February 2000: Are we really ready for our New Lives?

February is the month where we are going to be tested to see if we REALLY want to live a New Life. Everything is possible this year; the fulfillment of our deepest heart's desires is possible. We can finally move into position to live the lives we have always wanted. Sounds great, huh?

There's just one tiny catch....

Are we really ready to move forward? Are we willing to let go of the habits and patterns which keep us stuck? Are we prepared to take decisive action to do this?

Some of the doors of our past are going to start closing this month. And just how are we going to react to this? Are we going to panic and try to wedge ourselves into the closing doors? Are we going to grab onto to everything that is leaving our lives and try to tenaciously hold on? Are we going to try to cling onto unfulfilling relationships? Are we going to desperately fan the dying embers of our past?

It might be easy to say, "Of course, not! I really want to experience my New Life." But are we going to gracefully let go when our futures haven't yet been totally revealed?

Doors are going to open all year long. The year 2000 is full of major breakthroughs. But all of this takes time. Our New Lives are not going to be delivered to us by UPS in a neat little package with a nice red bow. They are going to steadily reveal themselves to us, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

This takes a lot of trust. It takes commitment to see it through, even though we may not be able to see just exactly where we are going.

Our old lives are finished. Maybe we're still living in the some of the residue of the past, but we are no longer living in the resonance of the past.

It's this new resonance which is going to carry us through. If we keep aligning ourselves to this new resonance, it will lead us to the breakthroughs, to the open doors.

There's a big doorway on February 5th. In astrological terms it's a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse and the Chinese New Year. That's a lot of stuff happening. Add to this a conjunction of the Sun and Moon with the wild planet Uranus on that day and that should stir things up quite a bit. Uranus always brings the Winds of Change. And now that the Chinese New Year officially begins, it will be off to a great start. Powerful. Magnificent.

February is a month of action. We're going to be very busy dealing with the changes in our lives and building the foundations of our New Lives. New elements will be coming in with a whoosh, blowing out much of the old.

The crucial question is how we handle these changes. We needn't be afraid of change because there's going to be a lot of it this year. Many old doorways will be closing. This has to happen if we want to move into our New Lives. It's a good thing. An exciting thing.

As each new element enters our life, we will be constantly challenged to let go of our old ways. And there will be some perfect "set-ups" to test us, to see if we are really ready to move forward into the New. These situations will be set-up so we will react in our old patterns. But it's easy for us to be aware that we don't have to be caught in the traps of the past. As soon as we choose a new approach to our old situations, they will dissolve and set us free.


The focus of this time is centering on the shifting and purifying of our resonance. It's a great time for recalibrating our resonance. Part of this process is purification. We need to clear everything around us. Our surroundings need to be cleaned, both physically and energetically.

We can begin by cleaning house and rearranging things to better reflect the new resonance. Any pockets of stuck energy can now be purified and freed. You might want to add a fresh coat of paint or rearrange the furniture. You might sift through your belongings and get rid of another batch of stuff which just isn't you anymore.

This is far more liberating than you might imagine. Passing on those old books and clothes, going through your old papers and memorabilia, letting go of the music you no longer listen to, creates fresh space for the New to enter your life. It's part of the process of being more honest and true.

We can also look for the unresolved, sticky situations in our lives and put energy into setting them free. We can start speaking and living our truth. Most of us have people in our lives with whom we don't honestly communicate our real feelings. Well, it's time to start doing exactly that! The challenge is to communicate not only with our truth, but with our love and compassion as well. If we just brutally spit out the truth, then we're not being totally honest either. For our Love is an important part of our truth. It's who we really are.

While we are clearing the resonance of our outer surroundings, we can also start clearing our inner resonance. Let's do everything we can to clear our energy fields so that we emanate pure, clean energy. Let's go right into the stuck, closed off or stunted parts of our beings and put our full, loving consciousness there. Let's bring ourselves into greater wholeness.

This purification and recalibration of our resonance is a crucial part of laying the foundations of our New Lives.

This time calls for energetic action. Clean, clear action. Altering our attitudes, ways of doing things and responses so that we can live in our new resonance.


At the beginning of this month, I mentioned that we would be tested. Well, some of us are REALLY being tested. Yesterday, we ran into a patch of rough water. The kind that slaps you hard. It got me since I wasn't expecting it. I thought that my tests could be met if I kept on completing things and focused on maintaining a clear resonance and positive outlook.

I forgot that I wasn't the only one being tested. Everyone is being tested right now. And some people are not doing so well in the testing. When these people choose to act from unconscious, murky motives or from maliciousness, then often their reactions to us become our test.

It's all a matter of integrity. This is the time when if we've got true integrity, we have to maintain it. It's one thing to talk about integrity and it's quite another thing to live it. It's also a time of the unmasking of inferior elements, the bringing to the surface of a lot of interior garbage. And even if you feel you have dealt with your own garbage, someone may just dump theirs on you!

