Solara's January 2010 Surf Report




On the Path of LOVE




December was a month in which we gave and received numerous gifts. This wasn't because of the various holidays; it happened because we are now emerging as True Ones. So many presents poured in, on so many different levels, that it made us feel as if we were being rewarded for our many years of extreme efforts. And this is just the beginning....

A few days before the Solstice, we entered a mystical transition zone. It felt as if a massive dome of protection was placed over all of us. The energy was exquisite and sublime. This enabled us to experience huge breakthroughs. The Blue Moon - Lunar Eclipse on December 31st was so strong that many of us could not sleep for several nights.

A deep hush of Quantum Deep covered the land like a soft, silky duvet. In that mystical transition zone, we were imprinted with new energies, new information and our New Map. Encodings of our true purpose that had been long dormant within our cellular memory banks were activated. We were indelibly altered.... in ways that we cannot begin to put into words. A fresh breeze blew through us, as we were given a preview of all that is to come.

This filled us with immense excitement and a rising expectancy. At the same time, many elements effortlessly dropped away from us. It was like pulling the plug out of a sink and watching all the old dirty water disappear down the drain. Layers of illusions dissolved; old hurts and old fears that had long held us back suddenly faded away and ceased to be.


On New Year's Day, we found ourselves deposited on a totally Blank Canvas that felt both greatly expanded and absolutely empty. The incredible infusion of exquisite energy that we had just experienced moved us deeper into realms that had previously been Invisible. This triggered waves of sadness in some. We weren't sad for any specific reason; it was more of a release triggered by our vastly altered state.

Since then, it feels as if there is a brand new component to the air we breathe. Something that wasn't there before has been added to the formula, giving us heightened perceptions and increased sensitivity. It has suddenly become infinitely easier to accept WHO WE REALLY ARE rather than continue to resist it; it's easier to live in the Ultra Greater Reality, easier to be a True One.


This infusion of new energies requires us to make numerous adjustments, especially during the first two weeks of January. Our evolutionary labyrinth has just been dramatically reconfigured. Since we have moved onto a Blank Canvas in a previously unexplored sector of our New Map, it is not yet clear where we are. Everything has changed, even when we can't see it yet. We can feel these changes deep within us, although we may not have a clue as to the full extent of them.

Our Blank Canvas requires absolute openness while our seeing adjusts to the new energy. This is similar to being in a white-out during a blizzard; we can't yet see where we are. Because we have a heightened sensitivity to our surroundings, we need to be extra gentle and respectful with ourselves and others.

During this time of immensely deep inner recalibration, there may be sudden outbursts of negative energy from us or others. This is happening because we can no longer hide any duality-based emotions inside us. They have to come out, and when they do, we may experience a deep shattering. Some of these shatterings may be so intense that we are null zoned. And just like dropping a glass pitcher onto a concrete floor, we will find it impossible to pick up the myriad fragments and glue them back together into the Way Things Used To Be.

Being shattered and null zoned isn't a pleasant experience, but they do completely demolish old patterns. They create a fertile ground for birthing the New. And the only patterns that will be shattered are the ones that we most need to release.

During our lifetime, our dreams, aspirations and knowing have all been put down by those around us innumerable times. This was so painful that we developed coping mechanisms such as making fun of the things that were the most precious and sacred to us. Now we need to dismantle these outdated defense mechanisms. In this new time, it's vitally important that we stop dishonoring each other and the things that we hold sacred, what we believe in, what we know to be true. We can rid ourselves of dishonoring on any level, and replace dishonoring with honoring.

This is also an excellent time to dismantle any inner resistances and old fears that have kept us small. As these inner resistances are removed, the barriers that have blocked our path dissolve. We are finally free of our old hindrances! We no longer have to go into a defensive reaction mode when confronted with our fears or our resistance to being true. We don't have to shut down or run away.

All month long, we will be undergoing a massive recalibration on all levels as we step through the threshold of being True Ones. We will clean, purify and realign. We will sort through everything this month, getting rid of anything which has lost its trueness and now feels dull and lifeless. We will look closely at our beliefs, our activities, our relationships, our responses and our outer surroundings with fresh eyes. This will enable us to see that many things that were OK for us before, now have reached their expiration date and can be released.

Clutter on all levels must be cleared away. It similar to emptying our pockets of any old litter we've accumulated such as used Kleenexes, old ticket stubs, coins from a country that we will never return to or the occasional cigarette stub. We don't need to carry these things with us anymore. Let go of anything which is no longer true to make space for the New. This is also an excellent time to recalibrate our home environments to make them more truly reflect who we really are. We need to hone and refine our inner and outer beings before we can put anything on our Blank Canvas.

