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March was an extremely intense and often deeply challenging month in which we were bombarded with numerous solar flares. There was an element of explosiveness that could be strongly felt. The dam has broken and many of the hindrances which long held us back are being swept away. We are bursting into vibrant aliveness, bursting into newness, bursting into greater Trueness, bursting into enhanced clarity, bursting into the freshness of the verdant New Landscape, bursting open, bursting free.

The weeks between the Eclipses on March 20th and April 4th were rough ones for many of us. They were full of Left Field Shocks, Distortion Bands and intense pressure. Many of us felt like we were reaching the breaking point.

At the same time, March was an extremely active month of decisively moving forward in which many elements came into a finer focus. It was a month of massive realignment that brought deeper currents of transformation to every level of our beings.

Through an Open Doorway

On April 4th, during the time of the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse, we passed through a new energetic doorway and felt an immediate shift in the energy. It felt like a heavy blanket of fog had been suddenly removed, to reveal a sparkling new landscape. This energetic doorway was a significant marker of NO DOWN, NO RETURN. Even though we may not have been able to see this energetic doorway, we strongly felt it.

Through this open doorway is a greatly expanded vista with a sharper focus and brighter, more vibrant colors. Everything tingles with enhanced Trueness. Once we step into this expanded area of our New Landscape, large portions of our old landscape and old lives naturally fall away.

From this new vantage point, we can feel the profound changes we have been through and how much we have released. We can clearly see the places where we are still hooked into illusion, as well as how much we have stepped free from duality. From our expanded perspective, we are able to receive clear glimpses of the months to come.

We have reached a new stage of our impending Convergence. Although the Convergence won't take place until the end of June, we are already receiving promptings from our Heart's Knowingness about it. Many of us are feeling the call of the Convergence and don't quite know what it is yet.

It's a Convergence with our Truest Selves. A Convergence with our kindred, True People, with our True Homes and our True Purpose.

Getting ready for the Convergence is both a conscious and an unconscious action. We may feel that we are preparing for something huge, but not yet know what it is. We may find ourselves drawn into new, unexpected directions and know not why.

We still don't know who will be with us at June's Convergence. Some whom we expect to be there, won't be. Some whom we hope will be there, won't be. And there may be some surprises from our past who suddenly appear, ready to converge. There will also be many dear beings whom we haven't yet met, whom we will immediately recognize as true, kindred family.

The Convergence has already begun, but it is happening in stages. The Convergence can take many forms during this time. New love partnerships may come together. People may suddenly be led to the area of their True Home. Some may encounter a few of their True People and then find their True Home together. Once we find our True Home and True People, our new True Purpose is fully revealed.

We can also get a glimpse of July and beyond when many of us will leap into clear, decisive action to get into our True Positions with our True People.

The Dissolving of old Soul Contracts

At the same time that we are moving closer to Convergence, there are people who are being spun out of our lives. In some cases, this is happening because we are starting to inhabit the New Reality and they choose to remain in duality. But this isn't true of everyone.

Some of the people who are getting spun out of our lives are close friends whom we love dearly and who also love us. They haven't lost their way or gotten stuck into duality. But the energetic connection between us is dissolving. Often it feels like we are calling to each other across an ever widening void. All we can hear is a hollow echo.... echo.... echo. And each time we call out, they feel further and further away.

These dear, loved ones are content with their lives. They still love us and we love them. But it's like we now speak different languages and can no longer be heard or understood. Now, they are energetically disappearing from our lives. This letting go isn't a conscious choice on anyone's part. It isn't happening because anything is wrong between us. But perhaps their Soul Contract with us has now expired. Our old shared purpose is complete and we are now being called into different directions. When their Soul Contract with us runs out, it feels like amnesia starts to set in and the great work we did together becomes a dim memory, rather than a vibrantly alive, still pulsating thread of our being.

