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Free At Last!


On the Path of LOVE

One Being in Action: The Emergence of the True Ones
October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali



Free At Last!

July brought in a strong surge of Quantum Surf that is now expanding into a series of powerful Tsunamis of Change. These Tsunamis of Change are already vastly transforming our inner landscape. By the end of August, these far reaching internal changes will become far more visible in our outer landscapes. Then for the rest of the year, we will watch our New Landscape grow.

Our New Landscape is located off the map of the Known. This is why we couldn't see it before. The New Landscape is so different from what we've known that we need new skills for it. We cannot live there with our old ways of being. We cannot do things there with our old ways of action. There are no New Landscape university diploma programs where we can study about it and no Lonely Planet New Landscape guidebooks. The only teachers are those who are exploring it at the same time as we are. We are all Explorers into the Unknown.

All we know about our New Landscape is that it resonates with Trueness and is located in the Centerpoint of Right Time - Right Place. And that it feels extremely natural and good to be there.

Although there are no signposts to point out our direction and specific details are slow to come in, we can align ourselves by doing what feels good to us, rather than what feels heavy and expired. When we do have to deal with expired elements, we do this as a True One.

Right now, there is a massive creative surge pulsating outwards from the expanded HERE and NOW. It is a powerful surging current of total rightness that aligns us into our Truest Direction. When we swim in this strong current of Trueness, All Things Are Possible. This is where breakthroughs abound and melons upon melons fall into our outstretched hands.

We are still traveling on the curve between our old coordinates and our new ones. However, now the curve is beginning to straighten out. We will finally click into our new coordinates around the time of the Ninth Gate Activation on October 25. Shifting coordinates has required a total recalibration of our inner and outer landscapes. It has triggered off an immensely thorough process of letting go.

Our continuing emergence as True Ones is also having a profound effect on everything that we are currently experiencing. Anything that is untrue or unreal is being pushed out of our personal matrixes.

Issues of accountability are being highlighted. It is now glaringly obvious when businesses, governments, established institutions and individuals aren't being honest or acting with integrity. Examples of this are found in the actions of British Petroleum in the Gulf oil spill, the 90,000 secret papers put on WikiLeaks revealing what is really happening in the war in Afghanistan and the recent revelation that photos from airport body scanners are being passed on to the FBI.

In order to be True Ones, we all need to be accountable and take full responsibility for our actions. Honesty and integrity are fused into the cells of a True One. This is one of the reasons why we are undergoing a massive realignment to the resonance of Trueness. It's why we can no longer allow ourselves to be influenced by unconscious motivations or manipulations by ourselves or others.

We have to unify our beings as never before and simultaneously inhabit both the vastness and the physical in the present moment. We can no longer jump back and forth between duality and Oneness, because it's simply too painful. It's time to live in the Ultra Greater Reality on a daily basis.

The expanded HERE and NOW is where it is all happening. In our physical bodies on Planet Earth is the place to be. This is where we need to put our full attention. Not in other worlds, not in the stars, not into past experiences, but into the expanded HERE and NOW.




July and August are similar to going through a Black Hole. Everything that is not aligned with Trueness is being stripped away. The scope of this letting go is absolutely unprecedented. It's far greater than we can presently imagine. It is astoundingly thorough.

During our passage through duality, we were like trash compactors, stuffing in heaps of garbage for years and years, for lifetimes, until mountains of repressed emotions, broken hearts, memories, fears, discarded beliefs and a clutter of experiences were stacked up inside us in tightly compressed layers. In July, we felt a sense of urgency to get serious and took the letting go process to a whole new level. We pried open the rusty lids of our internal trash compactors and started removing the compressed garbage, layer by layer.

At first, this was heavy, dirty work that often flattened us; we could only do it in short spurts. Sometimes, it was so intense that it felt like we were undergoing surgery. But as more layers were removed, it became increasingly easier. As our beings were lightened of all that compressed, old stuff, the process of letting go of the past actually became energizing and fun!

Now, we are getting to the super compacted layers, the ones that were so hidden at the bottom that we had forgotten they were there. These are the ones that most need to be removed. Cleaning out these old, unconscious patterns, actions, motivations, fears and suppressed emotions is absolutely necessary. We cannot be unconscious about what is inside us any more.

Fortunately, it is the perfect time to do this. What is different now is that all the expired elements within us and within our lives really want to leave us. Our Trueness really wants to come forth. All our compacted garbage knows that it cannot remain in the body of a True One. This is why we are being given so many perfect experiences and golden opportunities to dredge up the bottom layers. This is a mammoth completion of the old.

These expired elements can take many forms. It can be as simple as getting rid of physical possessions that we no longer need. Or they can be old behaviors or fears that have limited us from expressing our Trueness. Or they might be extremely subtle forms of manipulation that are so well hidden that we weren't aware of them. Whatever they are, we all have much to release.

Many of the old judgments that we long carried are now being stripped off of us. Some of these came cleverly disguised as personal preferences. There were certain tasks that we hated doing and we did our utmost to resist them. However, we are finally seeing that our resistances are only limiting us and making us weaker.

