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The New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION


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One Being in Action: The Emergence of the True Ones
October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali



The New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION

July begins with a powerful surge of new energy that fills us with excitement and awe at the sheer magnitude of what is happening. We feel a rising sense of expectancy, as if something utterly life changing could happen at any moment. Here come the Tsunamis of Change sweeping away the old and bringing in the New and True!

We are still accessing just how deeply May's powerful shift of coordinates has changed us. The scope of this is far beyond what we presently realize. Once we were set free from our old coordinates in May, we began traveling on a huge curve in order to align with the trajectory of our new coordinates. All of June was spent in this curve.

Being in the curve has required much letting go of our known past and our yet unknown future. The past is dying away at a rapid pace. Our old personas and old roles are ever dissolving. And since we've been traveling on a curve, there has been no way to look ahead of us and see exactly where we are going.

During this time, we've been experiencing occasional waves of deep, poignant sadness. This occurs when we look backwards and see the long line of burning bridges behind us. So much of what we have known is dying away. Our poignant sadness comes from the feeling that everything is vastly changing and nothing will ever be the same as it was before. We have reached the end of an era. It's not that we want to return to the past, but it's the finality of its demise that touches us so deeply.

The bridges are not only burning behind us, but some of them are burning under our feet as we walk upon them. They aren't even waiting for us to cross the bridge! This hasn't happened to us before and can be extremely unsettling. When the ground under our feet is burning, there is no comfortable place to sit down.

The bridges under our feet will burn at an even faster pace throughout July. This gives us an increased sense of urgency to remove ourselves from the old situations as quickly as possible. We also have an increased urgency to strip away any parts of ourselves that are untrue. Fortunately, we are continually presented with the perfect situations to facilitate this immense transformational process. This spurs us to quicken our pace and move forward with a concentrated focus to get off the burning bridge and into our New Landscape.

July is full of lots of action coming at us from myriad directions. It is an intense month that requires our full efforts to totally emerge as a True One, no matter what is happening around us. This rush of activity is interspersed with periods of extreme tiredness when we are plunged into the state of Quantum Deep. All the while, we are getting much accomplished by taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. Some of our activities are dealing with completing unresolved situations so we will be ready to move into new ones. At the same time, we are experiencing a massive letting go of who we used to be and the dissolving away of anything that pinned us into our old positions.

Our strong sense of urgency gives us a concentrated focus to do what needs to be done with efficiency and fluidity. We are moving many old situations, projects, issues and relationships to new levels or letting them go completely. Sometimes this is done simply by walking away.

Because we have shifted coordinates, but not yet clicked into the new ones, this has required a total recalibration of both our inner and outer worlds. Some people are experiencing their internal thermostats being knocked out of balance. They are hot and cold at the same time, simultaneously shivering and sweating, with prolonged bouts of sneezing. This is happening because of the intense, internal rewiring taking place, not because they are sick.

To facilitate this recalibration process, we are frequently pulled into the state of Quantum Deep. Quantum Deep is similar to the state of suspended animation that is used while traveling between dimensions. When Quantum Deep rolls in, we lose our energy to accomplish any action and simply have to lie down and be quiet. It feels like the plug is pulled out and all our energy drains away, just like water in a bathtub. When our energy drains out, we need to immediately change both the physical position of where we are and what we are doing. This is the call to dive into Quantum Deep. Sometimes when we are in Quantum Deep, we are plunged into the deepest of sleeps; at other times, we remain conscious, but simply cannot move. Quantum Deep is really helpful because it allows us to thoroughly recalibrate on deep levels without any outside distractions.

All the while, we are moving ever closer to aligning with our new coordinates....



During the last week of June, a new section of our Sealed Orders unexpectedly opened. These were our instructions for what we most need to do right now. They weren't things that we knew about or had thought about; they weren't even on our very full To Do Lists, but they are extremely important.

The best way that I can describe this is to use the analogy of a computer game. Imagine that we are in a virtual room that has a locked door that we must pass through in order to move to our next level. We try everything we can think of to open this door, but nothing works. We search in vain for the key by clicking on various objects in the room and looking for a hidden switch on the walls, but it can't be found. We aren't even sure what the key looks like; it could be in any form. Yet we know that the hidden trigger to open the door is here.

