Solara's February 2010 Surf Report




On the Path of LOVE




2010 is already proving to be an unprecedented and momentous year, unlike anything we have ever known. In December 2009, we got into position; January deepened us immeasurably and in February many things will start clicking into position.

Much of what we are experiencing this year is being determined by where we are positioning ourselves. If we have kept ourselves small, even while we know that we are not small beings, then we are still experiencing duality-based limitations. If we are still letting our fears determine our decisions and actions, then we remain imprisoned by fear. If we have set our coordinates to reach the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, then we are either already there or soon will be. If we have made our commitment to fully emerge as a True One, then our life is full of constant breakthroughs and an abundance of Green Lights.

Because of this, it's essential that we make clear, conscious choices as to our position. There are such wondrous possibilities and so many exciting golden opportunities this year, that it would be a shame to miss them. There is a massive creative surge to ride that is just in its beginning stages. There is an abundance of PURE HEART LOVE all around us, whether we feel it or not. Our Wildest Dreams are quivering with readiness to burst forth into full manifestation.

January was an excellent entrance into the year. It was a month full of immense deepening that triggered monolithic shifts. Because such profound changes were taking place on our deepest core levels, we were plunged into a state of Quantum Deep. As usual, this made us want to stay home and stay quiet as much as possible. But this time, Quantum Deep felt different. We discovered a new state of Quantum Deep in Action where we could actually get things done while remaining super quiet inside. And each time that the blanket of Quantum Deep lifted, we experienced Quantum Breakthroughs.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been experiencing small, intense eruptions of our Perfect Storms. This has even been happening to those of us who felt that we had already passed through our Perfect Storms. These eruptions of the final residue of our Perfect Storms come in concentrated form, arriving quickly and unexpectedly. Without warning, any remainders of our old core issues align into Perfect Storm mode, engulfing us in those old familiar feelings of stress, fear, insecurity, panic and hopelessness. Duality-based emotions that we thought we were long finished with, flood through us. Only this time, our Perfect Storms have nothing tangible to grab onto and pass through us quickly.

January also initiated a deep healing of our hearts that will continue for several months. Old hurts of the past, old memories, old experiences, broken hearts, and long established limitations continually rise to the surface to be released. In the midst of a fine day, suddenly a flood of emotions can bring us to tears. Only this time when it happens, we offer no resistance to these emotions and let them pass through us with a surprising ease. Each time this happens, we become lighter and freer.

Although we began January with a totally Blank Canvas, by the beginning of February we can already see that there are some new elements placed upon it. Some of them, we didn't consciously put on our canvas; they simply appeared unexpectedly and immediately clicked into position with a stunning sense of rightness.

As we step into February, a fresh new breeze is coming into our lives. The Winds of Change are blowing mightily, bringing in a series of life-altering shifts, many of which we cannot yet see, but can strongly feel. At the same time, there is a rising expectancy, as if something wondrous is about to happen. Everything is starting to speed up and move us onto the Fast Track. The lights have finally turned Green! And this is when a new wave of fear can come in....


During this time, many people are still dealing with their fears, trying to gather the courage to make the leap into openly being a True One. Fear is not necessarily going to disappear, but it is having less of an influence. Whenever fear comes up, acknowledge its presence, look at it for as long as you can, then do what you feel you need to do by using the fear as a method of propulsion.

One of the keys to mastering fear is putting it into the correct places. Instead of being afraid of openly being our True Selves, let's be afraid of keeping ourselves small. Fear is an important component of our human selves. Instead of trying to get rid of it or doing battle with it, why don't we utilize it as a method of propulsion that will enable us to fully emerge as True Ones? All we need to do is to flip over our fears so that they are in the right places. By offering no resistance to our fears, we can easily flip them over just like in Aikido, using the force of the fear itself to propel us into the right direction.

Once we do this, we will become fearless. Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. Instead we recognize the fear, but don't let it stop us from doing what we know that we must do. True courage is born out of fearlessness. Another thing that will help us with our fears is to bring out our inner Aslan (golden winged Lion). When we embody our inner Aslan, we are naturally courageous and confidant.


