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In the Midst of a Vibrational Shift


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In the Midst of a Vibrational Shift

During the exquisite Ninth Gate Activation on October 25th, we finally made the connection with our new coordinates. These new coordinates are aligned with a totally New Paradigm. When we connected with our new coordinates, it set off huge waves of changes in all directions, much like rows upon rows of dominos extending far beyond the most distant horizon, that are now falling over one by one. These waves are still expanding, bringing massive, in depth, core level changes to all aspects of our lives.

Since then, the emphasis has been on making the necessary inner and outer adjustments to fully align with our new coordinates. At the same time, we are becoming increasingly unpinned from the last vestiges of our old coordinates. The door to our old ways of being and old ways of doing things is closing while we are being thrust towards the entry point to a magnificent New World.

November was a powerful month of making inner adjustments on the deepest levels to our new coordinates. Although there was much to do, it wasn't a month in which we could leap into action. Much of the time, we felt stripped wide open and extremely fragile. We were floating between the worlds, unable to firmly anchor ourselves into the physical. Often it felt like the thread which held us onto this planet was very thin and tenuous. We became so transparent that it felt like we were naked, even when fully clothed.

As we made numerous internal adjustments, our outer world started to change. Many elements of our old lives suddenly felt unreal and untrue. We could no longer continue doing anything that felt untrue to us. In many ways, we no longer fit into our old lives. We sorted through our possessions yet again and let go of more layers. We recalibrated our homes to more perfectly reflect who we now are. There were touching stories of ones releasing childhood treasures; throwing an old wedding ring off a bridge into a river, letting go of expired relationships, quitting jobs or school.

Powerful waves of deep sadness occasionally flooded through us as we cleared out layers upon layers of old emotions that had long been compressed inside us. At times we felt profoundly lonely and alone. A succession of old memories rose to the surface to be released. Some of us felt like newborn babies, needing to learn how to do everything in new ways. And all of this is continuing in December....

During this time of adjusting everything to the resonance of Trueness, we are experiencing an in depth vibrational shift and resetting our internal templates. We are reviewing our old relationships and taking a good look at what they were all about. Why did they happen? What did we learn from them? As we review them, we realize that none of our relationships were wrong, but that we still carried pockets of emotions within us which tried to tell us that they were wrong. When these old emotional judgments rise to the surface, it's important for us to immediately forgive ourselves and others, to see the perfection of our entire journey. Then we can reset ourselves onto a totally new level that is fresh and new.

We feel absolutely stripped to the core and there is no way to hide this. At the same time, we are starting to feel super real. So here we are ultra transparent and super real, deposited into a new world in which the old maps are no longer accurate or true. And this is a world where new, accurate maps don't yet exist. When we look for help from the usual places, it simply isn't there. And yet, when we least expect it and when we most need it, help miraculously appears!

In December, we will still experience occasional waves of deep sadness; we will still have times when we feel transparent and fragile. We will continue to encounter some old blocks within us and we will simply deal with them as they appear, then meet any new ones that show themselves. We will courageously face the fears that have long held us back from fully becoming a True One. And we will continue to move forward into the New and True.

This is an absolutely brilliant time, without question. Everything that is happening right now is so necessary and extremely helpful. Even the things that are hard or challenging are happening for our benefit. We are increasingly becoming freer and truer than ever before. The True Ones are emerging.... And because of this, everything is being totally reset to the resonance of Trueness.


Getting Into Position

December has a strong emphasis on positioning ourselves to get ready for the monumental year of 2011. During this month we will make many of the necessary outer adjustments to align ourselves with our new coordinates. The more we can get ourselves into the right positions to enter the New Year, the easier it will be.

In 2011, a massive new doorway into our New True Lives is opening. This makes it vitally important that we get ourselves into our right places. Because of this, many of us will be physically relocating in the next twelve months. To find our right place, we must first be a True One.

If you don't feel happy where you are living; if you don't feel that you are in your right place, then look at what holds you back from making the leap into your right position. Are you staying where you are because of security fears? If so, then it's important to realize that the old forms of security are quickly crumbling. They aren't going to last for much longer. The true security comes from being in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Are there still things that you need to complete in your present location? If so, what are they? Start doing them and get yourself ready to move into position for your New Life. If you don't know where you are meant to live, then start looking with your heart, not with your mind. Don't worry if it is a "safe" area or not. What may be a "safe" place for one person, may not be the right location for another. If your heart calls you to be there, you will be in your right place.

Some of us may already be in our right physical location, but there are other elements that need to get into their correct positions. These are things such as where we live, the people we spend time with, our ways of doing things, and the jobs we have. Getting into our rightful positions is an important component of December and will be a main theme of 2011 when our New Lives officially begin.

