December 2003: Deep Waters

Updated December 5, 2003


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse of November 23rd plunged us into a series of wild rapids. We were catapulted through the raging torrents and churning whirlpools, a journey which dredged up some of our deepest emotions. It was easy to get tossed from rock to rock which sometimes made us lose our balance and move into a reaction mode or a state of temporary numbness.

It was during this time that a wave of dear ones chose to leave the planet, departing suddenly and unexpectedly. This further served to bring some of our deepest feelings up to the surface.

But even with these unexpected transitions and our wild ride through the tumultuous rapids, we often surprised ourselves by our new ways of dealing with the unexpected and with the power of our feelings. We rode it out by staying in a state of expanded awareness, consciously woven into our One Being. Feeling everything, letting the waves of emotions flood through us, and yet not being overwhelmed and capsized.

Finally, as the month of November drew to a close, the cascading rapids deposited us into the Deep Waters of December. We have entered an area of immeasurable depth..... The very composition of the waters has changed, becoming thicker and deeper. The Surf feels profoundly still and quiet, yet just under the surface, deep emotions are swirling.

Our emotions instantly deepen, and then go deeper still.... So many feelings are stirred from inside the hidden depths of our beings, washing through us like wave upon wave, sometimes engulfing us in an torrential flood of emotions.

And what are these emotions? Why are they so strong?

To understand this, we must first review the year that we are in the process of completing. December is the culmination of 2003 which has been a year of tremendous transition, of core level shifting, of moving ourselves onto an entirely new level of conscious awareness.

So it is entirely appropriate and timely that we are now being forced to focus on and deal with any unresolved issues that we still carry within us. To clear out any erroneous judgments, blocks and assumptions that we have made about ourselves. And it's way more than that. We are dealing with clearing, resolving, healing--- anything, any element within our inner beings or in our outer lives, which cannot go with us into the new level.

It is also time to call back the scattered fragments of our beings. These fragments include residue from our past lives which got left behind, our frightened inner child, our Starry Selves, our old lovers, the part of us whose love was rejected or who misused power in times past, our empowered royal lineages, all those parts of us which got abandoned or denied or judged during our long journey to conscious Oneness.--- All of it: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

It's important to find those fragmented parts of ourselves and welcome them in. They are trying to get our attention; they no longer want to be disenfranchised, disembodied fragments and yearn to be merged back within us into conscious Oneness. They need to be merged back into the tapestry of our beings so we can move forward.

Much of our focus at this time is delving deeper into situations / issues / patterns which already exist. Releasing, repatterning, recalibrating them. This is being done so we can go forward freely into the future, into our new levels which is where we will find the future which we so desire.

During this passage through the Deep Waters of December, there will be deep and powerful undercurrents which affect everything. Often, the surface details of life will feel distant and unreal, as if they were a dream.

Throughout this time we will get continual glimmers and flashes of our new selves that we are birthing. These could be brief moments of vision and revelation or days in which we feel immensely true and real. We feel that we are truly inhabiting our true selves, perhaps for the very first time. More veils drop away and we suddenly see beyond the layers of disguises and illusions in which we have been wrapped. The cocoons are unwrapping and dropping off. We are finally emerging. This feels very good.

Sometimes, our consciousness will be in such an expansive state that it will be hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Whenever possible, we should take the time to dive into the depths and let our consciousnesses roam into the heightened, expansive Greater Reality.

Each time that we return from such an immersion, we will notice that a deep realignment has taken place within us which makes us more true. This gives us a burst of energy and efficiency so we can leap into action and get much done in a short period of time, marveling at the sense of ease and mastery we have suddenly acquired.

Another interesting element which is currently being highlighted is empowerment. Many of us are being challenged to bring forth our empowerment. I'm speaking of true empowerment, not ego driven forcefulness. Empowerment is the expression of our inherent authority and integrity. It's the ease of confidently embodying our true nature.

It's time to manifest our mastery, not to just sit on it like an old hen guarding her precious eggs who only lets people glimpse them on rare occasions. It's time to speak our truth and walk our talk. To strip off the coverings under which we have hidden ourselves.

In December we are also experiencing a heightened intuition. Our intuition is giving us innumerable hints and clues as to what we should do or not do and serving as a powerful ally. All we need do is to listen to it and heed its advice.

With our ever deepening emotions, it is time to put our Love into Action. We need to express our feelings and we need to be ultra real and loving in our dealings with others. Each day, no matter where we go or what we do or whom we encounter, we should be spreading the Love. Putting our Love into Action strengthens the harmonic resonance of Love and Compassion, further activates our One Being and brings us all deeper into the Greater Reality. It also makes us feel good and more alive.

