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April was a powerful month in which much was accomplished while surfing a massive creative surge. We were either bursting with energy while in full action mode or collapsing with exhaustion. We began grounding and solidifying the monumental changes we've been experiencing. We entered the zone of NO DOWN - NO RETURN as more of us stepped out of duality and moved deeper into the New Landscape.

It was an amazing month full of challenges, with rough and choppy surf at times, but nothing stopped our forward movement. Some of us experienced random pains and illnesses which departed after several days of slowing us down.

In April, Mother Earth called out for our attention as seven active volcanos erupted all over the planet, as well as the devastating earthquake in Nepal which brought deep hardship and suffering to millions. This brought us a heightened sense of the seriousness of the time we are in. Our compassion deepened as did our sense of being interwoven into One Being. Whatever happens to one of us is felt by all.

In Nepal, we saw again that we can no longer rely on governments and outside forces to do what is needed in times of crisis. Instead, we must step in and take responsibility ourselves. It was very heartening to see the young people leap into action with their fresh energy and bring forth new solutions. Buddhist monks and nuns worked alongside the Hindu Nepalese to bring needed supplies into forgotten villages in remote locations.

Some events in April helped us to answer the questions "What do I most like to do? What kind of work would I most love to be doing?" "What kind of life would make me feel fulfilled?" Now we know what direction to choose. And the end of an old era is coming very close....

Where Are We Now?
(A Simplified Guide)


Some of us have been so busy doing so many things and dealing with myriad tiny details for such a long time that it has felt like we were trying to go down a river that was full of logs. Even though there was a strong current of rightness pulling us along, it often felt like we were traversing an intricate obstacle course with only our Heart's Knowingness and the magnet of Trueness to guide us.

Because of the profusion of elements we have been dealing with, we feel like we can't take anything else on. Even with our diligent concentration, many tasks have fallen through the cracks or weren't done properly and need to be redone. We have been teetering on the edge of total breakdown while surfing into realms of pure breakthroughs.

Some of the logs are long standing projects we are bringing to completion, while others are new creative projects. Everything took a lot more time and energy than we had expected. In May, several of our long standing projects will get completed. This will remove some of the logs that have been cluttering our path and our passage will become increasingly easier, less stressful and much more fun since we won't be traveling through such a massive log jam.


Some of us are like high stakes gamblers. We are putting everything we've got into manifesting our True Lives and birthing the New Reality. We have no visible safety nets and no hidden bank accounts. Absolutely everything is being invested into getting ourselves into our True Positions and building the infrastructure of the New Reality. Yes, it's often scary to be so out on a limb. But there is nothing else that we could be doing. And it is fulfilling beyond anything we have previously known.


Some of us have been immersed in the mega intensity of a massive creative surge for so long that we feel that we have been irrevocably altered. It feels like we have been seared in the heart of a raging bonfire until much of who we were has burned away. We no longer exist in the ways we did before. Sometimes we feel like we have defined physical bodies and sometimes we feel that our body is so immeasurably vast that it encompasses everything. We have been stripped down to our core essence and that is all we know. It's what we feel the strongest. And we won't really know who and how we are until the bonfire finally extinguishes or transforms into something else.


For others who have been lazily floating down the river on an inflatable raft while in a state of self-absorbed contemplation, the current will noticeably speed up and become stronger in May. You may even encounter some wild rapids to get your attention. This will necessitate a quick shift in your position, as you sit up, hurriedly grab the paddles and leap into action so you don't crash into the riverbank. The extended holiday is over; now it's time to put your full efforts into getting into your True Position as quickly as possible.


Some of us are residing on a plateau and don't yet realize that this is where we are. Consciously or unconsciously, we've been on the plateau for quite a while. Even though it was never our intention to stay here permanently, it has become quite comfortable living on the plateau. Why leave this comfort zone and venture back into the Unknown? Here on the plateau we can bask in the familiarity of our known mastery. We don't have to challenge ourselves with Off the Map experiences. It wasn't easy getting here, you know. Haven't we already done enough?

Maybe not.... Perhaps if we expand our vision, we will see that glorious new adventures and infinitely vaster areas of mastery beckon. Plateaus aren't as comfortable as they may appear to be. Yes, there's a strong element of NO DOWN - NO RETURN to our old lives, but it's also a very isolated position. The big danger on the plateau which we often don't see, is that it's very easy here to become complacent and fall back asleep. Plateaus are located somewhere on the the border between our old lives and our True Lives. They are not places where we can manifest our Wildest Dreams and live True Lives as True Ones. We can't fully anchor the New Reality here because we're not inhabiting the New Landscape. And isn't that what we came here to do?