All are currently experiencing mammoth transformations. First Wave's Perfect Storms arrive with the feeling that they will still have to do everything by themselves. So right now, the First Wave needs to let go of their feelings of being alone and unsupported. They are releasing the hardships of the long journey that they have traveled. As the Second Wave and Bridges activate, the First Wave are actually starting to have fun!

Bridges are learning to master their fears. Their Perfect Storms are full of fears of failing, of not being capable enough, fears of criticism and insecurity. They are now finding new ways to deal with criticism. Instead of letting criticism activate their automatic response of pulling back and running away, they are learning to let the criticism trigger them to pull back inside themselves to gather their strength so they can step back out stronger and truer.

The Perfect Storms of the Second Wave are dealing with the feelings of being overwhelmed and panicked by the profusion of very real things to do, rather than filling themselves with the usual distractions.

All of the First Wave, Second Wave and Bridges are in the midst of unprecedented changes. They are stepping forth and coming together as never before. And this is deeply exciting!


The most important thing that we can do during this time is to decide to step in as a True One. Once we do, it will absolutely change everything. Then as a true King of Kings or a true Queen of Queens - Masters of Service and embodiments of PURE HEART LOVE - we can take our appointed positions as Jewels in the Crown, sharing responsibility with gentle authority. Once the Jewels in the Crown are in their rightful places, ONE BEING IN ACTION is activated and all things are possible. This is because True Ones are the missing ingredient of our One Being. Being a True One is our natural state of who we really are.

True Ones have a clear path in front of them into the New and True, even when they can't yet see them. They inherently know the right things to do, even when they aren't consciously aware of what it is. Once we become a True One, our seeing expands, our evolutionary labyrinth is reconfigured and we are given our personal freedom. We become more comfortable with ourselves than ever before and exude a quiet confidence. We are able to honor ourselves and others as never before.

As True Ones, we are constantly learning new methods of navigation. We now know whenever we fall out of the state of being a True One. We can feel which outdated behaviors are no longer appropriate and when our responses aren't honest and real. We are aware of when we aren't speaking the truth. We know when we aren't listening to and acting upon what we know to be true. It's more and more impossible to accept bad compromises or stay in situations which feel untrue. On the other hand being in true and real situations feels so good and fulfilling.

We are continually seeing what True Ones can and cannot do. For example: True Ones don't "try" or "hope". Both are halfway measures. When we "try" to do something, the outcome is uncertain. You might succeed at doing it or you might not be able to. When we do something, rather than "try" to do something, we are putting our full efforts and full being into our action. "Hope" is hollow, a wish for outside forces to make something happen, like "hoping" to win the lottery. When we "hope", we throw away our true power and authority. When we are aligned in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, "hope" doesn't exist. We know that whatever happens to us will be exactly what is meant to happen. We don't need to "hope" for anything else.

Occasionally, problems and challenges will come up to teach us more new navigational skills and give us the opportunity to put them into practice. What is most helpful is to constantly realign ourselves as a true King of Kings or true Queen of Queens and act accordingly.



Once we reach the Major Intersection in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, everything starts to flip over and more of our New Map is revealed. RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE isn't just an alignment that only happens once; it is a new state of being. It's not the same as the small tastes of synchronicity that we sometimes experience. Things like unexpectedly encountering an old friend whom we hadn't seen in years at a random street corner. This is on a totally new and infinitely vaster level.

The state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE is where we will live our lives and where we anchor our beings every moment as True Ones. Once we are in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, there's an absolutely brilliant perfection to everything that happens. No matter what goes on, even if we cannot see it clearly or understand it or define it, has a shining rightness.

Inhabiting the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE moves us into a previously unknown sector of our New Map where everything becomes immeasurably deeper. Here, we can feel numerous openings and new opportunities all around us that we cannot yet see. Massive monolithic shifts are taking place. We begin to see more layers of what is already here in the present moment. The present moment is pregnant with exciting possibilities! We feel many things happening, both small and large at the same time, but cannot define any of them. This fills us with a deep poignancy, as we sense the exquisite preciousness of the present moment.

We may think that we are not prepared for the opportunities and challenges that we are being presented with, but we suddenly realize that we've already been well prepared for them; we just didn't see it before. This is when we can take old skills that we are tired of and put them into a new, vaster and more real context. Suddenly they are fresh again and fill us with a burst of inspiration and enthusiasm. In their new context, they become deeply fulfilling.

