Solara's April 2010 Surf Report

Mandala by Solara: Claiming our Sovereignty


On the Path of LOVE




This year has been full of a series of Null Zones that have affected us either internally or externally, or sometimes both. Null Zones completely shatter old patterns of The Way Things Used To Be, but they also create the most fertile ground for birthing the New and True. Each time that they occur, they remove something from us that is no longer meant to be there. Because of this, In the aftermath of a Null Zone, it's really helpful to look for what has been removed. This gives us valuable clues as to the purpose of that particular Null Zone.

It's important that we don't try to stop or slow down this transformational process. We need to allow ourselves to feel everything, even the pain of a Null Zone or waves of Deep Sadness. Although it can be challenging to create a new life in the emptiness that's been created by a Null Zone, we have to be ever vigilant that we don't grab onto any expired elements to try to recreate the past. It may be sad to let go of expired or shattered elements of the past, but this is what creates an open space for the New to enter. Be wide open and empty for awhile until you can feel the freshness and excitement of the New.


Since March, some of us are feeling extremely unsettled in our home environments, as if we're precariously perched in a temporary position that might drastically change at any moment. Even if we're living in the same place where we have lived comfortably for years, our home environment feels different now. Something has been shaken up, making it feel less real and solid. This makes it difficult for us to fully relax so we can feel comfortable and at ease.

There's a sense that everything we have known up until now is in the process of massive change. That anything may totally change in an instant, without any warning at all. It may even completely dissolve away. Whenever we sense this, we feel an increased vulnerability. It feels like we have no skin covering our body. Sometimes, it even feels like our living space has no walls to buffer it from the outside world. We feel extremely exposed, fragile and tender. This is when we need to be very gentle with ourselves.

There is the frequent feeling that there is nothing solid for us to hold onto for support. Any old element that we try to grab onto to support us, simply crumbles in our hands. At times, this makes us feel more alone than we've felt in years and even more unsettled. This unsettledness is with us much of the time. The animals are also feeling this sense of collective unsettledness. Because they are deeply affected by energies, some of them are exhibiting unusual behavior. Insects and wild animals that usually remain hidden are now coming out in the open at all hours.

During these times when we feel so exposed and vulnerable, it's helpful to avoid unnecessary interactions with people who want something from us or who have ulterior motives, and to stay away from too much random input or confusion. Often, the only people with whom we can easily communicate are other emerging True Ones –– for they effortlessly understand us and support us on the deepest levels.

Powerful flash floods of Deep Sadness may wash through us without any prior warning. This can happen at any time. It usually isn't triggered by obvious outer events, although sometimes it is. Just like a flash flood, Deep Sadness hits us like a huge wall of watery emotions that is full of churning debris. Whenever this happens, the Deep Sadness floods through us and we are completely unable to do anything. We are filled with a sense of hopelessness, as if we suddenly have no future and could leave the planet at any moment. Fortunately, the floods of Deep Sadness don't last more than a few hours, which is good because they are almost unbearable.

It's important that when we are strongly feeling Deep Sadness, that we don't let it totally engulf us. We can cry for hours as long as there is a part of us who remains larger than the Deep Sadness. True Ones feel the Deep Sadness, but they, themselves, are not sad. They are always larger than the sadness, as strong and devastating as it may be. It's useless to react to the Deep Sadness by trying to forcibly push it away; it's better to feel it and allow ourselves to deepen.

I've started paying attention to when the Deep Sadness hits me. Often, it occurs in the afternoon and it takes me several hours to recover. When it is over, I feel a renewed clarity like the brightness following an intense storm.

I've been trying to find what I can do when I'm feeling it that will either transform the energy or make me feel better. Simple physical tasks, like cleaning the house are possible. Taking a walk is helpful, as is doing the 11:11 Mudras. Other alternatives I've tried are eating lots of chocolate and watching films.

Whenever we feel Deep Sadness it's essential that we don't take it personally and think that there is something wrong with us. It's more like waves of a collective sadness that are passing through the universe. These waves are hitting us hard to crack open our hearts and deepen our Love. They are pulling open all the sealed off areas in our beings, especially the places where we have hidden our deepest yearnings and most precious desires. The dreams that we haven't dared to dream.

