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2011 was a year of huge transformation. We were unhooked from many aspects of our old lives, whether we wanted to or not. Parents and close friends died, we lost our job -- the bridges burned behind us, cutting off any possibilities of going back to The Way Things Used To Be. Sometimes it felt as if the rug was completely pulled out from under our feet. This also happened on a global scale with numerous natural disasters which Null Zoned cities like Christchurch, New Zealand, and entire countries such as Japan. And yet, most of us knew that there was more to come....

The key was to embrace change in whatever forms it manifested. If we tried to hold onto the past, the year was a difficult one. But if we willingly let go of the old and openly embraced the New, 2011 was filled with numerous breakthroughs and a sense of rising excitement. As the world of duality increasingly crumbled before our eyes, huge waves of the New and True started rolling in.

The Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway in September flung open the doors to Living True Lives as True Ones. This wasn't as easy as it sounded, for everything that was untrue within our inner beings and outer lives suddenly clamored to be released. We spent much of 2011 peeling off anything that was untrue. All the while, increasing numbers of us chose to be authentic and REAL, despite any discomfort involved in the process. We know that it is now the only way to be.

On 11/11/11 we experienced a massive RESET of unprecedented proportions. This was triggered by our coming together as Silent Watchers all over the world.... something which had never happened before. At 11:11 am GMT, a huge cylinder entered the planet with the codes of the new MUA of PURE TRUE LOVE and Trueness. This set off a series of Tsunamis of Change which are still expanding outwards in all the directions, deeply affecting everything they touch.

Near the end of the year, we started coming together with our Right People and Right Places. Some of us are almost in our right place. Even though everything is not yet in its totally correct position and many of us are not in our ideal conditions, we know that it's all perfect for now.


There's a strong sense of poignant stillness as we enter the tumultuous Year of 2012. We know that after this year, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same. 2012 is a serious year that requires concentrated focus and for us to be ultra alert. We all have to be very aware and careful this year. Not careful-nervous, but careful-alert. We can't be sloppy or unconscious. It's essential that we walk through 2012 as a True One.

In 2012 the entire world is Walking on the Razor's Edge. The Razor's Edge is the line between Who We Have Been and Who We Really Are. It's the very fine line between the total collapse of the old and birthing a New World. This is going to be a wild, wild year containing a full spectrum of experiences. There will be brilliant breakthroughs and huge creative surges that we can surf on all the way into our True Lives.

And since we are in the period of chaos that always precedes a birth, we can expect some shocking events. These will happen all over the world, but we should be particularly watchful of the United States and Europe, for they are both in precarious positions. Much of the Arab world continues to be in a state of turmoil as the people bravely call out for the end of authoritarianism. The Occupy Movement worldwide has become the voice of the struggling average person, who has long been unheard. People all over the world are thoroughly fed up with the old systems and want to tear them down. It's just that they don't know how to do it, other than go out into the streets and get brutalized by the military and police.

The whole balance of power in the world is shifting. Previously "Third World" countries are becoming economically stronger and more resilient than some of the old "superpowers". (And they have the advantage of being more resourceful in utilizing creative solutions to make do with what is available.) The old powerbrokers are desperately trying to hold on and pretend that everything is the same as it was before, but it is irrevocably not. They are exerting all their force and cunning to prop up and maintain their old positions, yet the ground under their feet is shaking and trembling with unprecedented change. Despite their efforts, Tsunamis of Change are sweeping over the planet, washing away any old structures based on untrueness.

Huge waves of collective fear are sweeping across the planet. And this will only get stronger in 2012 as ever increasing Tsunamis of Change smash into the shores of the dying world of duality. We can easily feel this collective fear because it's so strong and pervasive. But it's essential that we don't allow ourselves to be influenced by this fear, for if we do, it will trip us up. True Ones feel fear, like anyone else, but TRUE ONES DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR. They are embodiments of PURE TRUE LOVE. They know that ALL IS WELL.

We will all be Walking on the Razor's Edge until we start living True Lives as True Ones. Once we do, something clicks together that moves us off the Razor's Edge and into the calm eye of the storm anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality. This is when we will feel waves upon waves of accumulated tension, pressure and stress drop off of us. We have finally gotten into our right positions with our right people! From this new position we will be swept up in a massive surge of creativity which enables us to manifest our True Purpose.

