June 2000: The Surging Current Carries Us Forward

The first three days of June were full of glitches and difficulties. It was a time when, once again, we experienced an internal reorganization. These little glitches will continue for awhile. It's part of laying the foundation for our New Lives. Each time we experience a glitch or something takes longer than we think it should, it's part of a necessary readjustment. Remember, we don't want to put faulty stones into our new foundation!

Timing is crucial during June. Important intersections are being set up in our lives. Sometimes, these glitches and setbacks are for the purpose of altering our sense of timing so we can approach the intersections at the appropriate time.

On June 4th there was a powerful surge within the Surf. We were swept up by the surging current. It felt as if a dam burst open and we had been instantly immersed in a gushing torrent of water.

Suddenly, there is no time to contemplate, no time to think about our situation. We are simply carried along by the surging current.

June is a month of action. Compelling action. We move from one activity to the next with no time to take a little rest and regroup our energies. Often we will go to bed tired and wake up tired. Then we are plunged into another day full of activities.

We are moving so fast that it all becomes a blur of action. Perhaps, it would be nice to sit down and look at where we are going or where we would like to go, but everything is moving too fast. Besides, we have already spent months doing that. Now it is really happening.

June is the month where we will experience a massive rearrangement of our lives. And we probably won't even have time to think about what is happening. We won't have time to make conscious choices as to our direction.

During this year so far, we have made certain choices on an inner level. We have resolved to follow our heart's joy. We have decided to be more true to who we are. We have cleared many things, people, emotions, behaviors and situations out of our life which no longer resonate with who we have become.

Now we are moving forward into our New Lives. Where we go next may not be exactly where we thought we would like to go, but it will be the direction which is most appropriate to our evolution and growth at this time.

A spirit of Spontaneity and Flexibility will help us to roll with the many dramatic changes of June. During this month, the surging current will continue to pull away from us those elements of our lives which no longer serve us. If it hasn't happened to you yet, there will be big changes in the areas of relationships, where we live and what we do.

Many of us will be called to return to the normal world. This may entail going back to school, getting a "straight" job, or moving to a city. However, this time we will be re-entering the normal world with our awareness intact. We are not going to lose our integrity or our vastness by integrating ourselves into the normal world. We will discover that this world has changed and is now ready for us. And that there will be exciting things to do there.

Our financial situations are going to change too. If we've been mired in debt or living below the poverty level, we are going to make some progress in this area. As we make the shift back into the world, our financial situations are going to benefit and prosper.

We need to clean ourselves up and ground our awakened beings into our new situations. As we make our shifts, we will discover that we are fully supported. The surging current will bring new people, new friends and relationships into our lives.

We will be balancing out the area of our lives which have been neglected. Those areas of emptiness will be filled with new experiences so we can become whole beings.

Throughout the month there will be surprising developments in our lives. Things will come to us totally unexpected "out of the blue".

June is an exciting month filled with the blur of activity. There is no way we can apply the brakes and slow down the current. The best way to survive it is to fully surrender to the surging current and let it carry us along into our New Lives.

Just remain open and try to keep a smile on your face. When the current finally slows down and we can see how far we have traveled, we will be pleasantly surprised!

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.