Mandala by Solara: Seeing with the Eyes of a True One

A Null Zone occurs when energies suddenly collapse in upon themselves,
totally shattering old patterns and demolishing old structures into myriad fragments
that cannot be put back together as they were before

Times of Completion always bring in-depth purifications and repatternings on a massive scale. Knowing this, we shouldn't be surprised that there are lots of Null Zones occurring during this time. Null Zones are shocking events that always happen without any warning, when we least expect them. An invisible trigger is activated that suddenly crashes everything down all around us and sometimes inside of us, sending out shockwaves into multiple directions.

Null Zones irrevocably break up long established patterns, entrenched belief systems and basic behaviors. Old structures, both physical and non-physical, may be demolished in an instant. Our inner or outer landscape is dramatically reconfigured. Many of these are things that we have heavily identified ourselves with -- for they defined who we are and the world we live in. They were the building blocks of our old world, the ones that kept us locked into the world of duality. These include old roles which we felt defined who we are, the work we do, the physical environment that we live in and our normal pattern of daily activities and social interactions.

Whenever a Null Zone occurs, our old ways of being are so completely shattered that they cannot be put back together into their previous positions. It's like smashing a delicate glass sculpture onto a concrete floor; it breaks into myriad shards and fragments that are simply impossible to glue back together. Nor can we put the Null Zoned elements back into their old positions. The old patternings are often totally cleared out from our personal or planetary matrixes by the mere force of the Null Zoning. Some things have to be Null Zoned, for they are too engrained to be removed by other means and it is the only way to thoroughly eradicate them.

Null Zones are always painful to experience as they shock us to the very core nucleus of our beings, but they are also super effective in irrevocably shattering old patterns in an instant. This is currently happening on a massive scale, taking place on both personal internal levels and on large scale external levels that affect huge numbers of people.

However, Null Zones do serve an important purpose. Not only do they shatter old patterns and deepen our compassion, but they also create the most fertile ground for birthing the New. By demolishing the old, they create the open space for us to expand our beliefs to allow for the entrance of totally new, "off the map" elements. Just like a boat that is wedged on a sandbar, Null Zones knock us free of any old stuck places. For example, if we are stuck in a limiting belief that makes us unhappy, then the Null Zone may jar us free.

Null Zones are often followed by a huge creative surge. Elements that were long repressed, restricted or held back by the old structures or old beliefs are now free to expand in totally new directions.

All Null Zones create an immeasurable deepening....


As we further emerge as True Ones, there are many elements that must be removed from our personal matrixes. These include stuck old patterns, emotional residue of the past, long ingrained misconceptions, limiting behaviors, old resistances, blockages and distorted energies. Often this releasing process takes the form of a Null Zone. A Null Zone feels similar to a bomb going off inside of us, setting off a massive internal explosion that affects every cell of our being and radiates outwards.

Perfect Storms often create the ideal conditions for Null Zones, yet we can be in the middle of a Perfect Storm and not necessarily be Null Zoned. Perfect Storms are extremely challenging, but not nearly as painful as a Null Zone. They may temporarily flatten us, but they don't usually shatter our inner landscape. Perfect Storms don't demolish things; but they do put everything on the line, rearrange things and clear out old energy. We emerge greatly transformed by a Perfect Storm, but the world around us often appears the same. We are not forced to recreate new basic blocks of our being. Our outer landscape has not been totally destroyed.

When an internal Null Zone takes place inside us, our outer landscape is still the same, but we are not. This is because our internal landscape has been deeply altered. An inner shattering of our internal world has occurred that now forces us to learn new approaches to everything we do.

Internal Null Zones are usually triggered by outside events. Some of these are obviously shocking, while others are more subtle. Examples of obvious Null Zone triggers would include: suddenly losing our job, our partner leaves us, someone close to us unexpectedly dies, discovering that we have a serious illness, extreme depression or encountering a new truth that nullifies substantial parts of what we believed in before.

Some examples of more subtle Null Zone triggers are: a long cherished dream or expectation is shattered, an old belief is smashed, or we become paralyzed by our fears and go into a panic attack, or we become overwhelmed by the profusion of elements that we need to deal with and all the worlds we have been holding up come crashing down upon us, or our confidence in our self is shaken to the core. All of these possible scenarios lead us to the questions "Who is the self that is getting shattered?" "Is it all of me or only a part of who I am?"