At times, it may feel as if we're navigating through a sea of debris, much like traversing an obstacle course. These pieces of debris are the scattered fragments of the collapsing world of duality. Yet as True Ones we can glide through this smoothly. We can observe what is around us with calmness, compassion and honesty without getting drawn into the drama. We can stay in the resonance of the Ultra Greater Reality, no matter what. We can constantly follow our Heart's Knowingness. We can be physically embodied Silent Watchers and continually emanate the reassurance that ALL IS WELL.

Occasionally we might pass through distortion bands caused by the RESET Ripples from 11/11/11. This happens whenever the RESET Ripples encounter hardened, hidden pockets of untrueness and knock them open. Traveling through a distortion band is like trying to travel through a severe snow blizzard that has zero visibility. But it does crack open these calcified pockets of duality so they can be cleared out of our personal and planetary matrixes.

While we are in a distortion band, we can't see where we are going and we can't see what is really happening around us. Our perceptions become distorted and our sense of separation is heightened. Judgments and attacks are thrown at us for no apparent reason. Distortion bands are like a Hall of Mirrors where everything is magnified, twisted and stretched into a surreal nightmare landscape. We can either be terrified by what we see or we can walk through the Hall of Mirrors as a True One, knowing that what we are seeing is not real. This experience gives us the opportunity to strengthen our connection to our Heart's Knowingness.

There's a new component to the New Navigation. It's the intricate, extremely precise timing involved to get into our True Lives. As True Ones, we need to follow the very precise coordinates that are emerging from our Heart's Knowingness. At times it will feel as if we were traveling through whitewater rapids that takes precision teamwork and lightning-fast responses. The only way to successfully navigate through the whitewater rapids of change is as One Being. And the biggest key for these times is that we now have to do everything as One Being.

This is what will lead us to the new openings and brilliant opportunities that have a stunning sense of rightness which this year is full of. Until these new openings and opportunities appear, we have to get everything into a state of readiness. We can do this by completing any unfinished projects, gathering together new skills and tools, getting rid of unneeded possessions, releasing limiting behaviors and beliefs, stripping off even more layers of untrueness. Then when the openings and opportunities appear, we must leap into them with our full beings without a moment's hesitation!

Many of us feel an urgent rush to complete as much as we can, to close the old doors to the past as quickly as possible, so we can turn our full attention to birthing a New World. There is such a magnitude of tasks calling for our attention this year and so much to manifest, that it's easy to become overwhelmed at times. This can cause us to overthink situations, rather than follow our Heart's Knowingness. Whenever we feel ourselves to be on the brink of being overwhelmed, it's always helpful to simply do the things in front of us step by step with Trueness. After they are completed, see what needs doing next.

Throughout this year, Cracks Between the Worlds will open up. These are the cracks in the world of duality that enable us to see the New World that is being born. At first they will just be glimspes -- strong glimpses that take our breath away. When this happens, we will suddenly see and feel who we really are. We will connect with the places of our True Homes and feel our True Purpose. These glimpses through the Cracks Between the Worlds will serve as homing devices to lead us into our right places and into embodying our truest selves.


An important element of the first half of the year is our journeys of Ho'o Pono Pono. Many of us will be taking trips to places where we used to live. An essential component of this is that we return to these old places as WHO WE ARE NOW. This changes everything. Everything will look different because we see it with the fresh eyes of a True One.

We will notice how much our old places have changed. Even our old normal activities will feel strange. This is a good measurement of how much we have transformed. It's similar to not seeing a child for a while, and then when we do, we suddenly notice how much they've grown.

When we encounter our old living places and the people we knew there, we will automatically be put to the test. Will we fall back into our old ways of relating or will we maintain our Trueness? It's important that we don't allow ourselves to be pulled out of being a True One. When old triggers are activated, we don't need to react to them. The more that we let go of or transform the past, the more will we be able to fully enter our True Lives. Completion frees us from the past, but if we as True Ones repattern the past by taking it to a totally new level, we make it new.

These old life situations have been the foundation stones that we have built our lives upon. They are where we came from. We now have a Golden Opportunity to repattern the past by returning to our old foundations and reconfiguring everything. Once this is made right, we will either discover something new there or we will know for sure that we are free of our old places and old obligations. By doing this we are actually rebuilding ourselves from the ground level up with new foundation stones.

