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May was a month of shifting templates in which a lot of old, duality-based energy was released from the planet. Not only were there numerous physical earthquakes as tectonic plates moved all over the planet, but our internal tectonic plates shifted deep within us. These internal earthquakes collapsed expired beliefs and limited perceptions which gave us significant course corrections that rerouted us into our True Direction.

May was truly a month of Final Miles and New Beginnings. Many long standing projects are finally being completed in May and June. These completions don't happen effortlessly, instead they require massive focus and super human effort.

Since so much was happening on multiple levels, there were occasional patches of extremely Choppy Surf, interspersed with periods of relative calm where everything flowed smoothly. At times, we were so exhausted that we yearned to simply give up, yet we knew that Final Miles require that we make it all the way to the finish line. And whenever we thought we couldn't take another step, there would be a burst of the fresh air of a New Beginning to encourage us forward.

Throughout the month, we moved deeper into the New Landscape which showed us much more of who we are, what we are capable of and what will come. Many people finally realized that there's no turning back, that the old reality is finished. All of this was excellent preparation for June's Great Convergence.

Getting onto the New Road

The Hopi Indians of Arizona remember well the end of the last world. They say that the people who survived were the ones who had opening in the tops of their heads. Through these openings, they were able to listen to the promptings of their own inner knowingness and see where they were supposed to go.

We are in a similar situation now that we are nearing the end of the reign of duality; our clearest guidance comes directly from our own Heart's Knowingness. When we follow our Heart's Knowingness, we are always led into our Truest Direction.

Yet right now, there are some of us who are receiving promptings from our Heart's Knowingness, but only partially listening to them. We've seen this with several people who have come to Peru. Their Heart's Knowingness called them here and they responded by actually making the journey. Yet once they are in Peru, for some reason, they stop listening to their Heart's Knowingness and don't go the full distance.

They may be looking for a life changing transformation when they first get here, but are only open for this experience to arrive in a specific, recognizable form. So when they encounter what they're searching for in another form, they aren't able to see it. After that, they fall back into being a tourist and having tourist experiences, leaving with a sense of disappointment that somehow their Heart's Knowingness has failed.

Perhaps this is happening because many of us are still afraid to dare to create the lives we most desire. We're afraid to believe that we can experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams without making compromises. But we actually can! I know that it's a crazy, corrupt, out of balance world out there, and it may seem somewhat of a paradox, but now is the time when we can fully manifest our Wildest Dreams and birth a New Reality. I know this for sure because it is what I am doing.

Another example of not following our Heart's Knowingness can be observed in the people who were previously awake, but now appear to be going back to sleep. This is happening because they are still on the old road living in the old landscape. Or for some, they have made it to a plateau, but got distracted from their True Purpose there.

Following our Heart's Knowingness always takes us into unexpected directions. It takes us way beyond our old comfort zones. It stretches the boundaries of our previous limitations until they finally snap apart. It exponentially expands our inherent capabilities and creativity. It requires us to do things that we don't normally do. And it makes us more true and real than we can presently imagine.

Living on the New Road requires taking risks and not knowing if we're going to receive the desired outcome of our actions. It requires being all right with NOT KNOWING. It also requires that we take decisive action to get there while putting our full beings and massive efforts into achieving this. This is how we go into our True Direction and find our True Home and True People.

Yes, we go with the flow, but we don't lazily and complacently float down the river. Instead of being passive, we grab the paddles and throw our entire being into paddling day and night, with everything we've got! This compelling urge to get onto our New Road is not only deeply fulfilling, but it's essential at this time so we don't get caught in duality and fall back asleep. It's time to birth a New Reality and we can do it!

The Rooftop of the World

I moved to Peru for the first time in 1972 and lived in the small village of Ollantaytambo which at that time was without electricity, running water, hotels or hoards of tourists. We were the first foreigners who had ever lived there. I was propelled to come here for the impending shift of cosmic poles from the Himalayas to the Andes which took place later that year in the Sacred Valley of the Incas at the place "where two rivers meet". Coincidentally, we were living in a rental house that was located where two rivers met.