It is when we realize that the Null Zone is not happening to our full being that our True Selves can come to our rescue. When we step into being a True One, we can suddenly see that we are infinitely larger than the part of us that is being Null Zoned, and the Null Zone immediately starts to diminish.

This is why that although they are intensely felt and deeply shattering, the internal Null Zones that occur within us are not as devastating as they used to be. They may thoroughly break us into millions of pieces; yet we now recover surprisingly quickly from them. It no longer takes weeks or months to reconfigure ourselves. Internal Null Zones can often be passed through in a few days or if we are lucky, in a few hours. This is because as we emerge as True Ones, we are infinitely vaster beings. When we are Null-Zoned, it only affects a part of us, rather than our whole being. Being a True One rescues us from our internal Null Zones.

It helps us greatly to be aware of when we are Null Zoned. Once we realize that this is what has happened, we are halfway to recovery. We just can't expect to come out of it with the same inner landscape that we had before. We have been vastly changed by our experience. We have been deepened and become truer. Although our outer landscape may appear the same, it is not. Our Null Zoning requires us to make some profound adjustments.

When we are in the midst of a Null Zone, we feel lost. We can't see any breakthroughs or positive benefits from our experience. Everything appears hopeless. We might feel that we want to run and hide, but there is no place to escape to; the Null Zone pushed us onto a dead end road from which there is no exit.

This is when we need to look with total honesty at the issues that the Null Zone has brought up. We need to face the strong emotions that we are feeling and honestly look at the debris of what has been shattered. Don't try to avoid anything, even if it's something within ourselves that is raw and extremely painful to look at. It takes tremendous courage to do this, but this is exactly what is needed.

Once we do this, a change takes place, like the Sun slowing returning to warm a frigid landscape. Suddenly we can start to feel the profound changes that have occurred in our inner landscape. Love returns.... We no longer feel alone and nakedly vulnerable. Trust returns.... The knowing that everything is happening in perfect timing returns....

After experiencing a Null Zone, everything must be completely repatterned. We don't have the option of returning to The Way Things Used To Be. We can feel waves upon waves go out from us in all directions, uprooting everything from their old positions and flipping them all over, like a huge forest of trees downed in a single, massive explosion. After we've experienced an internal Null Zone, it's important to be ultra gentle with ourselves. We still feel fragmented and highly sensitive. Everything within us has been totally reconfigured and we need to give ourselves the necessary quiet to allow these profound changes to settle in before we leap back into action.

The golfer, Tiger Woods is a good example of someone who has recently experienced an internal Null Zone that was triggered by his impact with a Perfect Storm. All of his old world has come crashing down and it is impossible for him to go back to The Way Things Used To Be. When he hit his Perfect Storm, if he had honestly faced the issues that it brought up, it would not have Null Zoned him. But since he chose to go into seclusion, avoiding his lessons and not communicate honestly about his issues, this only made things worse for him. Now, he has the opportunity to make the necessary internal and external adjustments to be more honest, integreous and true. Then he can go out and recreate a totally new life in the ruins of his old landscape.

Null Zones are terrible to experience, yet they are a natural occurrence of this time. Major repatterning is required in their aftermath, yet the opportunities for mega breakthroughs always follow Null Zones. We are set free in ways that we cannot even imagine.


External Null Zones are much more powerful and far reaching. They usually take the form of physical disasters such as intense storms, flooding, severe snowstorms, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, the collapsing of governments and financial systems, the breakdown of social order, revolutions, acts of terrorism, or other major unexpected upheavals.

Several huge external Null Zones have occurred recently throughout the planet. Some notable ones include the 8.8 Chilean earthquake of February 27th, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and the massive flood damage that occurred in the Sacred Valley near Cuzco, Peru that destroyed numerous villages and 80% of their crops.

Whenever these extremely shocking events happen, it's important for us to not to get caught into the constant news feeds and into the fear. But also, don't avoid looking at them. This is part of the delicate dance we do on this planet of Walking the Razor's Edge. The best way that we can deal with these Null Zones is to come together even stronger than before as One Being and strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE. Be aware of what is happening, but don't get drawn into the fear and the drama. Embody PURE HEART LOVE and embrace everyone in the affected area with the strength of your presence as a True One.

