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The Year 2015 Surf Report: Shifting Worlds

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The busy month of July brought us a lot of extremely deep, core level, internal adjustments as we began to integrate the infusion of new energy from the powerful collective shift created by the Activation of the Heart of AN and the Great Convergence on June 30th.

During this life changing experience, many of the pins which kept us fixed into our old lives and anchored to duality popped out of position. Now our entire world is rearranging itself to fit the energies of the New Reality. We are resetting our priorities and bringing everything into greater Trueness.

From our expanded vantage point, we are able to clearly see what kind of life we would most like to create. Our True Lives are becoming visible and now it's time to manifest them in the physical. As we do, we can gather new pins made of sparkly, other-worldly metals, infused in Pure True Love and start consciously anchoring ourselves into the New Reality, one pin after another.

Many things starting flipping over during July. This flipping over reveals what has been previously unseen - such as turning over a rock and finding a scorpion on the other side. We may not like this discovery, but in the larger picture, it's something that we need to know. Or we can turn over a rock and find a buried treasure!

Relationships with our family and friends are flipping over. Job situations are also flipping over. Some flip overs take everything to a new level, while other flip over show us that it's time to walk away.

Other flip overs dramatically deepen our perceptions and dismantle our old beliefs. There are also the stunning moments when destiny flips over. These are the moments when people when we fully embrace our Trueness. When we become honest and real on every level of our being. When we start living a True Life as a True One, our destiny flips over.


Even though August is full of action, exciting opportunities and New Beginnings, it is also a month of major rewiring. At times, we may feel like only half of our inner circuits are operating properly. This rewiring is happening to enable us to move to a totally new level.

We are experiencing a lot of STOP and GO energy. The Stopping is occurring through health issues, the breakdown of electronics and other devices, as well as unexpected financial expenditures. (I've experienced all of this recently with the breakdown of my computer (twice in the last month!) and phone (have to buy new ones), plus several health problems. I've had an infection in my eye, so I can't see properly and an inflammation in my foot so I couldn't walk, plus a broken tooth and yesterday's flat tire!)

While our inner circuitry is being completely rewired, this causes occasional shorts to develop in our internal wiring which create a STOP. and GO! effect. It feels like we are receiving lots of mixed messages such as, "Go ahead now!" "Stop!!!" "Move forward!" "Lie down in bed". It's confusing at times as our inner circuitry connects and disconnects and reconnects, making everything continually STOP. and GO!

At the same time, the gears of the wheels within wheels sometimes seem to get stuck for a bit, then burst free again with a sudden forward motion. All of this is having the effect of slowing us down, so we're not able to rush ahead with our hands full of the old ways of doing things and trip over our outdated beliefs, methods and habits. We can't take anything for granted. We can't depend on having our usual energy. Instead, we are given time to be properly rewired into the super authentic frequencies of the New Reality. This makes August feel like we have a Yellow Light, instead of a Green one. We can go forth, but we need to proceed with caution.

Even though we might be outwardly busy in August, we will be turning much of our focus inwards as we adjust to the profound internal changes brought about by our intensive rewiring process. Some of us are experiencing periods of tremendous expansion when we are unable to keep our beings focused on the mundane, practical details of everyday life. This is where much of the major rewiring takes place. But when we return to the HERE and NOW, we bring something new back with us and have greater focus than we had before.

Later in the month, as we adjust to our newly reconfigured being, we will take stock of our present situation and see with great clarity what we are really meant to do with our lives. We will be focusing on the question, "What's the Truest thing for us to do next?".

August is a month in which we need to bring all elements of our lives onto an entirely new level of Trueness. We will comb through everything to see what can be brought to the new level of greater Trueness and what can now be discarded. And we will take the needed steps to do this. As we move onto the new level, our old level dissolves under our feet. This is when we have to be careful that we don't stumble with it.

Sometimes, we can feel our old level dissolving underneath us and don't know where to put our feet. We can't quite see where we are supposed to stand. This is when we need to make a huge leap into the Unknown. We do this by following the promptings of our Heart's Knowingness which always leads us into our True Direction.

Throughout the month, our true beings will come into a finer focus as we become more our true selves than ever before. More of the greater picture will be revealed. We are being totally rewired so we can fully inhabit the New Reality and this will become increasingly apparent as the month progresses. Our interactions with others will become more honest and true. We will replace small talk with true talk. Everything we do will become a natural expression of our true, authentic being and this will feel tremendously liberating.


As August begins, many of us are still in recovery mode from the Great Convergence. We may feel like balloons who have expanded beyond all previous limits, and then suddenly the air is let out. At times, we may feel overstretched, droopy and flattened. We may require much more sleep than usual and have a deep need for quiet. Then, slowly and steadily, totally new, fresh air starts filling our balloon....