Since that time, I've always been aware of the deep, energetic connection between the Andes and the Himalayas. Underneath the obvious, outer differences, there are many similarities between the people, their traditional way of dressing and their strong, clear hearts.

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan have long served together as "The Rooftop of the World". Much of Tibet has been energetically repressed since the Chinese takeover in 1955, even though there are still many there who hold onto Trueness. So when Nepal was devastated by two strong earthquakes in April and May, something deep within me stirred and a fragment of an ancient prophecy began to be remembered. Although I don't remember much of it yet, it foretells of a time when much of the world is taken over by the forces of corruption and deceit. This is when the pillars that hold up "The Rooftop of the World" start to lose their stability.

Perhaps, "The Rooftop of the World" is now moving to the Andes Mountains in South America, along with the cosmic pole which is already here. Or maybe, the new "Rooftop of the World" is meant to be located all over the planet and we are to hold it up together as One Being. No matter where it is located, this is a powerful sign to me that we must get ultra serious about becoming anchors of the New Reality, because without these new anchoring points, fully activated and in position, the shift over to the New Reality cannot take place.

This has deepened by commitment to serve as an Anchor of the New True Reality. Even though I felt that I was already doing this, I realize that everything I do must be stronger, deeper, clearer, purer, Truer. It must be done with even more LOVE. Every element of our lives must be taken to a totally new level, and we must do this right now!

The Great Convergence!

The energies have been building up to June's Great Convergence for several months now. June propels us towards the Great Convergence with increased momentum, helping us bring many long standing projects to completion, freeing us to fully inhabit the New Landscape as never before.

Many of us feel strongly compelled to be part of this Convergence, although we may not yet know why or even how we do this. We can feel the propulsion that is carrying us forward with tremendous excitement, yet we are unable to describe what may happen once it occurs.

It feels like many of us are already on horseback, galloping towards something wondrous and unknown which beckons us. We can feel the presence of many other riders coming from all the directions, going at full gallop towards our point of Convergence. We may not yet know our ultimate destination, but we know that the only direction we can travel on any more is our True Direction. There is something epic and monumental about the Great Convergence!

This Convergence will bring us a powerful collective shift, which for some may be totally life changing. Many elements of our lives will click into position with a resounding sense of rightness. It will reconnect us with our true coordinates. It will unite us with our True People and True Places. It will immerse us in the exquisite energies of the New Reality and it will reveal new aspects of ourselves.

It also feels like the Great Convergence brings a time of decision for some. If we haven't already, we may have to make a conscious decision to either stay in the old world of duality or to fully inhabit the New Reality. If we choose to birth the New Reality, it will require us to take decisive action.

The apex of the Great Convergence takes place on June 30th, during the Activation of the Heart of AN in Peru. But we don't have to be in Peru to experience it; it will be felt all over the world by those who are tuned into their Heart's Knowingness. This Great Convergence is part of a two month process in June and July in which we will gather together with our right people and right places. After that, a migration into our True Positions will begin in earnest.

The second half of July will bring us the Emergence from the Convergence. We may feel like totally new beings who have been presented with an exquisite blank canvas upon which we can create absolutely New True Lives.

Our ultimate destination may be unknown and the outcome unexpected, but something about the Great Convergence that is only known deep inside our Heart's Knowingness fills us with anticipation and makes us very happy.


June brings us a strong sense of accomplishment. As we finish the last few miles of our Final Miles, much will be brought to completion all month long. This is all necessary preparation for the Great Convergence. There is still much to be done, but somehow, we can do it! We can finally see the shining light at the end of the tunnel.

This month feels really fresh and clean, like we've all just been thorough the car wash and thoroughly scrubbed and polished to a brilliant patina inside and out. There's a powerful surge of clean, new energy and a sense of rising excitement for things that we can't yet see. There's a deep, internal stillness interlaced with a lot of action. We feel more integrated and in balance. New, truer parts of our beings are emerging and they feel natural and good.

