Solara's June 2010 Surf Report


On the Path of LOVE

One Being in Action: The Emergence of the True Ones




May was a pivotal month in which we experienced a much needed infusion of new energies. It felt as if we had been running on continually diminishing battery power for months and were finally able to plug ourselves into a direct power source and get recharged to the core. We were energized and revitalized on many levels. And we got much accomplished.

During May we reconnected with kindred people and places of our heart. These new connections activated parts of our beings that had long been dormant, opening new windows of expanded perceptions while revealing fresh vistas and new possibilities. We were given numerous opportunities to deepen our connection with our True Selves.

May was like a wild ride on a waterslide. Much of the month, we felt that we had little control to determine our direction; instead the situations around us flip-flopped back and forth. As we moved through the myriad twists and turns of the waterslide, we were constantly disconnected from our old positions and propelled into new and unexpected directions. With openness, willingness and PURE HEART LOVE, we simply followed the flow of energies into Right Time - Right Place. As we did, we were washed clean.

Along the way, there were some unforeseen turns that propelled us into surprising directions that we had not anticipated. Some of these new directions and new positions are still pushing us beyond our comfort zones and require that we take huge risks in order to follow what we know to be True. They are also requiring that we make an in depth recalibration of our inner beings and outer environments in June.

Near the end of May, we reached the end of the waterslide. This is the place where we were propelled through the air into the Unknown. From this position we can't see where we are and we can't see where we are going. We can't even see if there is water in the pool where we are about to land.

In June, we will land with a huge splash in the pool at the end of May's waterslide. When we first land, we may temporarily go under the water, gasping for breath. But then we will bob back up to the surface and start swimming with an increased sense of sureness.



We are currently in the midst of a massive Paradigm Shift. In order to Shift Paradigms, we must first shift our coordinates. To do this, we must be loosened and unpinned from the settings of our old coordinates which determined our course in the old paradigm. This frees us to move into our new, rightful positions which can only be found by using a totally new set of coordinates.

In May, while we were traveling at full speed on the course set by our old coordinates, our coordinates were dramatically shifted to totally new ones which are aligned with our New Paradigm. This dramatic shift in coordinates took place in a gentle manner; there was no sudden shock or noticeable moment when it occurred.

Just imagine what would happen if an airplane traveling 600 miles per hour in the sky suddenly receives new coordinates. This would throw its navigation system into absolute chaos, because the old coordinates no longer exist. If the pilot tried to continue to apply the old course to the new coordinates, it wouldn't make any sense. Our old course would now be the wrong course.

When coordinates shift, a total recalibration of absolutely everything to the new coordinates is necessary. As soon as the new coordinates are in effect on an airplane, the autopilot will make sudden movements to adjust its course. The autopilot represents us as a True One. This is the part of us who knows where we are going. Without the course correction of the autopilot, the airplane would go into free fall.

These unexpected movements of course correction to align with the new coordinates bring us into new, unanticipated directions where we can encounter the Unexpected in the form Wild Card Events. It's like flying from Singapore to California and suddenly ending up in Zanzibar.

While the airplane is on autopilot, it makes a big curve to find and adjust to its new course. We are making that big curve to adjust our course to the new coordinates in June. Looking out the windows of the airplane, we can see the Earth on one side and on the other side is the sky. In July, we will come out of the curve and align with our new course.

This situation applies to our lives as we knew them in the old coordinates. We may have been going full speed ahead into a known direction. Or into a direction where we thought we were going. In my own life, I see that I was going full speed to move from Hawaii, but actually going nowhere -- just like an airplane which revs its engines, but stays on the tarmac. Others of us may have been going full speed in their profession or full speed in a relationship. Suddenly, we don't know where we are. We don't know where we are going. We don't know how to get there. We don't know who we are going with. Our course has been irrevocably altered...

In June, we are trying to catch up to our shift in coordinates and align ourselves with them. This is why many of us feel a growing inability to remain in situations that no longer feel true.