Another area that needs to be cleaned out is communication. It's time to move our communication to a new level of honesty, depth and realness. We no longer need to fill our communications with meaningless blah, blah, blah. We also have to watch out for judging another person because we are not yet on their level and don't understand their trueness. Let's make all our communications authentic and true. Let's say what we really know; let's express what we really feel. Let's use our energy to love, honor and support one another, rather than feeding separation, manipulation and intrigue. The time for that is so over.

To help us thoroughly recalibrate ourselves so we can travel on the New Map, we may be thrust back into the center of our Perfect Storms. This will stir up any remaining residue of our core issues so we can totally clear them out of our matrix.


The most important thing that we can do during this time is to decide to be a True One. This is our Number One Priority and everything depends on it. It is one of the most important decisions that we will ever make. Whether or not we choose to step in as a True One will determine what we will experience this year. The sooner we do it, the easier and more fun it will be. For only when we have stepped in as True Ones, can we manifest the vast potential of 2010 as the Year of Fulfillment. And only as a True One can we walk upon the real Path of Love.

Being a True One isn't elitism, for we all have True Ones within us. It's simply the decision to be WHO WE ALREADY ARE in the core nucleus of our beings. To bring WHO WE ARE out to the surface for all to see. It signifies the end of the artificial duality-based split between WHO WE REALLY ARE and Who We Are in our Daily Life.

This is especially important as we prepare to fill our Blank Canvas. We are so blessed to be presented with a Blank Canvas just when we are standing on the cusp of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. We can create magnificent New Lives upon it. We can be intimidated or we can be inspired. We can fill our canvas with the fearful, superficial scribbles of our small self or we can stand tall as a True One, and with a sureness emanating from the true authority of our vast LOVE, we can create an exquisite new world.


Even if we have already stepped into being a True One, we still don't know what is going to fill our Blank Canvas. We are certain that we will put something on it, but we don't know what yet. Yes, it could be paint, but it also could be something totally unexpected such as stones, flowers or egg shells.

If we haven't yet fully stepped into being a True One, we may question whether or not we have the talent or vision to paint something beautiful and true on our canvas. We may fear that we will create a muddy mess, rather than something that inspires us.

When your canvas is blank, don't be in a hurry to fill it up. Learn to be comfortable with the emptiness. It's important that we don't impatiently force ourselves into action before we see and feel what is meant to be there. Wait until you can see into the Invisible represented by your Blank Canvas, then what is meant to be on your canvas will be revealed.

Every action that we take from this moment on has to be a true one. First, we need to clear our surroundings, gather our tools, put on some music and feel what colors want to be used. Let's make sure that we are in the right space to create something authentic and inspiring.

Now it's time to reach way down into the central core of our beings, just like putting a bucket into a deep well to bring up the clearest water. This is what I have to do each time that I make a mandala. I set aside all preconceptions of what I might create. I have no prior vision of what I might do. Instead, I just grab some bowls of various sizes, put them on my paper and make a series of circles in pencil. I do this without thinking. Sometimes, I use a ruler and make lines intersecting the circles. Again.... no thinking, just pure action that springs from the depth of WHO I AM.

Sometimes this happens with great ease. I just follow the energy, one clean action after another. At other times, I find myself looking at my partially created mandala unable to see where it is going. This is where judgment can seep in, if we aren't careful. I start to wonder if my new mandala is going to end up as a meaningless mess? Then I XUA!! that away, realign myself as a True One, strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE, and continue on into the Unknown with renewed trust. Until finally, the mandala is finished and I can see where it has led me.

Creating on a Blank Canvas is such a sacred journey into the central core of WHO WE NOW ARE. Each time that we make this journey, we go deeper and we become Truer. As we start to paint on our Blank Canvas, some of our hidden talents that we didn't know existed will be revealed. The doors to the enhanced vision of our internal knowing will fling open. And we will have an exhilarating ride on the waves of a massive creative surge.



I wrote a lot about the First Wave, Second Wave and Bridges in my Year 2010 Surf Report. Since then, there has been a massive activation of the Bridges. Until now, when they looked into the Light, they found it somewhat blinding and intimidating; they weren't sure if they were worthy of being there. Now it is no longer blinding them. This is giving them less fear and anxiety. Now they know that there is a place for them and they are starting to feel comfortable in stepping in as a True One.

The First Wave is feeling a deep sense of relief that we have finally Anchored the New. This was their big task that they've been working on since they first came to the planet. They know how long it took and how hard it was, what an impossible task it was, but now it is complete. Even if an asteroid hits the planet and it's suddenly demolished, the New has been anchored.