These are vitally important journeys. It may be the last time that we go there, so there is much for us to do. We will be gathering up scattered fragments of our beings, picking up things we find there which belong with us in our New True Lives. We will let go of possessions which we left behind and no longer need to keep. We will be saying a final farewell to some of the people and places of our past and we will take some of our old relationships to a totally new level so they can continue on. This happens because we are bringing the resonance of Trueness to the places and people we visit.

We are also weaving together the physical places from our past with the places of our True Lives. Some of these are places that we thought would never be able to weave together. We are also weaving together people from our past, present and future into totally new and unexpected configurations. This is greatly expanding and strengthening our One Being.

If you are still living in the place of your old life, you will also be experiencing the Ho'o Pono Pono process of Making Things Right. All you need to do is to start openly being a True One. This will reconfigure everything around you.

We also have the opportunity to repattern the past every single moment of our daily lives. All day long, we have the choice whether to meet old situations with our same old responses or utilize new responses based on open honesty, love and Trueness.


Many of us know that we have a new True Purpose. This is something so new, fresh and exciting, yet woven into it are elements from our entire journey. When we align with our True Purpose, we discover that it is deeply aligned with our core being. Our True Purpose is the flowering of our eternal Never-Ending Story which is the true story of who we are and why we are here.

Our True Purpose is inextricably linked with our True Lives. Once we connect with our right place and kindred people and align into One Being, our True Purpose is revealed. This is why we haven't been able to find it on our own. Each of us is part of a larger One Being that has a collective True Purpose which unlocks when the right combination of us comes together and clicks into position as One. This is similar to using a camera which has multiple lenses. Each lens has to line up in the right order and click into position before we can see clearly through the camera. This is how it works with each of us aligning with our right people and places as One.


At times it feels as if our One Being is fragmented. This happens when we all need to go within our individual selves and clear out more layers of old residue. It's similar to shooting an arrow. In order for it to travel far, we must pull the bowstring backwards until the arrow touches our heart. Only then, will it go the distance. The same happens with our One Being. There are times when we must all retreat back into ourselves in order to realign with our Heart's Knowingness. After we do this, our One Being bounces back together stronger than ever before.

In 2012, much depends on the strength and cohesiveness of our One Being. Everything related to birthing the New and creating True Lives happens on a One Being level. Together as One, we build the foundation of our True Lives. Our True Lives reveal our True Purpose. And our True Purpose manifests through the collective efforts of our ONE BEING IN ACTION.

Our One Being is now moving to a totally new level. The more we realize that we hold the Beam of Trueness for each other, the more fun it becomes. As our connections deepen, we transcend the limitations of time and space. We no longer feel separate from those in other parts of the world. We are together as One, no matter where we are.


2012 is the year in which we will start sending forth our Crystal Arrows. These arrows are the manifestation of our True Purpose. Previously, a few of us sent forth individual Crystal Arrows. I always felt that each of my books was a Crystal Arrow. And whenever one was published, I knew that I had sent forth another Crystal Arrow.

But these new Crystal Arrows sent forth by us collectively as One Being are on an infinitely vaster scale. They travel a great distance and have a far greater impact. When we had our 11/11/11 RESET Ceremony in Moray, Peru, we collectively sent forth eleven Crystal Arrows at the end of the ceremony. We could feel them flying far out to the world to bring greater Love and Trueness. Sending forth Crystal Arrows as ONE BEING IN ACTION is just what is needed right now. It is something which hasn't happened before and it is very exciting.


During the second half of the year, many of us will be living True Lives and manifesting our True Purpose. This is when the emphasis will shift to the Jewels in the Crown. What this means is that each of us is a potential jewel. Before us is a crown containing empty settings for the jewels. We need to become the jewels, get them polished and ready, then place them in their settings. This is directly related to the final 11:11 Activation of Eleventh Gate which will take place later this year.

Once again, our One Being plays an important role in this. This is because we are constantly holding each other to Trueness. We are helping to polish everyone's jewels by reminding each other who we really are -- True Ones who are Jewels in the Crown. Each of us has to create our own jewel. Others can help us polish our jewel, but we are the ones who must create it. And as diamonds are created from carbon that has been exposed to great pressure, so it is with the jewels of our being. All of our experiences in duality throughout countless lifetimes have created the pressure to now transform us into diamonds.

Once the Jewels in the Crown are in position, a totally new level is reached and we collectively become the Diamond of the Unseen. From this point onwards, we have completed our journey through the 11:11 Doorway and can now enter the Heart of AN.