When we are cracked open, we are awash with yearnings and a sense of unbearable loneliness. Our lives feel suddenly empty. Deep emotions come alive that we didn't even know were there. And this is exactly what we are meant to feel because now we are walking on the Path of Love. It is time for all our wildest yearnings, hidden desires and deepest longings to be brought up to the surface and strongly felt.

The Deep Sadness is part of the birth pains, the dying away of all that can no longer remain here, the exposure of all we truly yearn for. This is happening because we are constantly strengthening the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE. Deep Sadness is washing away the elements that cannot remain in the planetary matrix and it is stretching open all that we deeply desire. This is part of the massive rebirth that is taking place on so many levels.



The Key to absolutely everything is being a True One.

Becoming a True One is still our Number One Priority because this has to be done before anything else. We can't fully inhabit our New Lives until we are True Ones. We cannot experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. We cannot unite with our One True Loves until we are True Ones. Many people are making a frantic search for their One True Loves without first emerging as a True One. This is just a waste of time that distracts us from what is most important. Don't even think about finding your One True Love; when the time is right, they will be right in front of you.

As we start to emerge as a True One, we begin to recognize the gap between us as a True One and the person we have been in our normal lives. Are they the same? Often they are not. Part of our emergence as True Ones is the stripping away of all our old veneers of roles and personas. It's important that we don't get lost in Who We Thought We Were. We can't use these outdated roles and personas to identify who we are anymore. Or to stay stuck in our past experiences by constantly replaying the memories of times past. Nor can we get mired in endlessly examining our past through over analyzing it. If we want to truly understand our past, the most effective way is to look at it through the eyes of a True One. Take who you are now as an True One and see everything from a greatly expanded vantage point. This is how we become free of the past.

Now, let's ask ourselves, "How do I become more of a True One?" "What supports this?"

We can start by doing everything, even our most mundane activities, as a True One. We can walk as a True One wherever we go, especially in our own home. To break our old, unconscious patterns, we can start doing things differently. Eat different foods at different hours, change the route we take to work, alter the order in which we brush your teeth. Respond to situations with a new attitude. Change the way we greet people to make it more true and real.

Then we can take a good look at our home environment. Is it anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality? Start recalibrating your home environment to more perfectly reflect the home of a True One. We can begin by stripping everything away and wait until we can clearly see what wants to be let go of and what wants to be there. Take everything off the walls and let them be blank for awhile.

It's easy to distract ourselves by trying to see too far into the future. We can get ourselves waylaid by focusing on all the strange phenomenon of this time. We can also get lost in the never-ending search for new information that we think we need before we can become a True One. Instead of always looking outside ourselves, just center yourself in the expanded HERE and NOW as a True One!

Let's do something new right now. Don't wait until your New Life arrives; start living as if you were in it right now. This is how we set ourselves free of old elements by taking them to a new level, by dealing with them as a True One.


As we become more of a True One, we realize that we have become too expanded to live in the miniature dollhouse of our old lives. They have simply become too small for us. How does a giant fit into a dollhouse?

This perplexing dilemma gives us several choices:

1. We can try to go back to being small and pretend that True Ones don't really exist. This choice will keep us unhappy and imprisoned in duality, but at least it won't stretch us beyond our comfort zones. And we won't have to leap off of our old visible safety net. Some of us feel that we'd rather give up and leave the planet rather than go through the discomfort of altering our old belief systems and changing our outer lives. If we do this, the old situations will only continue to get worse and more stuck. Things will not just continue on as before. For example, if we have depression, we will not just be depressed a few times a month, but it will become stronger and last longer. If we forcibly keep our hearts small, it may cause a heart attack. Sooner or later, we will pay a huge price for trying to avoid being true. Our nice secure job may suddenly evaporate or the unfulfilling marriage that we were staying in for security purposes may unexpectedly fall apart.

2. We can escape from our old lives by running away. Just pack our bags and leave! Or leave without any luggage! This completely shatters our old lives and leaves many things uncompleted, like uprooting a plant by forcibly pulling it out of the ground and breaking off its root system. It's very messy, but at least it gets us out of our old lives quickly. The main problem with this very expedient alternative is that it often leaves a broken trail behind it and isn't very clean. But sometimes, this is exactly what we need to do....

