Solara's December 2008 Surf Report

Shifting Worlds

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November was an extremely powerful transitional month full of monolithic shifts and quantum breakthroughs. It was a month in which many of us moved through the Centerpoint of the Core of the Labyrinth until we finally arrived at the place where everything flipped over into a totally new landscape.

By the end of November, we found ourselves deposited into an entirely new world. This is happening to all of us, even for those who haven't yet reached the Centerpoint of the Labyrinth. This is true even if our new world is located in the same physical landscape that we had known before. Suddenly, everything was absolutely different. Almost overnight, our old world was practically unrecognizable.

Once we shifted worlds, a massive disconnection with what we had known before took place. This affects our connections with people, with places, with our work, our priorities, even with what we have previously known to be real.

We are being totally disconnected from the old paradigm, from our old ways of doing things and from our old perceptions so that we can now reconnect in totally new ways on a totally new and infinitely vaster level. For many of us, this disconnection from the old is so strong that we no longer know who we are or where we are. We no longer know how to navigate through our vastly altered landscape, for our old navigational skills no longer work. We feel adrift and ungrounded from our previous reality, making us sometimes feel that we are holding onto our physical existence by the finest of threads. And until we learn how to navigate this new world using totally new navigational skills, everything will feel dream-like and unreal.

The very fabric of time and space has been dramatically altered. The Far Distant Worlds have moved into the HERE and NOW. This has transformed our inner and outer landscapes so profoundly that they are barely recognizable. It has moved us onto the uncharted realms of a totally new map --- one that we have never been in before.

We have become so greatly expanded that it feels like the boundaries of our beings, our outer skin, are far, far away, at the outer extremities of the known universe. Being so immensely expanded, makes us feel that we are filled with a great emptiness, although we are not. Instead, we are filled with a brand new substance that at this point feels like emptiness, even though it is very full of something totally new. It is Pure Heart True Love. We will see it and be able to feel it as soon as we clear out our personal matrixes of the old and expired.

During November and December, some of us will reach the final destination of our Sacred Quest. This isn't happening so we can stay there, for that time is not yet here. But we are given the opportunity to touch upon our final destination so we know what it feels like. In December we will be taking very definite steps to move ourselves to our final destination.



My November journey to Peru, Bolivia and Chile was so full, so profoundly deep, that it cannot be put into words. Although I returned to Hawaii over a week ago, I am still in the process of finding new points of connection so that I can fully be here. My entire being is stretched out through the open Gates of Time and Space. This is why the Surf Report is a few days late....

I will share one small story from my remarkable journey because it affects us all.

On November 20th, Annu and I went to the ruins of Tiwanaku in Bolivia. Tiwanaku is a massive site of an ancient great civilization that existed before the flood, in the world previous to the one that we are now leaving behind. I wrote about it in my book, "The Legend of Altazar" and because of this, I felt that we must go there. I had no expectations for my visit to Tiwanaku; I thought that it would just be a matter of simply connecting with it and letting go. A final farewell.

As soon as we arrived, we were taken to the museum on the grounds. The first thing we encountered was a rectangular stone doorway which was labeled a stargate. And that it most definitely was! I realized that there were several physical stargates at Tiwanaku and that this is how the beings from the star system of Sirius who first colonized it, had entered and departed the earth.

Next, we were taken to a huge monolithic statue who was the Lord of Time. We both encircled the monolith, carefully noticing the encodings on its body. After that, we entered the temple complex. Tiwanaku was built on a monolithic scale, feeling far vaster than even the pyramid complex in Egypt. Many of the original stones there weighed between 300 - 700 tons.

As we entered the temple complex of Kalasasaya, I still didn't think that I had a strong connection with Tiwanaku. Then I suddenly burst into tears and felt such deep love and familiarity for this place and all that had happened there. This is when I stepped through through the membranes of time into a bygone era of the world previous to this one. I walked as four of the characters in "The Legend of Altazar": as Mura, as Altazar, as Solana and as the Hermit of the Crystal Mountain. I inhabited them all simultaneously. I felt all their feelings at returning there.

I went up to several stone statues and began to talk to them in the ancient language of Tiwanaku, which I didn't know that I knew, but obviously I did. Each time that I spoke to them, a strong wind came up on this windless day. The tears continued to fall.

Finally, we went to the nearby subterranean temple. This is a square shaped temple set under the ground; the roof is now gone. Into the walls of the temple are set numerous life-sized stone heads, many of whom I recognized as people I once knew. As I descended the steps into the temple, I now brought in the fullness of WHO I AM, gathering together all the fragments of my being from throughout time and space, including all my future selves, into one unified being.

My being was so vastly expanded that I embodied the full spectrum of energies from the most ancient of Tiwanaku to the Pure Heart Love from the Core of the Heart of the Lotus and everything in between. Just by physically being there, I wove together the threads of time until a new channel was created through time, almost like a wormhole in space. Past, Present and Future were irrevocably woven together.

At the bottom of the steps, I opened up the Lotus Heart, took a step forward towards the three statues in the center of the temple, and opened the Lotus Heart again. This continued until I almost reached the center.

I took the very newest, most pristine energies from the Lotus World to the depths of the most ancient, something that was previously impossible to do. This caused the matrix of the most ancient to become the womb from which the New could be born.

