simply a reflection of the extremely serious and significant time we are in.

At the same time, a reweaving of the mandalas of ancient soul groups is occurring that will actually merge some soul groups with others in order to create the patterning of the New. This will expand the pool of kindred beings and make it easier for us to find the ones we are meant to be with. For 2007 is the year in which we will align with our true families and with our One True Loves, all kindred beings with whom we share both an alignment of essence and an alignment of purpose.


2007 represents a mega Turning Point, not just in terms of this lifetime, but within the scope of our entire cycle of embodiments. It requires us to shift our beings onto an entirely new matrix. This new matrix is far more than simply anchoring our beings in Oneness or inhabiting the Greater Reality. It takes us far beyond the map of the known onto an absolutely new template of TRUE LOVE located within the deeper Invisible.

Reaching the Turning Point will totally depend on our actions and responses. It's not something that is just handed to us if we're not ready or if we are still clutching onto what has expired. It requires our focused intent, the participation of our full beings, our 100% commitment to move into the New, our absolute honesty and integrity in every aspect of our lives. It requires that we are ready to LOVE and BE LOVED with our total beings.

If any part of our being is still clinging onto what has already expired, it will hold us back until we take decisive action and burn the bridges to the past, so that going backwards is no longer an option.

The sooner we do this, the better, for once the Turning Point is reached, we will enter the Fast Track. This is the realm of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE where we can move forward into our new lives unhindered and with total ease. This is where everything just clicks into place. Here we will experience breakthrough after breakthrough, revelation after revelation. This is going to happen all year long in a steady progression of events that will continually lead us into the truest directions, ultimately uniting us with our right places, with the kindred beings we are meant to live and work with, with our One True Loves, with our new fulfilling careers, with a wellspring of nourishment and abundance Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

Everything will move forward quickly and seemingly effortlessly, especially compared to the struggles we have experienced in the past. It's like moving from traveling up an endless series of steep steps that require constant effort with little progress to traveling on a conveyor belt that takes us directly into the New with ease and smoothness.


The new incoming matrix is the Lotus Heart. The Lotus Heart is the foundation for not only all our future endeavours, but for the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. The Lotus Heart differs greatly from the One Heart because it signifies the merger of our deepest, truest heart's desires with fulfilling our true destiny and purpose while serving the One as One Being. We no longer have to choose between our most personal yearnings and fulfilling our true destiny, for they are no longer separate. The two pathways have converged into one clear, strong expressway.

As we enter the new matrix of the Lotus Heart, the stamp of purest, core level TRUE LOVE is superimposed over everything. It is the air we breathe, the ground we stand upon, the food we eat. It is not only the prevailing current; it becomes the only current that we can feel. Absolutely everything is touched and affected by it.

When we awaken our Lotus Hearts, we enter a previously unmapped realm of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World. Entering the Lotus World requires that we undergo a thorough cleansing and purification on all levels. We need to continually recalibrate our beings and our external living spaces to keep realigning the energetic fields. Everything becomes stripped down to the core essence until we, ourselves, become raw, real, honest, true, TO THE CORE.

The world of the Lotus requires constant rebalancing. We will be doing this all year as the resonance of TRUE LOVE grows ever stronger. Each time that any expired elements such as people, places, jobs, attitudes and beliefs leave our lives and each time that any new elements enter our lives, we will need to rebalance our Lotus. Inside and out. Our best stance is to be wide open, flexible and fluid while putting our total being into each and every moment of the HERE and NOW while continually taking decisive action to fearlessly move forward.

Once we enter the Lotus World, we are plunged into the River of Love. The strong currents of Love become our predominant reality. Here, no swimming is required and although the River of Love can be undeniably intense at times, we also cannot drown. We are propelled along by PURE TRUE CORE LEVEL LOVE until nothing on the banks of the river can grab our attention. It all feels unreal and becomes a blur.

There are many stages in the River of Love. There is the feeling that everything is deeply permeated with immense, previously unimaginable levels of PURE TRUE LOVE. We become beacons of Love, radiating Love to all whom we encounter.

At times, it can become unbelievably intense, so intense that we can barely move. These are the moments when we are working on the levels of pure Love on its core level. Often this will cause us to cease all outer activities and lie down for a short while so we can totally dissolve into it.

All of this is directly related to the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway. This is the most significant and most powerful 11:11 Activation since the original one in 1992. 8th Gate is so vast and so vitally important that there will be two 8th Gate Activations, one on February 11, 2007 and one at the end of 2008. Because of this, the 8th Gate energies of the Lotus Heart, the Lotus World, the Lotus Love and True Love Partnerships will be emphasized in our lives for the next two years.

During this time, it's critically important that we move ourselves onto the new matrix of the Lotus Heart as soon as possible, the sooner, the better, because once we're immersed in the River of Love, the sooner we will be able to experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

As more of us move onto the new matrix of the Lotus Heart, the resonance of PURE TRUE LOVE will immeasurably strengthen, causing the River of Love to increasingly flood its banks, inundating people and places previously untouched by this new level of LOVE and allow them to directly experience it. This will have a deeply transforming effect on the entire world.