December isn't all about being still and deep and allowing powerful emotions to course through us; it's also about action, Right Action. Right Action is never forced. It comes about through alignment within ourselves and with the prevailing energies. We can throw a rock fairly far using our physical strength and mental will power, but if we wait until the wind is just right, we can throw it a great distance using little effort.

Right Action is also about preparation. For example, if we were going on a long car trip, it's not just a matter of jumping in the car and driving away. If our tires are bald or if the car is low on gas or oil, we're not going to get very far. If we forgot to eat or go to the toilet before we left, we won't go far before we need to stop again. If the car is so stuffed with baggage, it's not going to be a very comfortable trip. It's also important that we bring with us what we truly need, so if we're going camping for example, we remember to bring the sleeping bags. And then there are the elements which make the journey more fun and comfortable, such as good music, pillows and delicious snacks.

This is what we are doing, preparing our vehicles for an exciting journey into our new levels and new lives. And while we're tending to the myriad details of preparation, it's important to remember why we're doing this and to bless the entire process, no matter how long it takes or what it entails.

Throughout the month, many of us will find that December's powerful Surf is going to dislodge us from the places where we have been stuck. It's going to feel like booster rockets going off, giving us the needed push to move forward. And once our preparations are complete, the Green Light will shine!

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We can choose to let go of fear and replace it with Oneness.
Fear is an excretion of duality and separation. When we consciously inhabit our One Being, we are living in the Greater Reality where fear cannot exist.

We don't need to compromise our Integrity.
Our integrity is one of the foundation stones of our beings. If it's full of holes or cracks, then everything which is built on top of it is flawed. It's essential that we continue to strengthen and refine our integrity.

Don't Take Things Personally!
Please remember that many of us are experiencing similar things. It's not just happening to you. These are undeniably strange times. We must all constantly LOOK LARGER and see what is really going on.

Dive Deep & Discover Who You Are:
This is the time to get back in touch with our real Selves. To ask ourselves many questions such as, "Who am I?", "What makes me happy?" "What work do I really want to be doing?" & "How can I create the kind of life that I really want?"

Let Go & Become Freer:
Let go of all unnecessary activities, friendships and clutter. Strip everything down to what really resonates with your Core Being. Each time that we release something which has become weighty, we become lighter and freer.

Stay Positive By Remembering WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON:
We don't need to fear change. Yes, it is powerful and often totally beyond our control. Try to see change as exciting and as a renewal. When our old foundations crumble, it's time to build new ones.

Watch Out For Occasional Sinkholes :
Sinkholes are places where the ground suddenly sinks underneath our feet. Without warning, we find ourselves in a deep pit. When this happens, it's easy to get discouraged and depressed. However, this condition is only temporary. Be like water and keep your love flowing. Soon the sinkhole will fill up and you will be released.

Find Effective Ways To Deal With Stress:
When things get intense around us, it's easy to lose it and become stressed out. It's important that we find ways to deal with stress: Try hot baths, exercise, long walks, meditation, swimming, dancing, massage, gardening, spending the day in bed. Whatever it takes. Just be aware when your stress levels are rising and take immediate action.

Don't Buy Into Duality:
There are no "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys". There are no "Good Countries" & "Bad Countries". There are no "Good Religions" & "Bad Religions". There is only the One!

Continually Look Beyond Outer Appearances:
Nothing is as it appears to be. Step out of any residue of fear or anger and take a good, clear look at what is really happening. Don't take anyone's word on what is happening. Don't blindly follow authority figures. Figure it out for yourself from a place of vastness and all encompassing Love.

Strengthen Your Compassion:
There is simply not enough compassion on the Earth at this time. Many of us are feeling assaulted by the energies of anger and fear. It's a challenging time with duality running amok. This is exactly when compassion is most needed. Consciously become an embodiment of compassion. Be like the Sun which has no personal favorites and extend your compassion to all things equally.

Rerouting Opportunities Abound:
Whenever there are blockages or things don't happen quite as you would like them to, simply understand that things are being rerouted to bring them into alignment with the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

When New Doorways Open, Leap!... Then Leap Again:
There is no time to sit and ponder whether we should take these new opportunities which are being presented to us. If it feels right, do it. Leap! And then Leap Again!

Don't Try To Hold On To The Elements Which Are Going Out Of Our Lives:
Many people and situations are going to be leaving our lives. The resonance is shifting dramatically, making this a natural occurrence. Let go gracefully and wish them well.

Emptiness Is Good:
If you feel empty, embrace that feeling. It's a good thing and something which all of us experience when huge chunks of our old ways of being and doing things leaves our lives. This is a pregnant emptiness, a sacred place where we await the birth of the New.

Spend Time Each Day Embodying Your Vastness, Showering The Earth And All Its Inhabitants With Love:

Inhabit Our One Being At All Times:
As we consciously live in our One being, we nourish and strengthen the resonance of Oneness throughout the world.



We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2003 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.