There is something that each of us must do, or must stop doing, before we can find the key to unlock the door. This is why our new instructions have just been revealed, telling us what this is.

All our instructions are located in different places. For some, it might be opening your heart from the inside out until it expands into the heart of a True One. Or it could be finally finding that old pocket of hidden grief within you, then seeing it with the eyes of a True One and releasing it from your personal matrix. It could be fully stepping into the level of Mastering Service so that you become intimately aware of the intricate weaving of our One Being, feeling what it most needs, and then leaping into action, doing what is needed, when it is needed.

For me, what I need to do is to go through all my worldly treasures, including the 100 boxes that I've already packed for moving to my new life. I need to lighten my load and let go of half the things that I was going to take with me. I've already started doing this, box by box, unpacking everything and looking at everything with fresh eyes. This process is not only enabling me to peel off many layers, but it is actually recalibrating my New Life. Once I complete this process, the doorway into my New Life will open. It's just like removing numerous paintings and coverings from the walls in the computer game and there, underneath them, is the hidden key to unlock the door!

Once we know what our instructions are, we need to leap into action and do what's needed as quickly as possible. By the middle of July many of us will have our key in hand, opening the door so we can move onto an entirely new level. As the door opens, there will be a surge of the very fresh energy of the New and True coming from our New Coordinates.



Right now, a massive Ho'o Pono Pono is taking place on a scale never before experienced. Ho'o Pono Pono is a Hawaiian word that means to Make Things Right and Bring Them into their Right Balance. This massive Ho'o Pono Pono is stripping off anything that keeps us from being a True One. It includes Repatterning the Past which is done by seeing our past through the eyes of a True One. This brings vastly expanded understanding to old situations and frees us from any accumulated guilt or remorse. We are no longer bound to regret or repeat our past "mistakes" for they are no longer perceived as mistakes.

We are undergoing a huge molting process, just as a bird does when it sheds its old feathers and grows new ones. Any elements that used to keep us small or hinder us from being True are coming off. Our old lives, old roles and old personas are dissolving away so we can fully emerge as True Ones.

It's an intense process of removing all the layers of doubts and fears that have kept us small and releasing all the hidden pockets of anger or grief. We can no longer carry any untrueness in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. We are shedding our old skins and stepping out of all that is untrue. As soon as our fears and doubts crumble away, possibilities that we never before considered, will now become possible. Exciting new opportunities that we never imagined will come to us.


We are in a critical time right now when everything is on the line. It is a decisive time of important choices. What we choose now will determine what we will experience for the rest of the year, or even longer. It has never been more important to make our commitment to fully step in as a True One.


As we emerge as True Ones, we step into our natural mastery with capability and confidence. Yet, there are moments when we feel our old security systems crumbling under our feet, stirring up old fears and doubts.

This is when our old personas, our duality-based small selves, feel very scared by the changes taking place and start fighting for their survival. They are terrified that they will cease to exist once we fully emerge as a True One. At times, it might feel as if they are doing everything they can to regain control over us, especially when we are feeling tired or vulnerable. To get our attention, they take fears and doubts left over from our old life and mix them up with elements from our present situation. These are then magnified to scare us away from moving forward as a True One. This is how our frightened, insecure small selves try to push our True One out of the driver's seat. But even when these distorted doubts and fears rise up, there is always a part of us who knows that they are not real.

This is when we need to strongly step in as a True One and firmly Claim our Sovereignty using our natural authority. We must reassure our small selves that ALL IS WELL. We have to tell them that they simply don't need to be in the driver's seat anymore. That they can now sit in the back seat with a big bag of cookies (or apples if you prefer healthier snacks for your small self), and enjoy the view. They aren't going to cease to exist; they are just being relieved of the responsibility for our actions. (Which is something that they never really wanted or enjoyed.) They can now relax and enjoy the ride. Reassurance is a key factor.

