Clearing the Path into our True Lives

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As the month began, many of us felt as if we'd been released from the pressure cooker of the past few months. Our inner calm returned. December presented us with a sense of coming back to our True Self -- only this time it was on a much deeper and more real level than before.

December brought us an infusion of exciting and highly creative New Beginnings with many projects in motion, while taking us deeper into the New Landscape. The emphasis of our four month long MEGA RESET is the releasing of our old environment and the moving into our True Position until our beings are completely RESET to its frequencies.

This month strongly pointed us into our True Direction and we started taking the necessary steps to get there. We could see that a whole new reality is opening up; we only had to choose to go there. Throughout December there was a feeling of urgency to get ourselves into our rightful position as quickly as possible.

Clearing the Path into our True Lives

We are now entering the third, and possibly strongest, month of an extremely powerful four month long MEGA RESET. This is another nine month of Completion, but it is quite different than the one we experienced in November. We have reached a much deeper level of recalibration and letting go.

Right at the beginning of the New Year, we may encounter a grain of sand that we have never dealt with before. We knew that it was there, but either didn't have time to do anything with it or weren't ready. Now, the grain of sand has turned into a huge boulder that is right in front of us. Its presence is undeniable. It's obvious that we have to deal with it right away. We realize that we can't go forward until the boulder either rolls out of our path or transforms back into a pebble.

What's required is clear, honest communication. Even though it might be awkward or unpleasant to address this issue, it cannot be ignored. We have to go right towards it and face it. We have to meet it with absolute trueness. Only then, will it be able to be removed from our path. Once we do this, we will be surprised at how quickly it transforms.

January also brings us many opportunities for Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. Some of the things we need to make right we've already been aware of, while others are new challenges. We may also encounter occasional glitches that are in our way. Most of these arrive unexpectedly. Some of them might appear formidable at first until we reassert our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL. Then we simply become like water, flowing in streams of Trueness, flowing in streams of True Heart Love, until all blockages are washed away.

We are discovering limits that are present in some situations that we never knew were there. We thought that they were open and without limitations. These limits may not be based on reality or Trueness; instead they may be based on outdated perceptions. But they are in position, like a large rock hidden in tall grass, just waiting to be stumbled upon. Once we are aware of these illusory limits carried within us or others, that create a blockage in our forward motion, they need to be rolled out of the way, for we are now unlimited beings who require clear, unhindered passage into the New and True.

In many ways, January represents the end of a very long cycle. We are letting go of many old habits, behaviors and limited beliefs that we've carried with us for much of our lives. We are releasing the need to conform to what "others" expect of us and following what we know to be True. We may be making plans to leave our job, relationship or living situation. Many elements in our lives are now being put into position to create a setup, a Perfect Storm, so we can clearly see what needs to be changed and are propelled to do it. It's important that we utilize this rare opportunity by implementing the MEGA RESET in all areas of our lives.

We are also bringing many long standing projects to their conclusion. Once they are accomplished, this will feel very liberating. Here at the Heart of AN, we have had ongoing construction since August 2013. With some luck, this first phase of construction should be over at the end of January or early February. This will finally enable us to focus on other things.

January is also brilliantly removing anything which has held us back from leaping into our New Lives. This includes fears, insecurities and all types of resistances. This is happening this month so that in February we will have a much cleaner slate than we do now. Then we can leap into clear, decisive action to quickly get into our True Positions.

Another noteworthy aspect of the MEGA RESET is that it is moving us from an individual dynamic where we did things by ourself or with one other person, to a much larger group dynamic with those with whom we share a True Purpose. All year long, we will be coming together with many kindred people and initiating numerous group projects and activities. The Family of AN is reuniting. The time for us to do things by ourselves is nearly over.


At the beginning of 2015, the gap between the old reality of duality and the New Reality appears larger than ever before. At the same time a mass migration is taking place as many people leave duality behind and move into the New Landscape. More and more people are realizing that we will not find our True Place, True People and True Purpose within our old, worn out context anymore.

January is a time of major clearing, cleansing, and purging anything that no longer resonates with the New Reality. There is a new energetic window of opportunity to release anything that inhibits our highest vibrational frequency. Because of this, many of us will be clearing the path into our True Lives in January.