Not everyone is called to be part of birthing the New World in the same way that we are. This is not a failure; it is simply a part of our individual choices and destinies. We either carry that component or we don't. Perhaps some people's missions on Earth are nearly complete and they can now enjoy a well deserved rest, while others of us are still propelled into action to birth the New.

I am seeing this a lot with some of the most dedicated 11:11 people. They did what they came here to do, and they did it magnificently. Now it seems that the energetic connection between us is being dissolved. And that's totally all right. They have already done a lot.

I've often questioned why I am still so committed to creating a New World, especially since I have already done so much here. But to me, it feels important that we harvest the seeds which the 11:11 Activations have planted. I truly can't see myself simply sitting back and observing the shift over from duality to Oneness without giving it my full participation. I want to continue to birth the New, True Reality, every day that I am still alive on this planet.


Our new way of seeing is an expanded focus, rather than the concentrated focus we've been used to. A concentrated focus enables us to see the details of small areas with sharp clarity. It creates laser beams that can cut through anything.

An expanded focus allows us to see what was previously unseen. With an expanded focus, we see things with an expanded peripheral vision. We look at everything with a wide angle view, rather than a concentrated focus. All the details of what we are looking at become softer, but we can see more of the vast supra normal reality that is all around us.

April presents many of us with a new blank canvas. It asks us to discover what kind of life we really want. We are being given the opportunity to completely reinvent our lives on a totally blank canvas. This is when it's most important to bring forth our expanded focus and LOOK LARGER. What we don't want to do is to simply move our old life into a new environment, because if we do this, we will miss the chance to make a quantum shift into the New Reality. It's also important that we don't try to fill up our blank canvas with meaningless scribbles, simply to put something there so it won't feel so empty. Everything that we put on it needs to be ultra true and real.

The New Navigation is teaching us how to do things in a state of expanded focus when there are super potent energies all around us. This can be challenging at first, but after we get used to it, it's actually quite helpful.

Here in Peru, we put our expanded focus into practice during our weekly trips to the city of Cuzco to buy building supplies. A year or so ago, a simple trip to Cuzco with a very short list of errands would completely flatten us. The stress of driving in the congested traffic there, going to numerous shops and speaking another language was overwhelming. But that was last year.... This year, we go each week with a four page list of things to do. We have to go to numerous stores to buy building supplies and tools, but first we have to learn their names in Spanish and find out where they are sold. Often things don't work out the way we expected. The important papers we need to pick up aren't ready; an urgently needed building material isn't available. This is when our expanded focus helps us not to get thrown off balance. We don't get caught up in our successes or failures. Instead, we stay in our expanded focus and either find an alternative solution or put the unfulfilled task on next week's list. Each week, we return home with our car packed to the limit with stuff.

If we did these errands the same way that we did last year, we probably would not survive. Out of necessity, we've learned to deeply appreciate the simple, but sweet interactions with the people. We laugh at how terrible the traffic is; we make time for a quick, but tasty lunch; we find new reservoirs of energy within us in the afternoon when we are ready to collapse, but still have much more to do. We do our utmost to make everything we have to do fun and light, rather than serious and hard. We spread love wherever we go. And this is how our expanded focus helps us survive our weekly Cuzco trips.

There's a strong element of Seeing the Unseen in April which enables us to see with a finer clarity many previously hidden and untrue elements, within our inner being, outer lives and the world at large. The root source of the world's "problems" is becoming clearer. We can see how the forces of greed and corruption have usurped the world's governments, corporations and financial systems. It's becoming obvious that we can't correct this by working within the system. Instead we have to physically anchor a completely New Reality; then we need to totally inhabit this New Reality, so we no longer feed or support the old system. This is why it's urgent to create anchoring points of the New Reality - Beacons of Trueness, such as the Heart of AN in Peru.

April carries the potential for yet more of those unexpected, shocking events that are taking place all over the world, as more hidden pockets keep exploding onto the surface. But now, we have a growing ability to handle this without getting sucked into the drama. Each shocking event clamors for our attention, yet by maintaining our expanded focus at all times, we don't get drawn into a narrow focus where we can be manipulated by them. Our expanded focus enables us to remain open so we can always be aware of what is really going on in the world.

