January 2000: In the Whirlpool

January has started off with a burst of activity. So much activity that's it difficult to keep up. There are not only our "normal" every day activities, but we are receiving bolts from out of the blue. Many unexpected occurrences keep us hopping.

January is like a whirlpool. Many parts of our beings and many parts of our lives are being shucked off at a rapid pace. While we're spinning in the whirlpool, it may be difficult to get a perspective on what is really happening.

Old relationships are still spinning off, if they haven't already. Many friendships have reached their completion and are dissolving out of our lives. Our jobs and careers are spinning through some dramatic changes. Our previous ones are going away and our new ones haven't quite landed yet. But we can now feel them, and they feel exciting! Full of newness and creative energy.

Our New Directions are also being pulled through the spinning whirlpool. Many of our "proposed futures" have spun away. What remains is going to be so true, so in alignment with our Core Selves, that it's going to amaze us. And be very fulfilling.

It's important to remember at this time that there are still some very important elements of our New Lives which haven't yet arrived. They are being prepared, but everything isn't quite ready yet for it to all fall into place. That big breakthrough, or series of breakthroughs, is on its way. But before it can happen, all the elements must be in position.

It's like trying to build a house without all the building materials. Perhaps, we've already built our new foundations, but we are waiting for the plumbing supplies and the doors and windows to arrive.

Sometimes, it's easy to feel that nothing is happening, but if we tune it at all, we can feel that massive things are happening. There's just so much that's happening, that we can't get a clear perspective of it. We'd all like to move into our new houses, and New Lives, tomorrow, but building a New Life takes a lot of time and much effort.

We are definitely in the effort and action stage right now. We're building as fast as we can, working day and night. Sometimes we get impatient or frustrated that it's not happening faster, but the joke is that's it's happening very fast, considering the scope of what is being manifested.

Everything is in the process of being recalibrated. Our Selves, our ways of doing things, our responses, our values, and our dreams. They are all spinning rapidly, so that only the very truest will remain.

Those old core issues which have still not been totally resolved are going to be highlighted this month. They are going to be thrown into our faces again and again until we finally get them and make the needed changes. There is no running away from this. They are being thrown to the forefront of our lives so that they can finally be recalibrated and resolved.

And January is the month where we will be put to the test. Have we really changed? Have we let go of our old patterns? Are we being Real? Are we living our Love? Are we ready for New Lives?

There is going to be a lot of action in January which will give us great opportunities to demonstrate what we have learned and let go of during the past three years.

The year 2000 is a great year! We really can manifest a new world for ourselves this year. We can live in a truer reality and be surrounded by loving and supportive people who are in alignment us.

We can leap where we have never dare go before.


There's a very interesting new development. I'm not sure if I can explain it, but I'll try. We may still be in the midst of our old situations, perhaps doing the same work, in the same relationship, living in the old place, with many of the same old problems, yet something quite new and profound is happening. From all outer appearances nothing has changed.


Cracks are beginning to form in our old lives. It feels as if we've been living on an old solid, Antarctic ice shelf. And yes, we are still on the old ice shelf. But is it really our old lives? Something feels quite different than before.

Cracks are forming in our ice shelf. At first, they may appear to be so small, that we don't notice them. Then, there's that sound of deep movement again. Or perhaps, an almost imperceptible feeling that something is changing. Our old lives may still appear solid and unchanging, but they FEEL different. Fissures are steadily growing in the ice. The calcification of our old ways is melting. We are no longer stuck in the old ways of being.

These cracks are being caused by our shift in resonance. They are not caused by our frantic efforts to "make something happen" or by our frustration at how long the changes we long for are taking to manifest. Our old ways of effort and struggle don't work anymore. Our old anxieties have lost their force. If we put our focus into any of the Hows? or
Wheres? or Whens? or Whys?, it doesn't work. It merely slows down the process.

The only way we can hurry along this process, is by making our resonance more true and real. By stripping off the layers of superficiality and "supposed to's" until we are so honest and natural. The more we fling open the doors to our hearts and live our Love on a moment to moment basis, the bigger the cracks become.

The ice is beginning to break into fragments. These fragments are starting to drift apart. They are soon going to re-form themselves. This is when our New Lives will appear.

Remember, our New Lives don't just mean that the outer circumstances of our lives change. Rather, it means that we, ourselves, become New Beings. Once we are truly New Beings, then the old ice shelf can't remain in its old form. It will naturally, effortlessly, re-form itself to better reflect who we have now become.


The Lunar Eclipse has brought up a lot of emotions, making many of us feel rather vulnerable and raw. Some of these emotions have to do with the breaking away of the chunks of ice which used to be attached to us. Large parts of our old lives are breaking off and drifting away. We are increasingly discovering that we can't do things in the old ways.

Many people are also drifting out of our lives. There's a new resonance this year and if we have embraced this new resonance it is causing profound changes. We are discovering that we simply can't be with those friends and partners who are still in the old frequency. There's such a strong gap of resonance that it's uncomfortable to do so.

At the same time we are being drawn to people and situations which are aligned with the new resonance. When we encounter these people, there's a great comfort from the often unspoken understanding we share. It's not so much an ALIGNMENT OF ESSENCE than an ALIGNMENT OF RESONANCE which is created by the fact that we are now traveling upon similar frequency bands of energy.

What can sometimes be confusing and cause us sadness is that some of the special people with whom we shared an alignment of essence are now aligned with a different resonance and going in different directions than we are. And try as we might to hold onto them, they are steadily drifting out of our lives. We are now following different songs and traveling different paths.

The same is true of many of our life situations. Several of the areas in which we had a certain expertise and accomplishment are now becoming unimportant to us. We are being drawn to express ourselves in totally new ways. Often these new forms of creative expression are areas in which we have no previous experience. It's sort of like starting over, yet we are really not starting from the beginning. We're standing on a huge, solid foundation which is composed of everything we are and everything we have done before. It's from this point that we are branching out into the New.

It's also a time of CLEAN ACTION. Getting things done in a clean, clear way with a minimum of fuss or resistance. Simply accomplishing what needs to be done and clearing the decks for our New Lives. There's a great freedom in CLEAN ACTION. It's just a pure energy and makes everything much easier to do. It's the way of the future.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.