If you want to directly participate in the upcoming 8th Gate Activation, you could organize an Anchor Group or join an already existing one. Or perhaps get one of the few remaining places in the Master Cylinder in Mallorca, Spain. For more information on the 8th Gate....


2007 is the year in which we can have it all. The Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams is readily available once we have passed the Turning Point of No Down - No Return.

The first thing we must do is to focus on what we really want. We need to get totally clear on this, by going into the deepest vaults of our heart of hearts and bringing out our most sacred, intimate personal heart's desires and our most precious dreams.

Since many of us haven't dared to look there for a long time, it might be a bit difficult at first to discern what you most want. If so, then begin with the obvious. Things like being with your One True Love, good health, financial freedom and abundance, a fulfilling career that is in total alignment with your true purpose, etc. This will help clear the path so that more and more layers can come forth.

Express out loud the things you most want. Write them down and put them on an altar. Call for them to come into your life. Call for them throughout the day and night. Express your readiness to receive them. Then live your deepest truth on a core level in every moment. Fully embody the Lotus Heart.

This will dissolve the final membrane.

And your Wildest Dreams will start pouring in....

And please be careful that you don't push them away when they start coming in. Especially if they require dramatic changes in your established lifestyle, which they probably will. Be ready to welcome change without any resistance and be ready to move anywhere!


During the years of 2007 and 2008 many of us will finally reunite with our One True Loves. This could be someone you already know or someone whom you haven't encountered for many lifetimes. If you already know this person, it will feel as if the veils between you have suddenly dissolved, revealing the true depths of your connection. Or perhaps you are already in a relationship with someone when it undergoes a profound deepening.

However it happens, it will be unquestionable for both of you. If it isn't, then this person is not your One True Love. We all have many potential One True Loves, but only one person will step forward into this position during this time. This will be a most kindred being with whom we share the deepest Love. We will have an alignment of essence as well as an alignment of purpose. The Love between you will shatter all boundaries and dissolve all outer membranes of separation and indelibly meld you into One Being. That's how strong this Love is.

Before we can merge with our One True Loves, there's a new level that we must reach within ourselves. We do this by becoming the King of Kings which is the Ultimate True Man or the Queen of Queens which is the Ultimate True Woman. For only King of Kings and Queen of Queens can come together in this manner as One True Loves. (This has nothing to do with gender or sexual preferences as One True Loves are available to everyone.)

The King of Kings and the Queen of Queens have a natural grace and elegance in all they do. There is a sense of ease and mastery in their movements and actions. They are True Beings.

While we are in the process of calling forth and embodying our inner Ultimate True Man or our inner Ultimate True Woman, we can also call forth to our One True Love to find us. As we do this, we will start to feel their presence drawing ever closer. Until finally we are physically together in our full vastness in the HERE and NOW.

(Much more information on the new True Love Partnerships will be in the new edition of "11:11" to be published in Spring 2007.)


2007 is a Monumental Year of Transition. We will be impossibly busy all year long as we have a multitude of things to achieve. This is the kind of year that we enter with our calendar already packed full of things to do. Every month of the new year is already booked to the max. Much of our focus will be on manifesting all that is already known of the New as it is revealed throughout the year and completing all that still needs completion. And maybe getting ready to move....

Many of us will make profound changes within and without with significant outer events such as moving to new locations, new career directions unfolding, letting go of old relationships and friends, reuniting with our One True Loves, joining together with kindred beings to achieve an unified purpose, financial freedom and a widespread shifting of almost all the props currently on our stage.

Because so many old, expired elements are leaving us and so many new elements are coming to us throughout the year, we need to constantly rebalance the Lotus of our beings. The petals will be constantly shifting position while our outer lives and our inner beings are repatterned and transformed.

The New will start coming in at the beginning of the year and continue streaming in all year long. Our One True Loves could appear at any moment, often when we least expect it. When they do, expect everything to shift dramatically and be prepared for everything to be totally reconfigured. Around the middle of the year, many of us could find ourselves in the midst of physically moving our places of residence, possibly to somewhere unexpected or to another country.

Throughout the year, STRONG DEEP LOVE far beyond anything we can presently imagine will be all pervading.

It will unquestionably be one of those years in which the person we are when we enter the year will be vastly different from the person we are who exits the year.

In 2008 everything will be in its rightful position and our calendars will finally be cleared. Then is when our New Lives officially begin....

2007 is the most exciting year we have had so far and we really don't want to miss it!


Make the Great Year
of 2007 bring you the Breakthrough of All Breakthroughs
and the Love of All Loves.

With Deepest LOVE from the Core of the Lotus Heart,


Copyright Solara 2007
All Rights Reserved


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