AN is the Sun and Moon merged into One Being. The AN lineage has been on Earth since the very beginning. The ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Druids and Incas came from the AN lineage. The first rulers of these civilizations were born from the Sun and Moon. AN later disappeared from known history and has only recently reappeared, mainly through the efforts of those with remembrance of their AN lineage. It is now time for AN to become fully visible.

There are Towers of Light of AN scattered about the planet; most of them are located in the Andes Mountains of South America. Once the Heart of AN is established on the physical, the activation of these Towers of Light of AN shall begin.

AN is the remembrance of the Oneness that we all came from. It plays the leading role in the beginning of the New MUA (major new evolutionary cycle) that officially began on 11/11/11. A New World is now being born.

In the beginning of this New Cycle, the Worlds within Worlds are reset onto a New True Foundation. AN is the manifestation of that Trueness. AN is the flowering of our eternal Never-Ending Story of WHO WE REALLY ARE. The Heart of AN is the Core of Manifestation into Oneness. It’s a template that will be spread from here out into the World, recreating Trueness on all levels.

AN merges together elements previously perceived as separate.

AN is the connector between What Was and What Will Be.

Activating the Heart of AN is the next step after we complete our journey through the Doorway of the 11:11.

And it has already begun....


2012 is unquestionably a very BIG Year. It is a year of extremely mixed energy which reminds me of the quote from "Tale of Two Cities": "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." It's impossible to imagine all that will happen this year.

2012 is all about BIRTHING AUTHENTICITY AND TRUENESS. This means living our lives in a New World where there are no more illusions, no enchanted castles, princesses or princes, no fairy tales, no jackpots and no drama. It's just simple, true and real.

Right now, there is such a profusion of newness in the birth canal, all clamoring to be born. Birth is messy and bloody. It hurts and is painful. It strips us down and takes us to our limits and beyond. It's ultra REAL. Yet when the New is born, there is a burst of ecstatic joy and enhanced clarity. It is the Breakthrough of all Breakthroughs which creates a gigantic Tsunami of Creativity.

If we are already aligning with our True Purpose and starting to live a True Life with our true kindred people, we will feel this creative surge right at the beginning of the year. Once we align with our True Life / True Purpose, there is a strong sense of urgency to get things completed and to birth the New. We don't want to waste a moment in getting things done. There's a monumental unfolding of new things to do and this fills us with tremendous excitement.

This is what is happening to the small group of us in Peru. We have begun to live our True Lives and know our True Purpose. We are in the midst of birthing huge new projects and completing old ones by taking them to entirely new levels. Right now we are riding the waves of a gigantic creative surge. We have a list of things to do that is humanly impossible, yet we are doing it. And we are having fun doing it!

We just completed a new 400 page website of new Photo Journeys of all the 11:11 Gate Activations so far; we are creating a new website for our new Heart of AN community and center that is being organized here; our right people are gathering together and more are coming; I just finished rewriting my book "The Star-Borne"; we are planning our Ho'o Pono Pono journeys; we are preparing for the Eleventh Gate Activation; we are working on my 11:11 Card Decks and book; we are getting ready to activate the Towers of Light of AN later this year, and much, much more. And what is amazing is that this is so fun and that everything is flowing so smoothly. We are ONE BEING IN ACTION!

If you haven't yet disovered your True Purpose, you might not feel the creative surge until you do. This is one of the reasons why it's so vitally important to get into our right positions with our right people as One Being. Then your ONE BEING IN ACTION can jump into this creative surge. This Tsunami of Creativity will continue to get stronger all year long. By the end of 2012, we will be absolutely astonished at how much we have achieved!

Although the entire year is powerful and action-packed, there are three noteworthy periods this year: An acceleration from March - May; a culmination in June - July and stabilization by October. The whole year will feel like we are zooming along a High Speed Highway full of massive streams of traffic going in both directions.

2012 is the Year of Transparency and Authenticity. Anything untrue will come to the surface. There will be a powerful emergence of True Ones who come together as ONE BEING IN ACTION. Together as ONE, we can flip over the world of duality simply by living True Lives as True Ones. The Great Wheel of Destiny is turning....

I am very excited to announce that I have finally finished rewriting my book "The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones". This totally new edition has been completely recalibrated and contains much new information, including a 26 page chapter on Waves and Bridges. It will be available as an eBook on Amazon.com by the middle of January. A print edition should be available in March.


May we Live True Lives as True Ones.
May we Live our Love



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