Emanaku's Mandala: Into Trueness





2013 was an extremely productive, but often exhausting, year of seemingly non-stop activity that accomplished much. It was a year full of powerful 'A Mu'a energies that moved many of us forward into our True Directions. The 'A Mu'a came with a succession of Green Lights and Golden Opportunities that brought us profound changes, deepened us immeasurably and moved us further into the New Landscape. Even if it appeared that we were outwardly living the same lives as before, much has dramatically changed.

2013 was the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it felt more like the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. That which was not honest and authentic was made glaringly visible, both in the outer world and in our own beings. Throughout the year, we removed layer upon layer of untrueness. Any attachments that we still had to duality were constantly magnified until we were able to let them go.

For some, 2013 was a difficult and challenging year. It felt like we were going through a sorting machine or sieve. This was especially true for those who were still living their old stories and repeating expired duality-based patterns. The challenge was to complete our old stories as quickly as possible. For those who did this, 2013 was a brilliant year of 'A Mu'a, zooming along on the Fast Track as we brought many elements to completion while we explored our expanded New Landscape.


2014 presents us with the critical choice between two very different reality systems with two very different ways of being. We can continue to try to survive in the collapsing world of duality or we can zoom along on the Fast Track into the New Landscape and birth a New World. This choice is vitally important for it determines what we will experience this year and beyond. If we remain in our old lives and cling onto our old perceptions and expired ways of doing things, our survival is like the toss of a coin. If we inhabit the New Landscape, we can create a brilliant future based on Love and Trueness.

Right now, there are a lot of weary people, a lot of sad people and a lot of people who are living in a state of fear. For some, out of necessity or perceived necessity, survival issues are at the forefront. These survival issues can be quite a trap, influencing our decisions and keeping us ensnared into the world of duality rather than utilizing our Heart's Knowingness to live True Lives as True Ones.

Many people are still trying to hold onto their old lives and old ways of being. On the outer, these familiar elements might appear to give us the needed stability to get through these chaotic times of momentous change. But in reality, they only hold us back. Many of us are still living in normal houses filled with objects that help anchor the energies of duality; we are still wearing normal clothes and doing social activities that keep us stuck on a certain level. This clinging onto normality doesn't help us shift into the New Reality.

In order to get ourselves onto the New Level, we need to stop trying to be "normal" people. We can no longer hide under the cloak of normality and pretend that we are the same as everyone else. All this does is to prolong the state of duality. We have to let our full presence be seen and openly be True Ones. We need to unleash our love and let it be felt wherever we are.

This is especially true for sensitive people, such as those carrying strong angelic or fairy lineages. It's essential that they move themselves onto the New Level in order to survive. If they remain on the old level, the tumultuous events in the outer world will be too harsh for their heightened sensitivity and they might find it difficult to remain on the planet.

As more of us remove our energy from the dying world of duality, it will hasten its demise. And as we increasingly inhabit the New Landscape, its resonance will become ever stronger, enabling ever more people to experience this wondrous New Level.


Jewels in the Crown was the keynote of the final 11:11 Activation
that took place in November 21 -22, 2012.

As we emerge from our journey through the 11:11 Doorway, we leave the dimensional patterning and move into the infinitely larger patterning of octaves. This means that we are no longer residing in the old 3rd, 4th or 5th Dimensions. Instead, we have reached what is known as Octave Seven. This is the place of the True Ones.

Each True One is a shining jewel. The crown is us as One Being. It is green because this is the color of TRUE LOVE which corresponds with the number four. The crown also represents our collective True Purpose in the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Now it's time to take our appointed positions as Jewels in the Crown. Once we do this, our old Known World of duality becomes greatly diminished.

Although we can't see it until we take our positions in the crown, our crown has two tiers. Those of us here in physical embodiment are the jewels at the "bottom" rim of the crown. The ones who are not currently in physical embodiment are the jewels at the "top" of the crown. (I use the words "bottom" and "top" for simple explanation; in truth there is no "up" nor "down".) The "top" of our crown is magenta, the color of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE which corresponds to the master number 44. Together the two tiers of the crown represent the colors of AN, the Sun and Moon united as ONE BEING.

In order to make the massive shift in evolutionary spirals from duality to Oneness on planet Earth, it requires that there are beings positioned on both tiers of the crown. This is what makes it possible to turn our old reality inside out and transform duality into Oneness. It's not enough to just have disembodied beings such as angels, star beings and ascended masters at the top of the crown. IT HAS TO BE US.

Many people close to us have left the planet during the past few years. We know deeply in our Heart of Hearts that THERE IS NO SEPARATION, yet some illusion still permeates our temporal reality that they are gone. We can feel them close by, but not in the old sense that they are staying close to Earth out of attachment or fear of the Unknown. There is a very new feeling of their great joy at being liberated from the earth plane. If we tune in, we can feel their love so strongly, as well as their sense of tremendous awe at what they are now experiencing. In the 11:11 cosmology, I would describe where they are as Octave Eleven. My feeling is that they haven't left us; they have simply repositioned themselves. We are still very woven together as One Being.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that so many of our highly evolved loved ones are leaving the planet during this time. Some of us will stay in the physical world to serve in various forms. Some will become the new Anchor Points on the physical Earth; others will serve as the topmost jewels in our crown. The ones of us who are becoming the new Anchor Points will also need to live in Octave Eleven, even though we are still in physical embodiment, in order to fully align with those who have already left the planet.