3. We can remain in the extremely awkward transition zone and try to find a way to function as a caterfly or butterpillar. This means that we aren't able to do things in the easy, old familiar ways as a caterpillar, nor can we fly as a butterfly. The main reason to do this is because we've become paralyzed by our fears of the Unknown.

4. We can go full speed ahead and make it our top priority to fully emerge as a True One. This takes tremendous courage because in order to do this we have to fully open ourselves as never before and allow our LOVE to deepen immeasurably. Of course, I believe that option Number Four is the best one. We're going to become True Ones sooner or later, so we might as well do it as soon as possible so we can get to a more true place.

5. Or we can just avoid any conscious choices, go into default decision mode and sooner or later our miniature dollhouse will simply explode....




Two of the main keywords of this time are Expansion and Deepening. True Ones are ever expanding and always deepening.

To infuse our self as a True One into our everyday life it's helpful to remember in every moment that we are a True One. Think like a True One. Walk like a True One. Love like a True One. Drive your car as a True One. Do your job as a True One. Interact with people as a True One. Respond to the situations around you as a True One. When we do this, everything will be vastly enhanced. Every now and then we might fall back into default decisions or automatic reactions. If this happens, become aware of it as soon as possible, and quickly reinhabit your self as a True One.

We need to be ever vigilant so we don't make choices or actions by reacting to old duality-based triggers and fears; if we do, they will be distorted. True Ones don't react; they respond from a place of Love, Balance and Trueness.

Once we openly emerge as a True One, we look at people with a more open heart and hear what they are really trying to communicate. Not only will our responses be different and our compassion deeper, but our actual experiences will change. The resonance of Trueness will grow ever stronger as we trigger the Trueness in those whom we encounter.

LOVE and TRUTH on their most real levels need to be fully embraced by us. Every time we do, it strengthens the resonance for the whole planet. Often people are afraid of opening themselves up to TRUTH and REAL LOVE because they fear that they might lose themselves. Most of us have had experiences in the past when we lost ourselves to another person or situation, but this cannot happen to a True One. If it's the real PURE HEART LOVE resonance, we can't lose ourselves; instead we strengthen who we really are. If we hold back or limit our LOVE, if we keep our hearts small out of fear of being hurt, losing control or becoming too vulnerable, we will prevent ourselves from receiving what we most want.

What's needed is to insert our True Selves into every aspect of our lives. As we do this, it will clear out all our duality-based responses. This is an important component of this time. We will be able to see things as they really are, not through our old duality filters.

As we continue to expand and deepen, removing all the obvious residue of our past, new layers of the more subtle duality-based responses and concepts that we still carry cleverly embedded within us will be revealed and released.


I have the power, the authority, the free right of passage in my kingdom.

As we increasingly emerge as True Ones, we realize that not only our physical body is our kingdom, but our entire life is our kingdom. Once we see this, it's time to claim our sovereignty over our kingdom. Let your home environment become an oasis of the Ultra Greater Reality. Let it truly become the kingdom of a True One. Claim your territory. Walk around your home and claim it as the domain of a True One. Look at the situations in your life through the eyes of a True One. Look all around you and state, "I am a True One." "This is the sovereign territory of a True One!" "My life is my kingdom." "I have the power, the authority, the free right of passage in my kingdom." This releases us from being imprisoned in our old lives or limited by outdated concepts, habits and beliefs.

Don't hold yourself back from Love, from Loving or Being Loved. Don't try to keep your heart small. Some of us still have surprisingly small beliefs about Love. We still carry way too many duality-based responses and old emotional residue. We are still afraid to LOVE with wide open hearts. Don't hold your Love back. True Ones always have wide open hearts. No matter what, don't shut down. Allow yourself to LOVE and BE LOVED as never before.

The mastery of a True One is not an acquired or false mastery; it's a natural mastery. With it comes a natural authority. Feel your true authority and let it spread out and permeate all facets of your life.

True Ones don't ask themselves what is wrong with themselves. They don't question their feelings. They don't feel good all the time, but they don't get overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions. They feel them, but they don't get lost in them. True Ones can occasionally get angry, impatient or deeply sad, but they always remain much larger than whatever they are feeling. They express their motions cleanly without any distortion. They even express anger when it's appropriate, in an appropriate manner. Their anger is simply pure raw energy without any meanness or distortion that is for the purpose of clearing out murky energies.

