Solara's May 2010 Surf Report

Painting by Solara: Shifting Paradigms


On the Path of LOVE




"Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!"

.... from Where the Wild Things Are

So far, 2010 has been an absolutely wild and unpredictable year. It has taken us to areas so "Off the Map" that we didn't know they existed. It has presented us with a series of shocking events and Null Zones. It has strongly impacted who we thought we were. It has continually unpinned us from The Way Things Used To Be. It has propelled us to question everything. It has shattered all linear perceptions. It has replaced logic with the sense of rightness. It has immeasurably deepened our LOVE. And most importantly, it has strongly nudged us to fully emerge as True Ones.

Since Off the Map is our New Map of the Expanded HERE and NOW, we're going to be here for quite a while, so we might as well get used to it. Inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW is our New Paradigm. This shift of paradigms from the old one that was chopped into separate segments of Past, Present & Future to the new paradigm of the Expanded HERE and NOW requires us to totally change our entire approach to life.

During the first four months of the year, we've been in a state of massive unpinning from the old normal. All areas of our lives are in the process of upheaval and change. We've been undergoing major deepening, realignment and deep purification. We've been scouring our beings of any old duality-based reactions, while dismantling the old triggers that set them off. We've been sorting through everything inside and out. Old memories and long suppressed emotions have burst to the surface so that they can finally be released. Some of us have been severely challenged with serious health problems. These are happening to bring us strong and undeniable messages of what we need to change on inner and outer levels. Everything is being massively reshuffled and repositioned. Our entire, known landscape is being profoundly reconfigured. We have reached the position where everything is starting to flip over into a totally new landscape –– a New Paradigm.

Throughout this time, we've been thoroughly scanning our lives with the fresh eyes of a True One, giving us a vastly expanded, new perspective. Emerging as a True One helps us to quickly recalibrate many expired elements. Numerous old patterns, habits, beliefs and behaviors are being dissolved so that we can become even more unpinned from the dying world of duality.

One of our challenges has been that we didn't know where to look in order to find our new positions. We felt ourselves to be precariously placed somewhere between Here and There, neither caterpillar nor butterfly, but stuck somewhere in between. We were no longer able to function in the old ways, but were still learning new ones. This left us feeling extremely unsettled in the Transition Zone between paradigms. The only comfortable option available to us was to realize that wherever we are in the present moment is the perfect place to be. It is the Centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW.

April's focus was on Claiming our Sovereignty as a True One. Because of this, the entire month presented us with heightened issues of Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Capability and Resolution. This requires a huge clean up of any unresolved situations that we have long avoided, (sometimes for years), and old tasks that had fallen through the cracks and were neglected. Part of Claiming our Sovereignty is setting boundaries for acceptable and non-acceptable behavior from others.

As we refined our personal integrity, we addressed and cleaned up any non-integrous behaviors, especially in the ways we have interacted with others. We also dealt with issues of old debts that were either owed to us or that we owed -- for it is now time to clear them up and make things right. This is Accountability and we need to bring all these outstanding matters to quick and thorough resolutions. These issues will stay with us until they are fully resolved.

Many of these old situations, duality-based relationship patterns and uncompleted tasks that we're dealing with are extremely expired; that's why we have avoided them for so long. Turning our attention to them can make us feel very uncomfortable. Occasionally we are plunged into a dense swamp of inertia. Whenever this happens, the most helpful things we can do is either go lie down or do something physical.

But we do have the energy right now to take all our expired, duality-based elements to another level by completing or releasing them. We do this by bringing our True One energy into the most expired places. When we do this, we effortlessly become responsible and are able to Ho'o Pono Pono (Make Right) anything that isn't right. This cleans out our personal matrixes of another layer of elements that we can no longer carry with us. We become freer than ever before.

We are also going through another phase of releasing expired commitments. Often when we leave something that we used to belong to, we feel that we haven't performed our duty. Or when we let go of an expired commitment to another person, we feel that we are letting them down. Sometimes this brings up a sense of shame or guilt that we are not sticking with our old commitments. This is when we need to remember that many of our old commitments are no longer valid. When something reaches its expiration date, it is not a failure to let it go. There is No Blame in releasing them. If we carry a sense of failure with us, then we might hesitate to take on new commitments. And there are new commitments that are appropriate for us right now.

