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June was an action-packed, exciting, love-filled, magical month that gave us a strong sense of accomplishment. As we finished our Final Miles, much was brought to completion.

June changed the game of life that we've been playing. It added new elements to the game and removed some of the old ones. It changed the rules of the game and changed our approach to the game, as well as the way we play it.

All month long, we could feel the powerful incoming energies of the Great Convergence on June 30th becoming ever stronger. The air was full of the freshness of clarity and Trueness which gave us a much clearer picture of our New Landscape.

At the time when we set the date for the Activation of the Heart of AN, we did not know that this would trigger the Great Convergence. We didn't even know that there would be a Great Convergence. We didn't know that Jupiter and Venus would have their closest conjunction to the Earth in 2000 years at the same time. We didn't know that the Full Moon was the very next day. And I definitely didn't know that this rare Jupiter - Venus conjunction would be on the exact degree of my natal Jupiter!

All of this may seem like a string of mere coincidences, but it wasn't. It was a perfectly orchestrated synchronicity on a scale that we couldn't previously imagine. This rare alignment was exactly what was required to burst open the door to the New Reality so it could be strongly felt all over the world.

As June ended, we are shifting worlds, pulling up roots, getting ready to follow our Heart's Knowingness into our True Positions. And some of us are already in position where we know we are meant to be.

Emerging from the Convergence

The Great Convergence on June 30th brought us a powerful collective shift, which for many of us is totally life changing. It has brought us, not only a huge awakening from our settled complacency in our old ways of living, but also a powerful infusion of the New Reality.

The energies of the Great Convergence will be strongly felt until the middle of July. During this time, many of the pins which have kept us fixed into our old lives and anchored to duality will pop out of position, one after another.

At the same time, many elements that have traveled with us for years, or even for lifetimes, are either moving to a totally new level of freshness, refinement and Trueness or will disappear from our lives. A torch has been lit which ignites all aspects of our lives, burning up everything that is expired while making our Trueness more brilliantly visible for all to see.

An important component of the Great Convergence is the shifting of worlds. This is taking place on multiple levels, from the most personal, minute levels all the way to the vast levels of pure, abstract energy. For the first half of July we will be taking stock of the monumental scope of how much our inner and outer worlds have shifted.

Waves of new information are being brought into our lives by the Great Convergence. This new information comes from a completely new level and is something which we couldn't access before. Some of it comes from the deepest recesses of our Sealed Orders and reveals more details of our True Purpose and True Direction. Many of us will finally see the location of our True Homes. This is the information that we have been waiting for.

At the same time, we are gathering together with our True People. These are our True Families. Some of these are ones whom we would never imagine, yet they feel the call of the Convergence and come with simple, open hearts and are immediately recognized by us as our true kindred family. Others we have known for a long time, but now we are all ready to inhabit the New Reality together.

As we weave together shining new threads of our beings, we step into a new level of wholeness and heightened Trueness, becoming more our authentic, core selves than ever before. Our hearts have expanded and deepened immeasurably and this gives us an expanded view of our lives and the New Landscape, one which we couldn't see before. With this expanded perspective and deepened Love, more of the Invisible is made visible. This reveals what course corrections and rerouting we need to make, what expired elements are ready to go and the areas in which we need to further expand our perspective in order to clearly see what is really going on.

The Great Convergence has caused a huge gear to start to move. This gear has never moved before. As it turns, many small wheels and gears turn with it. This increasingly makes visible the New Reality with its radiant colors, breathtaking beauty and deep sense of true comfort. This presents us with a series of extremely rare, Golden Opportunities for numerous Quantum Breakthroughs.

Around the middle of July, when we begin emerging from the Convergence, we will have much to do applying these new quantum energies into all parts of our lives. This is when many of us will leap into action so we can fully inhabit the New Reality.

The turning gears and wheels are now triggering many elements of our lives to click into position with a resounding sense of rightness. This is dissolving all our previous detours and distractions while reconnecting us with our true coordinates. It is uniting us with our True People and True Places. It will immerse us in the exquisite energies of the New Reality and it will reunite us with the new aspects of our beings, making us more real and true than ever before.

