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2015 began with January's NINE month of Completion. This put the emphasis on tying up many loose ends in our old tapestry. At the same time, we were preparing the tapestry of our True Life by putting the warp and weft threads into position on our loom. Although we began to choose some of the colors of our threads for the new tapestry and started having inspirations about the design, most of our energy was still going towards completing our old tapestry and getting everything ready for the new one.

January brought us lots of revision, rerouting, recalibration and reconfiguration. We were dropping layers of the weariness of our journey. Our True Core Self started to shine through.

Throughout the month, many previously fixed elements became unpinned so they could be reconfigured and moved into more true positions. Unpinning takes place in many forms. We can be unpinned from a set routine; unpinned from plans that appear solid; unpinned from our usual ways of doing things; unpinned from our old priorities; unpinned from the familiar and "normal". We learned that the very best thing to do when unpinned is to go into an unexpected direction.

The first month of 2015 was full of activity and intensity as the differences between many who are Awake and Aware are entwined with the reality of those who are Asleep and Unconscious - but still feeling and experiencing the same shift into uncharted territory.

January was a time of major clearing, cleansing and purging of anything that no longer resonated with the New Reality. There was a new energetic window of opportunity to release anything that inhibited our Trueness. Many of us did extensive clearing of the path into our True Lives.

January was the change before the Change. It was our final month of waiting. It was full of deep inner insights that helped us unhook ourselves from our old lives and old ways of being. In February, we will start implementing these profound changes into our lives so we can solidify our True Positions.


We are now entering the final month of an extremely powerful four month long MEGA RESET which began last November. We've gone through a cycle of November 2014 = Completion, December 2014 = New Beginnings, January 2015 = Completion and February 2015 = New Beginnings. This process has enabled us to make in-depth changes and reconfigurations to many aspects of our lives. Many elements have been unpinned from their old positions and are ready to move to new ones.

This ONE month of New Beginnings is quite different than the one we experienced in December. This is the absolutely real New Beginning. In February, we will be implementing all we've learned and experienced during the MEGA RESET. We will be integrating all the profound changes, infusing ourselves with new energy, and beginning to more fully inhabit the New Landscape. We are finally ready to move forward to manifest our Wildest Dreams. We are ready to live True Lives as True Ones!

Aligning Everything to a New Centerpoint

For several months now, many of us have been in an advanced state of mental and physical exhaustion, as well as overload. It feels like the Fast Track has spun off its foundation and is now moving faster than the speed of light. Our energy is stretched thin throughout myriad worlds. We are feeling overstretched in every possible direction. And although this isn't a pleasant or comfortable sensation and we really don't like feeling so stressed and stretched, it is greatly expanding our beings in ways we never knew was possible.

One of the reasons for this is because we have been dealing with myriad, tiny practical details while in a state of expanded vastness. At the same time that we've been in super action mode on extremely practical levels, we've been simultaneously inhabiting many parallel worlds and different realities. We're not just in a state of quiet beingness in these other realities, but we've been doing monumental tasks in many places all at once.

The MEGA RESET is bringing us to a new centerpoint which is the Central Core of Trueness. We now have to line up and align multiple realities and parallel worlds with this new centerpoint. We have to simultaneously be in all the spinning worlds and multiple realities, internally and externally, individually and collectively, until we become so vast that the separation between all the worlds dissolves.

When everything is aligned, it activates an internal trigger which tells us that the time of our long awaited Convergence has begun! This Convergence will happen all year long. It's like many of us all over the world are riding on our Windhorses at full gallop into our True Direction. In a few months, we will start converging together both energetically and physically. And that is when everything will undergo a dramatic transformation. It is when the Family of AN fully emerges. And when we will place the Jewels of our True Beings into the Crown.

How the MEGA RESET is Affecting Us

Forging the Master Sword

Often we feel like the sword of a Japanese Master Sword Maker who forges a beautiful sword which looks almost perfect. We think that we are a good, honest sword, that we know what's really happening and who we are, but then.... the sword maker returns us to the fire until our sword is red hot and softened enough to fold back onto itself. Then the sword of our being is roughly hammered back into shape, creating an even more perfect sword! We think that now we are finally clear and true, and then we suddenly see parts of our beings and areas of our lives which could be truer and more authentic. We see the parts of our love that we still hold back.....

Our sword is once again returned to the fire until it is molten hot. The blade is folded back onto itself, then it is hammered back into the shape of a sword. This process repeats itself until we finally become durable, master swords that have been so forged in the Fires of Transformation that we can swiftly cut through any illusion. All the residue of duality has been thoroughly burned and hammered out of us. This is what I personally went through for the past four years, but I have finally been forged anew.