We have also been looking at our capability. Once we choose to step forth as a True One, we realize just how capable we really are. We might not have felt capable or appreciated in our old world; we might have felt as if we didn't fit there like being a fish out of the water. But suddenly we find ourselves in a beautiful warm ocean, swimming with mastery and ease. The best part is that there are now other kindred fish swimming beside us. This makes it so much more fulfilling and fun!

In May, we will break on through to the other side. The MUA or New Beginning that was set into motion during the Eighth Gate Activation last June will become highly visible and strongly felt. We will be starting a brand new cycle. The Winds of Change will stir up the fresh breezes of the New until they become gale force winds that bring forth previously unimaginable changes interlaced with a series of quantum breakthroughs. Our great adventure unfolds....

We will be drawn to new places, meet new people, and receive a powerful infusion of much needed insights and new information. The New Landscape will become increasingly clearer. With this will come a renewed emphasis on getting to our right places with our right people so that we can get into position for fully living in the New Paradigm.



The Expanded HERE and NOW is found off the map of the Known. The Expanded HERE and NOW contains Past, Present and Future fully dissolved into the present moment. The Centerpoint of HERE and NOW is also the Centerpoint of Right Time - Right Place. It has direct access into multiple dimensions and myriad worlds within worlds. It is our entry point into the Beyond the Beyond.

The Expanded HERE and NOW is our New Landscape. This is where we center our beings, where we now live our lives. The Expanded HERE and NOW contains an important key to our New Navigation. Here is an explanation of the New Navigation:

We begin by going into the Centerpoint of Right Time - Right Place. This is located inside the Major Intersection in the center of a huge X. Then, we expand our beings by emerging as a True One until we fully inhabit not only the Centerpoint, but the furthest extremities of the X. Once we do this, the Centerpoint expands until it encompasses the entire X.

From this expanded, highly concentrated and extremely potent position in the Expanded Centerpoint of HERE and NOW, we bring in whatever is needed in our lives through clear, decisive action in the physical world. We do this as True Ones who are embodiments of PURE HEART LOVE. This activates the melons. Melons are great synchronicities of stunning rightness that come directly to us, as if falling from heaven. Then, we simply wait for the ripe, juicy melons to drop into our hands which are open in PURE HEART LOVE.

This stance is totally different from the old Lightworker method of passively waiting for "Spirit" to provide what they need, without doing anything on the physical level to make it happen, because it requires action in the physical before the melons are activated. Energetic action is not enough.

Here is the formula of the New Navigation made simple:

1. Get into the Centerpoint of Right Time - Right Place.

2. While remaining in the Centerpoint, expand as a True One into the furthest extremities of the X.

3. This expands HERE and NOW to encompass the entire X.

4. Bring into the present moment what's most needed through clear, decisive action on the physical.

5. Put your hands in the PURE HEART LOVE position so they are ready to receive the melon. (If you don't know this position, you will find it at the end of the Xuá!! Video.)

6. Let the melon fall into your open hands.

By doing this, we are setting the resonance as a True One for all that is to come. We are supporting the result through alignment and action, but not forcing it with our wills.

Here's a simple analogy of how this New Navigation works on a practical level:

I will be traveling this month to organize the 11:11 Ninth Gate Activation. This trip required lots of preparation. Much practical information was gathered which was then combined with the intuition of myself and a few others, and then run through our inner Truth Filters. The locations that felt right had to be researched and numerous hotels were contacted. Airline tickets were purchased. This was the physical action part when we expanded our beings and utilized all the extremities of the X, bringing through what we had gathered there into clear, decisive action on the physical.

The next part will be the actual going there as a True One embodying PURE HEART LOVE. Yes, action will still be required, but if we are standing in the Expanded Centerpoint of HERE and NOW, we will be in the state of Right Time - Right Place and the needed melons will fall into our open hands.

And just in case you might wonder why we went through the entire, arduous journey of separating from the One, just to eventually return back to the One.... It seems like a lot of work just to get back to where we were before. Only we don't return back to where we were before.

When we separated from the ONE, it gave us a sense of heightened yearning to return to Oneness. This heightened yearning became our method of propulsion, not just to return to the ONE, but to expand and transform the ONE. This is similar to the splitting of an atom. When an atom is split, both parts of it are kept separate. Once separated, they experience a heightened yearning to return to wholeness. And when they do come together again, a massive expansion occurs. This is just what happens to the ONE. It expands into an infinitely vaster ONE.