Some of us are still inside the long dark tunnel at the end of duality anxiously expecting to come to end of this Quantum Leap forward into the New Reality. This process of removing duality from our lives has often been tortuous. Yet, May is a powerful bridge in which we can make much progress.


Those of us who have somehow missed getting on the New Road are experiencing feelings of deep weariness, hopelessness and depression. There's the sense that all our efforts to anchor the New Reality have failed. All we can see and feel are the terrible events taking place all over the world as duality collapses around us. This is especially true for some of the First Wave people, those who devoted their lives to birthing a new world. With this sense of failure, it's hard to find the energy or enthusiasm to continue on in a troubled world that appears hopeless and without redemption, much less to clearly see the New Road.

But it's here! There is a New Road into a totally New Reality and many of us are already traveling on it. The lights are Green and the path is clear! To see it, we have to pull out the plug that keeps us connected to duality. Stop reading the news; stop watching television; stop doing things in the old ways. Remember that we have always known that these horrible events would take place during the final days of duality. We were told of all that would come long before we ever volunteered to serve on planet Earth, back in the Starry Temples.

All of the misuse of power, the corruption, the violence, the oppression in the world are just symptoms of the dying world of duality. It's vitally important that we don't put our focus there, but instead use our expanded vision to see the magnificent New World that is being born. As the "Chinese Book of Changes", the I Ching, says, "The best way to fight evil is energetic progress in the good."

Find something positive to do every day. Plant a garden. Create something beautiful. Sit as a Silent Watcher and radiate Pure Heart Love to all the Worlds within Worlds. Be a Sacred Pagoda anchoring Love and Trueness. Be grateful for each manifestation of goodness and trueness that you encounter. And know that you are not alone. You are truly loved and appreciated. Feel your weaving into our One Being. Know that your efforts have not been in vain. A New World is being born. We are all needed for this monumental switch-over from duality to Oneness. And IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

Moving Forward!

Despite outer appearances, the hardened calcification that has long held duality into position is dissolving. This is happening every single day and is similar to the steady melting of the glaciers. Drip.... Drip.... Drip.... As the calcification of duality loosens, everything needs to readjust, realign and recalibrate. The residue of duality has to be purged and purified. This loosening of duality causes the tectonic plates all over the planet to slowly move into new positions. This is happening both externally within the crust of the physical Earth and internally, deep within us.

Throughout all this, Pachamama, our Mother Earth, is calling out for our attention. She is loudly declaring, "I'm a viable force that can't be controlled or contained. I'm a viable force who will work with you to bring everything back into balance and birth a New World." She is stepping forth and showing us who is really in charge through earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and floods. She is steadily purging the planet of everything which is untrue. This activation of Pachamama brings her presence closer to us; her participation with us in this new birth makes her even more precious.

During this time, much unmasking of everything which is duality-based is taking place. We are discovering that much of the imbalance that we see isn't simply coming from normal human greed and corruption; it has its roots in something far more insidious. Why is the Earth being made uninhabitable for human life? Why are animal and plant species being killed off? Why is our food being poisoned? Why are our skies being laced with chemicals? Are the ones who are doing this humans or something else? What is their hidden agenda? All of this highlights the critical importance of anchoring a New Reality as quickly as possible.

The movement of the tectonic plates is also taking place within us. Many of us have been experiencing the removal of long ingrained cultural values and habits from our beings. This removal takes place over a period of time, rather than all at once. Then suddenly, a Tipping Point is reached and something shifts within our consciousness.

As the rug of our Known World gets pulled out from under our feet, we may feel scared, worried, disempowered, vulnerable, vastly expanded and "It's OK!", all at the same time. We may feel that our lives have Null Zoned because so much has changed. Some of our internal and spiritual landmarks have evaporated or moved out of view. We don't know what to look for and at first, may not understand what we see. We have to FEEL we are in the right place and trust, waiting for our new senses to calibrate. There is also the feeling that we have somehow, through this Null Zoning, we have reunited with our long forgotten Truest Self.

As soon as we are liberated from our old cultural templates, we have to make major adjustments. There comes a moment when we suddenly notice the enormity of what is gone. After that, we can finally see what remains - both old elements and totally new ones. We start taking on a new role of greater Trueness. In our new, heightened Trueness we cannot act or react as before. This means that we must become aware of how we are responding and reacting to life's situations throughout the day. When we are ejected from our deeply rooted habits or standards, we receive a broader view and exciting, new possibilities.

