March 2000: Entering the Threshold of our New Lives

During the month of February many of us were severely tested. It was one of those "darkest before the dawn" situations which battered us and took many of us to the breaking point and beyond. The process was similar to that of forging a sword. First the sword is made, then it is heated and folded back upon itself. It is then roughly hammered back into shape, folded back upon itself again, and repeatedly reshaped until it becomes invincibly strong and true.

Although the testings of February were definitely a challenge, they have helped us strip off more layers of superficiality and illusion and become undeniably more true and real. They helped us to embrace our vulnerability and stripped us down to our most raw emotions.

Now that we have survived the tough initiations of February and entered March, the doorways into our New Lives are beginning to open. At first, these openings may appear as small cracks, yet real rays of light stream through these small cracks. What a joy it is to receive some new illumination.

These rays of light are clearing the path for us and dissolving many of the past situations which made us feel pressured and stuck. Hope returns and with it come clear messages as to our New Directions. During the month of March many of our old situations will move towards resolution and allow us to take decisive steps forward into our New Lives.


March is the beginning of a four month cycle of opening doorways. During this time, we will be finally stepping free of the past and our past behaviors and moving forward. The new resonance will carry us along into our New Directions.

The Surf is swelling and growing stronger every day. The waves are building. There will be huge surges of the new resonance which will carry us forward, past all our previous barriers and blockages.

From March through June, there is going to be an unbelievable amount of movement and change in our lives. Yes, this is the time that we will be changing residences, jobs, careers even, letting go of those outmoded relationships, and finally move forward.

During this time we will need to be constantly vigilant that we stay firmly aligned with the new resonance. We can't slide through on our old ways of doing things any more. We have to remain brutally honest and true. We really have to follow the deepest calling of our hearts.

It's easy to discern what comes from our New Lives, and discern we must. If we feel a lightness and joy, then it's emanating from the new resonance. If there's a sense of heaviness and stress, then this is something which needs to be either let go of or transformed. We need to constantly discern the difference and continually set our sights for the new resonance. This energy current of the new resonance will sweep us along into our New Directions.

These four months will take us out of our previous life situations and put us into something totally different. May is the biggest month of change when huge doorways will be open for us. But we are now traveling a direct trajectory towards these major breakthroughs. Everything we do with integrity and trueness will lead us forward into our New Lives.


Our New Lives aren't just outer changes; they represent a profound shift within our inner Core Beings. We have to recreate our inner codes.

Some of the glitches we have been experiencing are the result of an unstable inner code. Now that we've reached a new level of resonance, our old code doesn't work anymore. All we've done up until now is to add new code on top of the old code. This is similar to what has happened with Windows for pcs. It's so outdated that we're very susceptible to viruses and distortions.

What is now required is that we totally recreate our coding, starting from the beginning. This is part of creating the foundations of our New Lives. Our new code is an infinitely vaster, more intricate and more stable code than our old one. The new coding is the coding of Oneness in which we are all woven together into a living, organic One Being.


Another thing that we will be doing during this time is finding the places within our beings where we have been in denial. Find the places of lack in your life and go into them. They are important clues for our New Lives.

Our New Lives are about filling some of the empty places in our beings so we can become more whole. You can read about this in more depth in the Keys to a New Life. If we move to the opposite of what we have been, we will find our New Lives.

UPDATED MARCH 16, 2000: The Weaving Stretches

Today begins another phase of moving forward into our New Lives. The fabric of our beings is stretching open to allow us to go into new territory. Spaces open up around us allowing us to breathe more freely, to dare to dream about what was previously deemed "impossible". Blockages and resistances on both inner and outer levels begin to lessen.

We are being gently nudged into our New Directions.

Now come the burning questions:

Do we really want our New Lives?
Are we ready to let go of our pasts?
Are we willing to do things totally differently?
Do we have the needed perseverence, trust and commitment to go for it?
Are we going to be true and honest?
Have we let go of our subconscious fears and resistance to living the lives we truly want?
And to being the person we really are on a core level?
Are we ready to listen to and follow our purest heart's desires?

It's not a matter of using our will to make things happen forcibly. That's one of the old ways to discard. Rather, it's a calm knowing of where we are going. It's a feeling of certainty and rightness that will carry us through into these uncharted realms of our New Lives. When we obtain this feeling of rightness, then we can relax somewhat and let the current of the swelling surf carry us forward.

We no longer need to paddle against the current. We don't need to flail around to try to keep our heads above the water. All we have to do is align ourselves with these steady, rising waves and let them take us where we need to go.

It's already happening. The waves will continue to grow for the next few months until we are fully deposited into our New Lives.

UPDATED MARCH 18, 2000: On the Runway

Now it's time for our airport analogy. Many of us are currently like airplanes waiting in line on the runway for take off. Our planes are fully loaded and prepared. We have passengers, crew, supplies, fuel and the baggage that we want to take with us into our New Directions. Now all we need is permission from the tower so that we can take off.

Yes, we are still waiting, but now our lift off is assured. The time of waiting is almost over.

UPDATED MARCH 19, 2000: The Holding Pattern continues...

We are still waiting for the weather to clear so we can take off. The air feels thick and somewhat stale. We don't quite know what to do to move forward and it's easy to feel bored and restless. On many levels it feels as if nothing is happening. But we know inside that much is in play.

Try not to become discouraged or depressed. This will soon change. Breakthroughs ARE coming!


For some of us this is a time of great vulnerability. We feel fragile and somewhat disoriented. Much is dying away. Call in your scattered spirit which has flown away. Be gentle with yourself. This is the final initiation, the sacred moment preceeding the cycle of breakthroughs.


This inner recalibration has been intense and amazingly thorough. And it has been so necessary and liberating. Clues and hints as to our New Directions are coming in. We are readying ourselves to move forward into our New Lives. The lion of March has roared its roars and is now settling into a calmer, clearer time. Let's welcome in the lamb of spring and renewal.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.