Sometimes I get a bit tired of all the emphasis on special meditations, portals and astrological aspects. Each one is heralded as if it will be the decisive one that will change everything. The problem comes when we put our narrow, concentrated focus on each event, but afterwards don't incorporate the changes we've experienced into our lives. Yes, every event, activation, portal and astrological aspect has an effect and helps us become real and true, but they are all only an interconnected part of this entire journey which is so huge, so monumental and so magnificent! And it is our expanded focus that enables us to see this and hold it foremost.

We all want to have the feeling that we are doing something to make the world a better place. But what will be most effective in bringing positive change to the world is to start living True Lives as True Ones in the New Reality as soon as possible.


April is a powerful month when a great doorway opens for many of us. It ushers in a period where we will be grounding and solidifying the monumental changes we've been experiencing. The scaffolding that has long been around our transfiguring beings like a protective cocoon, is finally starting to be removed! Every hidden corner of our beings feel stretched, turned inside out and revealed for everyone to see, including our own selves.

It's now time for us to become even more comfortable with the vibrant colors of our New Landscape and to let them infuse our entire being as we accept this heightened New Reality as our predominant reality. To apply our newly acquired wisdom and awareness into all aspects of our daily lives. And to fully accept that now is the time when we must start living True Lives as True Ones.

All the while, increasing numbers of us are becoming free of duality. We are ready to completely recreate our lives, either by totally recalibrating the way we live in the place where we are now or by moving to a completely new True Position. Often these new True Positions are in places where we never thought of moving, such as moving from the city to the country or moving across the world.

All month long, we will be clearing our new path and creating new ways to manifest the truest lives possible. We will receive numerous hints and clues pointing us to our True Direction. New connections and exciting opportunities will appear from Out of the Blue.

Some of us may have felt ready to step out of our old lives until the moment when our new opportunities appear. This is when strong attachments to our old lives may suddenly flare up. Do we go forward or do we stay where we are? Are we suddenly beginning to love our old lives out of familiarity, fear or insecurity or because we're already in our right place? Is our commitment to living a True Life being tested?

The Quantum Surf is up in April, thrusting us into a massive creative surge that unleashes previously undiscovered levels of creativity which we never knew we had within us. This is part of the New Navigation, learning to surf the constant, ever growing creative surges while not getting burned out. Reaching into the depths of our beings and constantly pulling out new, Off the Map, inspirations and solutions while in the midst of non-stop action. And everything we create, serves to birth the New Reality into the physical.

We are nearing the end of a cycle in which we will bring some major tasks to completion. Some of us will prepare to let go of old jobs and relationships. Long standing projects will finally be finished. This will free us to go full speed into our True Direction, or if we're already there, to solidify and refine what we've created.

We are now officially in the N0 DOWN - NO RETURN Zone and from here on, this is a permanent place for us to be. We can often sense the shifting sands beneath our feet and are learning to instantly see the solid spots of Trueness as each one appears for stability. We are also realizing that we can no longer be random with where we put our energy; everything we do has to be absolutely TRUE.

We are no longer spread out between Past and Future as we were before, but are more centered in the expanded HERE and NOW. We feel both completely challenged and completely supported. Even when the rug is pulled out from underneath us, we hold fast to the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

There's a feeling of vastness in April that enables us to break free. We are boldly choosing to say, "Enough is enough!" to that which hinders us.

As the Invisible becomes increasingly visible, we will continue going deeper Off the Map of the Known until the previously Unknown is so comfortable that it becomes our "New Normal". And we are so ready!

With True True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Anthony, Arbaline, Carolyn, Denise, Edward, Emanaku, Inger, Kalasara,
Keenuane, Kinga, Maitreya, Malcolm, Maria, Trinity, Yuliya


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