Stretched in the Taffy Pulling Machine

Some of us feel like we've spent the last several months, or even years, in a taffy pulling machine. These are machines that make a special kind of old fashioned candy called taffy which requires extensive pulling and stretching before its ready.

We are stretched and stretched and stretched again into myriad directions, then are folded back into our self, then stretched out again and again until all the pins which held us into our old positions, old beliefs, old habits and old ways of being simply pop out.

During this process it often feels that we have reached our breaking point, yet somehow we keep stretching and expanding until we are thoroughly reconfigured. This process replaces all our hardened and limited views and gives us new flexibility and openness in areas we didn't know that we had within us. It breaks down all our previous limitations, greatly expands our capabilities and frees us to finally step into the full magnificence of our True Being.

Opening the Fan of our New True Being

Some of us, including me, are now in the Opening Fan stage. We are finally breathing the Air We Can Breathe. This fresh new air nourishes us with love, deep comfort and trueness like nothing else. All the weariness of our long, arduous journey of numerous lifetimes is now dissolving into nothingness like dust in the wind.

Now, we are gently opening the fan of our new True Being. As we do, each section that is unfolded reveals more of the true picture of who we are really are on a completely new level. We need to get familiar with each new part (and our new self). Although we don't yet know how our fan will look when it is fully opened, we know that we will love it.

The Waiting Room

Some of us aren't experiencing any of this right now. We feel like we've been stuck in the Waiting Room for a long, long time. We wake up each day hoping for a sign or a magical change to manifest. Or we have set certain conditions that must be met before we can start living True Lives in our True Homes. We need to finish our education, wait until our children are grown up, make more money or find our True Love.

We don't feel that we have any resistance to making changes in our lives and yet, it never seems to happen. We are at the train station with packed bags and ticket in hand, ready to travel into a New Direction, yet the train never comes.

This is happening because we are waiting for an external trigger to spur us into action, rather than connecting with our Heart's Knowingness to discover what we really want.

To get ourselves into motion, it's not a matter of artificially forcing ourselves to do something, especially if our heart isn't excited about it. Or of making a default decision just because it requires the least amount of effort or because it's expected of us by others. These methods simply won't take us into our True Lives.

If we really want to get out of the Waiting Room, we need to first ask ourself, "What would I most like to do?" "What would my True Life look like?" "What kind of work would I most love to be doing?" "If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I love to live?" "What are my Wildest Dreams?"

Once we get the answers to these questions, we need to look inside to see if there's anything within ourselves that isn't allowing us to have what we really want. Give yourself permission to live your Wildest Dreams! Then, leap into clear, decisive action and take the practical and energetic steps that will bring you there.

Yes, it is definitely scary at times to leave our known safety nets behind, but there is an infinitely larger and stronger safety net that keeps us safe so we can manifest our Wildest Dreams. And right now all the universal energies are supporting us in living True Lives as True Ones.


February is a super concentrated, ultra potent month of Fast Forward Action. This month contains three major Leaps. The First Leap took place as we entered February which began with a powerful blast of energy, making some of us feel like we'd just been shot out of a cannon. What's surprising is that this is just the beginning of the month and Mercury is still going retrograde.

Even with the big rush of energy at the beginning of the month, February unfolds in increments. This is fortunate, considering how strong the energies are right now. The Mercury Retrograde will be in effect until February 11th which gives us a bit more time for needed completion and revision. But until then, it doesn't slow us down much; it's like we are hurtling down a huge hill in a bobsled with a hand brake engaged on both sides. These brakes create lots of sparks from the friction on the icy track, but they are not significantly slowing us down. When Mercury goes direct, one of the hand brakes is released. This is when everything will speed up even more and the Second Leap of February begins.

in February the Chinese Year of the Horse is complete and at the last minute, many who have not yet ridden their Windhorses, will suddenly leap onto their backs and start riding like the wind, hoping to catch up with those who are already well along into the New Landscape. It will feel like a stampede of galloping horses.... riding like the wind.... choosing to be True.

The Chinese New Year is on February 18-19. This is the official beginning of 2015! It's also signifies the Third Leap of February as the second hand brake on our bobsled is released. The Windhorse passes the sceptre of 2015 to the Wood Sheep / Goat / Ram. Sheep years are highly creative periods in which people may express their artistic natures and find great pleasure in following their heart's desires.

When we enter the Year of the Sheep, we have a choice. Do we want to be docile sheep or are we going to be regal rams? Will we passively allow ourselves to be herded together as sheep and manipulated into increasing states of fear and insecurity?