And by doing so, we shift our reliance on outside forces such as Source, the Gods, Ascended Masters or God itself to our own self as a perfect hologram of the ONE. We are finally free of any intermediaries between us and the ONE, allowing us to become undiluted embodiments of PURE TRUE LOVE.



A Black Swan is a very rare, unexpected event that has a profound effect which changes everything. They are high impact, hard to predict and extremely rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. "As rare as a Black Swan" was a common phrase back in 16th century London, since all swans in England at that time were white. A Black Swan referred to something that was impossible or nearly impossible. For many centuries, a Black Swan was a metaphor in Europe for something which could not exist.... Of course, that was before they discovered a species of Black Swan that lived in Australia.

The Black Swan Theory has been written about by Nassim Nicholas Taleb who gives examples of Black Swan Events such as the rise of the Internet, the invention of the personal computer, World War I and the September 11, 2001 attacks. What determines a Black Swan Event is that it is totally unexpected and causes massive changes to the old status quo. A Black Swan Event doesn't necessarily occur to everyone at the same time.

Black Swan Events can also occur on personal levels -- for example when you think that you have a happy marriage and your partner suddenly tells you that they want to get divorced. Or your telephone rings and it's a film studio that wants to buy your book for millions of dollars. Or you meet your One True Love. Black Swan Events always delineate a time when from that moment forward, nothing will ever be the same.

Black Swan Events always come from "out of the blue" and are often life changing. We don't see them coming. They always cause a massive unpinning that dramatically alters our perspective. As they break up and dissolve old patterns, they help loosen us from the old matrix so we can more easily shift paradigms. It is highly possible that it will be a Black Swan Event that triggers off our polar shift.

Black Swans aren't necessarily Null Zones, although sometimes they can be. They are not always catastrophes, but always bring profound change. Usually, the way that they shatter the old is through the introduction of something absolutely new that comes from Off the Map of the Known.

The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano that covered much of Europe for a week in April is a stunning example of a Black Swan Event. It appeared without any warning and was unprecedented in the way that it suddenly disrupted normal activities. Since it was absolutely unexpected, it couldn't have been planned for in advance. It created extreme travel chaos, stranding almost 1,000,000 people in random places all over the world. Some people even ended up in countries where they were just changing planes or were diverted to countries that they had not intended to visit. Airports turned into makeshift hotels. It was fascinating to observe how people coped with this massive disruption. Some came up with creative solutions that took them to where they wanted to be. Others quickly fell into victim mode and had terrible experiences. Some accepted where they were and made the best of it. Many simply felt helpless. And once again, Mother Nature proved who is really in charge. The sudden onslaught of the Black Swan was a huge wake-up call to people, governments and businesses who were quickly stripped of their illusory sense of control.

The ripples that spread out from this Black Swan Event are still spreading outwards. Some businesses suffered severe losses. Some people missed their own weddings or other important events. Others went into debt paying for hotels while waiting for flights to resume. At the same time that many missed connections were occurring, new connections were being made and new friendships were being forged. Many elements were unpinned and then interwoven with unexpected elements from outside their normal world.

A good example of a Black Swan combined with a Null Zone was Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. After the hurricane, thousands of people were temporarily relocated to places they had never thought of visiting all over the United States. These were places that were totally Off the Map of the Known for them, such as Oregon and Minnesota. What's really interesting is that half of the people who were relocated chose to stay in their new locations, even though they were quite different from what they were used to.

We are now in a time when Black Swan Events will increasingly occur, manifesting what we previously thought was impossible. Black Swans can happen at any time; we don't know where or when they will occur or how they will affect us. We can't foresee a Black Swan Event, but we can learn to constantly expect the Unexpected. If we know that Black Swans may occur, then we won't be shocked by them. But it's helpful if we are ultra aware so that we will be able to recognize a Black Swan Event when it happens. When it does, it's vitally important that we aren't thrown into fear or reaction mode by the outer circumstances. We also can't focus solely on outer appearances, for they are often not what is really happening.