It's as simple as that. We don't need to give our smaller selves power over us. If we allow our old roles and old personas to rule our beings, then others will continue to react to us in the old ways, and we will miss this amazing opportunity to fully emerge from duality. We don't need to endlessly process our fears and doubts or ponder our insecurities. We can simply claim our sovereignty as a True One over all aspects of our lives and get on with doing what we really came here to do.


Most of us would say that of course, we choose LOVE, but do we really? Love is one of the elements that brings up the most fear in us; yet Real Love is the antithesis of fear. The reason for this deep seated fear is that REAL LOVE touches who we really are. Many of us still carry the belief that if we open ourselves to POWERFUL LOVE and to BEING DEEPLY LOVED -- if we really, really open ourselves to being deeply touched in our most intimate, sacred places -- that we will lose our personal freedom. Sometimes this fear of losing personal freedom leads a person away from what would actually help them become more free and sends them into a situation where they do lose it.

We don't need to be afraid of Love as long as it comes from the level of PURE HEART LOVE. When we truly open ourselves to LOVE and BE LOVED on the deepest levels, is when we finally become free. We need to turn around this illusory belief and put it in the right place.

It's funny that in the old duality-based world, many people have the courage to go to war and to die for their country. But how many of us have the courage to FULLY LOVE and BE LOVED?


Another skin that needs to be shed right now is that of Karmic Relationships. They have no place in our lives anymore. Karmic Relationships are based on the concepts of debt and guilt. Karmic Relationships can be found anywhere -- in our families, co-workers, neighbors and partners.

In a Karmic Relationship, our connection with someone is based on the feeling that we owe them something or that they owe us something. This sense of indebtedness comes from unresolved past life residue. Often the people with whom we have Karmic Relationships are those who did something terrible to us in other lives or whom we did something terrible to. And usually the struggles continue when we come back together in this life.

Karmic Relationships really aren't the best partnership choices for us right now. They aren't healthy or nourishing. If our Karmic Relationships are with family members, then we need to see if it's possible to move these relationships onto a new, karma-free level. If not, we might consider removing ourselves from the relationship. It's important for us to free ourselves from all our Karmic Relationships. We do this by forgiving all past transgressions, either by us or them. We wish them well and set them free. Then we simply walk on....

Karma does not exist in the Ultra Greater Reality. It is not part of the expanded HERE and NOW. It is a precept of duality that was useful when we were living in duality, but it is now obsolete. True Ones are never enmeshed in Karmic Relationships. We can never incur debts, feel guilty or lose our True Selves in a relationship with a True One.


Responsibility is one of the most loaded words in our vocabulary. When many people hear the word Responsibility, you can often see in their eyes, the prison doors start to slam shut. This is because they still relate Responsibility with lack of freedom. While this may be true on a duality-based level of obligations imposed upon us by society, True Responsibility has nothing to do with losing our freedom. This is something else that we have gotten backwards.

True Responsibility brings freedom and fulfillment. True Responsibility is a natural, organic part of being a True One, just like a nose or a leg. It is the ability to respond with clarity, capability, Trueness, integrity and effectiveness. It allows us to express our natural authority and abundance of talents and skills in a way that is deeply fulfilling and fun.


Discernment is the ability to clearly see what level energies, situations, people, fears and emotions are coming from. Are they coming from duality or Oneness? Are they illusory or real?

Whenever situations, thoughts or feelings scare us or make us feel bad, we need to pull out our discernment to see what is really going on. Feeling scared or depressed or generally bad almost always means that there is something we need to realign within ourselves by reconnecting as a True One.

Often when we are hit with a strong emotion, we just let it sweep over us, rather than first looking at it to see if it's real. Instead of immediately reacting to something, we should first use our discernment to see what level of energy we are reacting to. If we see that it's coming from duality, then instead of blindly reacting, we can respond as a True One.



We are creating the New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION. This New Dynamic needs to be in position before we can fully leap into action as One Being. We are implementing these dynamics in the organization of October's 11:11 Ninth Gate Activation. It's a great learning process and much more fun than doing things in the old ways.