Or will we be empowered rams who utilize the "herding" energy of the year to gather together as One Being? This gathering together is what is known as the Convergence. It's the coming together of True Ones in their True Families on an unprecedented scale.

In February and beyond, the greater the leap we make into our True Direction, the greater the success we will experience. Just like it was last year, if we set our internal compass to manifest our Wildest Dreams, we can achieve what was previously impossible.

This year marks a significant changeover from traveling on our individual, personal path to a new group dynamic where we do things together with kindred people. We will start traveling together on the collective path of our shared True Purpose. This energetic Convergence will happen even with those who live on opposite sides of the planet. This shift in dynamic is one of the prevailing themes of the entire year. 2015 is the year that we will gather together with our tribe, with our true, kindred people, with the Family of AN. A new foundation is being created and it is solid. This is how we will birth a New World.

If we choose to converge with our True People, rather than be herded into submission like sheep (sheeple = sheep people), we will remain seated on our Windhorses who won't leave us as long as we are going in our True Direction. We will be gracefully carrying our radiant Mani Stones (Wish Fulfilling Gems) in the Heart of the Lotus which we hold in our outstretched hand. We will Ride like the Wind deeper into the New Landscape, deeper into Trueness, finally living authentic, True Lives as True Ones, while manifesting our most precious, Wildest Dreams.

Many of us have been plunged into non-stop action for well over a year without knowing what will be the results of our efforts. All we know is that there's been a stunning sense of rightness to what we are doing. We had no visible safety nets except for this powerful feeling of rightness. At times, it felt like we were taking a massive gamble with our lives, our energy, our time, our resources and that we could either lose everything or gain everything. Yet increasingly, we are realizing that our Wildest Dreams are finally manifesting on the physical. What an amazing feeling this is!

As always, the people with the most fixed, normal lives are the ones who will have the most difficulties. They will have to activate qualities within themselves that they haven't developed before. This is similar to when we do a new sport or exercise and discover that we have to carefully train a muscle which we haven't used before or it might get damaged.

Many of us are becoming much more selective of where we put our energy. We are culling through our friends, associates and activities so we can release the ones which aren't honest and true.

Some sensitive people who are still living in places with heavy energy are experiencing serious health crisises. This is a warning to either move to a new physical or energetic place with lighter energy or to recalibrate everything into the New Reality. This inner and outer recalibration is especially important in the places where we live and work.

At times we may feel that we are navigating a canoe through a canal which is full of debris. Not only do we have to use our arms to paddle the canoe, but we constantly have to remove the debris from our path, which requires two extra arms that we don't have. At the same time, we are encountering occasional Left Field Shocks that appear seemingly from out of nowhere. They may temporarily knock us over, but we get up quickly to discover that we have just received a much needed realignment.

We might have to do some things which look like they are taking us backwards, but they are actually moving us forward. Tasks arrive from Out of the Blue and grab our attention, even though we already have too many things to do. Sometimes, we have to ignore our known tasks and do something totally different. We are also encountering things which we've long neglected that are now demanding our attention.

Many of us are still in a state of Full Action Mode which is ever accelerating. Others of us are still waiting for something to happen which will ignite us into action. Everything is coming into finer focus and greater clarity so we feel increasingly more confidant with the steps we are taking.

All the while, we are becoming more familiar with the energies of the New Landscape. There's a deep sense of comfort and of being at home that makes us smile. It feels like there is a change in the energetic and chemical composition of the air. Aligning with the air right now is helpful and it feels new and fresh. It grounds us in our heart and has real substance. Its grounding affects all our cellular structures and shifts us to new levels.

The New Reality isn't born solely of our wishes and dreams. We can visualize it daily with a pure intent and it still won't manifest. What's required is that we roll up our sleeves and start building it, piece by piece, giving it our full focus and efforts. The New World is born of our decisive actions, our blood, sweat, tears, focused intent, financial resources and whole-hearted participation. We not only use our known skills, but we develop skills that we never knew we had. We learn how to deal with thousands of mundane, practical details without being broken. We maintain our expanded vastness wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

The New World is built with our Truest Heart Love. This is the cement that holds everything together. It is both the foundation and the capstone. It fills all the spaces in between. It infuses our beings. It is the Air We Breathe.

February is a time of great movement that can appear dramatic at times, and yet within it are islands of stillness and reflection. As we continue to give our focus to the world we want to live in, instead of the one fading away, it becomes so much more visible for all to see.

Let's Leap and Leap and Leap again!

With True True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Ann, Carolyn, David, Denise, Emanaku, Inger, Keenuane, Maria, Thomas, Trinity


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