This letting go process is highlighted in my life right now as I am sorting through all my possessions and letting go of many beautiful treasures and sacred objects that I no longer need. It is time for them to go to their new homes. I'm also sorting through all my file cabinets full of old writings, files full of receipts and interesting information that I've gathered, and throwing out garbage bags full of it. This process isn't just throwing away papers from my file cabinets, but it's a complete releasing of the memories, emotions and experiences of those years. I realize that anything worthwhile from those past experiences has already become a thread of my being. It is part of who I am now. So it's no longer necessary to remember the details or carry the memories with me.

I'm increasingly realizing that I don't need to take everything with me to my New Life. In fact, the less that I take, the newer my New Life will be. This is true for all of us.

We are not just getting rid of the obvious, expired elements and duality-based beliefs and behaviors. We are also sorting through layers and layers of things that we previously honored -- objects of beauty, old tools, skills and ways of doing things, and some of our most sacred possessions. This is because some of them pin us into our old level.

Look at all your possessions and see why they are with you. Do they still give you energy or do you just have them out of habit? Some things might have fears attached to them that if we let them go, we will be nothing. They identify who we are. Make conscious decisions as a True One of what to keep.

It's also very helpful at this time is to consciously unpin things in your home environment that have held the energies into old positions. Such as rearranging the furniture, taking down pictures, changing the position of your desk, painting a new color on the wall.

The more we do this, the more we will see stunning changes in our lives. During August and September some huge burdens that we've carried with us for a long time will be lifted from us. Some of these were the basic blocks that constructed our old personas. Suddenly, these old basic blocks are gone and we are free!

At first, we may not realize the full scope of what has happened. It's similar to wearing a cast on our leg that we've had for a very long time. Although the old broken bone has long healed, we forgot that we could remove the cast. Then, suddenly it is gone!

When this happens, we may still continue walking as if we are wearing a cast. It might take us a while to realize how free we have become. But when we do, we will walk more elegantly, walk farther, walk faster, even dance!

The people around us might also have been wearing casts. That's why we were together; we all walked at the same, slow pace. Now, until they remove their casts, we realize that we can't walk with them anymore.

Once our old casts are off, we can choose new directions, such as climbing a mountain, that we wouldn't have considered before. We will be astonished at the full extent of the changes that have taken place within us. We are immeasurably lighter and finally ready for the New.



When I was going through my file cabinets, I found copies of all my old Starry Messenger newsletters from 1989 to 1997. These were perhaps the only copies in existence. A major part of me wanted to simply throw them away, yet a small part of me felt that I was obliged to keep these records of all we had done during those years. Then something unexpected happened....

As a True One, I gave myself permission to let these things go. This just popped out of me with no forethought. But when it happened, it felt like a massive breakthrough. After that, it was quite easy to put all the newsletters in the garbage. As I did, I felt deeply liberated from a huge chunk of old energy. All day long, I felt waves upon waves of old energy being released from me.

Giving ourselves permission to do something that we really want to do seems like something that we've been doing for a long time. But is it really? There is a new level of giving ourselves permission that is highly effective right now. It opens the doors to major breakthroughs. It's very different than wanting to do something or hoping that it will happens. Giving ourselves permission is part of Claiming our Sovereignty as a True One.

This isn't a mental giving ourselves permission. Instead, we do it as a True One. As a True One we are the supreme rulers of our realm which includes our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is now us as a True One who makes our decisions and performs the actions.

The old kind of giving ourselves permission didn't work because we were just doing it with our minds. Now we do it with our full beings. That's why the old permissions and affirmations weren't effective. When our minds decide what we are going to do or what is going to happen to us, they simply don't have the knowledge or the authority to carry it out. But of course, our True One does.

Our minds can try and order our physical and emotional bodies to do something or feel a certain way, but can't really force them to do it. Our bodies will answer, "We are tired and don't feel like doing anything right now." Or our emotions will say, "I don't care how many times you mentally affirm that I am happy and fulfilled; I still feel sad and alone." Our True One is now driving the wagon which is pulled by the horses of our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. The True One is the one who decides where the wagon is going. This isn't decided by mental thoughts, but simply by aligning ourselves with the surging current of rightness.

True Ones know how to navigate Off the Map, but our duality-based smaller selves don't. That's why so many people are feeling lost right now. Because their duality-based smaller selves can't see where they are going, making them feel lost and without any control over their lives.

We can now give ourselves permission to release the weight of the past -- of our entire journey. It's all right. We can let this go. We don't need to carry it with us any longer.

Give yourself permission to be a True One.

Give yourself permission to let go of "shoulds" and expired obligations.

Give yourself permission to let go of karma.

Give yourself permission to let go of guilt.

Give yourself permission to let go of the past.

Give yourself permission to be healthy.

Give yourself permission to be unpinned from duality.

Give yourself permission to do things in new ways.

Give yourself permission to Love and Be Loved as never before.

Give yourself permission to be clear, confidant, efficient, capable and strong.

Give yourself permission to live the life that you really want.