Suddenly my movements changed. A huge wind came up. I took another step forward and did the movements again; the wind became stronger. I took a third step to the center and as I was doing the movements for the final time, a mighty wind began to blow and a tall dust storm suddenly appeared on the far side of the statues immediately in front of me. The dust devil swooped around to the right side of me and suddenly lifted itself in the air and left the temple. And as it did, something from very long ago, left the temple through the newly created channel through time and was removed from the ancient matrix.

As this happened, a profound repatterning of the past occurred. This was the moment when the entire old matrix flipped over and turned inside out. The New Matrix expanded immeasurably. And time itself was irrevocably changed.

From this experience, I have been deeply altered. I have walked through the membranes of time to a place so distant where few are able to go. And this is why it has not been easy for me to return. So far have I traveled. But what has now left the ancient matrix has cleared the path for the New Matrix to be fully born.



November was a powerful month of core level transformation that gave us a glimpse of the Final Destination of our Sacred Quest and flung open the doorways to our New Directions. What happened in November took place on such a monolithic level of immeasurable depths that it has birthed a new world right in the midst of the old one that is dying away right before our eyes. Now everything is absolutely different. A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN.

This massive shift requires us to make thorough inner adjustments to align ourselves with this new world, especially during the first week of December. While we are shifting worlds, whenever unexpected things happen or when we find ourselves outside of our zone of knowledge, we must remember not to panic or fall into confusion or fear. Instead, reach deep inside your inner core and bring out your new levels of mastery. There is nothing that we cannot handle!

Right now, our mastery is being tested daily. We must bring it out and demonstrate it in all our outer actions, rather than confining it to our inner, “spiritual” practices. Outer action is the playing field where true change takes place.

Once these inner connections are made, the rest of the transitional month of December will emphasize making the necessary outer connections to get ourselves fully into our New Lives. We will zoom forward and finally bring many unresolved elements to completion.

It is totally appropriate that in numerology December is the Master Number 22 which leads us to the Year 2009 which is the Master Number 11.

In December, we will start learning how to reconnect with our new world in ways that are more real and true. We will develop new navigational skills that will enable us to make the changes that we need to make. We will be undergoing a massive integration with who we have now become. Our new selves will more fully emerge. As this happens, we will discover that whatever has previously blocked our path into our New Lives will now be dissolved. December will be full of needed completions that will take place smoothly and almost effortlessly.

We will also be making some final clearing of our old personal matrixes. Anything from the old patterning of duality that needs to be cleaned out will rise to the surface. We need to be especially mindful of our automatic responses. We don't want to bring our old responses, old experiences and old truths into our New Lives.

Issues of integrity, our own or that of others, will be highlighted throughout December. This means that anything which doesn't come from full integrity will become glaringly obvious, and that it will fail. At the same time, anything which emanates from our full integrity will meet great success.

Some of us may experience minor health problems, especially concerning breathing and lungs. This has to do with the clearing of our personal matrixes and with the reconnection process to our new world that is being born. In order to travel deeper into the New and True, we are all undergoing massive purifications. These are taking places on whatever levels are necessary.

Since everything is going through a process of disconnection and reconnection this month, we may experience technical problems with our phones and the internet. These will be on the level of strange glitches that come and go, rather than major problems.

Sometimes, it will feel as if we are traveling through a whirlpool. There will be patches of swirling chaos that we must occasionally pass through. People who are still holding on to their resistances to change and to fully emerging as true beings may find this time challenging. But many of us will finally step through whatever has held us back and will experience major, lasting breakthroughs. Because of this, some of us will be changing course, but no matter how drastically it changes, we will always be on the right track.

First Wave people who are still weary must now connect with their new level. This is where they will find the fresh energy they most need. Second Wave people need to step in and take responsibility and do something meaningful with their lives, otherwise, they will remain stagnant and on the sidelines. They also need to build up their stamina so they aren't blown away by the powerful energies.

Whenever we are around duality-based people or situations, we need to watch out that we don't pick up any duality residue. It's very sticky and can sometimes be very subtle. It can stick to us like a coat of dust, altering our perceptions and responses, making us less true, although within our Heart of Hearts we know better. As soon as any duality-based residue is discovered, XUA it all away, XUA it out of your personal matrix.

November brought in a massive Insertion Point of Change. Everything needs to catch up to where we are now. Yet, even though at times, everything seems distant and unreal, our immediate surroundings appear brighter, clearer and fresher. Everything is moving into a finer focus. We are traveling at a phenomenal speed, even during the times when it seems like we are simply waiting and standing still.

Right now, we are all being given a blank canvas. It's important that we don't try to fill it up too soon out of impatience or boredom. We don't need to panic because our canvas is currently empty. It's good that it's empty! It took us lots of work to make it empty. This is a very pregnant emptiness and something so absolutely new and fresh is about to be born. If we can hold back from filling our blank canvas, then when the time is right, our true path will be revealed. And this will be Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

As long as we remain real and true, as long as we are connected to Pure Heart True Love, as long as we don't hold anything back, ALL WILL BE WELL.

All the doorways are open before us. Even doorways that we didn't know existed. A Super Fast Track has opened up for everyone, no matter where we were before. Our old landscape is being increasingly transformed into one with endless possibilities. This is because we are not in the same world anymore.

In our totally NEW WORLD

Everything is now possible....




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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the Unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!