True Ones always inhabit RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, even when they don't see it. If something is delayed, they know that this is happening for a necessary purpose such as needed rerouting or an adjustment of timing. When they are unable to do something that they wanted to do, they don't get frustrated and impatient; instead they simply look to see what else can be done.

True Ones don't hesitate to ask others for help when they need it. They don't fear dependency, because they cannot lose their sovereignty. This means that they can let go of the stubborn stance of "I need to do it all by myself or I will lose my independence and power." That time is over. We are all interwoven together and we have entered the dynamic of mutual support.

True Ones have new True One Names. These emanate from a more concentrated core essence than our old Starry Names. It's really helpful to discover your True One Name and if you use it as much as possible, it will strengthen you as a True One.

True Ones can easily share their dominion with other True Ones. This is because there is a deep understanding and natural respect for the other. True Ones have complimentary sovereignty with other True Ones. They find great happiness and fulfillment in being together and working with other True Ones.

True Ones are totally open to outside input, but run everything through their inner truth filters. We all have built-in truth filters that help us perceive which energies are true and which are untrue. If you haven't yet found your inner truth filters, use discernment. It's helpful for us to constantly see what level energy, people and situations are coming from.

True Ones don't rely upon second-hand knowledge. Whenever a valuable insight or idea comes from outside of them, they make it their own. They do this by being receptive to what is true and real and then adding their own unique insights to it. This transforms second-hand knowledge into direct knowing. It doesn't make us a follower since we are incorporating it within our being.

Much valid and useful information is constantly coming to us from myriad sources. If we limit what we are open to, we might miss something important. This is because Truth doesn't belong to anyone exclusively. Truth is like Love or the Wind. It simply is.... Recognize Truth and let it flow freely through you.



More and more First Waves are coming out of the weariness stage and are discovering a renewed joy in life. The nature of the final miles of the Final Miles has dramatically changed because they are no longer walking them alone. Much of their newly found lightness and joy is due to the continuing emergence of Bridges and Second Waves.

Bridges and Second Waves know that it's time to do something big, but up until now, they haven't known what to do. There is a new momentum within them, a creative surge, that wants to leap in and do something that will bring lasting change. Now, they are finally ready to work together with the First Waves who know what needs to be done, but can't do it by themselves.

As increasing numbers of Bridges and Second Waves come forth, they are stepping forward with fresh energy and enthusiasm, ready to assume some of the responsibility long carried solely by the First Wave. Now it's time to work together in totally new ways to birth the New and True!

First Waves welcome them with their arms full of numerous sceptres of knowledge, experience, responsibility and wisdom, ready to eagerly pass them on. The Bridges and Second Waves suddenly notice how many sceptres there are and how heavy they appear to be, and hesitate.... They don't want to be crushed under all this weight.

This is when they ask the First Wave if they couldn't just set aside their sceptres? Do they really need to be passed on?

The First Wave knows that the best way to complete the old is by honoring it. This is how we are freed to move to a totally new paradigm. Passing the sceptres properly, rather than simply tossing them away, is extremely important to a First Wave. This is the honoring of all their efforts and marks the completion of their long, arduous journey in which they cleared the path for all of us. They really need this sense of completion.

The common misconception held by Bridges and Second Wave is that when they receive a sceptre of responsibility from a First Wave, they will be bound to carry it as it was before, and that this will flatten them with the heaviness of the old energy. But this is simply not true. Carrying it in the way it used to be carried is not a requirement for receiving a sceptre. In fact, this is the wrong way to do it. The Bridges and Second Waves are meant to take the old sceptre to a totally new level which absolutely transforms it. In the process of doing this, the sceptre is set free.

Here's an example from my own life:

For many years, I've been carrying around with me at least ten huge boxes of video tapes. These were video masters and raw footage of early 11:11 Activations and the Star-Borne Reunions that preceded them. I didn't want to throw them away, but I didn't have time or the means to do anything with them. So I carried them with me whenever I moved and stored them in a closet.