We can't control Black Swan Events, but we can choose how we are going to react to them. It's our inner awareness that will determine what we experience. The best way to prepare for them is to fully emerge as a True One. True Ones are vast and unpinned, always willing to change direction in a moment's notice. If we are a True One who is inhabiting the Centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW, then we will always be in a state of Right Time - Right Place. This is our survival guide for Black Swans. We have nothing to worry about. Whatever is happening to us is absolutely perfect.

If you are experiencing a Black Swan Event, please also be aware of what is happening to the people around you, how they are being affected by it. Then give them your love, support and reassurance. This deep reassurance that All is Well despite outer appearances is one of the gifts that True Ones bring to this world.



Our impending Paradigm Shift actually started in January 1992 with the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway. The easiest way to describe it has been our journey from duality to Oneness. But it is much more than that. Our old familiar world is being turned inside out. The basic nature of Time is being dramatically altered as we move from linear time to the eternal NOW. Old concepts such as separation and distance are also dissolving.

This year moves us to a noticeable new level of our Paradigm Shift. Right now, we are discovering that we can inhabit the present, but we can't see so well into the future. Since the beginning of this year, we have been receiving a good overview of the past from a deepened perspective. This enables us to merge with our dissolving memories which then become threads of our beings. As this happens, the past fades away and no longer has any effect upon us. The threads of our beings are woven into the garments of the True Ones.

Most of the time, the present moment feels real, although we can't see a clear overview of it. Instead, we are just plunged into it. But the present moment does have a strong sense of rightness, even though we don't fully understand what is really going on. We know that we are creating our new foundations which are being built without the influence of our past experiences.

The future doesn't even feel blank; it's incomprehensible. If we try to look at it, we get the sense of sailing off the end of the known world. We used to be able to focus on our New Life which made a brilliant carrot, but now it feels like our New Lives have disappeared back into the Invisible. It feels like our inner and outer landscapes have been so irrevocably altered that we can't go back and we can't go forward. All we can do is stand tall as a True One and expand the HERE and NOW.

This monumental Paradigm Shift will be complete by the end of 2011 which marks the "closing" of the 11:11 Doorway. But I am realizing more and more that "closing" is not the way to describe what will really happen.



May brings us a powerful infusion of fresh new energy brought about by the Winds of Change. We've been feeling these impending changes coming for several years, but now they are finally here and they are already huge! Pockets and folds in deep space are opening up, bringing in creative surges of new energies that we haven't felt before. This will energize us to make major adjustments in our lives so we will be ready to fully inhabit the New Paradigm by the end of 2011.

There is so much highly charged energy of change in the air that it's affecting everyone, whether they are conscious of it or not. This is spurring many people to look at making dramatic changes in their lives -- turning their focus on simplifying their life, rather than simply making more money or staying in a secure job. This is happening even to people who were firmly entrenched into their old lives. This is all very exciting, but the impending sense of massive change also makes us sometimes feel unsettled and brings up another round of our old fears of the Unknown that need to be released as soon as they come up.

Because of the impending shift in paradigms, many things that have been done a certain way for a long time cannot be done that way anymore. Some of our familiar environments are experiencing changes. Streets that we always drive on the way to work may be suddenly under construction, forcing us to take a new route. Our favorite restaurant may close down so we can discover a new one.

We have now set fire to many of the bridges to the past that were holding us back and keeping us small. When we look backwards and see the row of burning bridges, this often triggers our old fears and insecurities. Sometimes, we feel a sense of panic that we can't go back into The Way Things Used To Be, even though inside ourselves we are clear that we don't actually want to do this. We may feel waves of sadness as we grieve for what we are leaving behind. The burning bridges help us to fully move forward into the New and True. We have entered a new level of No Down-No Return. And ALL IS WELL....

The fresh breeze is also blowing in new energy for some big projects that are starting to come in. Suddenly, there is so much to do! We willingly leap into action and try to get as much done as possible. The only problem is that some of us have a nearly impossible amount of tasks to do. At times, we feel like jugglers who have comfortably mastered juggling three balls and suddenly now discover that there are thirty! Often it feels nearly impossible to do what we need to do in order to move into our New Lives. But just like the side mirrors of cars that say, "Objects that appear far away are closer than they seem", we are much closer to our New Lives than we can imagine.