During this time, we are navigating through a series of sinkholes. When a sinkhole occurs, there is a sudden collapsing of old calcified energy. Here is a photograph of a recent sinkhole in Guatemala that occurred right in the middle of an intersection. This sinkhole was so deep, (30 meters / 100 feet), that a three story clothing factory completely disappeared. Looking at the photograph of the sinkhole, there is no trace or residue of what used to be there. The old energy is completely gone.

This is very symbolic of what is happening to us right now. We are experiencing a series of energetic sinkholes in which elements from our old landscapes are being irradicated. Some things that have been with us for a very long time, suddenly no longer exist. People, activities, habits and limiting beliefs drop out of our lives with a quick and effortless finality. Anything that keeps us tied to our old roles, old personas, old selves, old lives, old limited concepts, old ways of doing things, have to go.

Sinkholes are nothing to fear, as they are actually quite helpful. However, they do irrevocably alter our landscape. Many of us will experience the altering of our inner or outer landscapes in June. This process has been happening all year with a series of landscape altering events beginning with the Haitian earthquake. And crisis situations always bring out the real True Ones.



Many people have used the lack of optimum conditions as an excuse not to do things. "Oh, if only I had more money, I could do this." "When I find my One True Love, I can finally be happy." "I need to finish my education before I will be qualified to take on any responsibility." "When my visible safety net is in position, I will be able to leap." "As soon as I'm in my New Life, I will be a True One."

The main problem with this philosophy is that optimum conditions are extremely rare, especially these days. Of course, we all love optimum conditions, but it's important that we don't rely on them and don't limit ourselves by the lack of them. And that if they are not present, we don't hold ourselves back.

Times of Completion are not full of the type of optimum conditions that we think we are looking for. Instead, they are full of uncertainty and chaos and are extremely unsettled. They are full of shocking events that constantly pull the rug out from underneath us. Just look at this year. Each month has brought shocking events to the world. Many are in the form of natural disasters, while others are politically or economically motivated.

It's important that we don't focus on our previous perceptions of optimum conditions because they aren't here right now. We cannot wait for optimum conditions to suddenly appear. Instead, we need to develop the ability to navigate through the choppy waters of swirling, undefined chaos that always precedes a new birth.

What is important is not what is happening, but how we respond to what is happening. We have little control over what is happening; but we do have control over how we choose to deal with it. We really need to change our stance on how we respond to outer events and not get thrown off balance by them. We cannot allow shocking events to take away our focus on what is True and Real. We cannot let ourselves be pulled into fear. We need to remain expanded and True no matter what. This is yet another reason why fully emerging as a True One is such a high priority. When we are a True One, we automatically reside in the zone of Right Time - Right Place.

While we are urgently searching for the optimum conditions of serenity, security, being loved and prosperity, we often don't see that a totally different set of optimum conditions are actually here right now. These are the optimum conditions for massive change, for stripping off all illusion, for deep internal transformation, for quantum breakthroughs, for getting real and emerging as a True One.

An essential component of the new navigation is the ability to do things spontaneously using our full mastery; as well as the ability to instantly change directions at a second's notice whenever necessary. We have to be able to function with calmness and capability even during the worst of conditions. We can't wait for others to step in or for the conditions to change to one that we consider better. We simply surf whatever surf is in front of us with our full beings, with integrity and a wide open heart. We do what is needed, when it is needed. As a True One....



May's powerful shift of coordinates has deeply changed us, far beyond what we presently realize. Because of this, a profound inner integration is taking place in June. This is making our dreams especially active. As we integrate the new energies, we feel the urge to recalibrate everything in both our inner and outer landscapes. We are being recalibrated to the resonance of Trueness on a core level. This is moving us into our new positions, both internally and externally.

In June, we will take the fresh infusion of new energies that we experienced in May, integrate them, embody them and incorporate them into our daily lives. At the same time, we will be thoroughly recalibrating our inner and outer environments. We are aligning with our True Selves as never before.

The month of June is full of activity. It is a month in which to we need to bring many elements to resolution as soon as possible. We need to get as much completed as we can because some unexpected Wild Card elements are going to come in this month and we must be ready for them. We don't know what they are or when they will arrive, but when they do, they could be life changing. We need to make space for these new elements in our already over-crowded lives. There may even be some Black Swan Events.