The Great Convergence brings a time of decision for some. If we haven't already, we may need to make a conscious decision to either stay in the old world of duality or to fully inhabit the New Reality. If we choose to birth the New Reality, it will require us to take decisive action.

The Activation of the Heart of AN in Peru which triggered the Great Convergence is a powerful demonstration of how a small group of people who are in the New Reality can be incredibly effective in making visible the Invisible and bringing positive change to the entire planet. This is the way of the future and is the most vitally important thing that we can do with our lives.

The New Timelines

The Great Convergence brought us a collapsing of the old timelines. Some of us experienced this as a compression of the meshes of Time and Space into one singular point. The extremely rigid, old timelines had to collapse in order for New Timelines to be born.

The Great Convergence has also brought us a new sacred geometry which is causing many elements to click into their true positions, birthing completely New Timelines. These are the timelines of the New Reality. They feel natural and more in alignment with Natural Law which has both structure and flow. Now that the New Timelines are making themselves felt, it's important that we fully align ourselves with them.

Emerging from the collapsing of the old grids of Time and Space into the New Timelines propels us into a completely altered, supra normal New Reality that is full of great expansion and limitless potential. Time and Space become elastic and fluid. This is happening simultaneously in all the Worlds within Worlds. As we expand outwards into greater Trueness, we establish whole new energetic threads of our being, finely woven, but stronger than ever.


During the Great Convergence and the Activation of the Heart of AN, many massive changes were set into motion. The Doorway to the New Reality has burst wide open, calling for a new level of clear, true, decisive action.

The month of July represents yet another Transition Zone, in which we have to integrate and embody all the new energy that we received from the Activation of the Heart of AN and the Great Convergence. July will be a month for resetting our priorities and refining everything into greater Trueness. It's time to recognize and release all the old patterns which kept us living in our old lives so we can finally let them go and move on. And it's time to implement the New Reality into our daily lives.

As the pins of duality fall out of their old positions, everything around us is being rearranged and reconfigured to the resonance of the New Reality. It's similar to being in a space ship when everything suddenly becomes weightless and floats out their old positions.

This influx of new energies can be delicate at times. It may bring us a series of small glitches. We may well experience some shocking events, both in our personal lives and in the outer world. Some of our familiar, old paths will suddenly come to an end with a stunning sense of finality, like encountering a brick wall. As we bump into these brick walls, it may feel painful at times, but this feeling is only temporary.

We can also expect some pockets of untrueness and lack of integrity to come out, both in ourselves and in others around us. We can expect some situations to suddenly turn weird and distorted. The world monetary crisis that is being resparked by the situation in Greece is an example of this. This is happening because so many pins of duality are now falling out of their old positions. A great rerouting is taking place as increasing numbers of elements move into their True Positions.

If we still carry any residue of separation, It's time to open up to everyone whom we encounter on a new, infinitely truer level. Wherever we go in our daily lives, it's important that take the New Reality with us; it needs to be spread out into the world. We don't keep it to ourselves or only share it with a few, special friends, but we embody the New Reality and spread its resonance with everyone and everything whom we encounter.

July brings us a lot of extremely deep, core level internal readjustments as well as decisive external movement. Our entire world is rearranging itself to fit the new energies. In the new sacred geometry, things may fit together differently than before. Old relationships, jobs, and living environments may no longer be appropriate, while new ones may suddenly click into position. These changes are like trying to put on a shoe that used to be comfortable, but in the new geometry feels like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

What's really happening is the anchoring of a whole new level of Awakened Trueness, one we've never experienced before. A particularly strong component of this new level is co-creative action. It feels both wonderful and profoundly liberating when we leap into One Being in Action, fulfilling our True Purpose with our True People.