What's interesting about this time of recovery is that it is interlaced with so many New Beginnings. Numerous new ideas, information and codes for our future have come in, but we haven't yet had time to act upon this. There is an influx of new creative inspirations, brilliant business ideas, wondrous opportunities and new people coming into our lives; yet so far, we haven't integrated any of this. Instead, we've placed them in piles all around us, hoping to find the time to sort them into their right places soon.

Some of the new information and codings coming in are from a level far beyond where we are now. It is Off the Map New from Beyond the Beyond. We are seeing more and more of the Unseen - that which was completely unknown to us before. A few days ago, I had a dream in which I saw a network of absolutely new energy meridians, in places where they've never been before. These new energetic meridians are activated by making certain positions with our bodies. What this is for and whether or not, I will ever have the free time to delve into this deeper, I don't know. But this is an example of the type of new information that is coming in from a totally New Reality.

There is often the feeling that right now we're floating on a river of limitless, sparkling possibilities, full of brilliant ideas, creative inspirations, exciting opportunities. How do we grab onto them and turn them into physical reality? Which ones do we manifest?

During the last two years we had to create things with a second's notice, without thorough consideration about what we were doing, without time to make elaborate plans. Now it seems we have a bit more space to make the bigger decisions and can make them from an expanded perspective. We're also seeing that some decisions which are delayed are actually leading to better possibilities. We are being given time for better alternatives to show up.

August is a month of honing and refining our discernment. To do this, we need to continually ask ourselves, "Is this real?", "Is this still true for me?", "Does this come from duality or from the New Reality?" "Do our actions come from Love or Fear?", "Is what I am participating in birthing the New Reality or is it sustaining the old energies?" "Is what I am doing bringing greater Trueness to the planet or is it just repeating the old?".

There is an energy of simultaneous connection, disconnection and reconnection that is happening all month long. Only when we reconnect, it's to a new power source. It's becoming increasingly obvious which elements in our lives have expired. Not everything that is expired needs to be thrown away; some expired elements simply need to be brought onto the level of the New Reality.

In August we will tie up many loose ends and merge together separated fragments of our beings. Many aspects of our lives will be brought to a totally new level. This will deeply affect our relationships with friends, family and partners -- some of whom will also move with us to this new level of Trueness, giving our relationship a New Beginning, while others will depart.

Throughout this month, we will be stretched and challenged on multiple levels. This is pulling and expanding our capability beyond all previous boundaries. We are developing a heightened resilience and a multi-dimensional flexibility that we didn't have before. This is birthing ever greater levels of mastery within us that we never dreamed possible.

As the cosmic influences upon us intensify, much will be happening on numerous levels that will grab our collective attention. Well established illusions are finally collapsing and global pretenses are crumbling. Everything that is duality-based is being shaken to the core. No one will be immune to this, no matter what kind of fortresses have been built to maintain these false structures.

The intense energies are also causing illnesses, accidents and financial insecurities. Some of us, and some of those dear to us, are facing serious health problems. These crisises are great opportunities to make needed course corrections and to openly express our true feelings to each other.

Since so much of the old world is dying away, the energies of physical mortality can be strong at times. We may occasionally feel like we are dying or we may have people close to us who are hovering between life and death. This gives us a heightened seriousness -- the feeling that everything is On the Line. It also deepens our love as we realize the preciousness of these earthly lives. But, we don't need to fear death or anything else. It's all simply transformation -- a seamless shift of consciousness from one world to the next. ALL IS WELL.

The rewiring of August is the last step of our preparation for the anchoring of the New Reality before we are presented with the Blank Canvas of September. Then at last, we will hand mix the most vibrantly colored paints and create the New Map of our True Lives with the boldest brush strokes we have ever made.

This month brings us an ever increasing outpouring of Love, Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude. People of all ages are openly stepping forth as True Ones all over the planet. There is a new wave of solidarity which is sweeping across humanity. The love we share and our willingness to serve is becoming ever more tangible.

August brings us very powerful super Quantum Surf that appears suddenly without any warning and moves us deeper and faster into our New Landscape. This Quantum Surf will affect both the old and the New. For the old, it will shatter expired, ingrained patterns on deeper levels than ever before; and in the New, there will be deep forward movement into unknown territory. August is full of highly charged, opportunities to shift worlds!

Navigating August is simple. We GO when we can; we STOP when it's necessary, then we GO forward again.

We are traveling far beyond what we ever imagined. The Great Migration into our True Positions has begun!

With True Heart of AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Craig, Denise, Emanaku, Hope, Inger, Jessica, Keenuane, Kimberly, Petra, Sumi.

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