The World Cup is a good example of what works and what doesn't work in the New Dynamic. Because of the massive drone of vuvuzelas that drown out all other sounds, the teams can't hear any outer instructions. What's interesting is that the teams who don't rely on the outer instructions from their coaches or captains, did much better than the ones who weren't able to receive their own inner instructions. The same is true of the teams that function as One Being rather than as a loose group of separate individuals led by their personal egos.

To work in the New Dynamic, it's essential that we learn to trust and act upon our own inner knowingness, rather than wait for others to tell us what to do. We won't always be able to receive outer instructions, but our inner instructions are always present.

We also need to expand our perceptions so that we are constantly aware of our One Being. This is true even when we are home alone. Do the plants need watering? Is the garbage full? Do the energies need recalibrating?

Firefighters are a good example of this. When the alarm goes off, everyone leaps into action. They don't wait for someone to tell them what to do, they are trained to leap into action. They KNOW what to do without any outside instructions. And most importantly, they trust what they know. When they are at the fire, there is no time to have a long meeting and ponder what to do. They immediately go to the places where they are most needed. All the while, they must be ultra aware of the condition of their One Being which is composed of all the firefighters present. In the most intense conditions, without receiving outer instructions, they need to be aware of where the other firefighters are. They also have to feel what is happening to the entire building, such as is the roof about to collapse?

The old world of duality functioned efficiently as long as people stayed in fixed roles and acted in predictable, specific patterns as dictated by the rules of governments and the mores of society. In the New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION these roles are not narrowly defined as before. Once we become empowered True Ones who accept our inherent knowingness and capability, we can all jump into various roles as needed.

The role of the leader is also greatly changing. Previously, the leader assigned us roles and told us exactly what to do. Now everything has become more fluid. We are shifting from the old supreme authority of the designated leader to working together as equals within the One Being. Of course, in order to do this, we need to first become True Ones.

The New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION utilizes the unique talents and skills of First Wave, Second Wave and Bridges to create a new level of enhanced synergy that makes all things possible. Each of them brings much needed components:

The First Wave knows how to do things, has useful experience and knowledge and is not afraid of responsibility and leadership.

The Second Wave brings in fresh energy and new ideas.

The Bridges have the knowledge and abilities to transform the old ways of doing things into much more effective and efficient methods. What previously blocked them from fully stepping in was their immense terror of being in a position of authority and responsibility. But now that we can work together as True Ones, they realize that everyone will share this responsibility. This lack of pressure frees them to fully step in.

The First Wave is used to doing things either alone or as the authority in a leadership position. This is how they had to do it for a long time; otherwise, nothing would have gotten done. However, their time of working alone is over. Now they need to work with others, not as a leader, but as co-creators. Although they have used old methods, they have learned to be extremely efficient with them. Now, they are deeply relieved that they no longer have to do things in the old ways. They are grateful that they don't have to carry all the responsibility. And they are finally having fun!

The Second Wave like to work in teams as long as the energy is fresh and creative. They don't like being subjected to old fashioned authority figures because it stifles their creativity. When this happens, they usually leave the team and go look for a new one. Second Waves haven't yet learned how to be efficient with their time, actions or energy. They also need to develop the ability to sustain the energy. One way they can do this is by recalibrating the energetic fields of their home environment so that it resonates with the Ultra Greater Reality.

Bridges can be both effective and efficient. Since they aren't stuck in the old ways of doing things, they can implement brilliant new ways of doing old tasks, taking them to a totally new level. They are the key to bringing in much needed new methods and creative solutions to old problems.

The New Dynamic has also changed the position of where we stand. Previously, the First Wave stood in a leadership position in the center and everyone learned from them. Now, we are all standing in the center with the Bridges forming the necessary link between First and Second Wave, the old and the new. The Centerpoint is ever expanding as new True Ones step in to share the responsibility for birthing the New and True.

There is still much for the First Wave to share because of their immense experience. They are in an interesting position because while everyone else is obviously stepping in; sometimes it feels as if they are stepping out. This feeling of stepping out isn't helped by the fact that some First Waves are now choosing to leave the planet. First Waves need to know that they haven't been discarded; they still play an essential part in the birth of the New Dynamic. In truth, they aren't stepping out of the Centerpoint at all; the Centerpoint is simply expanding as other True Ones step in.

