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February was a super concentrated, intense, ultra potent month of Fast Forward Action. which contained three major Leaps. The First Leap took place as we entered February, the Second Leap was triggered by Mercury going direct around mid month and the Third Leap began at the New Moon / Chinese New Year. After that, all the brakes were released and we were propelled forward at hyper speed.

During February, something deeply changed and we started feeling more protected. We felt more confidant about what we are doing. We may not yet have all the answers; we may not yet see the complete picture of what is in play, but we are now trusting the rightness of our Heart's Knowingness.

The last few days of February felt like an ancient piece of old energy fell away from our new Earth. It was a time to pause and allow something very deep to reset. Now in these first few days of March, we continue to deepen, while we feel that something exquisitely beautiful is coming into alignment. Every new alignment, large or small, within us and within our environment, is moving us into our True Position. With every reset and alignment, new energy is felt and this spurs us on, making us ready for all that is to come!

After the MEGA RESET:
A Finer Focus

Now, that we've completed the extremely powerful, four month MEGA RESET, we can begin to see the profound changes that it has brought us. Many of the deep rooted unconscious behaviors within us have changed and our automatic emotional responses have been clearly seen and cleaned up. We have tenaciously and thoroughly weeded out untrueness wherever we found it. We are more aligned with our True Path than ever before.

This has created a new openness within us. Our previous hesitations, doubts and fears have been set aside. This frees us to create new, True Lives, the lives we have always yearned for. As we more deeply inhabit the New Landscape, it gives us a more all encompassing level of real comfort than we've felt for a long, long time. We realize that we don't need to anxiously gulp the Air We Can Breathe as if it will suddenly disappear, for it is here to stay and so are we.

In our newly uncluttered internal landscape, we can now see shimmery glimmers emanating from previously unexplored areas of the New Landscape which beckon us to where we need to go next. These promptings from our Heart's Knowingness can be on multiple levels. Some are deeply practical, such as "It's time to move to our True Position." Or, "It's time to deepen our relationships into the realm of Great Love and Ultra Trueness." Or it's time to do our work, not simply because of money considerations, but with an impulse felt directly from our heart."

Other visions and revelations reveal energy vortexes and places where the new, Supra-normal Reality is being strongly anchored. Just by seeing the previously invisible sector of the New Landscape that is beckoning us, something is triggered deep within us and new energetic doorways open.

In March, everything comes into a finer focus. Everything is brimming with new life force. We are filled with a new vitality. The New Freshness permeates everything around us. It's like going to an eye examination to be fitted with new glasses. The lenses are repeatedly changed and adjusted and fine tuned until we can see everything with an enhanced clarity. This give us a greatly expanded understanding of what is going on in our lives, of who we really are and of our new True Purpose.

To the Core

Throughout our long cycle of lifetimes on planet Earth, we have deeply identified with the pillars of our beings. We felt that they held up our world and that without them in a strong and stable condition, our personal world would collapse.

These pillars held within their stones and mortar the definitions of who we are. They contained components from our culture, our family lineage, our social class, our traditions, our peer groups, our education, our race, our country and our karma. The history of our entire earthly journey was carved into our pillars.

Often our pillars were covered with ornate ornamentation. We thought that this was what made us unique, made us how and who we are. During some lifetimes, our pillars were even embellished with gold and precious jewels; while other lifetimes, they appeared to be rather basic.

As we began to remember who we really are and starting stepping free of duality, the embellishments on our pillars began to fall off. As this happened, we felt like we were in danger of losing our unique personal identity. Then pieces of the plaster, cement, rocks and marble that composed our pillars began to crumble into dust. This caused us to panic, wildly trying to catch and reattach the chunks of mortar and the rocks that tumbled to the ground. We frantically tried to glue back into position the jewels that were popping out all over the place and getting lost.

"Oh, no! What if our pillars should fall?" we cried with alarm and rising panic! "Our world will come to an end!!! "The temples of our beings will collapse!!!" And yet, even though we frantically tried to hold everything together, our pillars continued to crumble. Yet paradoxically, as this process accelerated exponentially, the more True and Real we became.

Finally came that horrifying, dreaded moment when the final piece of our pillar fell to the ground with a loud thud. We braced ourselves for the shattering collapse of all we have known, of all we have been, of all that we held sacred. And then.... Nothing happened. The temples of our beings didn't collapse as we'd expected. We were stripped to the core, but still standing.

This is because the thickness and heaviness that we always associated with solidity is not what creates true solidness; it's only the outer covering. Inside our thick pillar is a slender rod made of titanium and other-worldly metals that holds everything into position. This is the core of our true beings. And this is what now remains. All the rest that was ever there was only a covering which was put on because we felt we needed protection, because we felt that we needed to hide who we really are in the illusory world of duality and separation. And maybe we did. But we don't have to anymore....


Powerful months often begin with a DISCONNECT - CONNECT when it feels like the plug is pulled out of the power source of the previous month. And so it is for March.... This disconnect process began on the last day of February. At our house in Peru, it even happened literally as well as energetically, when our electricity went out at 6:00 in the morning because they were changing a transformer. We had no electricity for thirteen hours and after that, no internet for the rest of the night.

