July 2000: From Here to There

June was a blur of activity which rarely gave us a moment in which to pause and reflect. We were flung through June on the surging current, briefly touching upon many of the places, activities and people we were meant to encounter.

All this relentless activity created a powerful momentum which culminated in a crescendo on June 30th when a door was flung open. Now the Surf has deposited us on the other side of this door. Welcome to July!

July is totally different than June. Yes, we will be busy continuing and completing many activities which we were involved in during June, but this month we will actually have some time to reflect and make important decisions regarding our future direction. This will happen particularly during the first two weeks of July.

We may also experience some periods of depression during the first half of July. Some elements of our lives and aspects of our character need to be drastically realigned. Sometimes, they need to be knocked off us forcibly. When we hit a pit of depression, it's time to reach inside and change something.

It's a time when we need to get really clear on where our hearts are prompting us to go. After we have done this, for the remainder of July and all of August, the Surf will dynamically move us forward into our New Lives.

July is a month of completion and new beginnings. Many doors will open to us this month and many will close. It's important that we don't resist the doors which are closing, but rather, that we accept them graciously and move on.

We will begin to experience some dramatic transitions in our lives. These transitions will touch many of the key areas including relationships, jobs, and where we live. Some of us still have relationships that we have outgrown and need to release, jobs which are ready to be changed or a new place to move to.

At this point, much of July is still veiled to us. We can feel that much will happen, but it's going to happen in surprising ways, when we least expect it. July is going to powerfully push us forward, but we won't be able to see exactly where we are going until later in the month when the veils start lifting.

We are in the midst of an intricate process of connecting with the many elements of our New Lives. This requires a certain amount of being in the "right place at the right time". Part of being in the "right place" means being in the "right place" within ourselves.

The key for us is to remain open and totally spontaneous. This is a good time just to enjoy the Surf for the pure joy of being in it, rather than thinking about where it is taking us. The changes of July are not changes that we can plan or control; they are just going to happen. Often, they will happen in ways which are totally unexpected. And they will appear to happen effortlessly. (Which is somewhat of a joke because we know how hard we have worked to build our new foundations.)

Another thing which will help us immensely is to remain centered within ourselves. Don't search for the changes; don't try to make things happen; don't agonize and stress about your future direction or lack of one. Simply center yourself on where you are right now and stay in touch with your heart. One of the challenges we are facing is to constantly choose the callings of our hearts over the old "shoulds" or 'supposed tos". Let our hearts clear the way and open the doors for us.

This month is similar to an airport scenario. We are in our airplanes, fully loaded with passengers, baggage, fuel, and food. We are waiting in line to take off from the airport; waiting for permission from the control tower. Many of us have already taken off and are moving into our New Lives. The rest of us are waiting in line. Each time another airplane takes off, we move up our position in the line and become closer to lift off.

If you have already flown off into your New Life, remember that you must be honest and true to your heart at all times. It's time to be who you really are and to do things differently than before. You can reinvent or recalibrate yourself to be closer to your true essence. You can live without the old karmic patterns which kept us stuck for so long.

If you are still waiting on the runway, then know that your New Life is coming. Utilize this time to complete whatever you can. Sort through your baggage and jetison as much of it as you can. Then just sit back and enjoy the ride. We may not yet see where we are going, but we are definitely on our way.

By the end of July, we will see just how far we have traveled. It's one of those months where we will enter the month one way, with a certain set of realities and leave it totally transformed, stepping into a new set of realities. We will discover that we have completed building the foundation for our New Lives and are now working above the ground. The structure that we have been building all year will start to take shape. Another door will open and we will step through it into the very fulfilling month of August.


It really is a time for us to reclaim every element of our lives. We need to take responsibility for everything we have created thus far and bring it all inside. Even though we may be very busy, this isn't a time of outer focus, of interacting with others or of great actions in the world.

It's a time to bring everything back within ourselves. All those scattered strands of our beings which we have left here or there, which we have attached to other people, to our past experiences, to our emotional yearnings, to places or things, to unfulfilled desires, need to be called back and placed into the core of our beings.

This process of reclaiming our beings will create the propulsion which will move us forward into the new frequency of our New Lives.


There's much activity going on in the realm of realtionships. It's the "make or break" time for many relationships. Part of the realignment into our New Lives is getting together with the right people, those with whom we share the deepest and truest connection.

This is going to play itself out in several possible ways. We may meet the perfect person, yet one of us will already be in a relationship. Will we let go of our old security system, let go of our less than perfect existing relationship and make the leap? Are we ready to have it all? Are we ready to follow our heart's calling? Are we ready to love with our full beings?

Another thing which is happening is the return of our long lost great loves. These are the ones whom we have never forgotten, whom we have constantly loved even though we were often out of contact with them for years at a time. They are the love of our lives. Since we are still carrying these long lost loves around inside our beings and are filled with that unrequited longing to unite with them, we were never really free to love another with total abandon.

Some of these long lost loves are now going to reenter our lives. We will be given another opportunity to be with them. We can either make different choices this time and actually have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with them or we can can choose to stay in our old situations.

This is the last chance we will be given with our old loves. This time we will either experience a New Beginning or a final letting go. Either way, we will experience a profound healing from the painful separation with our long lost love. It will be extremely liberating. If we decide to commit to being together in new ways, we will experience our long sought fulfillment. If we don't, then we will finally be freed to find a new partner.

This heightened relationship activity is going to continue for the next few months. However it plays itself out, we will now be given the opportunity to be with our perfect partner.

We are going to make some crucial decisions about our relationships. And these decisions will affect us for a long time to come.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.