"Aerial" View from the "top" of the crown, looking "downwards",
showing the alignment as ONE between those on Earth in Octave Seven and Eleven
and those who have left the planet who are now residing in Octave Eleven.

The sooner that we get into position as Jewels in the Crown, the sooner the worlds can turn themselves inside out and the New World can be born.


In 2013 many of us started exploring the New Landscape of the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. What is remarkable is that with every step we take into the New Landscape, a piece of duality disappears from the Earth. This fading away of duality is continually lightening up the energies of the planet and allowing more people to awaken as never before.

In 2014, many of us will step completely off the old map and fully inhabit this wondrous New Landscape, rather than just exploring it. There are many good reasons to inhabit the New Landscape as quickly as possible. First of all, it is the safest place to be. It is much more fun. Everything is easier and makes more sense. There is a huge creative surge for us to surf. And we are no longer subject to the distortions of fear, karma and illusion, as well as the manipulations of duality.

Of course, in the New Landscape we can no longer live our lives on autopilot, making unconscious actions and default decisions. This may be scary for some. And in the New Landscape we no longer have control over what is happening. Instead, we must put our years of experience developing the mastery of surfing into practice. Some might think that it takes great courage to live in the New Landscape, but living in duality actually requires much more courage because it's more difficult and limited.

Inhabiting the New Landscape is essential at this time because this means that we are finally leaving behind the world of duality and moving into a totally New Paradigm. This is what we've been waiting for! This is what we've worked so hard to achieve! And now it is finally available to us, HERE. NOW.

During this momentous year, some of us will finally move to our True Homes. As we do, this will clear the path for many others to do so. This doesn't mean that everyone has to move to a new location, although many will. You might already be in your True Home, but if so, you will feel the urge to completely recalibrate the energy there. Residing in our True Home is a state of being. Once we do this, expect profound changes and a whole new way of living.

The New Reality is already here ready to be revealed, but we may see our True Homes only when we make our full commitment to live there. It's vitally important that we get into position this year with our Right People, Right Places, True Homes and True Purpose. For this is the place of our new True Lives.

The New Landscape is the realm of our Wildest Dreams. The deeper we immerse ourselves into it, the more of our Wildest Dreams will be fulfilled. This is joyous beyond words and fills us with deepest gratitude. The fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams has already begun!


Whenever there is a major paradigm shift, when an old world dies away and a new world is born, there always have to be Anchor Points. These serve as stabilization pinions that hold everything in balance during the momentous transition between reality systems.

Back at the beginning of this world, ancient tribal peoples scattered all over the planet served as the Anchor Points. Now however, many of these ancient tribal groups have died away. Many of the remaining ones have long been split by internal strife and have lost their trueness.

This leaves us in the position of currently not having sufficient Anchor Points for the upcoming shift into a totally New Paradigm. Because of this, it's essential that the new Anchor Points get established as soon as possible. This is why some of us are doing our utmost to create new Anchor Points which are firmly planted in the New Reality.

One such place is our Heart of AN Center in Peru which we are working so diligently to create. To serve as an Anchor Point, we need to be ultra real and true with deepened love and compassion. Living in a supra-normal reality while in physical embodiment. We must fully inhabit the New Landscape and serve as Sacred Pagodas which influence their entire landscape by the truth of their being.

In order to make the shift into a totally New World / New Paradigm, these new Anchor Points must be in position. Without the Anchor Points in position, this momentous evolutionary shift cannot take place, or if it does, it will not have the desired result.

If you are called to be part of a new Anchor Point, you will know it within your Heart's Knowingness. If so, it's time to make haste to get into position in your Right Place with your True People.


2014 is a very intense, super charged year full of powerful forward movement, Fast Track action in Zoom Mode, immeasurable deepening, Green Lights and quantum breakthroughs. This power-packed year contains energies and events that are exciting, baffling, tragic, exhilarating, terrible, scary, brilliant and wondrous. And somehow, we will surf it through it all....

This momentous year will bring us the full spectrum of experiences coming from two very different reality systems. The New World is being born right in the midst of the old world that is dying all around us. Births of such a monumental scale often make things messy and chaotic, requiring us to deal with extremely mixed energies. Throughout the year, we will have to surf simultaneous waves of highs and lows which sometimes splash and crash together creating very Choppy Surf and dangerous riptides that can divert us from our True Direction if we're not ultra alert. But no matter what happens, we have to stay true to our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

2014 will bring us many events to shock us out of any remaining complacency that we are living normal lives in normal times. Volcanoes will wake up; there will be floods, earthquakes, forest fires and unexpected events as our planet shakes off the old energies of duality. There will also be man-made disasters, extremes in weather and politically-motivated events which will further wake us up.