I'm not yet feeling this sense of relief since I am still carrying way too much responsibility. My own personal relief will come when the True Ones step forward and share some of the huge responsibility that I've been carrying. And that will be a HUGE relief!

Some have questioned the need to take the sceptres that the First Wave are so urgently wanting to pass on. They think that this will restrict them to doing things in the old ways. But it will not. Taking the sceptres will allow you to fully step in as a True One. And they don't come with any requirement, except that you carry them with your full integrity. When one receives a sceptre of responsibility from a First Wave, it does not obligate you to do things in the old ways. And sceptres are no longer meant to be carried by only one person, but by a group of people so the load will be light. They are being passed on so that new ways can be born out of the ancient wisdom and lifetimes of earthly experiences. Receiving a sceptre is an honoring of the long, arduous journey of the First Wave to Anchor the New, an honoring of the knowledge they have accumulated, an honoring of the immense service that they have done for us all; an honoring of yourself as a True One. It is a changing of the guard and the correct way to make the changeover from the old to the New.

Up until now, many people have lacked focus because they haven't made a commitment to anything real. This was OK because it wasn't yet the time to make a commitment or the right thing to make a commitment to wasn't visible. The Bridges and Second Wave would occasionally dip their feet into the water, but they wouldn't leap in. Now we can finally leap in with our full beings. There is something very real and very important to commit to.... becoming a True One and moving into One Being in Action. Making this commitment and stepping forward to carry some of the responsibility will greatly empower us and make our lives far more effective and fulfilling. By doing this we will be able to influence our entire landscape by becoming Sacred Pagodas.

The sharing of responsibility is such a key component of this year. It's really essential if we are going to create a new world. We can no longer sit back and let the First Wave carry everything for us, for that old pattern has totally expired. It's time for our One Being to leap into Action. This will unleash our creativity and will be so much fun!



January is an important new beginning to an exciting new decade. This New Year we are waking up in a New Landscape that we cannot yet see, but we can strongly feel. We will begin the month with the feeling that we are under construction as we make massive internal and external adjustments to the new energy which infused us in the final weeks of December. Everything needs to be sorted through and recalibrated. All month long, we will be adjusting our vision to see more of where we are.

There is a mammoth activation of the True Ones taking place. More and more people are stepping in. January takes the special Blue Moon energy of New Year's Eve and reunites us with fragments of our beings that have been waiting for this moment to join with us. This enables us to be True Ones. The True Ones are the missing ingredient of our One Being. That's why the old glue never held us together before. As increasing numbers of True Ones emerge this year, we will be able to move onto the level of One Being in Action where everything is possible.

This emphasizes the importance of having rock solid integrity. Integrity is not something that we can wear like a veneer of plaster. It needs to go all the way through to our core nucleus, otherwise the plaster will simply crack and fall off as soon as any pressure is applied to it. Others will be able to see when we are faking it, and we simply cannot fake anything anymore. Integrity is like a fresco; it's not a painting on the surface of our beings, but the paint of integrity is mixed with wet plaster so that the colors go through all the layers.

Many of us are getting ready for the massive changes that will be taking place in our lives this year. Everything feels vastly different now. Our One Being is getting ready to click into position with a new energy and new focus that will enable us to get things done with less choppiness and more creativity. More people are getting it than ever before, on a very grounded, tangible, real level. This is the flowering of our mastery.

The first two weeks of January emphasizes this process of adjustments and recalibration. Some of us will revisit our Perfect Storms. The final two weeks of the month brings lots of decisive action. This will create the propulsion that will shoot us off the launching pad. Some of us will be propelled out of our old lives and into the New. It will feel like being shot out of a cannon.

A series of Major Intersections is just ahead of us. They start mid-month and continue all year. This is why it's so important to choose to step in as a True One as soon as possible. These Major Intersections are like a series of doorways or templates of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these doorways come towards us and some we will go towards. New doorways will appear from multiple directions, each requiring us to reconfigure our beings to pass through them. It's like traveling through multiple tumblers in a massive, spinning lock. All the while, we are being weighed and measured; our internal encodings are activating and numerous cylinders are clicking into position. This process is reshaping us into our new patterning as True Ones.

As we become increasing truer, we will find more Hidden Treasures --those special touchstones that are perfectly aligned with our True Beings.

Throughout January, we feel a heightened sense of expectancy. We know that major triggers are about to be activated. Imminent change is on the near horizon. Once these changes occur, they will have a profound effect on "the world as we have known it". A New World is being born.

Many of have reached the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We are on the launching pad ready to be propelled like a rocket into our New Lives. It is no longer a question of IF it will happen, but one of WHEN it will happen.

We are on the cusp of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams....



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