The Mercury Retrograde that we are experiencing until June 11th is an important preparation for the Great Convergence. It brings us far more than the usual revision and rerouting. It is giving us a fresh look at everything. We are also gaining an expanded perspective of things that happened in our past as a lot of memories of people and experiences are being brought up to the surface to look at in a new way. This isn't happening so we can replay our old memories, feel guilty or sad for what happened or didn't happen, and stay stuck in our past. If we do this, it's kind of a trap. Instead, if we are grateful for our past experiences and see their place in our larger story, we can integrate them within our beings with a heightened perspective. We can be at peace with our past. We can gracefully and thankfully roll up the threads of the past onto the spool of the Here & Now.

In May, we experienced a lot of shifting templates. This has created new fissures in The Way Things Used To Be. These new openings enable unexpected occurrences and quantum breakthroughs to happen. This starts right at the beginning of the month. With our sweeping shift of perspective, we are able to see more of the New Landscape than we ever dreamed was there. This will enable us to move forward with confidence during the second half of June as we approach the Great Convergence.

June changes the game of life that we've been playing. It adds new elements to the game, changes the rules of the game and changes our approach to the game, as well as the way we play it. Everything becomes infinitely more serious and real, but feels increasingly natural and deeply fulfilling as well.

There's an increasing separation between the media generated "reality" and what is really going on in the world. Increasing numbers of us no longer believe in this fabricated view of reality and are now able to read between the lines and see the true picture of what is the True Reality. This is an important and necessary step to fully step free from duality.

There's a deepening of existing relationships, a letting go of ones which can't deepen and the arrival of new people who are aligned with our True Purpose. It feels like a new collective is being formed, a collective that is drawn together by a resonance of Trueness.

For the past year or so, many of us have taken the art of multi-tasking with myriad details to previously inconceivable, Off the Map levels. This is especially true for those of us who have been making preparations to live True Lives or who are already creating the New Reality. These experiences have been beyond challenging. Yet now, we are finally able to see the results of our efforts. We can see how profoundly we have been transformed by this. We have been stretched beyond our breaking point in one direction and then into another and another, until all our previous limitations and boundaries have been so irrevocably transformed that they no longer exist!

All month long, June will be filled with the fresh air of clarity and Trueness. It will show us clearly where our seeds of the New are to be planted. In June, there will be a lot of internal movement, while in July there will be a lot of external movement. This is because our entire world is rearranging to fit the new energies.

For the past month, I have been profoundly touched by what is happening in Nepal. Especially by the way that the young people in the cities are leaping into action and taking responsibility for helping their people in isolated areas. The way that monks and nuns are leaving the comfort of their spiritual practices in their monasteries and traveling to remote villages to bring aid.

This is all such a stunning example of ONE BEING IN ACTION. And it is just what is most needed on the planet right now. It is true Compassion in Action. It is a powerful demonstration of living our truths by mastering service on the most down-to-earth, practical levels. It is totally inspiring to watch the seeds of something so new and true emerge from the devastating Null Zone that has occurred there.

In June, we will see a much clearer picture of our transfigured New Landscape. And we will start making plans to move into this New Landscape, rather than just visiting it. June gives us a clear overview of the next several months. This month we will be completing the final mile of our Final Miles. It also brings us the Great Convergence during the Activation of the Heart of AN on June 30th.

The Convergence energies will be in full affect until the middle of July when our Emergence from the Convergence begins. In August we will tie up loose ends and merge together separated fragments of our beings. In September we enter unknown territory as this month presents us with a shining New Landscape upon which we can now begin to plant the seeds of our True Lives and take our first steps into a new world.

Let's all ride like the wind to our Great Convergence. And as we meet, energetically or physically or both, our One Being itself will be transfigured!


Since we will be super busy facilitating and hosting the Activation of the Heart of AN and several other special events in June and July, the July Surf Report may be late or it may appear in two parts. I will do the best I can to get it to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

With True Heart Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Arbaline, Barbara, Denise, Emanaku, Inger, Keenuane, Malcolm, Maria


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