Updated May 7, 2002



The Pressure Cooker is still cooking away during the month of May. This is bringing many diverse elements to the surface to be dealt with all at once. We are being forced to work simultaneously on many levels, dealing with both the past and the future in almost equal measure.

Unresolved issues from the past must now be dealt with and brought to their final completion. We really don't have the choice to sweep them under the rug and deal with them later. They are flying and flapping all around us, demanding our immediate attention.

Although we may have tried mightily to resolve some of these old issues for years, this time our approach is going to be quite different. There's going to be a new element added to the mix, something that will point us in a new direction towards a slightly different way of doing things, which will lead us to that long sought after resolution.

On many levels we have been taking an inventory of our lives and of our inner beings all this year. Now, the results are becoming clearer and many previously familiar elements are starting to feel not so familiar anymore. As our harmonic resonance continues to shift into the Greater Reality, many things, including some key relationships and friendships, are fading away. Often, there's no abrupt rupture, instead it's more like a gradual dissolving of the bonds which previously held us together. Old situations and people will continue to leave our lives during May and June.

In May, we will be able to get a very clear picture of the results of our personal inventory. It will become obvious which habits and behaviors are no longer appropriate. Which people or situations no longer belong in our lives. What old ways of doing things can no longer be done. What previous perceptions have been irrevocably altered.

It feels much like the process of sifting for gold. We're putting our whole lives in the sieve and watching the dross fall through the holes. The big pieces of rock left in the sifter are the slag which we also don't need any longer. We can place those on the side and turn our attention to the jewels left in the sieve. These jewels have been ours all along; they just weren't so visible when they were covered with dust and surrounded by our old karmic baggage. It's now time to reclaim our jewels. To live our lives as a jewel. Because that's what we really are.

Going through the sifting process also tends to loosen our molecules making us much freer. When you take a good look at your personal inventory, you might see how your attachments have loosened while your love has become more diffused. Before, love was like a hose which was only turned on at specific objects, and often the spray was pretty out of control. Now, it is more like a fine mist which penetrates everything and fills the space between our molecules. It's the glue which holds everything together. Even in these crazy and uncertain times....

This loosening of the calcification and density of our molecules is making us so much freer. And now, it is finally becoming more apparent to us. It is affecting all aspects of our beings and creating great changes in the way we approach life and do things. It is shifting our values and priorities and leading us ever more strongly onto the path of the heart. We are starting to seek out the elements which bring joy and lightness into our lives and willingly letting go of those elements which have burdened us with their heaviness.

At the same time, the Pressure Cooker is creating new openings into our future. These new openings can also not be ignored. We are feeling strong callings to make dramatic changes in our lives. Most of us don't yet know the details of our upcoming changes or how they will actually play themselves out. But we can feel them so strongly that we are getting ready to spring into action as soon as we can perceive the Green Light into our new directions.

In the meanwhile, we have a strong urge to clear out all the accumulated clutter and debris of our life's journey and surround ourselves only with what resonates with our Core Beings. Utilizing the results of our personal inventory, we can start to release those elements which are no longer appropriate to who we are in the process of becoming.

Our minds are also being affected by the loosening of our molecules. It is becoming more difficult to hold to a narrow focus. Instead, we are moving to a more broad spectrum of focus. Oneness is replacing separation. We can now see and feel the interconnectedness of all things and base our actions upon this understanding.

Now, here's something interesting....

There are things in our past which will show us the openings into our future. We have to go back into our past, sift through our past, and pick up the elements which will take us forward. There are things in our lives right now which will show us our future. These are elements which we didn't expect and haven't been looking at. It may be a person or a talent or something which has always brought a smile to our face and made us happy. These clues need to be gathered up and brought to the forefront.

Towards the end of May, the Surf will rise and the intensity will increase as the Winds of Change start to blow. The changes will accelerate and propel us into our new directions. New openings will appear where we least expect them. This will continue throughout the month of June which will be a time of heightened activity as we leave much of the past behind and make dramatic steps forward into New Lives and greater Personal Freedom.

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Surround Yourself With Your Favorite Things:
On inner and outer levels, clear out the remaining baggage and gather together the elements which give you happiness and nourishment.

Sift Through Your Past:
Find the elements which are keys to your future. Allow them to guide you to the new openings.

Don't Buy Into Duality:
There are no "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys". There are no "Good Countries" & "Bad Countries". There are no "Good Religions" & "Bad Religions". There is only the One!

Continually Look Beyond Outer Appearances:
Nothing is as it appears to be. Step out of any residue of fear or anger and take a good, clear look at what is really happening. Don't take anyone's word on what is happening. Don't blindly follow authority figures. Figure it out for yourself from a place of vastness and all-encompassing Love.

Strengthen Your Compassion:
There is simply not enough compassion on the Earth at this time. Many of us are feeling assaulted by the energies of anger and fear. It's a challenging time with duality running amok. This is exactly when compassion is most needed. Consciously become an embodiment of compassion. Be like the Sun which has no personal favorites and extend your compassion to all beings equally.

Rerouting Opportunities Abound:
Whenever there are blockages or things don't happen quite as you would like them to, simply understand that things are being rerouted to bring them into alignment with the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

When New Doorways Open, Leap!:
There is no time to sit and ponder whether we should take these new opportunities which are being presented to us. If it feels right, do it. Leap! And then leap again!

Don't Try To Hold On To The Ones Going Out Of Our Lives:
Many people and situations are going to be leaving our lives. The resonance is shifting dramatically, making this is a natural occurrence. Let go gracefully and wish them well.

Emptiness is Good:
If you feel empty, embrace that feeling. It's a good thing and something that all of us experience when huge chunks of our old ways of being and doing things leaves our lives. This is a pregnant emptiness, a sacred place where we await the birth of the New.

Spend time each day in your vastness, showering the Earth and all its inhabitants with Love.

Inhabit our One Being at all times:
As we consciously live in our One Being, we also nourish and strengthen the resonance of Oneness throughout the world.

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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2002 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.