We will have much to deal with on multiple levels. Things like Fukushima radiation, the widening use of drone airplanes, loved ones leaving the planet, the rapacious greed of the 1% causing ever more hardship to the already struggling poor, the poisoning of our food through GMOs and chemicals, the meaningless brutality against the defenseless and innocent and the rising corruption all around us. All the while, it will be increasingly difficult to keep sweeping things under the carpet and pretend they aren't there. All will be revealed.

We need to be aware of what is happening with clarity, yet not let ourselves be affected by outside events. These events don't need to fill us with fear or depression, but should serve as a method of propulsion to propel us forward to inhabit the New Landscape in order to create a New World.

For some people it might feel like the WORST year ever because the books of their old stories will be ripped out of their hands and their old life will disappear forever. Yet for many, it will be a HUGE A' MU'A year because we are going to move to our True Homes in the New Landscape and our Wildest Dreams are going to come true!!!

This is why we can't simply pretend to be "normal" anymore and continue to live our lives the way we used to. We have to keep our focus on what is TRUE and REAL, continually going deeper into the New Landscape until it becomes our predominant reality and we actually live there. We need to move onto the New Level and we have to do it NOW!

2014 is full of wondrous opportunities. We can experience deep fulfillment in the midst of chaos. We can choose to manifest our Wildest Dreams or we can remain stuck in the nightmare of the collapsing world of duality. If we still hold onto hopes and wishes that the world will suddenly turn all soft and rosy without any sharp edges, rough experiences, dangers or violence, we need to realize that this simply isn't going to happen.

This year requires an abundance of courage, clarity, honesty and Trueness. It requires that we not only listen to our Heart's Knowingness, but that we actually live it. This is the year to honestly speak our truth, leave jobs that are too stressful, to walk away from relationships which aren't supportive, to create the lives we've truly want, to believe in our Wildest Dreams and take whatever steps are needed in order to manifest them.

All year long, we will be aided by the continual deepening of our ever expanding LOVE. This PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will carry us through the challenges, strengthening our compassion and weaving us together as ONE as never before. In the midst of these dramatic changes, there is a deepening energetic centerpoint of Love and Trueness within us that is ever expanding and bringing Love, Peace, Calm and Empowerment.

As we continue to close the books of our old stories and let go of all that is untrue, myriad elements will finally click into position. There will be strong creative surges all year long. As our creativity reaches new levels, we will enthusiastically bring forth talents we never knew existed. We will create houses, gardens, relationships, artwork, music, pathways, communities and a whole new True Life which is the expression of our unbridled, unleashed creativity.

This will be a year when we need to be refined light beings, but at the same time very strong, full of confidence, seeing and accepting the Ultra Greater Reality as the only acceptable reality; then we will be able to see that PURE TRUE LOVE is all there is.... and all will be perfect.

We are learning how to step off the old map of our Known Worlds and have become much more relaxed in trusting that we are being supported with each step. We are doing our best to stay in the present moment, using deeper intuitive skills for natural navigation, instead of limiting ourselves to what our minds can comprehend and figure out. Some of us feel as though our candle has been furiously burning from both ends, and it has! Duality is burning to the middle where complete ONENESS is born in a massive explosion of Pure Heart’s Light! No matter how exhausted we feel in this process, there is an underlying excitement in knowing our New World is being born!

In 2014 many of us will become free at last from duality. We will remove the final hooks which have kept us long attached. This will happen because duality's hooks are much more obvious than before. We will experience the True Liberation which comes from fully inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW.

This is a powerful year of Completion and New Beginnings happening simultaneously. All realities and timelines are merging into ONE. It's like the Ouroboros with its tail in its mouth, the perfect circle of life and death and rebirth which spirals us onto a completely New Level.

We are growing accustomed to the expanded realities and deepened feelings of being True Ones, immediately recognizing other True Ones and instantly seeing our shared purpose. There is a massive convergence of True Ones which is taking place this year as the Jewels place themselves in the Crown. All year long, we will reunite with kindred beings. We will reunite with lost or forgotten parts of ourselves. We will reunite with our True People, True Places, True Homes and True Purpose.

This year is filled with the most unpredictable and magical possibilities which might arrive completely unexpectedly. This happens when we anchor ourselves in the Expanded HERE and NOW which is like the Eye of the Storm. We are building a New Reality by living this way. Every choice we make to consciously live in the New Landscape is a thread in the new tapestry. At the beginning, it may require concentrated effort to weave in our new threads. Our new tapestry may look like nothing. But the more threads we put into it, the easier the weaving becomes. As we continue to progress, we become increasingly excited because we can finally see the exquisitely beautiful, brand new pattern that is emerging.

All year long, the New and True will continue to unfold in a non-linear manner. We will become master explorers of the New Landscape and this will be super fun and wildly exciting. It is essential that we live in ways that are really True for us. There is the knowingness that what is true, sacred and real now needs to be physically manifested. As quickly as possible.

There's a wondrous New World that is being born right now. Let's be a vital part of this birth. Let's put our energies where they are most needed! Let's be the Jewels in the Crown and inhabit the New Landscape.

Here is a huge XUA!!!! to clear the path into Trueness!

Welcome to 2014!!!


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