We usually have a few days of being unplugged from the previous month before we are plugged into the new energies of the present month. These days are like Days Out of Time in which all the forward momentum we've been traveling on suddenly stops. We've been unplugged from our old energy source and are not yet connected with the new one. Then after a few quiet days of being on greatly diminished power, we are connected to a new, much stronger power source.

When we were finally reconnected to our power source this month, we weren't immediately connected to the full voltage of March; the power remains intermittent and of low voltage. This is happening so that we can gradually adjust to the rising voltage of March. If we were fully connected to the circuit at the beginning of the month, we might well get fried. As March progresses the amps of the energy will steadily increase until we are able to function in the supra charged currents of the New Reality.

March is a strong month of integrating and implementing the momentous changes we experienced during the MEGA RESET. These changes become the new foundation upon which we stand. And by doing this, we serve as living examples of of how to inhabit the New Reality.

March is an extremely active month of decisively moving forward and solidifying what we've already created. it's like returning home from a busy birth clinic with the newborn baby to discover how new and changed our life has become. It's an unpredictable month that is full of surprises, super intense and truly life changing.

If we haven't done it already, it's time to courageously forge a new path. Going into our True Direction is where we will unquestionably have the greatest success. It's time for utilizing bold innovation, untried new methods, unbridled creativity and wild inspiration, as we anchor more of our new, true vision into all aspects of our lives.

Many long standing projects will be brought to completion this month. Sticky unresolved situations either will now be brought to a new level or we will decide to completely walk away from them. Much fine tuning and refinement is taking place, both within us and in our outer environment. We are weighing everything on the scale of Trueness, and if it's not True, it is readily discarded.

Exciting new creative visions are being revealed, showing us what we couldn't see before. Many elements of the New Reality break through to the surface, like the first daffodils of spring which have long laid dormant under the snow. We can finally see what we've been planting for so long. We are greatly reassured that they are still alive and actually growing. It may not yet be the time of harvest, but it's the time of seeing some of the elements that will be part of our future harvest. And we like what we see! We not only see the exquisite beauty of what we've created, but now we have deepened enough and become true enough to more fully appreciate it.

March began with strong solar flares to get our attention, showing us the power of this month. This brilliant, wildly creative month contains a strong, almost explosive, bursting energy. The dam has broken and many of the hindrances which long held us back are swept away. We are bursting into vibrant aliveness, bursting into newness, bursting into greater Trueness, bursting into enhanced clarity, bursting into the freshness of the verdant New Landscape, bursting open, bursting free.

At the same time, there is the bursting open of previously calcified pockets of duality. In the outside world, there is a murky, science fiction, fear-based scenario which is trying to pull us into its distortion band, but we are bursting free and refuse to feed the illusions of duality any more.

Because of March's powerful bursting energy, there may well be some strong upheavals this month which could unexpectedly explode at any moment. Volcanoes, violence, political unrest, hidden scandals rising to the surface, etc. We also have to be ultra alert because there is the possibility of minor accidents, if we're not careful. No matter what happens, we won't be scared back into old fears. Instead we will hold onto the new settings for our True Lives.

The four months of MEGA RESET and the intensity of February's Three Leaps have also had the effect of creating lots of stress. Stress usually occurs when too many things come at us all at once from multiple directions in too short of a time period. The way through this stress is to focus on what is being created by our actions, rather than on the "I have way too much to do!" aspects of what we are doing.

Other challenges that we are dealing with are watching that we don't get stuck in the traps of "age", "social class" and "exhaustion". In truth we are timeless, eternal beings. When we start identifying ourselves as being a certain, fixed age, we lose some of our true nature. We lose the freedom of being open and undefined and we actually start to age.

The same is true of identifying solely with our social class. Social classes are far more prevalent in some cultures and countries than in others. When we start perceiving some people as "beneath" us and treat them with disrespect, we are actually lowering ourselves. This arrogant attitude doesn't make us superior; it just reveals areas where we still need to evolve.

Many of us are still feeling a deep tiredness. But this exhaustion is not our permanent or true state of being; it is a temporary condition. It is not who we really are. Even though some of us, especially First Waves, may feel a sense of profound weariness at times, it is not our natural way of being. The weariness comes from our journey. It comes from doing too many things at once. It comes from trying to survive in the duality world, while not being in our True Position. When we get into our True Position and center ourselves in the HERE and NOW, much of our weariness subsides. And even though some of us have been in non-stop action mode for a long time, it is possible to flip over our exhaustion into excitement and enthusiasm and actually have fun while immersed into birthing the New Reality.

Throughout March, it will feel as though we are flying through the air with both feet on the ground. The new energy will be palpable and vibrantly alive. It's time to take clear, decisive action to move deeper into our True Position. Let's implement the profound changes and heightened Trueness we've experienced into all areas of our lives. Let's go even deeper into the New Landscape and anchor the New Reality!

With True True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Carolyn, Denise, Emanaku, Inger, Jae, Maria, Rodaan


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