My life appears to be right on schedule. What I am experiencing in my new outer environment is what many people are experiencing in their own unique ways. At the end of September, I moved out of my house in Hawaii. All of October I was in Bali for the Ninth Gate Activation. At the beginning of the second week of November, I arrived in Peru and immediately got very sick. I stayed in hotels for the rest of the month until finally finding a temporary house to rent. This happened at the very last minute on December 1st, the day before my cat arrived with my daughter and her family who were here for only a few days. (This is why this Surf Report is so late.)

Although I am now in the right area, I haven't yet found my right place to live. Even though I really love it here in Peru and feel very connected to the land and people, being in such an unsettled state has been extremely challenging. All the long established patterns of my old ways of doing things have been broken. Here, I cannot just go to a supermarket and buy what I normally eat; it's simply not available and the nearest supermarket is an hour from here and I have no car. All the practical details of my daily life are carried out in a language that I haven't yet mastered, which makes the simplest of tasks infinitely more complicated.

I've been living out of suitcases for over two months. The house that I've rented for a month is full of the owner's possessions and it's difficult for me to live in someone else's energy. There is no space to put my own things and to anchor my own energy. My home environment has always been strongly anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality, and this house, while very charming, isn't. This is really important to me, so I feel very ungrounded. I have no car, no mailing address, no local bank account, no desk, no daily patterns. I am continually forced to learn totally new ways of doing the most basic of tasks. I am often tired and am sleeping much more than usual. I'm not sure if this is because I have so much to do and feel more alone than I have in years, or whether it is due to the immeasurably deep adjustments that I am making on level after level. Or maybe it's the altitude or a combination of everything.

I am learning that when help doesn't come from where you expect it and I start feeling alone and unsupported, that the needed help will come from unexpected sources when I most need it. And usually not a second before that. There is no big cushion of a safety net to sit on except for my own knowingness that I am in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Nothing is happening as quickly as I would like, or as I expected it to happen, yet I realize that everything is in its perfect timing and that everything is OK, no matter what appears to be happening or not happening.

I came into my new environment with a certain resonance. My new environment has a different resonance. Now we need to align with each other so that our energies can mesh. Once they do, everything will click into position. And even now, I am getting some dramatic synchronicities of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. The people here have been very welcoming and helpful.

We are all in situations that require certain elements to get into their correct positions before the needed breakthroughs can happen. All the wheels, cogs and gears must be in their right places before things can fully click into position. During this time, we cannot become impatient or think that we are doing something wrong. The wheels are turning right now; they are turning even when it doesn't appear that anything is moving forward. And we as True Ones know this.



December is a month full of deep transformation. It is an action packed, super powerful month full of core level shifts that bring dramatic outer changes. At times, things will so accelerate that it will feel like we are being shot out of a cannon. Sometimes, huge breakthroughs will appear at the very last minute. And throughout the month, we will navigate with our knowingness.

We've touched the New World; now we need to make the necessary adjustments so we can live there. We can see what needs to change. We will be releasing anything that does not resonate with Trueness. We will be honestly speaking our truth. A massive vibrational shift is taking place.

Things that have long been hidden will now come out into the open. We will be able to clearly see extremely old hidden patterns and deeply embedded expectations within ourselves and let them go. There will also be much new information coming forth which propels us into bursts of action.

All month long, the Winds of Change are bringing in the Unexpected which will further blow us off our old positions. We will continually discover that our old abilities and talents cannot be applied in the same ways as before. They all need to be adjusted. We have really deep alignments in some areas, but many other areas still require lots of adjustments. Lots of things simply do not fit anymore. Lots of things are no longer important to us. Many familiar elements from our usual environment are not present anymore - either because we left the old environment (like I did), or because we cannot relate as a True One to our old environment anymore.

At the same time, there will be the introduction of new elements, new feelings, new thoughts, new information and unusual situations. These are things that we are not used to dealing with and we have to adjust to these new elements and unexpected situations. We do this by remembering that we are a True One. Our constantly changing outer environment gives us the opportunity to listen more closely to the True One that we are.

Our True One is always present and always watching. It has always been. Now is the time, when we can actually feel it. Even if we have a bad day or our body is aching or we feel lonely and depressed, our True One knows how to cheer us up, how to help us remember what is really going on and to put everything into perspective. This is a huge help whenever we experience the echoes of the old world. We now have the opportunity to act differently when the old situations come up.

Throughout December, we will have increased confidence and clarity. Many new connections with people, places and new information will be made. New opportunities will present themselves and we will be able to jump into them without fear or hesitation. Although we will still experience Perfect Storms, they will not throw us off balance like before. We will simply let them swirl around us, uncovering all that is untrue. It's exciting to see the old structures fall away all around us, while we put together the clues of our new reality.

Because of the profusion of new elements coming our way, we will stay away from the usual distractions and limit any unnecessary input. Everything around us will increasingly becoming more real. More True. This is what we want! We are finally being freed from our old lives so we can move into our New True Lives and it's tremendously exciting!

From the last week of December through the 4th of January a huge doorway into our New True Lives will open. Everything that is happening this month is getting us into our right positions. In 2011, a New World will emerge....



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