Sometimes, we realize that we've been looking in the wrong places for the things that we really need or most want. This is when we need to expand our openness so we can be receptive to discovering what is really available to us. The obvious, logical explanations of what is going on, are not necessarily what is really going on.

All the while, we are collecting information, skills and things that we will need later. Right now, many of them don't make sense and we don't know what to do with them. This is similar to playing a computer game where you collect something on Level 3 that you won't use until Level 22. The items collected may feel useless right now, but they will be exactly what we need later.

The present moment of NOW has never been stronger or more full. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to make far reaching plans. The future feels either very distant or nonexistent. We have the feeling that we need to keep everything stretched wide open at all times. This is because we are saving space for our "Off the Map" Wildest Dreams that we don't yet know about.

Many of us feel like we're on an iceberg floating in a Sea of Unreality. Our iceberg is not melting, but everything else feels like it is. Everything feels unreal except for our present moment. When this happens, we know that we can't go backwards into the old ways of being and we can't yet go forward into the future; all we can do is to expand the NOW. At times, it may feel like our New Life has completely evaporated, but even though we might not see it, it is on a direct trajectory to us and is coming ever closer.

There are many elements of our lives that are currently indefinable. And it's important that we don't try to force definitions on these things. We must simply accept them for what they are RIGHT NOW in the present moment and wait to see if their true meaning will be revealed at a later point. We simply do the things that feel right because they feel true, not because we understand them.

All the while, there is the sense of starting to see something wondrous that we never knew was there. We can feel it, but cannot possibly identify it. The veils are rapidly dissolving, but we cannot yet see the totality of what is being revealed. An expansion of our perceptions is taking place, changing the very fabric of what we thought we knew. An almost effortless releasing of the ancient pains of the past. A shifting of our internal templates that allows more and more levels of our True Self to emerge. It's like waking up from a long dream to find ourselves in a totally new environment that has unexpectedly inserted itself right in the midst of our old one.

And the present moment of HERE and NOW continually deepens and expands....


During this time, we can look into our past experiences with new eyes and get a fresh overview. This is deeply healing; it actually repatterns the Past and liberates us. People from our distant past are contacting us for the purpose of healing the past through Ho'o Pono Pono.

At this point, the Future is not so accessible. It can often feel quite blank, as if the path to it suddenly plunges off the edge of the known world.

An overview of the Present is also not currently possible; we are just immersed into it. However, for many of us there is a brilliant sense of rightness to the things that are happening in our life in the Present, even though we don't fully understand them. If you aren't feeling this yet, you will soon. I am just mapping the energies as I encounter them. Everyone has their own evolutionary timetable.

Once we have reached the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, this Major Intersection becomes so brightly illuminated that it is the only part of our New Map that we can see in any detail. Unfortunately, anything that is located on the periphery of the Major Intersection starts feeling lifeless and unreal. What is needed at this point is for us to further expand our beings so we can fold in the elements and unfinished tasks on the periphery enabling us to turn our attention to them.


Whenever we go into previously invisible sectors of the New Map, there aren't any known preparations we can make other than being as true as possible. We have no guides except for our intuitive sense of what feels right and gives us deep joy and fulfillment measured against what feels heavy and expired.

As we step further off of the map of the known, the restraints of time are rapidly dissolving and we become ultra unpinned. When we are unpinned, it doesn't mean that we are spaced out and unable to do things, just that we are greatly expanded and no longer pinned into the limitations of time. Many people are afraid that they will lose control and won't be able to function if they allow themselves to become unpinned. But actually, we can function far more effectively and far more freely once we allow ourselves to be unpinned.


Since the beginning of this magnificent new decade, there has been a significant shift in the energy. The New and True is now coming in on fresh breezes of AIR, rather than on waves of WATER. This gives the AIR an added component that it didn't have before. We are surfing the waves of the Air which emanate from an infinitely more expanded vastness. The new energies are arriving in the Air on the wind, rather than in the Water with the waves. Water symbolizes the old emotions and the old Love and Air symbolizes the infinitely truer, more refined and expanded emotion of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE. This is an extremely significant passing of a major sceptre and the birth of a new era or MUA.