Because of this, if there is any visible thing that you can see that needs to be done; do it now. If there are any old habits, beliefs or behaviors that need to be cleared out; do it now! And when the energy to do something isn't there, simply jump to another task. We need to be ultra organized and focused this month so we can complete and resolve as much as possible. There are many old situations, projects and relationships that need to be moved to new levels. Constantly clear out as much as you can.

We feel a strong urge to bring as many unresolved elements as possible to completion. Sometimes, we may do this through decisive action. Or we may simply choose to walk away from expired or unresolved situations. Or they may be forcibly ripped away from us, like a collapsing sinkhole. In June many old patterns will be broken and left behind.

Our circumstances are going to force us to come to certain conclusions and / or resolutions about whatever issues we've still got. There is no choice in being thrust into these circumstances, or making the choices that need to be made. They WILL be presented to us, and we WILL have to make our choices, whatever they are.

At the same time, we are consciously choosing to change many of our old patterns and old ways of being so we can become more True. We are realizing that it is better to stare at a blank wall or find something meaningful to do, rather than fill up our lives with mindless activities and superficial social interactions. It's both time consuming and energy draining to constantly engage in superficial blah-blah-blah. In June, we will strip off many more layers of the old and expired. As we do, it will become increasingly impossible not to be Real and True.

Everything we do has to be fully conscious. Choose to take a nap rather than fall asleep in the chair. For some reason, this is very important at this time.

Our bodies will send us strong and undeniable messages when we're not aligned. We will find it increasingly difficult to go in and out of being a True One. Instead, we will anchor our Trueness deep within our beings.

At the same time, it's important that we constantly center ourselves in a zone of stillness. If we are internally still while being outwardly active, we will be able to hear the numerous hints, alerts and messages that are coming to us from our new directions. When we anchor our beings in our inner point of stillness, we can align ourselves with the place of Trueness.

June brings us a powerful infusion of Change. The Winds of Change are blowing mightily all around us. Change brings us what is needed and removes whatever is no longer needed. Change cannot be limited or controlled. Just like a hurricane, it comes when it wants to, affects whatever is in its path, devastates whatever needs to be devastated, blows in the New, the Unexpected, the Wondrous, and continues on to its next destination.

We may suddenly get the urge to rearrange our furniture or go through all our possessions and get rid of half of them. We may decide to move across the world. We may drop many of our old activities and not even miss them. We may suddenly quit our job. Everywhere we look, there is something that we want to change. This is because almost everything around us is now in their wrong positions; they are not aligned with our new coordinates. The magnitude of the Change that is taking place is infinitely vaster than we can imagine. Change is not difficult if we move through it with the natural confidence and fearless heart of a True One.

For a long time, an important component has been missing from our understanding. Yes, many of us were on "spiritual" paths of self awakening, but there was something essential that we didn't see. This missing component has been the element of responsibility. "The ability to respond."

First, we need to take personal responsibility for our own lives. We need to get very clear on what we are personally responsible for and what others are responsible for. One thing that we are responsible for is the fulfillment of our personal needs. If we don't speak up about what we need, we won't receive the help that we want. For example: If we are in a job that overworks us and we don't convey that this is unacceptable, then we will just get burned out. Nothing will change. However, if we clearly express our needs, this will open the doors for the situation to change.

The second part of responsibility is about sharing the responsibility for our One Being and leaping into meaningful action. ONE BEING IN ACTION. Up until now, many of us have been content with letting others, (usually First Wave people), do it for us. Or we simply didn't realize that there was something important, outside of our personal lives, that needed to be done. Now, we are finally feeling a sense of urgency and a strong determination to fully step in as True Ones. We are ready to be responsible and capable, to do it together as ONE. We are aligning with our true purpose as never before. The time of ONE BEING IN ACTION is here.

June is a wild month that will keep us real, no matter what is happening in the outer world. And a lot will be happening. There may well be shocking events that will challenge us to stay grounded, centered and True. It's time to let go of the past and open a completely new chapter.

As we align with our new coordinates, we will see more of the Invisible. We will know more of the Unknown. We will be changed far more deeply than we realize. We will more fully emerge as True Ones.

And in July, we begin a brand new cycle....



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