This is what has happened to me over the past few days. I feel shocked and hurt and have been thrown somewhat out of balance. But no matter what happens, we must continue to stand on our integrity. And even if we get thrown down by the rough waters, we must get back up as soon as possible and continue surfing the new resonance.

Hopefully, this time shall soon pass.

It's also important to have compassion towards those who transgress upon us. It's always sad when someone can't live their love or be their true greatness. But we are all being bombarded with multiple pressures at this time. It's as if the dam were ready to burst at any moment. And it will soon.

When it does, then if we have lived our integrity and if we stay in our love, we will ride the new resonance through major breakthrough into New Lives.


On February 9th we hit the turbulence of some very rough waters. Some of us hit very sharp rocks while others were thrown out of our rafts. A few rafts totally upended and were pulled away. Whatever happened, we hit a bumpy stretch which challenged us to stay in our love and respond in totally new ways.

Now here we are a week later, still dealing with the aftermath of last week's turbulence. We aren't so much dealing with the specifics of what happened last week as we are with the repercussions or aftershocks of that rough outburst of negative energy.

For some of us, this has greatly affected our physical energy. Our bodies are full of unexplained aches and pains which tend to move from spot to spot and we can barely function. For others of us, it is taking a massive effort on our parts to remain centered and positive.

You could describe this time thusly:

"It's almost like scraping along the bottom. . . . . but actually it isn't."

Of course, the key part is the "but actually it isn't".

Just remember what we are doing this year: we are creating the foundations of our New Lives. Right now we are in the stage of crawling deep down under the ground and making sure the base of our foundation is aligned to the new resonance.

Hey, we don't want any moldy old stones in the foundation of our New Lives, do we? Of course not! And that's why this time calls for us to be "scraping along the bottom" rather than soaring through into our grand New Lives.

That's why we are cleaning out our old habits and responses, purifying our beings. It's the most important thing we can do at this time. Go down deep into the bowels of the earth and make the alignment of our foundation stones clean and true.

So don't get discouraged. This time shall pass. The building materials for our New Lives are on order. They will be arriving soon. Because of this challenging time, we're going to build our New Lives on clear foundations. And that is what we truly want.


Just when we thought we had made it through into smoother waters, here comes another storm, a much bigger one than before. This one is intense, seemingly hitting us from all directions.

Perhaps the intensity of this time is due to the increased activity of the solar flares and CME (corona mass ejections) which are currently bombarding our planet. If so, then we should direct some loving energy to our Sun. Our One Being needs to gently embrace our Sun into our One. We need to stand in our vastness, in the power of our collective One Being and hold our Sun in it. This will help to stabilize the Sun and its effects upon us.

Whatever is causing this is definitely affecting us strongly. These are not just "normal" challenges. They are not just "normal" tests or clearings. They are distortions or aberrations in the weaving of our One. Undoubtedly, these warps in our personal, planetary and solar fields are serving a higher purpose by throwing us into new frequencies of challenges. This will inevitably lead to the opening of totally new areas and levels of our consciousness and take us into a new awareness and sense of wholeness.

What can we do to get through this time? What I'm doing is just standing here and taking it, hit after hit. I'm not losing my commitment to my New Life. I'm not losing my commitment to free myself from the past or to remain in my love. Sometimes, I get knocked flat, and although this slows me down, I eventually get up and continue on.

What's funny is that I'm being strongly affected on the physical, psychic and emotional levels, yet most of the time, I'm retaining my mental clarity and love. That's a very useful thing when you are being barraged. And it's important to stay anchored in Oneness and remain loving.

These storms are very strange since they are bringing in experiences that are not normally in our sphere. It feels like some of these experiences are the projections of our hidden fears which are coming up so we can clear them. They are magnified to such an extent that they appear to us greatly distorted. This distortion frequency is what makes them so difficult to deal with.

It also feels that some of what we are experiencing doesn't really belong to us or to our karmic patterns. It's as if mail was being sent to the wrong person. Perhaps, this is also due to the distortion frequency which is set off by the increased solar activity.

We are well aware of the influence of the Moon on our moods, our body liquids, and the ocean's tides. Now it is time to become aware of the Sun's effect upon us. We must find a way to roll with the punches, so to speak. This heightened sunspot activity is affecting us in ways that we are not used to. Once we discover the key to working with it, then it will become much easier to deal with.

And of course, there are some people who are not being strongly affected. If you are one of these, then please hold us all in the beam of your love, hold us in our One Being and help us through this challenging time. Your support is really needed during this time to anchor Oneness. You are the anchors to help pull us through this time of upheaval.

We are being tested like never before. But right on the other side of this are the big breakthroughs of March. So hold on and stay as positive as possible. Batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Our love, our Oneness and our commitment to our New Lives will carry us through.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.