This dramatic shift from Water to Air may require us to make adjustments to our physical bodies. Because of this, some people are getting the flu or having breathing problems while they adjust to the shift of elements. Or our physical bodies may become more enlivened.

This transfer from Water to Air has also altered the nature of Choppy Surf which is now occurring in a less angular, more circular manner. I really notice this when I go to the supermarket. There are lots of near collisions with people in the aisles, yet we somehow circle around each other, rather that crash into each other with our shopping carts. These encounters have an element of fun to them and gives us a chance to playfully interact with each other.

The super effective XUA!! is the combination of Air and Water. That is why it works so well with cleaning out our matrixes and clearing the path into the New and True. I use it constantly to clean out my energy field and clear my path.


One of the biggest changes taking place right now is the reshuffling and loosening of our most cherished Wildest Dreams. We've been holding onto them tightly for some time and now it's time to loosen our grip upon them. This is necessary because there is an influx coming in of "Off the Map" Wildest Dreams that we never knew existed. If we hold tightly onto our known Wildest Dreams, we may not be open enough to receive our expanded "Off the Map" ones which are far more exciting and fulfilling.

Our Wildest Dreams are being totally recalibrated to reflect these massive changes. One of the challenges of this month is to find the right combination of focused intent and openness. We need to be ultra focused, but if we are too tightly focused, we might not see the elements that exist on a vaster scale far beyond our narrow focus. We also need to be prepared to change direction or let go of a long held Wildest Dream at a second's notice.

We don't have to throw away our existing Wildest Dreams, but simply to expand our them so there are lots of openings in them to allow space for our new "Off the Map" Wildest Dreams to enter. Once we do this, our Wildest Dreams will start manifesting in unexpected places, coming from unexpected directions.

Our Wildest Dreams are already coming in. Some of these are things that we never thought would happen. They were so "Off the Map" that they weren't even a Wildest Dream. As they enter our lives, we might experience panic attacks. This is because they are so real and they are finally here! This is when we simply need to open ourselves further and gratefully accept what is being offered to us.



February is a month full of immense changes in which we move onto the Fast Track. The more True we are, the more Green Lights will turn on enabling us to zoom forward unhindered. All month long, we will have too much to do. This may require that we release some of the projects before us, find totally new ways of doing them or pass them on to others. All month long, some long awaited completions will finally occur.

We are just waking up in a New Landscape that we cannot yet fully see, but can strongly feel. This gives us the sense of being under construction, that our full New Being has not yet totally emerged. Everything is in the process of being sorted through and thoroughly recalibrated. All the while, we are adjusting our vision to see more clearly where we are.

During this month we may need to make some important decisions. This can be somewhat challenging since we don't feel that we have enough information to form a true decision. These decisions will have to be made from a sense of rightness rather than from studying the criteria and thinking about it with our minds. As the month progresses, everything will come into clearer focus. Our clarity will be enhanced, which will help us greatly with these decisions. No matter what, we don't want to fall back and make default decisions about anything.

If we still feel that we are mired into an expired or stuck situation, it's important to realize that we cannot deal with it on the same level that it was created. The needed solution will not be found by remaining small. This is like trying to untie the Gordian Knot -- knot by knot by knot. What is needed is to bring out our sword and cut ourselves free in one swoop. An "out of the box" creative solution. We can easily do this by expanding our being and becoming a True One.

Many of us will experience some insertion points that arrive totally "out of the blue". These surprising events may not arrive in a logical order. For example, you may sell your house before you have decided where you are moving to. At this time, many things are not happening in a linear progression or logical order. This makes it extremely confusing at times to understand clearly what is occurring. But if we simply remain wide open to whatever comes in and to whatever is happening and allow everything to be totally undefined for awhile, all will go well.

All month long, hidden elements will come out into the open. This gives everyone a chance to clear the energy and become truer. Old rifts between friends will be healed by coming together on a new level. This is part of the deep healing and expansion of our hearts that is taking place. All the while, the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE is growing ever stronger. More people are feeling it and embodying it. This surrounds us in a forcefield of LOVE and makes everything we do far more easier and much more fun.

February is a month full of gifts. These are the gifts of Trueness, of Healing, of Deepening, of Expansion, of Fun, of Fulfillment and of LOVE beyond measure.

And this is just the beginning....



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