The Bridges are implementing effective new methods. The Second Waves are just beginning to step in, bringing with them the blueprints of the New World. These are imprinted within them, but they don't yet know how to access them. This is because the New Dynamic of ONE BEING IN ACTION must be firmly in place before we can start implementing our far reaching, wildly creative, new ideas for birthing a New Paradigm.



July is an intense, action-packed, brilliant month full of massive breakthroughs and far-reaching changes. Everywhere we look, we see things that are in the process of change, that need to be changed or that we want to change. Everything that is not aligned with our Trueness is falling away. Our old clothes are falling off....

Throughout July, there is a sense of increasing momentum. Things are starting to click into position, one after another. The melons are falling into our outstretched hands....

It's like a small snowball that begins its descent down a tall mountain. As it falls, it gathers bits of ice, tree branches and rocks, becoming ever larger and stronger. All the while, it gains increasing momentum, rolling down the mountain faster and faster. Although it began as a humble snowball, now it has become so large and is traveling so fast, that it cannot be stopped.

This is exactly what is happening to us. We are being propelled into our New Lives, even when we don't know where they are or how we will get there. Even when we don't think that we are ready for them.

The increasing momentum is pushing us into becoming True Ones by the stripping away of all that is untrue. This is happening through a series of situations and events that are giving us the experiences that we most need in order to thoroughly realign our beings into the new coordinates of Trueness and PURE HEART LOVE. Some of us are now seeing with a heightened clarity. We can't yet see far ahead into the future, but the expanded HERE and NOW has a clearer focus.

Throughout July we will be walking on the razor's edge. Each step must be made with integrity and Trueness. We can do this because True Ones are Master Navigators. They know the way, even when they can't see it. The new coordinates are already embedded within us. We are moving from needing outer instructions to following our inner knowingness. If we follow the impulses we feel strongly, even though they might appear strange, we will remain in Right Time - Right Place. We can no longer rely totally on outer signs to show us the right direction.

And even though our old security systems are crumbling all around us, we can align with our new safety net of Trueness. When we do this, we will be protected; we will be safe. Gather your Aslan courage as a True One and there is nothing to fear. True Ones are always supported.

We will be super busy all month long with an ever increasing abundance of things to do. Some of these will be totally new elements, while others will be completing the old. The key to dealing with expired elements is to try to improve them, find new aspects in them, insert new methods in old situations and take them to a new level.


We are heading to the finish line of the 11:11 Doorway. This is when our ONE BEING IN ACTION is greatly needed. This is where we can really make a difference. If we step forward now as True Ones, we can create a New World. In 2012, we can live whatever kind of life we choose. We can go live in a quiet corner or focus on having a successful career. But now is our time of destiny....

I had no idea until a few days ago just how potent October's Ninth Gate Activation is. It is bringing up such a magnification of fears. This is because it is about the Emergence of the True Ones. Our Master Cylinder in Bali is going to be absolutely brilliant. The experience will fully anchor us as True Ones and will be totally life-changing. Please see if you are meant to be there....


We are in a time of serendipity. Serendipity occurs when we are looking for something and find something even better. In July many ripe, juicy melons will be coming to us. Melons bring us wondrous opportunities and major breakthroughs. We can call in the melons, not by using force or our wills, but by being in position as a True One. PURE HEART LOVE is the stance that we need in order to catch the falling melons. When we aren't standing as a True One, we might miss the melons that are coming to us. And when we fill our lives with superficial distractions, we don't even see them.

Throughout July, we will feel a rising sense of excitement as we feel True Ones emerging all over the world. At times this feeling becomes so strong that we are filled with awe and wonder. The Sleeping Giant is finally waking up. As it does, the world becomes a golden carpet under our feet. The heavens open to reveal glimpses of the New. And the melons fall into our outstretched hands....

We are on the Fast Track. Everything zooms into alignment with the trajectory of our New Coordinates.

Now, let's leap into action as True Ones. AND JUST DO IT!



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