Updated April 27, 2000

About the Surf Reports:
Each month I receive anxious emails wondering where the Surf Report is or why it is late. The Surf Reports are based on my intuitive feelings of the energies of the month, not on astrology or numerology. Sometimes, it takes me a few days to tune into the energies of the month especially if I am busy, undergoing a personal crisis, or in a deep quiet place where words don't come easily.

April 2000: The Turning Point

During the month of April we are going to reach the Turning Point. We are going to reach deep inside of ourselves and find the point that needs to be shifted 180 degrees and we are going to finally make the shift.

For many of us, it is the place of our own self-sabotage. We still carry ways that we make ourselves smaller, less powerful and less loving than we really are. These are the places where our confidence wavers and our trust weakens. The places within our beings where we are not yet being totally honest and living our integrity.

We need to find our self-sabotage mechanisms and dismantle them. We need to make conscious measures to counteract these mechanisms. As the Chinese Book of Changes, the I Ching says, "The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good." Once we discover our self-sabotage mechanisms, we can put out the needed effort to turn the process inside out.

Our acts of self-sabotage can be either exceedingly subtle or glaringly obvious. At the root of most of them are our hidden fears. Fears of not being good enough or deserving enough. Fears of having our dreams come true. Fears that our dreams won't come true. Fears of losing control. Fears of Living Large.

April would be a good time for us to delve into these fears and see them in their true silliness. When we do, we will finally be able to let them go. This is an important part of our Turning Point.

This Turning Point is the Point of No Return. It is when we reach the state of being where we can't remain any longer in our old lives and our old ways. When we can only go forward to meet our new destiny.


We are traveling on the River of Destiny into our New Lives. All we have to do is align ourselves with the flowing current. This current is flowing straight and true. It will unquestionably take us into our much yearned for New Lives.

While we travel on the River of Destiny we will have varied experiences. We will see some interesting sights. The challenge is not to get drawn off course or thrown off balance by anything we encounter. There may be crocodiles or hippos. If so, just observe them calmly and keep following the current. There may be storms or rapids, or blazing sunshine. Our way ahead may be temporarily obscured by fog or strewn with flowers. It doesn't really matter. Just keep your focus on the river. Don't let yourself be waylaid or diverted to the side of the river. Allow the flowing current to take you into your New Life.

We don't even need to exert much effort. We aren't traveling against the current, but WITH it. It's our own destiny which is pulling us forward. Most of our work we've already done by becoming real, by opening our hearts, by clearing out our old patterns. By becoming New and free.


Some people are already in the physical location of their New Lives. Others are about to move into them. Some of us are still in our old outer circumstances, but we are not dealing with the same set of realities as before. Wherever we are, our New Lives have already begun!

It's time to start living our lives as if we were already in our New Lives. It doesn't really matter if we are or not. What's important is to act as if your New Life has already begun.

What would you be doing if you were totally in your New Life?
Well, start doing as much of it as you can right now. Incorporate these things into your old life.

How would you be doing things differently? How would you be acting? Reacting?
Well, start doing that now.

What tools or skills do you need in your New Life?
Start gathering the tools now. Learn what you need to learn.

Are you going to be physically fit in your New Life?
Start exercising now.

Are you going to eat healthily in your New Life?
Start eating that way now.

Are you going to be more open-hearted in your New Life? More honest?
Start doing it now.

Are you going to shed some old habits in your New Life?
Avoid the rush and start shedding them now.

We can also start buying some new clothes or books or music or whatever which more truly reflects who we have now become. And of course, we can continue to let go of whatever no longer resonates with us. We can redecorate our living spaces, making them cleaner and clearer.

Once we do this and incorporate the needed changes; once we start acting as if we are already in our New Lives, we will reach the Turning Point. We will make that 180 degree shift within our beings and the way ahead will be open.

In April, our New Lives will come streaming in. There will be numerous new opportunities coming to us. New possibilities, new connections, new people, new activities and new ways of being.


Even though some of us have been quite busy, we have been experiencing a deep need for quiet. On inner and sometimes outer levels we have been in a time of retreat. We have needed much solitude.

Several factors are currently at play.

1. Many of us are feeling a great need to be alone. Although we sometimes get lonely, it is difficult and exhausting to be around people for long periods of time. Especially at home, we feel an increased need for solitude and quiet.

2. Some of us are still experiencing occasional periods of depression. These are times when it feels as if we were sinking in quicksand. There's a sense of inertia and it's difficult to accomplish much. When this happens, look for something to do which brings change into your life. Buy some new clothes that are different than what you've worn before or fill your house with bright flowers, rearrange your furniture, paint a wall a new color, clear out the clutter. Release an old habit or expectation and try to put yourself back into the River of Destiny and let it pull you along into your New Life.

3. Others of us may not be depressed and still we feel that we can't quite find the motivation to do the tasks in front of us. This is not a bad thing, although if we judge it from our old perceptions, we might find it disturbing. A blanket of laziness has covered us. But we are really not being lazy. We just need time to readjust to the deep internal changes going on in our inner beings. This is an
Assimilation & Rest Time. So take it easy for a few days if you find yourself feeling that you have hit a sandbar. Watch movies, read a book or take a nap. Do whatever you really feel like doing and let go of as many unnecessary tasks as you can.

4. Some might feel as if life were still in a state of emptiness. Nothing appears to be happening. But just know that it is. Much is in progress. There is much happening that we can't quite see yet. Our New Lives are coming ever closer.

5. Others are finding themselves in a period of doing too much. Activities pile up one upon the other. Stress levels rise. There's simply not enough time to get everything done. If this happens, simply focus on the task at hand and do things one at a time. Don't look beyond where you are now. AND make some quiet time for yourself. Add some activities that give you joy.


Things are going to start moving forward much faster during the next two weeks, so relax as much as you can. And don't forget to be honest all the time: with yourself and with others. We have to stay in our integrity no matter what. We have to honestly express our true feelings and follow our heart's callings. Energies are building up to the big planetary conjunction in May and it's going to be quite a ride.


There seems to be an interesting pattern taking place. We go through a time of upheaval and distress, then another veil drops and things start moving forward again. The past week has felt like being squished in a vise with much pressure and stress. It's easy to fall into depression. This is so similar to the birth process. The pressure forces us to let go of more layers and helps us to correct our direction.

Now that we have once again been realigned, we can start to move forward. The big planetary conjunction of May is already affecting us.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.