This time requires resolve, strength, determination and focus as we navigate through challenging conditions and time speeds up immeasurably. Since we're moving at a faster pace, long stretches of uninterrupted free time to focus on the tasks in front of us are not available right now. This means that we need to use our creativity just to carve out time to be creative in.

Many of us are still in old situations that we no longer want to be in, but it's important that we don't try to avoid them. We need to face them honestly as a True One. When we put our True One energy into the most expired places, everything will expand and transform. Whenever we look at old situations with the fresh eyes of a True One, we experience a lot of healing.

As our New Landscapes start to be revealed, we have to be careful that we don't try to superimpose our old landscape on top of them. This is why it's so important right now to clear up our old baggage before we fully enter our New Lives. If we simply load everything we have right now into a moving truck and take it to our New Lives, how will our New Lives be any different? What's the point of changing houses if it's just going to be full of the same things as the old one? This is why we now need to thoroughly sort through everything utilizing the keen discernment of a True One.

The same is true of our relationships. If we change our partner, but continue to repeat the same old relationship patterns and still get triggered by the same old triggers, what is new about this partnership?

At times, we may feel unsettled and unfocused. We may be overcome with intense tiredness that requires us to sleep for several hours during the day. We may encounter periods of complete inertia when we simply cannot do anything. This is all part of the major recalibration that is taking place. Just like an anesthesia during surgery; tiredness and inertia keeps us quiet so the inner changes can take place unhindered by distractions.

A strong infusion of PURE HEART LOVE is coming in on the Winds of Change. Many people are feeling this. This increased Love is especially apparent in our everyday interactions with the ordinary people whom we encounter on the streets and in the shops.

What is most required right now is that we strengthen our resolve to be a True One. We cannot keep stepping in and out of it, for this waffling only creates confusion and inertia. Sometimes we feel that we are driving a team of horses driven by fears and insecurities that are pulling us in multiple directions at the same time. When this happens, we lose our focused intent and can't go anywhere. However, if we gather them all together and firmly take the reins as a True One, then we can pull, even the heaviest wagon, over great distances with ease. After a certain point, collapsing into our fears and insecurities is not only counter-productive, but it becomes indulgent.

The more we step into being a True One, the stronger our resolve becomes to bring as many outstanding matters to completion as soon as possible. Being a True One gives us the necessary strength, perseverance, determination and focus. And it fills us with LOVE.

True Ones are not children; they are responsible adults. And what is most needed on the planet right now are responsible, capable grown-ups –– not rigid, closed off, adults like the ones we see in our parents, politicians, teachers, doctors, etc., but wildly creative, unpinned adults who aren't afraid of being capable and taking responsibility.

Being a True One isn't just a nice thing to do; it's absolutely essential. Trying to do all we have to do while being bombarded with so many strong energies can be extremely painful and confusing if we're not True Ones. If we are, then everything we do is infinitely more effective and fun.

As True Ones, we are learning new navigational skills. This is why challenges come up so we can deal with them in new ways. True Ones live in the HERE and NOW. The HERE and NOW is constantly expanding, encompassing more and more aspects of our lives. All the while we are being given lots of hints, clues and messages to help us. For example: Today I kept trying to take a nap, but every time that I did, a chainsaw began outside. When I got up and went back into action, the chainsaw was quiet. This happened three times! Finally, I realized that a nap wasn't an option for me. We can choose how we want to interpret these kinds of situations, whether we want to be frustrated and angry or whether we are grateful for the prompting to do something other than sleep, like write this Surf Report.

For several years now, we've been collecting knowledge, skills, abilities, insights and new methods, but we haven't known what to do with them. It's similar to playing one of those computer games where what we collect on Level 3 won't be used until Level 15. Now, the time of collecting is over and we can start using some of the things that we've collected. And the situations that need our collected items will show up from out of nowhere.

May is an exciting breakthrough month in which our new directions will become clearer. There is a sense of adventure this month that we haven't felt for a long time. Some elements will click into position with a stunning rightness. The fresh breeze of the New and True will get increasingly stronger. We will get bright glimpses of what is coming. We will increasingly walk as the True Ones we are. And with each step, we will feel a greater sureness and growing confidence.

May and June are Turning Point months. After that, nothing will ever be the same. Everything will continue to accelerate, expand and flip over into our New, Off the Map, Landscape.



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