There is also a significant shifting of our safety nets. If we don't have a big slab of meat in the hut behind our house or don't have money in our bank account, we need to know that when we have a true need for something, that it will appear -- although it will probably show up in a different form than what we are expecting.

It's a challenging and super wild time of new life bursting out from all the decaying compost of the old world. And it's vitally important that we put our focus, not on the dying world of duality, but on the fresh New World that is ever emerging!


May is a month of course corrections, rerouting, action and forward movement. The forward movement is just starting to accelerate. As we near the Grand Convergence of June and July, many elements are starting to click into position. This Grand Convergence will not only bring us a gathering together with our right people and right places, but after that, a migration into our True Positions will begin in earnest.

There is a strong element of letting go within the course corrections taking place right now. This is especially true of relationships that have run their course, old jobs that are no longer fulfilling, as well as changes of the places where we've been living - some of us for a very long time. We are also releasing another layer of old habits, limited perceptions, outdated beliefs and expired ways of doing things.

There's a heightened sense of being in the Final Miles once again. As always during the Final Miles, there are times when we are overcome with a profound weariness, as if we simply cannot take another step. Yet we know that stopping is not an option. The only way through is to keep going until everything is done and in its right position. It's like giving birth to a baby; we cannot suddenly decide that we'd rather be doing something else. The baby has to come out; there is no other option, and we have to give this our full attention.

At the same time, we feel a growing excitement. This is because our Final Miles are interlaced with a powerful New Beginning. It's no longer, "Completing the old frees us for the New", but more like "Completing what is in front of us births the infrastructure of the New!". We are being set free from the past so we can go full speed into our True Direction, or if we're already there, to solidify, organize and refine what we've created so far. The next few months are the final pushes to a new birth.

We are continually going deeper into the New Landscape, even when we are too busy to notice it. Many of us feel a strong need for quiet so we can let go of some of the input we're constantly being inundated with and to integrate the new energies.

May will bring us some Choppy Surf, interspersed with periods of relative calm where everything flows smoothly. We will experience occasional twists and turns of the Unexpected as we surf multiple waves at once. There are also many set ups occurring, as elements stack up into almost impossible configurations. It's like a Perfect Storm, only there are so many of them that they don't stand out like they used to. It's more like a prevailing condition, rather than an isolated occurrence. It's Perfect Storm Season! All we can to is to try to stay as flexible as possible.

It happens like this: You need quiet time to write the Surf Report? And if you had another day of quiet tomorrow you could have it finished, but that's not going to happen because the exterior of your house is being painted at the same time. This means that there are workers, scaffolding and an ever present radio just outside your window. Oh, and now there's a loud tractor plowing the field next to your office. Good luck, writing it!!

All month long, many of us will experience a noticeable activation of our cellular memory banks. Some important pieces of information that we have long carried deep within ourselves in a dormant state will now come alive and be clearly seen. This will help us to align deeper with our vaster destiny or new True Purpose. As our cellular memory banks activate, windows open which show us glimpses of our new ways of being.

Numerous elements of our lives may appear messy and out of control. It feels like many things have been thrown up into the air in the great cosmic snow globe and are swirling around until they are ready to settle into their new positions. We don't need to grab at them to try to anchor them. Simply let them float around above us and when the time is right, they will assuredly find their new True Positions.

Many of us feel that something big could happen in May. Not just personally, but on a wider scale. There's the sense of huge alignment, of resolving our pasts and of resetting our internal compasses to our True Direction. We have landed in a New Reality and are learning how to function here and how to align ourselves to the new rhythm in a new type of flow with a different intensity. At the same time, in order for nature to follow the new rhythm, earth changes are taking place that we knew would come, because Mother Earth is transforming too.

And although we are well aware of the very real seriousness of the time we are in, there's a new element of playful joyousness that is now making itself felt. Such a needed sweetness, especially when it is inserted into situations which we don't generally regard as playful. This makes everything so much lighter.

Right now, humanity is experiencing a mass awakening on an unprecedented scale. Awakened humanity is on the march. We are starting to take responsibility in a natural, clean manner. We are joyfully stepping forward as True Ones into our True Directions. We are unleashing our creativity to birth a New World. We are coming together as One Being. We are building up a powerful momentum of LOVE for an extremely significant collective shift over the next few months. And we are finally discovering the deep fulfillment that comes when we fully live our Trueness.

With True True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Arbaline, Carlos, Carmen, Carolyn, Denise, Dian, Emanaku, Kalasara, Inger, Keenuane, Malcolm,
Maria, Merrilyn, Pam, Stephanie, Trinity, Yuliya


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