When an external Null Zone occurs, everyone and everything in that area is affected. External Null Zones create simultaneous internal Null Zones for everyone who experiences them. As an example, there is the recent devastating earthquake in Chile. A huge section of Central Chile felt the earthquake. Everyone went through the horrifying experience together. It didn't matter whether you were rich or poor, young or old, spiritually evolved or unaware. Everyone felt the earthquake both internally and externally. All the animals and birds felt it. All the physical structures experienced the violent shaking. All of nature felt it. This is a powerful shared experience....

Within a few minutes, everything was irrevocably changed. The old landscape was demolished. Priorities were instantly rearranged. All superficial distractions were dropped and the focus turned to what is most important -- finding and embracing our loved ones and basic survival.

Everyone who experienced this was deepened beyond measure. This deepening will be with them for the rest of their lives. Here is a touching quote from the Admin of the All Chile Forum: "The thing I keep seeing in all Chileans everywhere is how their eyes have changed. It is in the eyes of the Chileans from the President of Chile, to the girls in my office, to the guy that cuts my lawn. There is something both sad and scared, but also something more now. Not aged. I would say it is somehow similar to the eyes of the old Native Americans, but very different. Chileans, young and old, rich and poor, all have that sad, but determined pain in their stare."

What he sees in everyone's eyes is a massive deepening. A sudden reordering of priorities that took place in an instant.... I've noticed this many times in the eyes of those who have gone through traumatic events. And this massive deepening will only serve the rebirth of Chile. Or Haiti. Or El Valle Sagrado in Peru. Or wherever the next Null Zone takes place.

In the aftermath of a Null Zone, there is a surge of creativity and action. At first it is on the basic survival level -- looking for food and water, searching for loved ones, rescuing survivors, putting together a temporary shelter out of whatever can be found. Survivors come together and help one another. What always touches me is when ordinary people fill their cars with blankets, food and water and drive out to the affected areas to give whatever help they can. This is ONE BEING IN ACTION. It is unhesitatingly taking on responsibility and Mastering Service by doing what is needed, when it is needed.

As the waves of a major Null Zone spread out across the world, there is the mobilization of volunteers and the raising of funds to help the survivors. Unfortunately, very little of the financial aid that is so generously given ever reaches the people who most need it. This is why people are still living in tents and makeshift shelters in Haiti while over $100,000,000 was raised to help them. Or why Peru's top priority was to rescue tourists from Machu Picchu rather than help the tens of thousands of indigenous people who lost absolutely everything. This is just another sign that we need to find new ways to help, new ways of taking responsibility for the well being of our One Being. We can't rely on old methods or on governments and established organizations to do it for us.

While the basic survival needs are being met, we make contact with new people, then we turn our attention to deciding what to do and where to live now that our old lives have disappeared. Next, we begin seeding the New in the midst of the chaos and devastation. I just heard a story about how musicians would sit and play their music in the bombed out ruins of Germany right after World War II. This is seeding the New....

Then, our creativity expands to the areas of creating totally new structures rather than simply duplicating the old ones that have been destroyed. We have to do this even when there are forces which are strongly trying to recreate the past. Instead, we must use the golden opportunity of a Null Zone to implement new ways of doing things and birth new paradigms.

Every external Null Zone has profound, far reaching effects that spread across the planet. Our hearts open wider and we experience a deepening of our compassion. Some Null Zones remove hardened knots of old magic from our planetary matrix. Others such as volcanic eruptions can affect the climate of the whole world. The Chilean earthquake ripped loose two tectonic plates that were stuck together and actually shortened the length of each day through the huge displacement of physical mass.

I always pay careful attention to the locations of external Null Zones, for these are significant places of the future where the New can flourish without the restrictions of the old patterns.

It's important for us to understand the true nature of Null Zones. We cannot allow ourselves to be thrown off balance by them. Null Zones call our One Being into Action. We need to be able to navigate through Null Zones as True Ones so we can help those in need, for each person who can help others during a Null Zone can have a huge effect.

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