As we release the past, our New Life becomes increasingly clearer. This new open space isn't created so we can instantly fill it up; it's to make us lighter and freer. It's happening so we don't have to carry around all that old conditioning and limiting behaviors. All of this letting go will create the openings so that our truest impulses will be able to come through us. We will no longer hold them back with our fears, doubts and insecurities.

All the while, the new energies are pouring in. We couldn't fully access them before when we were carrying all that old stuff with us. We are undergoing a profound deepening and moving to Greater Trueness. And the New Landscape is being revealed....



A True One is a Warrior of Love. They are fearless in their love. They love openly without any expectations of being loved back, simply because it is their true nature. They don't worry about having their hearts broken; they would rather love and be shattered than hold their love back. At times, there is a rawness to their love; sometimes it can even be fierce. They are openly sensitive and embrace their vulnerability. They don't "give" love; they simply embody it.

Some people are uncomfortable with the powerful Love of a Warrior of Love. They find it easier when Real Love is diluted with a pink sauce of sticky, sweetness. With pink sauce Love, everything is "Love and Light", hearts and flowers, La-La-La. Everything is sugar coated with a mist of pinkness. But there is also no realness to this sweet, sticky Love, even when it is full of sympathy and the murmurs of soft, soothing words. Since it doesn't emanate from the Ultra Greater Reality, it often weakens people by reinforcing their old emotional levels, rather than strengthening one's emergence as a True One. Pink Love offers a temporary band aid for duality-based emotions, rather than moving these emotions to a level of greater Trueness and authenticity.

Warriors of Love are not concerned with being nice or that everyone should like them. They only want to be True. Their Love is powerful and it is real. They are not afraid of being honest and speak what needs to be spoken. They don't hold back from opening up their hearts. They don't fear Love when it is powerful, raw and messy; instead they embrace it.

Being a Warrior of Love is to fearlessly LOVE with our full beings. To fearlessly allow ourselves to be touched in our deepest places and to be TRULY LOVED. And to walk with LOVE wherever we go, strengthening the resonance of REAL TRUE LOVE in all whom we encounter.

As we do this, we will see our first glimpses of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE. This is the level of Love beyond PURE HEART LOVE which was first anchored on this planet at the second Eighth Gate Activation in June, 2009. The presence of PURE HEART LOVE is what enabled us to become True Ones. PURE HEART TRUE LOVE is the Love of the True Ones, the real Warriors of Love.



August an absolutely brilliant month in which we become Free At Last of many expired elements. As we do this, the Green Lights will turn on and we will ZOOM forward.

The massive letting go is occurring not only to people, but to the planet. A huge planetary purification has been taking place all year long. This month begins with wildfires in Russia and widespread flooding in Pakistan.

Here are some helpful tips for navigating August:

Physical tasks are much easier to do than mental ones. Create a balance between them by alternating mental tasks with physical ones.

Whenever we feel too much input, we need to stop everything, be quiet and release it.

There is no time for our minds to integrate the massive Input that is coming in; instead we just have to leap into pure, true action.

It's really important that we let go of hoping for things to happen and that we replace Trust with Knowingness.

It isn't helpful to try to look too far ahead to see the details of how things will happen. This just gives us a headache.

Be watchful that as we make new actions that we don't create new obstructions by not doing things efficiently with our full being.

We also need to watch that we don't interpret any situations that we don't understand with old definitions. The old definitions simply don't apply anymore. They aren't accurate and need to be thrown away. Instead, we have to look with the fresh eyes of a True One for the true energy dynamic of what is really happening.

Like dancers who extend their energy to all the extremities of their bodies, we need to bring the energies of Trueness all the way through to the extremities of our physical environment. When we do this, we have authenticity. If we don't, we won't feel fully alive and our actions will be tiring rather than fulfilling.

Flexibility and the ability to change direction in an instant are extremely helpful qualities at this time.

People are becoming increasingly unpinned from their old lives, either willingly or unwillingly. If we are still being influenced by doubts, fears and insecurities, these might manifest as illnesses. This is because our Trueness really wants to come forth. Sometimes this is misinterpreted by us as sickness. Some people might self sabotage themselves to get free of old situations such as jobs and relationships.

Some things that don't appear to be happening, actually are. We may not have the time to put our full attention on really important things, but they will happen anyway.

A wave of breakthroughs that began in July will strengthen in August and continue to expand in September and October.

All times past are different than now. We are not the same people that we used to be. We are no longer duality-based personas; we are True Ones.

Our sense of urgency has been replaced with the knowingness that the things we most want ARE going to happen. This enables us to relax for the first time in years. This isn't the relaxation of just sitting back passively and waiting for "Spirit" to provide for us. It's a new level of empowered knowingness that comes from being a True One.

We need to find the surging current of rightness in the expanded HERE and NOW and align ourselves with what is really going on.

August is a greatly accelerated month. We will be greatly surprised at the end of the month at just how much we have accomplished and at how profoundly we have changed. We will see how much freer and Truer we have become. It's like the Wizard of Oz where we go from living in a farmhouse in Kansas to the Land of Oz.

The True Ones are emerging.... Free At Last!



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