In the Year 2015 Surf Report, I wrote about how we are ratcheting ourselves on a steel cable over the abyss between our old lives and our True Lives. Each month, we make further progress and each month dramatically changes our vantage point. Now we have passed the halfway point across the abyss. This makes us feel much freer from the enticements of duality. Our old lives appear distant and lifeless. We can now see, taste and feel the New Reality and it is SO VIBRANTLY ALIVE!!! This fills us with fresh excitement and renews our determination to get to the other side.

In January, while crossing over the abyss, we might encounter the final residue of our resistance to fully inhabit the New Landscape. This is when we may appear to go backwards for a bit. But this backwards movement actually helps us to clearly face our resistance, rather than superficially skim over it, so we can release it once and for all.

Over the past couple of months, any repetition of old expired gestures has been especially hollow. Doing anything –– simply because others expect it or tradition demands it, is so devoid of meaning that it is life depleting. Increasingly, all expired forms of expression, celebration and gratuitous repetitions that we fondly refer to as ‘traditions’ feel empty.

If our fears of moving into our new directions are too ingrained, then we will receive a series of ever escalating wake up calls until we finally get it. It is definitely the time to SHIFT WORLDS.

Right at the beginning of January, we will experience distractions and events to test our balance, yet every time we can remember who we are and why we are here, all cloudiness lifts. Following our Heart’s Knowingness strengthens our intuition and gives us the needed guidance. Our sensitivity is further honed when we pay attention to subtle vibrational changes. Realms beyond our understanding are coming together in a completely whole fabric as the energetic bits and pieces of duality lose their definition. Any elements of separation will continue to be revealed and puff away into nothingness like smoke.

As the year begins, we are shown that the greatest success comes when we are creating new things. When we follow our old pursuits, old interests and established career path, we can see that it soon reaches a dead end. But anything which is in our True Direction has a clear open road with plenty of Green Lights to illuminate its path.

Another wave of people are now leaving our life because we have completed what we had to do together and are being led into different directions. Some old friendships are being released because they are not based on transparency, honesty and openness. Without these qualities present, these friendships feel empty and meaningless. As the same time, some people from our past are re-entering our lives on a completely new level, with a stronger, deeper sense of kinship and shared purpose than ever before. In addition, many new people will be coming into our lives this year.

Another wave of loved ones is now leaving the planet. Even though many dear ones have died in the past few years, we can feel that we are still woven together with them in the Tapestry of Oneness. We carry the threads of their beings eternally woven within us. This is creating a strong connection for us with the worlds beyond, causing our One Being to expand exponentially.

January will be a time of heightened clarity. We will be guided into our True Position with confidence and courage, in a way that we have never experienced before. The two main challenges will be letting go when we absolutely know that it is necessary and being affected by the impacts arising from dying duality itself. This stress may overlay our sense of freedom in the next few months.

Many structures that were built upon foundations of polarization are falling apart. Humanity has long been held in check by propaganda and influenced by the spiraling chaos of an expired reality system fighting for its life. But now is the time when our True Heart Love energy can and will start to pierce all the false structures of this world. Be ready, be flexible and fearless! We have the strength and clarity to purge and release anything that is hindering us. We will experience manifestation Beyond our Wildest Dreams!

January is a month of deep inner changes and numerous insights that help us to further unhook ourselves from our old lives and old ways of being. In February, we will start implementing these profound changes into our lives so we can solidify our True Positions.

Many of us have been waiting for something definitive to happen. We can feel huge changes on their way. There's also a strong sense of waiting for something deep within us to be activated so we can fully emerge as our True Selves. We are waiting for a key to turn so a doorway into a completely new reality can fully open. Until it does, we should continue to put as many elements as possible into their right positions, for this is what will create the key.

January is the change before the Change. It is our final month of waiting. When we reach the Turning Point, the door to the New World will fully open. After that, there will be no turning back. NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We can feel a huge sense of excitement at what is to come!

February will bring us forward motion and a momentous New Beginning. By the end of the month, we will clearly see the powerful effects of our four month MEGA RESET and how we have been profoundly changed.

With True New Year Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Abjini, Denise, Emanaku, Inger,


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