Many of us have important decisions to make, especially after the pins to our old lives pop out of position. It's vitally important that we make conscious choices and decisions, rather than hastily collecting our old pins from the ground and shoving them into the closest, easy opportunity which shows itself. We simply can't make default decisions or do what others expect of us if it isn't aligned with what we know to be true deep within ourselves. It's time to set all the old pins aside and fully align ourselves to the compass of our Heart's Knowingness.

From this vantage point, we are able to clearly see what kind of life we would most like to create. Our True Lives are becoming visible and now it's time to manifest them in the physical. As we do, we can gather new pins made of sparkly, other-worldly metals, infused in Pure True Love and start consciously anchoring ourselves into the New Reality, one pin after another. We do this with Love, Focused Intent, Dedication, Courage, Creativity, Effort, Action and our full Commitment. This is what is required to manifest our True Lives.

The door is now wide open to create the lives we have always wanted to live. It's now becoming nearly impossible to live a life that is not aligned with the integrity of our heart's true knowingness of who we are. We are being supported on level after level to do this. We can start living our Wildest Dreams right now. We can live True Lives in the New Reality now. All things are possible! The Great Migration into our True Places with our True People has begun....

An absolutely pure, New World is emerging that is full of immense beauty, abundance, love, joy and miracles. This anchoring of the New Reality will cause the old world of duality to collapse even faster than it is already doing. It is more important than ever before to anchor the New Reality into the physical; yet it is also much easier to do so. The New and True will emerge from the shattered matrix of duality with widespread wings. The changes may be so profound that some of us may feel like we are suddenly living on an entirely new planet. Those who are already living in the New Reality will be the Pillars of Love for the rest of the world.

The energies of AN are now spreading forth across the planet, like ripples in a lake. The AN energies bring us Pure True Love, the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams, powerful surges of creativity and great beauty. AN gives us the deep comfort of living lives that perfectly reflect who we are and the sense of truly being in our Right Time - Right Place. AN brings fulfillment on our most intimate, personal levels. At the same time we can serve our One Being and serve the planet on a larger scale than we ever dreamed possible.

The Great Convergence energies will be in full affect until the middle of July when we start our emergence from the Convergence. This is when we leap into action and start creating True Lives. In August we will tie up loose ends and merge together separated fragments of our beings. In September we enter the blank canvas of an unknown territory. Here, we are presented with a shining New Landscape upon which we can now begin to plant the seeds of our True Lives and take our first steps into a new world.

July ushers in our New True Lives. We will leap into action as never before. All of the pieces of the puzzle that were previously unseen or delayed will suddenly be found. Many elements will find their Right Time & Right Place. We will be stretched far beyond our old comfort zones until we find the real source of comfort in our True Homes. We will ride an ever increasing create surge and start creating something New and True in all areas of our lives. We will see everything from a new perspective. And the New Reality will become increasingly visible in our physical world and we manifest our visions into physical realities.

Our True Purpose is to birth the New Reality and live True Lives as True Ones upon this physical planet. As we converge together, something mystical is happening with the outer shells of our ‘individualized beings’. We are melding into the powerful One True Being, made ready to take our first unified breath and express our One Being in Action!

As we unite with other True Ones in our One True Being, we become the fabric of our new collective presence. We will sing alive the New Timelines that were encoded in our Heart's Knowingness, not through sound, but by being real and True, by embodying Pure True Love and through our clear, decisive action to birth the New Reality. And as we do, the New Timelines will emerge from the hidden depths of the Invisible and spiral throughout all the Worlds within Worlds.

The emergence of the New Timelines is opening new, unlimited possibilities. What happens in the Heart of AN will resonate everywhere, and if we are attuned, we will become the new anchor points and stabilization pinions for the shifting of worlds. The old world we knew will turn inside out and we will collectively manifest a New Reality of Love in Action.

Now, we can finally manifest the True Lives we have always wanted to live.

Everything is possible!!!

With True Heart of AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Adriana, Alanah, Arbaline, Denise, Emanaku, Inana, Inger, Jessica, Keenuane, Malcolm, Maria, Petra, Sebastian, Yoko.


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