Finally, some of the weight of this was removed when many of the videos got covered with mildew and had to be thrown away while I was living in Hawaii. But I still had several boxes of videos left. Then my dear friend E-Ma-Náku, who is a Bridge person, kindly offered to take on this sceptre. All was well until he started watching the videos and was flattened by the old energy of some of the outdated processes that we used to do. He almost gave up right then and asked me if we couldn't just throw them away? I encouraged him to keep on, telling him that I felt that there were valuable records of what we had achieved in these videos and that it was worthwhile to be saved. It was an honoring of the massive work that we had done to clear the path for the New and True.

What we finally did was to thoroughly edit the videos and then he put them on my website, on my Facebook pages and on YouTube, so now they are freely available to all. Taking on this sceptre didn't mean that E-Ma-Náku had to carry around with him all the boxes of videos, but only to take them to a new level. Now this historic record of the early 11:11 Activations is set free. And neither of us need to carry this sceptre, for it has totally dissolved.

That's how easy it can be to pass or receive a sceptre. It is an honoring of our past experiences while we set it free by taking it to a new level.



During April, we will make a thorough assessment of who we are and where we are. This is happening because we are increasingly seeing everything with the eyes of a True One. We will take note of how our landscape has changed and of what we still need to do. This is vitally important for we cannot carry old elements into our New Lives. We will be shedding emotions, habits, roles, limiting behaviors and concepts as well as unneeded physical possessions. We will rebalance everything through Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. We will be busy completing old projects. There will be much recalibrating, repatterning and repositioning. And we will also be organizing some new projects which will begin in May.

We will still be riding the wild Roller Coaster of Change only now it has steeper ascents, deeper descents and unexpected twists and turns, all at an ever increasing pace. Our weather is perfectly mirroring this wild roller coaster ride, often changing dramatically from minute to minute. One reason for our wild ride is that the steep rises and deep descents are causing a major deepening of our emotions. As our Love deepens, our entire being is deepened.

Time itself has become increasingly elastic and the days are flying by in a blur. Time feels like one of Salvador Dali's paintings of a dripping watch –– the hours are melting away like ice cream in a hot sun. Time is moving so fast that sometimes we can't even tell if it is day or night. This often makes us want to sleep in the day and lie awake at night.

All the while, there's a strong, all pervading feeling that anything / everything can totally change in an instant. A sequence of dominos are getting ready to fall over into their rightful positions, one by one. Once they do, nothing will ever be the same.... This increases our sense of unsettledness. Even our appetite for food is affected by this. We no longer know what to eat; even when we make one of our favorite foods, it tastes flat and lifeless.

At this time, major trust in ourselves is greatly needed. This is made easier as soon as we emerge as a True One, for True Ones trust the entire journey. We need to keep going ahead without a clear plan, even when we know that much is going on right now that we cannot yet see.

For the past few years, we've been chasing after a series of enticing carrots that are always just beyond our reach. These juicy carrots can come in many forms such as moving to our New Lives, finding our One True Loves or now, becoming a True One. It feels like we never reach our goal and are endlessly running towards our carrots, but never quite getting them. However, carrots have propelled us into where we are now. Carrots are also good for vision and while we are chasing them our vision is constantly improving.

With our improved vision, we can now see that it's not about looking ahead and making plans for the future; it's about focusing on the expanded HERE and NOW. Here we can get as much done as we can whenever windows of activity are open. We can deepen our LOVE. We can fully emerge as a True One.

As we increasing see through the clear, fresh eyes of a True One, we will make many new discoveries about ourselves, our outer lives and the ways we do things. This will enable us to rearrange and repattern many elements, allowing us to become increasing truer. In April, we are going to be making many adjustments to our attitudes, ways of living and beliefs.

As we do this, we move into a new, highly concentrated and extremely potent, state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This is symbolized by a large X. We now inhabit the extremities of the vastness at the top and bottom of the X, combined with the Centerpoint. Vastness unites with Core Self. The Far Distant Worlds merge into the HERE and NOW. Then everything is filled with a perfect rightness. We become the entire X until finally the X no longer exists.

No matter what happens, no matter how many Null Zones we navigate, no matter how many times we are plunged into Deep Sadness, no matter how these monumental changes taking place this year manifest in our lives, they will ultimately be the ones that we most want and most need. They will make us deeply fulfilled and authentic. Knowing this, and trusting what we know deep within us as a True One, will help us through this time of profound change and upheaval.

We are moments away from a huge switchover in which many things flip over.

Now claim your sovereignty as a True One....



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